Indian Goddess, Mistress and Wife Pt. 02

Indian Goddess, Mistress and Wife Pt. 02

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At about 8.30 PM we, returned to our hotel and both of us went to our own suites. I refreshed myself and changed my dress from pant to trouser and a sports banyan. Then I called for the waiter and ordered for two plates of Roti and Two plates of Panner Kofta to be served within a half hour.

Then I knocked her door connecting inside the room.

I heard her say ‘ Come in, Ronnie’ I went inside and saw her in a beautiful night dress and her hair was loosened falling on her shoulder.

She said ‘ Stay there , on your knees and put your head on the floor and wait for my order’. I waited like that for about 5 minutes and heard her moving in her room’ Then she came to me put her feet on the back of my head and pressed to the ground and said ‘ Do you know Ronnie, What makes me annoyed, your rogue tongue, that lied to me, I want to torture to my heart’s content and see that it never repeats with anybody else.’ Then she rolled my head to oneside, so that my right cheek touched the ground and she put her bare feet on my right cheek and said ‘I will make you understand, what’s devotion and what’s sex. Put your hands on your back’

I moaned with pain and suddenly she with one feet on my face cheek stood over completely and put her other foot on my back to balance her weight and body.

She continued to say ‘Ronnie, I will make you lick the floor, eat nasty food from my feet, I will make you drink the water that washed my feet, I will lock your tongue with clamps so that you never dare to lye others. I will even invite your wife to see how much pervert you are. I do not understand with this much of fetish wish, how you are enjoying your normal sexual life with your wife. You must be keeping her dissatisfied. So I will show her the way to sexual satisfaction, sarışın porno so that her life is not suffered.’ I was under severe pain from her pressure.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, She immediately got down and went to the bag and got an office folder and threw it to me and said read todays work done by us .Quick.

I opened the bag and spread 3 to four sheets on the floor pretended to be on work. She went to the door and opened the door. The waiter was standing there with trays of dinner on his hands. Arti asked who ordered it? I don’t like Roti at Night, I need Rice. Waiter, take return of one plate Roti and bring Rice fry instead.” ‘No madam, goods once ordered can not be substituted, if you want I will bring one Ricefry, but rotis to remain here.’ ‘Okay then bring Rice fry immediately” The waiter put those trays on the dining table at the corner and went out of the room. Arti immediately locked the door and turned to me. ‘Ronnie, how dare you order my dinner without my permission? You should have known my tastes or asked my intention; you will be punished for these misdeeds of overlooking the Goddess. Put all these papers inside the bag and crawl to the sofa’ after putting all the papers in folder in place and in bag, I started crawling to the sofa. ‘Lye on your back placing your head here at my feet, face upturned’

She turned on the TV and put one of her bare feet on my throat and cross legged , her right foot touched my forehead and pressed my head to the ground. Then she continued ‘Ronnie, you are such a creature on earth who does not know himself. You are not sure, whether you are in devotion or femdom in sex. You are not even sure why you are living. Such an animal you are.”

Tell me real truth, when sex hikayeleri you started worshiping living beings, Ronnie? When I tried to answer to her question , she exerted a little pressure on my throat with her feet. I mumbled ‘Goddess, I have never worshipped any li…li…living beings ah . till today in my life, butt… from the day I saw yo…u and your feet, I believe in goddess and i will live for your beautiful feet throughout my life.’ah…

A knock was on the door. She removed her feet from my throat and said go , get the food. Send one tray to your room and keep these 3 roties here.

I got up from the floor and opened the door. The waiter entered the room and kept the plates on the dining table. I asked the waiter to put my food in my room. The waiter then left putting them in my room and I locked the door, returned to Goddess. She picked up one roti and threw it on to the floor , said The roti you ordered in excess are yours. Go and get it. I bended to pick it from the floor, but she said with your mouth, no use of hands.

I picked it with my mouth and brought it to my goddess, she commanded drop it on the floor, lay it flat. Now eat it, before I could touch it, she put her bare feet on it and grinded on the floor. Still I picked the torn pieces one by one, but the large two pieces remained under her bare feet and she did not lift her feet to make it easy to get them from floor. Wait there I will add masala to them. Saying this she smiled and with her spoon, picked a piece of paneer and kept on the piece of roti and folded them. Then she put her feet on it and again grinded, this time the paneer was grinded and came out of the gaps of the torn piece of roti . Then she spit a large goblet of her saliva on it and ordered. şişman porno Eat it if you think, I am a goddess or admit that you are in to my panty.

Goddess, I will take whatever you offer but don’t think that I am in to sex from any angle. I have to keep myself under complete control, when I am with you goddess. Please forgive me, if you have misunderstood my intention. Saying that, I started eating the pieces from the floor bending on my knees without little hesitation and ate everything.

Okay, I will see that.

What do you have to offer to your Goddess?

First, I want to offer my prayers if you permit me, then ask for your divine blessings

Carry on your prayers; I want to see what’s that you have in your mind.

Staying on my bended knees before her feet, I folded hands and started, ‘Oh Goddess, Please forgive me ,if I have committed any sins I have committed and I am ready to undergo a penance that you will fix as a repentance. From the first day,I saw you, I could not convey my greetings due to my ignorance. Please bless me Goddess, so that Me with my wife will remain happy for ever’. With those words, I bended my forehead on to her feet and kept it on her both toes of her feet. Then with every fibre of myself I poured out my worship and contrition by hitting my forehead on to her feet repeatedly and the ground before her toes. She sighed and said ‘ Yeh, Ronnie, I do not understand, how a human accepts another human as God or Goddess with out a genuine cause and how a person can dedicate himself to another? Saying this she drew her right feet from underneath my forehead and slowly put it above my head. Stood victoriously and smiled, she said, Ronnie I finally bless you and your wife to remain happy throughout your life.

Get up and have your dinner in your room and come to my room. Before you leave room, you take these extra roties served to me as per your will. She threw rotis to my face, which fell on the ground. I picked up them and bowed my head while walking towards the connecting door.

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