It Took Eleven Days Ch. 02

It Took Eleven Days Ch. 02


Usually I’m against planned sex, planned and scheduled sex lacks the passion and intensity I thrive on but recently I discovered prepared for sex can be just as intense.

It all started while I was away on a long business trip. My wife thought it would be funny to send me dirty pictures while I was working. A nice tit picture, then a kinky panty picture, then a dirty shot of her spread pussy. Immediately my creative juices started to flow. I had 11 days to workout details. First we set up rules: one – no safe words, two – when I was submissive I was not allowed to cum and she wasn’t allowed to force me to cum, and three – any desire was open for enjoyment.

After all the rules were ironed out, planning began. Part one, I was the sub. I would be tied to the bed however she liked and for 90 minutes I was hers to do with however she wished with no cumming. Part two, she became the submissive and she would be tied down to out ottoman on her knees. That was what we discussed on the phone. Now we had 11 days to stock up.

Skip ahead eleven days, a warm Saturday night. After settling my luggage she suggested we clean up a bit. She had no problem seeing the questioning look in my eyes. In no time she stepped from the room and back in with an enema bag. We never played with enemas before but it was one of those kinky things we always wanted to try.

So I began to strip and she went and filled the bag with warm sudsy water. I joined her xslot in the bathroom whence she quickly told me to bend over the tub. When I was in a satisfactory position she inserted the enema nozzle deftly and let the water flow. Twenty slow minutes later she told me to stand up and I needed to hold that for 30 minutes. I realized quickly this wasn’t going to be easy. The look she gave me was full of dark delight until I said “OK, now it’s your turn.” I cleaned the bag and nozzle and refilled it with the solution while she stripped. Between the heavy water pressing against my prostate and watching her flesh slowly appear brought my cook to a full attention.

She bent over the side of the tub; I slowly pushed the nozzle into her tight little rectum. As soon as the bag emptied I went to the toilet and began expelling the bag she administered to me well over 30 minutes before hand. I couldn’t help but notice her pussy glistening in front of me while she fought to keep it all in. When I had finished cleaning myself, she still had a few minutes so I seized the moment and bent her over the sink and spanked her lightly but firmly. After 10 taps she leapt to the toilet to empty out. I left her to finish up and waited for her in the bedroom.

After a few moments, she came into the bedroom and got to work. I was bent over the side of the bed and my arms were restrained to the head and foot of the bed respectively. She reached between my legs xslot Giriş and gently stroked my cock. Her pace quickened and intensity increased until she was painfully yanking my swollen cock. Unable to see her behind me I was surprised at the first strike of the paddle. Many strokes later, with my ass warm, I heard the paddle drop to the floor.

A few moments passed till I felt the next sensation. I felt an object pressing against my asshole. In my present position I knew there was no real point in trying to fight the invasion, so I relaxed and let the slender object slide into me. I realized she was using a simple vibrator when she turned it on and slowly fucked it in and out of me. I couldn’t help but to enjoy her slowly fucking my ass while my cock throbbed and dripped between my legs. She kept a steady pace while I begged her to let me cum. Then with unkind quickness, she suddenly pulled out of me.

I could fell the sweat covering my body, my cock quivering, and my knees week. I never wanted an orgasm more in my life. I had thought she was finished with her torture, I felt how wrong I was when another pressure arrived at my rear orifice. At first it felt the same as the previous intrusion, again I was wrong. She was slowly pushing while my asshole slowly widened to keep up with the toys girth. Finally after several grueling minutes I surpassed the widest point and the plug seated. Right when I started to relax she slapped the xslot Güncel Giriş base of the plug and began pulling it out. With no warning she fucked my ass with the plug. Ramming in and yanking out until I could give little resistance and it stopped.

Before I had even caught my breath she was in front of me with a massive 6 inch long 3 inch wide plug. Not saying a word she walked back behind me, placed the tip of the plug at my hole, and rammed it home in one shot.

Waves of pain and pleasure swept my body. She waited patiently for me to catch my breath then slowly pulled the massive phallus from my hole. Again she rammed the unforgiving beast into me and walked around to my face that dark smile still planted on hers.

She could see the look of torment in my eye. My cock and over filled ass pulsed in time. For the first time since we started she spoke, “You aren’t allowed to cum for 26 more minutes but I am. Until I untie you, you are going to eat my pussy.” Without another word she inched her cunt under my face and rested her knees on my bound shoulders.

I licked, suckled and tongued her sopping pussy to orgasm after orgasm. She grabbed the back of my head and drove it into her crotch. Almost suffocating, I drove my tongue into her pussy and she held my head there while she screamed in unbridled ecstasy. Slowly she slid out from my mouth and reached her feet. She caught her breathe while walking back around me. I felt her hand wrap around the massive plug buried in my ass. After a slight tug I guess she thought it better to keep it there a while longer. She unbound my legs and arms and I rose slowly still very much week in the knees. Now it is my turn to use her.

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