It’s a Slave New World Ch. 02

It’s a Slave New World Ch. 02


Just why are men’s balls on the outside of their bodies, when their counterparts, the ovaries are tucked inside a woman’s body. Scientists say that they need to be cooler than the body to produce sperm, yet men bake them at their body’s temperature inside under and outer garments. Others might say that the balls are the way to a man’s heart. They have as part of their nature, avenues to intense pleasure, intense pain, and all measure of states in between. In polite society these days men honor all reasonable requests from their ladies in exchange for affectionate and the occasional corrective attention paid to their scrotums.

The times have changed. Men have their balls out commando at home. When at play and at work they have modernly designed pants with a nylon pouch that holds the balls outside the pants, keeping them cooler and available. When women want attention, cooperation, or affection from their men they tickle, caress, love pat, or otherwise fondle their nuts and men generally give them what they want. In those cases where they don’t, women can take corrective measures. Corrective measures can involve enforced chastity, hobbling with humblers, or in the severest situations a squeeze or rap on the nuts. Healthy relationships, however, involve cooperative men and loving women.

There is the usual flirtation, innuendos, and teasing, it’s just that the focus has evolved from pleasuring a man via the head of his penis, to the often maddening pleasure of stimulating his gonads. Generally, men love the affectionate attention to their jewels so much so, that they cooperate with those that seem to adore them. It used to be that a man would be solicitous, fulfill the ‘honey do list,’ and behave in ways that wouldn’t embarrass their mates with the promise of penetrative sex, a blow job, or at least a hand job. Woman found it less work for their part to take a man to feverish state by playing with his balls, making him motivated to please her, before having him finish in a way and time of her choosing.

Women can choose to go topless in public but must have their vulvas covered. Men can go bottomless but must have their penises sheathed. The popular method of modesty is to wear a sheath attached to a belt around the waist, pinning the penis up against the belly. It wasn’t very often the case, except at the beach, pool, or gardening at home. At private parties, however, all bets were off. Women loved being in various states of teasing nudity and men were given to wear groin enhancing adornments like teardrop cock rings, scrotal straps, and ball stretchers.


Syd and Nancy invited their closets friends along with business acquaintances to the annual summer bash. Guests got themselves comfortable upon arrival by taking off travel clothes and handing them over to a clothing checker. The clothing checker and other hired servers could be identified from the guests because they wore collars with bowties and cuffs with cuff bursa eskort links. The males also wore birdlocks to prevent erections around the semi-clad female guests, and the female servers wore translucent black bikini thongs and high heels. They were paid to be gracious if groped or had their nipples teased.

The women guests dressed their men in neck collars and various decorative or merely functional cock rings to keep their men on display, ready, and excited. Some men wore short tops but most were otherwise naked. The women dressed themselves in a variety of revealing displays which included see through wear or otherwise went without any covering. A station was set up for the women to get their bodies painted, and that grew in popularity as the evening progressed.

Women loved viewing the men with various stages of erections and their balls edged in their sacks. It was a form of flattery and an ego boost to be interacting with an excited male. The cock rings helped keep erections to some degree and the women would help them along with a short series of pats here, a caress there, or a sneak goose from behind to keep the erections pointing up as high as they could coax them. Some women were so skilled with their touching that they could make a man go kind of limp, lid his eyes, and be momentarily paralyzed with pleasure. It was like watching a deer being frozen in headlights.

It wasn’t only about the men. They, by and large, were only too eager to pleasure the ladies, in the hopes of eventually getting their horns clipped. The servers kept the drinks and finger foods coming. As time wore on you could see couples pairing off and the men fawning over their partner’s bodies, especially between their legs. One by one, women visiting the body-painter would shed their garments in exchange for artily painted adornments. An orgiastic party like this was not out of the ordinary. Party games got the action started. There were games for swingers, monogamous couples, and for initiates, those who were at the annual event for the very first time.

Sophomoric pranks like pushing someone unexpectedly in the pool resulted in adult time outs like an old fashioned stockade with an added spreader bar to keep vulnerable nethers exposed for revenge, or a sling that suspended the instigator with legs held wide leaving the balls to hang free below or, less likely, a vulva open and exposed. A slender riding crop with a whippy triangular tip, hung close by as an implement of correction, all in good fun.

The initiates were invited to wear bells. The men were to put on scrotal parachutes with chains connected to bells that hung between their legs. The women were made topless, if they weren’t already so, and wore nipple clamps that dangled bells on chains. They mingled and jingled with the other guests until the time for their game event.

Syd’s boss, Bob had an ongoing thing for Nancy and took every opportunity to speak to her bursa escort bayan so he could stay close and take in her sensuous body. She had nipple piercings that displayed her nipples through the center of silver suns. He desperately wanted to touch them, suck them, or tease her into submission with them. As time wore on and drinks flowed, he boldly acted on his desires only to have Nancy swat his balls to shock him and then playfully pump squeezed them to indicate that she would have no hard feelings in the matter. Bob, being older than most at the party was not in the best physical shape, and not as appealing to the ladies as some of the younger men, so therefore he was more grateful just to have his nuts played with.

Nancy ended up not being the only one he got fresh with. Finally, his wife caught him and grew horribly embarrassed by his behavior. She took him aside for awhile. When she led him back into the party by a leash hooked to his collar, he was bent over from having his nuts stretched behind him in a humbler. This made it difficult for him to stand upright and he pretty much kept his hands on his knees for support. It also made his balls stand out on display behind him for the women he offended to tease and wage their revenge.

Syd and Nancy were all excited, they wanted to get this party started.

Syd rang a gong and Nancy announced it was time, “Let the games begin. Before you go home tonight you will each leave with an orgasm as your door prize.”

People were ready for the games as most people selected their drinks from red cups knowing they were laced with Naturodeeze, the aphrodisiac that makes women go in heat and prolongs a man’s orgasm right at the precipice giving them a more intense pre orgasm while prolonging its conclusion. It was considered the “tantric chemical.”

Games began with guests writing their names on pieces of paper. Those that wanted to only ‘play’ with their regular partners chose pale yellow sheets; those that were willing to switch things up wrote them down on pale blue sheets; and those for whom the sexual orientation didn’t matter wrote their names down on pink sheets. Names went into a bowl next to another bowl that contained acts to be performed.

“Okay, everybody ready?” Nancy announced. “Now I’m going to pull an activity card. Okay it says ‘Pick three sisters for a game of Blind Man’s Bluff.’ Now I’m pulling the name of the first participant. I’ll pick a pink one. Wendy Peters, you’re up.” Wendy came forward giggling shyly. “You’re going to have to pick three participants to join you I guess from the pink names, and keep drawing until you have all women.”

Wendy was seated and blindfolded. One by one the women walked up to her and she explored their bodies. She had to guess who it was that she was stroking between their legs or manipulating their nipples. All the women were bald in the nethers, most with permanent hair removal, görükle escort so she had to rely on memory of the puffiness of their labia or the firmness or droop of their breasts to have a chance at guessing right. Once she had sized up each participant, she was helped up and directed down the three lined up waiting for her inspection. “Remember,” Nancy declared, “the first one she guesses right will give Wendy the first ‘O’ of the evening in the ‘Passion Tent’ over there.” She said pointing to a pink pop up 10×10 canopy with side walls.

Wendy felt the hair, the shoulders, the breasts and the labia of each of the women in turn. She had her suspicions for one of them and intensified and prolonged her frigging of the one she thought was her friend Julia until she got the participant to moan audibly. Then she declared her guess correctly and led her arm in arm to the Passion Tent.

Other games included couples, such as ‘Know-a-Boa.’ This game was one of the most popular and a few couples whose names weren’t called volunteered to participate. Chairs were lined up facing away from the watching guests. Boas were attached at one end to the top of the backs of the chairs. Then one of the couples would straddle the boa and the other would bring up and hold the boa in contact with the straddlers’ groin. Without using their hands, the men could mostly rub their balls along the boa except by bending forward to try to get the undersides of their dicks in contact with it. Women on the other hand would squat as they ground over it trying to get just the right amount of contact. They were also allowed to caress their breasts and pinch nipples in an effort to consummate their ‘O.’ When one side finished, they switched positions. Second positions tended to be sloppy, so to speak.

Somebody started an unscheduled, impromptu game of tag for a few adventurous participants. Legal tags were on the pussy or the nuts. Keep away was never more daring, amorous, or fun. Because of the level of drinking, catching each other was not as big of a problem, nor were the extended tags, or gropings, which were flirtatiously administered. The Naturodeeze spiked drinks had most people needing to cum urgently.

The initiates had their own special game. Pairing off was a little trickier due to some singles attending for the first time. After the pairing off of willing parties, and adding two non-initiate volunteers, condoms were passed out for those that wanted them. One half got down on yoga mats on their hands and knees, mostly the women. Bells hung down from their tits just above the mats. The second half knelt behind and orally brought their partners to a ready state. When the partners declared they were ready, the second half got up and squatted astride the kneeling legs and began a long anticipated penetration. Bells began to swing from nuts and tits ringing madly as the action rose to a fevered pitch. Then one by one the bells silenced as the women collapsed in orgasm down to their elbows and the men’s lunges drew to a halt. Eventually, they were all a heap of collapsed bodies, all embarrassment gone, basking in an after glow of bliss. In their minds, and the minds of the others, calendars were marked with “Save The Date” for next year’s party.

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