Jack’s First Job Ch. 01

Jack’s First Job Ch. 01

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Jack arrived home just after one in the afternoon; it was his last day of the University term, he now had nine weeks of summer holidays, next year would be his final year, he was looking forward to that. Jack was studying medicine; he was smart, he had started when he was seventeen, which was over four years ago. His holidays had usually been spent helping his mum; she was a doctor who had quite an extensive rural practice. After Jack’s first year at University, his mum had asked her patients if they had any objection to Jack sitting in during their consultation. Mum had explained that Jack was studying medicine and one day, he would join the practice as a doctor.

Not one patient had objected to this; this had benefited Jack immensely, thanks to his mum, his diagnostic skills were excellent. It also gave Jack, after training, expertise in blood taking, blood pressure testing and many other routine medical tasks. Nothing had been said, but Jack fully expected to be doing the same this holiday. His mum didn’t pay him, but Jack had got an ex-demo VW Golf for his twenty-first, he was also never short of cash for anything.

Mum was in the kitchen, Wednesday afternoons she never worked, when she saw Jack she said, “Jack, I’ve found a summer job for you, that’s the bad news, the good news is that you’ll get paid for it.”

They both laughed then Jack said, “I’m happy to hear that, what will I be doing?”

Mum smiled, then said, “Lots of things, Jean, the matron at the old folks home, her husband died three months ago, remember, I told you he had cancer after we had examined him, he did a lot around the home, he cut the grass, he drove the residents into town for shopping. He would go to the Chemists for any medication that I prescribed though now they deliver every day.”

“I was in the home this morning; Jean asked me if you would be interested in working during the summer holidays and also working at weekends after you go back to University. If you’re interested, then I’ll call Jean, and you can see her this afternoon as she’s pretty desperate to get the position filled. Jack, I get a retainer from the home, that’s easily paid for putting you through University. It’s not like your normal Old Folks Home; it’s so unique. It was set up by George Clark, a local Landowner and very wealthy man. He was unmarried and had gone into another home, Jean worked there, it was dreadful, Jean was not happy there, and neither was George.”

“George then set up the home as it is today; every patient had a separate ensuite bedroom. He built a swimming pool and Spa. He built a small school within the grounds, mixing the young and old is so therapeutic for all of them. It works, there’s a couple of cases of dementia, but the vast majority are all still active and self-reliant, numerous studies have been done, and the system works, are you interested in working there?”

Jack replied, “Yes, mum, I am. I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot there. Have you any idea about what I’ll earn?”

“Jack, that’s good, I’ll phone Jean now, I told her that I’d phone her late afternoon or early evening as I didn’t know when you’d be home. The home is a financially travesti porno secure business; the residents are wealthy. I’m sure that you’ll be paid well if you are nice and helpful to the residents, then I’m sure that they will be generous with you, several times I’ve been given a tip of fifty pounds and more for taking blood. Jean will explain everything to you.”

Mum phoned Jean; he had to be there in half an hour. Jack changed into a suit and tie; mum said that he looked very presentable. As he drove to the home, Jack thought of last year. He had met a student who had a summer job at the home, she was a housekeeper, looking after the bedrooms. Jack had met her in the local pub. There were four caravans at the home; these were for temporary staff. June, the girl Jack had met had a caravan to herself. June was hot and highly sexed. Jack spent a lot of time in the caravan. June also taught him a lot about sex; she took it in every hole.

June also told him that a lot of sex went on in the home. The majority of the residents were women, a lot of the women were looking for uncomplicated sex; they were also very generous to anyone that provided them with this. June would say, I eat pussy, but I’m the best-dressed student around. June also told Jack that matron wasn’t getting anything at home and hasn’t been for a long time; she also liked to be visited in her office regularly.

Jack arrived at the home; he was led to matron’s office, which was very nice. Matron offered him some tea which he accepted. Matron was a tall, buxom woman; there was something very sexy about her. Jean was very polite; after tea, she showed Jack all around the home. The lawn was quite large, but there was a sit-on lawnmower with a broad cutting area. Jean told him that it was a thirty-minute job.

Jean then showed Jack the pool and Spa. There was also a Jacuzzi and Sauna. Jean showed Jack the pool, and Jacuzzi filtration then showed him how to filter the different systems.

When they had finished, they went back into the pool area. There was an attractive mature lady in the Jacuzzi; the whole pool area was deserted. The lady was wearing a one-piece bathing costume; it was tight-fitting, it showed her long sex slit to perfection; she had one of the Jacuzzi jets trained on her clit, she looked delighted. Jean said, “Hi, Clare, have you enjoyed your swim?”

Clare look startled but soon composed herself, then said, “Hi Jean, I had a nice swim then came into the Jacuzzi, my tummy was a little sore, so I had a jet on it, and it’s helped me quite a bit.”

Jean said, “That’s good, maybe you got a little chill as you were swimming. Clare, let me introduce you to Jack, Jack is going to work over his University holidays doing all the odd jobs my late husband used to do. Jack is May’s son; he’s going to be a doctor too.”

They shook hands, then Clare said, “That’s super, when will you start Jack as I don’t drive, and I need to go into town?”

Jack looked at Jean, then Jean said, “Can you start tomorrow morning, Jack?”

“I would love to, what time do you want time do you want me here at?” alt yazılı porno

“Super, let’s go to the office, and we can get down to the nitty-gritty.”

Jack smiled at Clare; he loved her massive tits. Clare smiled back then said, “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, when you have time then we can go into town. When I’m finished here, I’ll leave my mobile number at reception.”

As they left the Spa, Jack held the door open for Jean, as he looked back, he saw Clare positioning the Jacuzzi jet on her clit. They sat in Jean’s office for over an hour. Jack was offered an excellent hourly rate; if he worked overtime, then he would be paid time and a quarter. Jack was a good swimmer; he asked if he could use the pool, he was told anytime he wasn’t working then he could use the facility.

Jean then offered Jack a glass of wine which he accepted. Jean then opened a cupboard for glasses then a concealed fridge. She poured two glasses of lovely Chardonnay then said, “Jack, we don’t have a bar here, but the majority of our residents enjoy a drink. They will all ask you to get whatever they want; we don’t have a problem with that as long as they are drinking responsibly if you think anyone is overdoing it then give me a nod.”

Jack replied, “No problem, Jean, I’ll do that, is there anything else that I should be aware of?”

Jean smiled then said, “They all love sex, I leave it up to you; all I ask is that you are discreet. I know that I miss things since my husband passed away, he wasn’t very active latterly, but everyone has their needs and urges. Would you like another glass of wine Jack?”

Jack replied, “Jean, I would love to, but it’s nearly six, mum will have dinner ready at six, but I’d love to have a glass with you again another time.”

“Jack, I’d love that too, give me your mobile number then if you need me or I need you tomorrow then we can WhatsApp.”

They exchanged numbers; then, Jack left the office. As he was walking past reception, the receptionist gave Jack an envelope which he put in his pocket; he was sure that it was from Clare. When he got into his car he read it, it read, “Hi Jack, so nice to meet you today. I’m sure that you’ll do very well here. If you can give me a lift into town tomorrow, I would appreciate it. Below please find my mobile number, I’m on WhatsApp, If I don’t see you tomorrow and you can take me to town, then please message me. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Regards Clare.”

Jack decided to tease her a little and replied, “Thanks for your number, Clare. I now have it on my phone. Once my day is settled tomorrow, then I’ll message you. I noticed that you were enjoying the Jacuzzi today. I know how to make the Jets stronger. If you enjoy a powerful Jet then I can set that up for you and show you how to do it then you can set it up yourself. Regards, Jack.”

As Jack drove up to his driveway, he had a reply from Clare, it read, “Jack, I would love that, you must show me how to do that. I know several of the lady residents that enjoy a strong jet, I’ll keep it my secret in case one of them break the üvey baba porno Jacuzzi. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Regards Clare.”

Jack went into the house; mum was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Jack said, “Mum, I’ve got the job.”

Mum hugged him then said, “What happened? Jack, pour me a glass of wine and pour yourself one too then we can celebrate, I’m so happy for you.”

Jack opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. Mum was careful when she drank; if she were on call, she would never touch a drop. Mum was very disciplined with this. Mum was usually dressed very conservatively but when she wasn’t working she frequently just wore leggings and a top around the house, today was a legging and top day. Jack liked it when his mum dressed like this.

Mum was fifty; she was still a beautiful woman. Dad had died ten years ago with a brain tumour. Dad had been a doctor too, mum had taken over the practice and brought Jack up. She had done an excellent job with both of them. As Jack was telling mum about what had happened with Jean, he wondered if mum ever had needs or urges? He thought that she probably would have, but Jack had never known his mum to go out on a date. As Jack topped up their glasses, Jack said, “Mum, when I get my first pay can I invite you out for dinner, I’d like to do that as it would be one way of saying thank you for all the things that you do for me?”

Mum smiled then adjusted the cooker then came over and cuddled Jack, she kissed him on the cheek then said, “I’d love that Jack, we must plan it carefully so we both can drink.”

As they cuddled, Jack felt the heavyweight of mum’s massive tits on his chest; she then went back to her cooking, Jack said, “In that case mum, I’ll buy the champagne for us then we can celebrate.”

Over dinner, Jack told his mum about his duties. He said to her that he had cleaned the filters of the pool and Jacuzzi. He told her about him having to drive the residents so they could buy alcohol. He also said to her that if any of the residents were buying a lot of alcohol, then he had to let Jean know. Mum said, “That’s good Jack, it’s ok if they drink a little, but if they overdo it then they could become alcoholic, if they are buying a lot then tell Jean, they could get drunk and set the house on fire. Did she say anything else to you?”

Jack was a little embarrassed, but he said, “Jean said that they may be old but don’t be surprised if you find them having sex, they may be old, but they have still their needs and urges.”

Mum looked across the table at Jack then said, “Jean’s right, old people still enjoy sex. At the Home, you are lucky there are only a couple of men with dementia, but they can still be sexually active. I have a woman patient in her mid-eighties, and she still loves sex. Jack, you must always be aware that as people get older, they still need to be loved, some of them want and physically need that love, don’t be surprised if you come across some people at the home having sex, they are doing it because they need it.”

After dinner, Jack stacked the dishwasher; mum helped him. As mum bent down to put some dishes in the dishwasher, Jack couldn’t take his eyes off her tight ass; mum had a beautiful body. They watched television for a while then Jack excused himself, he wanted an early night. After he had given mum a good night kiss on the cheek, as he walked out of the lounge, mum said, “Jack, I’m looking forward to our first date.”

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