Mandy noticed the handcuffs on the end of the mandle. Sighing, she put down her knitting project, stood up, and walked across the room to tidy up a toy which most certainly did not belong in plain sight in the den. Erotic memories pushed annoyance aside. When the cold, chromed steel touched the palm of her hand, she felt a rush of warmth between her legs. She turned from the fireplace, mindlessly clicking the mechanism, and started toward the toy’s rightful storage place, in the box under the bed.

At her bedside, Mandy knelt down to pull out the box and was confused to find herself wearing the handcuffs. She did not remember putting them on. Awkwardly, she got the box from under the bed and opened it, futilely seeking the key. Baffled but decidedly turned on, she went in search of Joseph. He had to have the key.

By the time she found him, puttering happily in his workshop, Mandy was past caring about the key and past “just” turned on. Flushed, wet, and needing a fuck, she threw her cuffed hands over his head, pressed her body fully against his, and dove her tongue deep into his mouth. She felt his arousal rise against her thigh. Her breasts sparked with electricity as Joseph’s thumbs found her nipples. His hands wasting no time, found their way inside her blouse, ran over her stomach, her ribs, her back, onto her breasts. She gasped with anticipation when Joseph unfastened her pants and began to massage her mound.

Mandy tried to free her hands from behind Joseph’s head but Joseph straightened up and leaned back, trapping the few links of chain behind his neck. Hands out of commission, she could do no more than shriek when Joseph ran his fingernails up her stomach to the bottom of her bra, shoved it roughly off of her breasts, and pinched her nipples. He French kissed her until she jerked her face away to get some air.

Joseph ducked his head, allowing Mandy to lower her hands. She was so tremblingly close to a climax that he had no trouble persuading her onto her back on the floor. With his left hand, he pinned her handcuffs to the floor above her head. His right hand swept inside her panties, tantalized her clit, and slid down into her wet pussy. Her back arched. Mandy shoved her pelvis up. She needed Joseph inside her. Joseph complied, sliding his fingers deep into her, stroking an immediate orgasm from her. With his fingers stroking inside and his thumb jazzing her clit, Mandy’s waves of orgasm rushed through her body, sweeping her ever deeper into ecstasy. Eventually, Joseph’s hand stopped moving. He held is still, pressing lightly against the outside of her sex. Holding the heat and wetness against her. Though he released her hands, Mandy could do no more than tremble against him. She did not even have the strength to move her arms, still outstretched above her head.

When Mandy awoke, she was spooned with Joseph, her hands free. She purred, snuggling tighter against her lover.

* * *

Mandy turned off the shower, thankful to whatever forces of the universe had conspired to place her on Earth when daily long, steamy showers were always available. Hell for her would be ice cold baths, every Easter whether she needed one or not. She slid the door open slightly, keeping as much of the hot air as possible inside with her, grabbed her towel, and jumped when she heard something heavy clank onto the floor. Annoyed at “another eff-ing thing to fix,” she peered out to see what broke. She saw, on the floor underneath the towel rack, “her” shiny chrome handcuffs.

That was enticing enough to banish her vexation. She bent down and scooped up the restraints, bouncing them in her hand, wondering just what Joseph had in mind. Memories of their last lovemaking arose. She was getting definitely worked up, beginning to consider how she might ensnare Joseph and how long she was going to keep him locked up and how she would torment him. Mandy accidentally dropped her towel and, reaching to pick it up, she was befuddled to find herself handcuffed again. This was weird because she had no idea how they got locked onto her wrists.

It was weird but it was hot.

She tried to finish drying off but, unable to separate her hands by more than a few inches, all she could do was dab at her front with a towel and she paid some attention to her pussy and that felt damn good and her tits were aching for some attention too and she knew that she needed a man, one particular man, in her bed and in her right now.

Mandy tried to wrap her towel around herself and failed, of course. She stalked off, buck naked, too horny to care about open curtains or anything other than riding “her” throbbing rod. Joseph was not in bed, where he should have been waiting for her. She looked in the kitchen; no luck there. It was crazy but she was getting hornier by the second. She was going nuts for needing to feel his naked body against her own. Not in the den. Flushing with anticipation, she finally found him stretched out in his easy chair, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

She threw herself on top of him, straddling his thighs with her knees and falling prone on xslot his bare chest. She ground her pubes against the swell in his pajamas. Wrapping her hands behind Joseph’s neck, she pulled her whole body along his, pressing her breasts against his chest. Her mouth urgently found his, her tongue probing. Joseph responded in kind, his hands exploring her sides and her back. He slipped his left arm up and through her arms, trapping her on top of him with her bound hands uselessly outstretched.

Joseph attacked Mandy. He bit her neck, sucking hard enough that she did not care about the marks he was surely leaving. He tickled the most tender skin under her arms and dragged his fingernails along her ribs. Her struggles to free herself only created an opening for his hand to reach her clit and she came moments later. And she came again. And again. Gasping she collapsed, sweating on top of him, too spent to struggle. Before she could catch her breath, Joseph’s fingers, still between her legs, wiggled again. She tried to roll off of him but he wrapped his legs around her’s, holding her down. Her arms outstretched and her legs clamped, she came again and shrieking again until she gasped “need… to… breathe” and Joseph took pity on her. He only brought her to two more climaxes.

Joseph freed her hands and gently rolled Mandy’s trembling body into her own chair. With a tantalizing kiss on her lips and another tantalizing kiss on her other lips, he left her to rest and headed for the shower. Still handcuffed, rest was impossible. By the time Joseph shut off the water, her pussy was dripping. Mandy raced for the bathroom, grabbed Joseph by his tool, threw him on his back on the bed, and fucked her brains out.

Joseph got to cum, too.

Spent, Mandy fell asleep in Joseph’s arms. When she awoke, glowing and sensuously in need of another shower, she was alone and her hands were free.

* * *

Joseph held the door for Mandy and she preceded him into Will and Freddi’s new home. It had been ages since the Joseph had taken her out to a party. They knew Freddi casually; Joseph liked to flirt with her. When the housewarming invitation arrived, Joseph did not have much trouble convincing Mandy to go see the house and meet Will.

Inside, Joseph collected a couple of glasses of red wine and the two of them tagged along with a few other people for a tour. The house was nice and big, not quite a McMansion but certainly very spacious. The master bedroom even had its own small fireplace and its own French doors onto the deck. The master bath had a huge walk-in shower and a jacuzzi and enough floor space for the entire tour group to assemble in awe. As they were leaving the bathroom, taking of the rear of the group, Joseph chuckled and drew Mandy’s attention to something on the back corner of the vanity, almost hidden behind a bowl of potpourri. Looking closely, she saw a matte-black pair of handcuffs.

Mandy, feeling a flush in her cheeks and a rush between her legs, winked knowingly at Joseph. He walked out of the bathroom and through the bedroom and she followed. By the time she reached the hall, she was horrified to realize that she was wearing the handcuffs… and she had no memory of even picking them up. And seeing the steel locked onto her wrists made her positively randy. She grabbed at the back of Joseph’s shirt, doing her best not to rattle the chain, “What’s going on?!” she stuttered a bit in asking.

Joseph’s eyes twinkled. “Ah! Freddi and I thought you might find those irresistible.”

“No no no! Take these off right now!”

“I can’t. The key’s at home. Just consider it a skimpy very sexy black party dress and enjoy yourself.” He tugged playfully at the chain, digging the hard metal into her wrists.

Mandy was awash in conflicting feelings. Her body was heatedly reliving their last lock-enhanced lovemaking and wanted more right now. She was more than slightly embarrassed to be “out” wearing bondage gear, but at least these were strangers. And some of the guys were pretty hot.

She grabbed Joseph’s cock through his pants, felt it bulge, massaged it harder. “Don’t you think we have been here long enough?” she urged.

He laughed again, pinched her nipples and ground his hips against her’s. “Nowhere near long enough, Lover. Let’s have some fun.”

Mandy had gotten horny enough in these few moments to be feeling slutily flirty on her own. If Joseph wanted to wait, he could wait, but she was going to par-tay!

As she expected, a handcuffed coquette in a party dress had no trouble at all striking up a conversation with a pair of hopefully competitive young men, one blonde and the other slightly greying. With a helpless rattle of metal and a conversational mew, one of her new-found hopefuls placed a chocolate martini in her hand. She took a couple of swallows, bandied some completely forgettable conversation, and reminded herself that she could not jump their bones right here right now by the hors d’oeuvres. She had not been this horny since high school. Whether it was the cuffs or the drink or the attentive xslot Giriş guys or the anticipation of what awaited her when she could finally convince Joseph to take her home, she didn’t care. She was hot, wet, and loving being the center of attention.

Joseph caught her eye from across the room. He tilted his glass to her in a long distance toast. In responding, she had to raise both hands, and her handcuffs, and they rattled, and the clinking ratcheted her heat up another hundred degrees. Mandy downed the last of her martini and slid half a step closer to Blonde, he being the natural choice since he was spending all of his time staring at her tits and her handcuffs. He playfully caught at the links between her wrists as she closed the last of the inches between them. With only a hair’s breadth between their lips, she asked him whatever she could possibly do in her helpless state that might persuade him to fetch her another drink. He cupped her chin, tilted her face to his, kissed her thoroughly, and then stroked down her front and over her breast in the process of taking her glass from her.

Slightly dizzy, she turned her attention to Grey while Blonde went on his errand. By the time Blonde returned, she was playing with Grey’s belt buckle. She interrupted her game long enough to take a deep swig of her fresh drink and to thank the courier by stretching her arms high, wrapping them around his neck, and snuggling against his chest.

A man’s hand reached past her left shoulder, grasped the links of her handcuffs, and lifted her arms free of Blonde. Startled, she looked left to see Joseph’s face closing on her’s. He kissed her lightly while pulling her wrists down until his hand rested against her mound. His other hand slid down her back to her ass and squeezed. “Gentlemen,” he intoned to Blonde and Grey, “thank you for preheating the oven. I’m going to take this vixen home, though. Better luck next time!” The three guys laughed as he led Mandy away by her links.

Buckling her seatbelt was awkward but Mandy managed, no thanks to Joseph’s Russian hands and Roman fingers. He then surprised her with a second pair of handcuffs, which he used to lock her hands to the headrest. There she sat, elbows at ear level, tits at attention, pussy dripping, while he availed himself of his unfettered access to her body. Public parking lot or no, she was so hot that, as soon as Joseph’s fingers slipped into her panties and touched her clit, she came like a rocket. Shrieking, “No!” she tried to both cum and not cum. Her dignity gone with the wind, cumming won.

Joseph withdrew his hand, sultrily licked his fingers, kissed her, and started the car. He drove home with one hand on the wheel and the other in her pants.

At home, Joseph unlocked her from the headrest, undid her seatbelt, and led her, staggering, to bed. With the extra cuffs, he locked her hands to the corner of the bed. He pulled her pants off, rolled her onto her stomach, and lifted her as into the air. Then, with frustrating slowness, he teased her opening with the head of his cock. She jerked at her chains and pushed her butt backward, trying to get his meat inside her. It did not work, of course, and he laughed as he pulled his cock back, positioned himself carefully, and finally rammed himself home. At long last, she got the fucking she had desperately needed. By the time he released her hips and let her fall onto the mattress, she was laughing crying gasping all at the same time.

She awoke the next morning, uncuffed, naked, spooned against Joseph, and glowing with the morning sun.

* * *

Mandy floated through the kitchen coffeeing her lover and herself. Sitting next to Joseph, sipping her morning brew and rubbing her sore wrists, she broached her question, “You know something so tell. What’s with the handcuffs? I mean the sex is awesome but how come every single time I see a pair, I end up wearing them and I don’t ever remember how the cuffs get locked onto me?”

“I could show you,” Joseph answered in a conspiratorial tone, “but then I’d have to fuck you!”

“Oh no! So soon? You’d better show me, then. I think I can manage to go to bed with you,” she laughed.

Joseph fetched his phone and readied a video. “Remember the hypnotist show we went to a couple weeks ago?”

“No. What hypnotist?”

Joseph chuckled. “That’s what he said you’d say. Watch this,” and he tapped the play button.

Mandy saw herself sitting on a stool on a small stage, looking uncomfortable. “How did you get me up there? I can’t imagine that I volunteered.”

“I probably bribed you with the promise of sex… a lot of sex… like any time you wanted it for a month. And maybe a shot or two of vodka. Or three.”

The entertainer was a young guy, grey sport coat, jeans, open collared white shirt. Mandy-on-stage laughed nervously when he asked how she was doing. The hypnotist soothed her, “You can relax because I 100% promise that I won’t embarrass you. The whole deal with hypnotism is that you will only do the things that you want to do. This is just xslot Güncel Giriş a show. Everybody will laugh, including you, and we’ll part friends, guaranteed. Will you give me the benefit of the doubt for 10 minutes?”

“Why not?” Mandy saw herself answer.

“OK. Let’s get started. Close your eyes and imagine that you and I are somewhere really nice for having a chat. Maybe a park. Maybe your back deck. Maybe the fancy lobby of a fine museum. Got the image?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good! You don’t need to tell me about it because it can be your secret place. Only you know about it. Now relax into your chair. Listen to the sounds of the place. Look around at the things nearby. Take a minute to enjoy the colors that you see.”

This went on for a several minutes. Oddly, as she watched the video, Mandy had the strong feeling that she was actually sitting outside on the patio, on a fine summer evening, watching the clouds turn orange and pink. She was feeling very mellow, listening to the birds, smelling the steaks that some neighbor was barbecuing. Her attention returned to the man’s voice when she heard, “Now think back to the last time that Joseph and you made love. Don’t tell me about it!” he hurriedly added, “Just remember.”

Mandy smiled, recalling Joseph writhing at her touches. Mandy-on-camera smiled, too, but Mandy, eyes closed, could no longer see her.

“Feel how how it was. How you wanted it to go on and on forever.” Mandy parted her lips, breathing deeply, feeling Joseph struggle against her thighs, stimulating himself, as she teased him into irresistable motion. The voice guided her deeper into her erotic memories for several more minutes and she followed willingly, both on camera and off.

“When you first came up here, I promised you that you will only do things that you want to do. Right?”

“Uh huh,” both Mandys said in unison.

“Good. Now if you like sex, give me a nice smile.” Joseph watched her smile on the phone’s screen, and watched her smile in person. Both of women were flushed with pleasure. “Good,” the hypnotist continued, “Now if you want to remember some more sex, nod your head.” Joseph saw two heads nod.

“Good. Now think back to a time when Joseph handcuffed you,” Mandy inhaled sharply. “Feel the cold steel touch your wrist.” Mandy’s hands moved together. “Hear the clicking as Joseph locks a cuff onto your wrist.” Mandy licked her lips, breathing raggedly. “Now feel the cold steel against your other wrist.” Mandy inhaled deeply. “Hear the clicking as Joseph locks a cuff onto your other wrist.” Mandy mewed, in perfect sync with her image on camera. “You’re completely in his control. Surrender to your body, to what Joseph is doing to your body. Surrender to what Joseph is making your body do.” He went on and on, leading her deeper into her memories, until she was panting and moist with excitement. Her memories were so vivid, the sensations so real, that she was close, close enough that pretty soon she was going to…

“Now hang on there for a second and listen to me. You can do both. You can stay hot. And you can listen to me. Nod your head to show me that you’re listening.”

Slowly, Mandy nodded her head. Both of Mandys did.

“Good. Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have this feeling as often as you like? If you could go past this feeling, go all the way, as often as you like?”

More nodding.

“Of course it would. You can have this feeling and go all the way, as often as you like. Would you like that? Nod your head if you would like that.”

Mandy nodded her head. A little more slowly, so did the Mandy on stage.

“All you need to feel this way, to go all the way with Joseph, is handcuffs. All you need is handcuffs because they set the scene. When you are handcuffed, you’re hot, right?”

Both Mandys nodded.

“When you are handcuffed, Joseph knows what to do and you want that, right?”

Mandy moaned, oblivious to the giggles from the recorded audience.

“So whenever you see handcuffs, all you want to do is put them on. Whenever you see handcuffs, you will put them on. When you are wearing handcuffs, you will get this excited, and more. When you are wearing handcuffs, Joseph will always please you. Any time you want to be turned on, just pick up some handcuffs. Whenever you pick up handcuffs, you will put them on. Whenever you put on handcuffs, you’ll get turned on. Whenever you wear handcuffs, you will feel like this and even hotter. What will you do whenever you see handcuffs? You can speak now. What will you do whenever you see handcuffs?”

Thickly, quietly, the Mandys answered, “Put them on.”

“Good,” the hypnotist encouraged her. “Whenever you put on handcuffs, you’ll get turned on, right?”


“Good. And whenever you are wearing handcuffs, you know that Joseph will please you, right?”


“Good. Now return to your lovemaking, to Joseph pleasing you. Return to the pleasure, Joseph free and you cuffed. Remember how exciting it was. You can get really close to your ultimate moment but don’t embarrass yourself. Just get close. In a few minutes, I’ll send you home with Joseph and the two of you, in private, and go the rest of the way.” Mandy was sweating, breathing hard. Joseph could see her approaching the edge, almost tipping over into uncontrolled ecstasy.

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