Intensely Purple

Intensely Purple


With the sting of the Mezcal still on her tongue, she could feel its poison pulsing through her head. It was the perfect antidote given that only two shots mesmerized her into seeing purple flowers that crept up the curtains in vines. She knew they weren’t really there. She didn’t care. Because that’s exactly how it was for her – wine-colored, slithering, and tangled. As her head swam through the hallucinogenic prism of amethyst, she became absorbed in a state that could only be described as intensely purple.

Purple, the bastard child of “just say no” red and “drunken sailor” blue, ardently maintains its delicious autonomy with an entire array of spectaculars from lilac to violet, from loving to violent. It was her favorite place to be.

He contributed greatly to the wicked mixture that would overcome her. Being in his presence was nearly overwhelming as it was. He possessed such strength and character with just the right amount of stamina and drama to back it up. He intensified every experience like a kaleidoscope on acid. And, he set it all to music, which made the dance ever so much sweeter.

With the lavender haze seeping into the spaces of her mind, she was easily lost in the sticky syrup. The resultant posture was this: From the moment his purple-headed shaft came into view, her lips worshipped it like sacrificial virgins trying to satiate a pagan god.

Yes, it was true. A little Mezcal and a smoke of the fabled pipeweed landed her on her knees every time.

Her approach was flawed, her eagerness evident. He always pretended not to notice. He knew she could already taste him on her lips, yet he waited to see what bungled masquerade she would perpetrate. She was far too dramatic to be subtle and far too drunk to be in control. So, when the madness had become a throbbing ache, she pounced. Sometimes she tried to be smooth about it, but more often than not she came across like the willful, impetuous child that lived in the candy store in her head.

He knew the rewards of patience. When affected in this way and baked to a simmering point, she was capable of getting so lost in sucking his cock that she would perpetuate her task for hours. Slowly discovering this sensation or expounding upon that new technique, she would leisurely explore every part of him with her fingers, lips, teeth, and tongue. And, when her mouth was not too full to emit any noise except greedy, wet sucking sounds, she would begin to explicitly give voice to her filthiest random revelations.

But, at this point, all of that remained to be seen. They were still sitting on the couch as if neither of them had an agenda. So subdued, he ignored her fidgeting. She realized the burn was upon her. She had been considering the possible venues for suddenly putting her hands on him for more than a few minutes now.

Leaning in for a friendly kiss, she re-assessed the precarious situation. Attempting to appear innocent enough, she playfully squeezed his leg, just above his knee, perhaps letting her fingers linger a little too long as the tips of her nails grazed the inside of his thigh. The radio had become temporarily silent with dead air, and in a moment as forceful as an eternity, not even a breath was to be heard above the virtually imperceptible, simmering static of the speakers. Any flickering remnants of pretense dissolved between them in the heavy summer air.

Just as the first strains of a classic rock opus began to cut through the space, a flash of sudden bravery besieged her. Running her hand directly up the inside of his thigh, her fingers quickly found their mark. She had suspected he was wearing his “fuck me” jeans and now she knew for sure. One of her favorite staples of his wardrobe, his soft, faded blue jeans not only clung to his tempting ass in all the right ways, they also featured a couple of strategically convenient places where the denim had been worn so thin as to leave his skin bare and accessible to her touch. One of those places was very close in proximity to both his sweet ass and his restrained bulge – high up on the inside of his right thigh – where her fingers played now.

She toyed carelessly with his zipper porno and chanced a glance at his face to gauge his reaction. His eyes were closed with only the faintest look of peace settling about his mouth. Withdrawing her hand momentarily, she moved in for a longer, wetter kiss. Closer still, she slowly placed her hands around his strong neck to pull him in. Suddenly disarmed, he sharply drew in his breath and kissed her hard.

Her mouth was drawn to his powerful neck and the she licked softly at the base of his throat. A rough sigh raggedly escaped his lips. Turning his head to the side, she gently bit at that tender spot where his shoulder and neck met. Sucking insistently at his soft skin, she breathed out a lusty sigh.

Moving down him, she traced her fingers down his sides. Taking a place between his knees, she fumbled clumsily with the button on his jeans. She had become greedy, but suddenly aware of the inevitability of the situation, she paused to savor the hunger. Beginning again at his throat, her hands sought out the hard warmth of his skin and the pulse of his excitement. Carefully unbuttoning his shirt, she traced her lips down the newly exposed skin of his chest. Arriving again at her destination, his cock, she tugged at the unbuttoned fly of his jeans with her mouth, willing the zipper to come down. Taking the pull between her teeth, she tore the zipper the rest of the way home. Still using only her mouth, she opened his jeans and precociously bit at him through the thin fabric of his boxers. Grabbing the waistband with her lips, she insistently jerked downward, prompting him to remove the rest of his clothing.

His magnificent cock jutted out sharply from his body. She was amazed every time she observed it in its full glory. It always appeared to be larger and thicker than she had remembered. In an instant of fear, she doubted her ability to take it all into her mouth and throat. Sticking her long, pink tongue out lasciviously, she reached to barely lay it against the underside of his long, impressive erection. Increasing the pressure from below, she boldly licked up the length of his shaft. Placing her closed lips against the tip, she slowly opened and began the devouring descent to the base of his cock. In a moment that seemed like an eternity, she inhaled him, gradually moving to further cloak his throbbing member in the soft, warm, wetness of her mouth. She relaxed the muscles in her face and throat to allow his imposing passage. Sucking it all the way in, she held it there, tasting the first drops of release from his slit.

She was continually amazed at her own physical reaction to him. Before meeting him, she had contemplated the almost certain possibility of living her life as a committed lesbian. While exhibiting a distinctly experimental attitude toward life, she had fallen in love with a delightful, little red headed chick who taught her about the emotional intensity of sex. Having learned her lessons well, she didn’t consider the possibility that a man could equal or handle her intensity, as she knew a woman could. Until, she met him.

Historically speaking, she had never been particularly into cocks – or blowing. She learned the fine art of Masculine Appreciation from him. Carefully observing his responses, she became good at pleasing him. For a time, it became a subject of much personal research. Before staging an elaborate masturbation session for herself involving a bubble bath and her favorite toys, she would peruse erotic stories. More and more she was drawn to those that explicitly discussed oral pleasure. While reading, she would think of him and his beautiful cock, throbbing in her full mouth. The stories gave her new ideas. And, by the time she was frantically pleasing herself, she could hardly wait to use the information for their next erotic encounter.

She savored her task. And, just like clove cigarettes or chocolate, sucking him had become a sweet indulgence that she craved. She became so emerged in the guilty pleasure of sucking him that her own primal responses came as a surprise. She recognized the dampness that licked the inside of her thighs as the result of that japon porno foreign obsession that only he could evoke in her.

In truth, his cock fascinated her. He was very responsive to her ministrations, and in a variety of ways. It led her to try any technique she could conceive of – just to see what his reaction might be. From a soft, innocent gasp to a thunderous, indulgent growl, his expressive vocal range was cosmic. And, if she was very, very good, he would twist his hands into her tangled hair in fists, urgent with need and groaning for liberation.

Dislodging his cock from her throat, she licked him like an ice cream cone that would not melt. At first, she delicately tasted his smooth skin with the tip of her kitten tongue. As her longing and enthusiasm increased, she found herself covetously lapping at his length in long, full strokes. She wrapped her long fingers carefully around the base of his dick, while deliberately discovering him from every angle with her mouth and tongue. She paid special attention to the tip of his cock, teasing his slit and that sensitive skin just below. Patting at it with her tongue, she considered fondly how similar it was to licking her girlfriend’s clit.

Moving down, she gently licked his balls. Sucking them carefully into her mouth one at a time before cradling his wet jewels in her hand, she butterfly flicked her tongue across the place where the base of his cock met his balls. At some point he had become squirmy, gasping, and extremely aware of every slight move she made. Every variance in pressure was electrified by his heightened senses and he was no longer a silent observer, but restless and consumed.

Kneeling at his feet and worshipping him with her mouth, she couldn’t help but think of the significance of her subservient position. She clasped her hands together above the rock hard evidence of his attention as if she were praying. Slowly drawing her hands down, she opened them slightly to allow his cock passage through her palms. Moving up and down the full length of him, she increased her force and her speed only gradually. Unable to resist his scrumptious dick for long, she leaned down to kiss the tip and tease it with her swollen lips.

With both of her hands wrapped around his proud cock and her mouth sucking around the tip, she began a slow and steady vertical rhythm. She was acutely aware that this very motion with increased pressure could bring him to the bursting point. While she loved having his hot jets of come splatter all over her, she wasn’t through with her fun just yet. She delayed his ultimate goal by playing just under the level of stimulation that it would take to deliberately bring him off. Flattering groans rumbled in his throat, prompting her to see just how far she could push him toward the edge.

Lifting her head to focus her eyes on the hard object filling her hands, she began pumping him more intently. Feeling the throb of his blood-engorged cock in her grasp and realizing the imminence of his fulfillment, she abruptly withdrew her hands, depriving him of both her touch and, for now, his release. Without warning, she smacked her hand against his solid erection. He winced and gasped from the unexpected assault.

Her wet tongue licked across her fingers and the palm of her hand before she brought her fist down around his dick, engulfing him in one long, firm stroke. Building her attentions determinedly, she grasped his rigidity and stroked him thoroughly in long, consistent motions. Before long, the pace became furious as she rapidly jerked his shaft. She had quickly succeeded in returning him to his former state of abandoned stirring. His strong hand tenderly held her face for a moment before he reached around her neck to tug gently at a handful of her hair, silently imploring her to take him in her mouth.

Only partially inclined to appease him so soon, she took his wrist and led his hand to her soft, full tits. Her nipples were already desperately hard. As he kneaded her breast and pinched her nipple, she became crazed with desire. As she moaned her encouragement to him, he grabbed her harder. She lezbiyen porno shuddered violently, dangerously close to the abyss.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and loudly sucked him into her mouth, slurping his entire length past her lips and tongue and down her throat. Her hand became an extension of her mouth as she bobbed up and down, working his dick and getting him ever so close to his intended release. The tip of his cock hit the back of her throat again and again as she sucked in her cheeks and steadily stroked him with her mouth. She moved both of her hands to his hips, and used the new leverage to pull and push him against her oral onslaught.

As she began to sense the tremor of inevitable satisfaction, she withdrew her attentions again for an instant to reposition herself – further enraging his need. She tightly squeezed the base of his cock with one hand and licked at the purple head of his throbbing shaft. She alternately bit and licked him. Playfully closing her teeth against randomly selected bites of his inflexible hardness in one instant, she snaked her tongue slightly around his sensitive knob the next, teasing him without mercy and privately cherishing his surrender to her wild trip. Her wet tongue kissed away the bitter sting of each pinching nibble, just so she could return to hurt him again.

Removing her hands and face from him, his cock bobbed solitary with want. She let her head fall down to meet the skin beside the base of his cock. Her hair whispered against the inside of his legs. Pausing there and exhaling her hot breath along his length, she opened her mouth ominously. Hesitating to relish the noiseless moment of uncertainty, she wrapped her lips around the side of his dick at the base, and closed her teeth around him with a startling, steady pressure. Releasing her jaw’s grip on his valued member, she withdrew only to strike again after slightly shifting her position. Imposing this new torture on him until he was ragged and anxious, she suddenly unclenched her teeth from his skin for the final time to suck up and down the sides of his elongated cock.

Her sensitive mouth burned from the constant pressure of his hardness. Her normally thin, pale lips were swollen and red. She drew her fingernails up the length of his commanding erection, tracing intricate patterns into his raging hard-on. Swallowing hard, she prepared herself to take his huge cock into her bruised lips and aching throat to the completion of his satisfaction. She resolutely cupped his balls in one hand, pressing her fingernails into the sensitive flesh below. Closing her other hand around the thick base of his cock, she slowly sucked him into her mouth, until her mouth and her fist engulfed him absolutely. Pulling her closed hand downward around his cock, opposite the upward sucking of her mouth, she stroked him determinedly, preparing to deliver the fierce god to his wanton destination.

His hands anxiously grasped fistfuls of her hair. He roughly commanded the rhythm of her movements, desperate for release. He forcefully pulled her onto his enraged cock and rammed it deeper into her throat. The thunderous growling of his midnight voice filled her existence as the void began to overcome him. He yanked her head down by her hair, powerfully forcing every inch of his exploding cock into her throat. She struggled for a moment, afraid of the force of the impending assault. Inhuman noises emanated from some primal place in his chest as hot bursts hit the back of her throat and filled her mouth to overflowing. Carefully adjusting her grasp on his sensitive cock, she hungrily swallowed as much of the coveted substance as possible. The remaining applause dripped down her chin, trailing down onto the ample curves of her chest.

Still recovering from the startling aftershocks, he leaned down to kiss her sticky, swollen lips, and pull her up into his arms. She fell limp against him, collapsing at last from the Mezcal and satisfied exhaustion. He held her close and absentmindedly stroked her hair as their breathing assumed the deep rhythm of dreams.

Her blissful sleep was interrupted in the wee morning hours, when the heaviness that would be a hangover began to settle on her mind like a dense fog, and she realized the truth of the Mezcal. Once again it had indulged her senses utterly; then it bent her over, lifted her skirt, and spanked her like a sobbing, errant child.

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