Incestuous Bedtime Tale Ch. 05


Daughter Incestuous Toy

Avalon Young — January 2038

“I hear you’re making friends with my daughter,” Dr. Wilson said as he wielded over the 4D ultrasound to the bed.

“Yes, Heaven’s great,” I said as I sat on the hospital bed, both my parents with me. They were on the other side of the bed from my OB/GYN. Mommy held my hand, a bright smile on her face framed by her red hair. “She’s hoping to get bred by her brother. They practice a lot during lunch.”

Dr. Wilson, a man my mommy’s age with light brown hair and blue eyes, smiled. “That runs in the family.”

I giggled. He was “married” to Nurse Wilson at my college. They were brother and sister. Heaven was their daughter while Devin was his son with his own mother. That was so naughty. So Devin was both Heather’s half-brother and her uncle. Just like mommy was also my half-sister. Of course, my baby was both my child and my sibling.

Dr. Wilson pulled up the front of my hospital gown to expose my flat belly. His gloved hands rubbed gel across my belly. Then he brought the probe to my stomach and we all glanced at the screen. Mommy squeezed my hand as…

A 3d image appeared of my child. It was so lifelike. You could see my baby’s little fingers curling, eyes closed. The doctor looked at the screen as he manipulated the probe, shifting the view of my baby. I shuddered, tears beading in my eyes.

My baby was right there, looking so whole and real. I wanted to reach out and touch the screen. Mommy squeezed my fingers tight. Daddy leaned over the bed to stare at our child. He made this sound choked with emotion. It was a miracle we made inside of me. A union of our bodies.

Proof of our incestuous love.

“So, want to learn the sex of your child?” Dr. Wilson asked.

I nodded, the tears building and building. My heart felt so squeezed.

“You are having a daughter. Congratulations. She looks healthy. Development is right on track for 18 weeks.”

As he talked, I just stared at the screen. Daddy’s hand found my knee, squeezing me while Mommy held my hand. I could feel all three of us staring at the miracle. The third generation of daughters bred by Daddy.

* * *

Melissa Young

Later that day, I couldn’t get the image of my granddaughter out of my mind. The 4d ultrasound was so much more realistic than the black and white ultrasound from nineteen years ago. It stayed with me after we left Dr. Wilson’s office and returned home. It was the same clinic I went to, though then the Dr. Wilson had been his mother. She’d handed over her practice to him when she retired.

I had to get it out. I found it in my closet, sat on my bed, and stroked the white cover, a cherub face in the center.

Trembling, I opened Avalon’s baby book. The first thing in there was a picture of the ultrasound. My finger touched her image. She was so small back then, just growing inside of me. Tears burned in my eyes as I remembered that day, the pulse of the ultrasound, my nervousness as Daddy held my hand. Dr. Wilson had a big smile on her face as she moved around the ultrasound.

She had been pregnant with Devin then, not that she was showing. She and my friend Jenny were both pregnant a month earlier than me, bred by James, the current Dr. Wilson. My finger caressed Avalon’s figure, tracing her head and down to her little hand curled up before her.

“Is that me?”

I looked up to find Avalon at the foot of the bed, her fiery hair sweeping about her youthful face. Eighteen, as young as I was when this ultrasound was taken. She wore a pair of plaid boy shorts that clung to her hips and a tank top, her round breasts stretching out the cloth, nipples poking at the fabric and the start of her baby bump swelling the cloth. She started showing two weeks ago.

“Yeah,” I said. “That’s you. You were such a cute baby even then.”

Avalon climbed onto the bed. She had her own baby book for my granddaughter, an image of the 4D ultrasound placed in hers. The technology had existed when I was young, but it wasn’t standard equipment yet.

“You know,” my daughter said, leaning against me, “you and Daddy never told me how you actually got together.”

“Didn’t we?” I asked, staring down at the ultrasound of her. “Surely we did.” We were telling her about that months ago. It had all been so exciting with her being pregnant. We had to buy so many new things.

Why did we give away most of Avalon’s baby stuff?

“Nope,” she said. “You told me about your dinner date, but not about how you and Daddy actually did it the first time.”

“Hmm,” I said. “What will you give me if I do?”

My daughter gave me a serious look. “I’ll fuck you with my strap-on, Mommy.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at Avalon’s seriousness. Her green eyes were so bright, her lips so cute. She loved her strap-on. It was a gift from Heaven. The Wilson girl was a sweet thing. Though the two had only met at the start of the school year, they’d become fast friends. The girls had declared since gerçek resimli gaziantep escort they were both born in the summer, and that was so far away, they should celebrate their birthdays and get each other gifts.

Avalon bought her a sexy pair of lingerie to wear to really inspire her brother to breed her. Heaven gave Avalon the bright pink dildo that came complete with a purple harness. The dildo was segmented like a caterpillar’s body, the end curving up to a blunt hook that felt amazing pumping into you.

Daddy loved it when we used it on each other.

“Deal,” I said. “Go tell your daddy it’s bedtime.”

“He’s watching the game,” Avalon said.

“He can pause it and finish watching it later,” Mommy purred. “Tell him he’s getting lucky tonight.”

Avalon gave a wicked giggle. “He gets lucky every night. He has two horny daughters he has to keep happy.”

I joined my daughter in naughty laughter. I threw my arms around her neck and kissed her hard. She was such a treasure to have in my life. My tongue thrust past her lips. It swirled around in her mouth while she trembled against me.

* * *

Avalon Young

Daddy liked watching his football live. The 49ers were playing against those nasty Seahawks and he was into it. That was until I darted naked before him, bent over, and wiggled my rump and pregnant pussy at him.

“It’s time to tell me a bedtime tale. Mommy says you can watch your game later.”

He groaned at the sight of me. “Bedtime tale?”

“How you and Mommy finally did it!” I groaned. “Now let’s go.”

That worked.

Now I was kneeling between Mommy’s thighs. She had her legs parted, her shaved pussy gleaming with her excitement. Her breasts rose and fell as she looked at me. She was just such a sexy thing. I wanted to just do such naughty things to her.

“Doesn’t Mommy just look so naughty, Daddy?” I asked, my pussy clenching and aching. I was buzzing on the high of seeing my daughter.

She needed a name. Nancy? Clarissa? Shauna? Vanessa? Rachel after my grandmother? Linda? Kylie? Shannon? Flower? Faith? Rita? So many choices. I had no idea how I would choose, and it was so hard to think about it when there was Mommy looking so hot and sexy on the bed.

“What do you think we should do with her?” Daddy asked, kneeling beside me on the bed.

I grabbed his cock and absently stroked the shaft that had created me and Mommy and my unborn daughter. I hoped my child would be bred by him. In nearly nineteen years, my daughter would be my age. I hoped she would want to be bred by her Daddy.

“We could do such naughty things,” Daddy continued, his cock throbbing in my hand.

“Uh-huh,” Mommy groaned, her hands sliding up her body. “Once you’ve given me such pleasure, then you’ll get your bedtime tale. So, you better make it wonderful.”

“Let’s play with her boobies!” I declared.

Mommy grinned. Daddy groaned in agreement.

I released Daddy’s cock to grab Mommy’s right breast. I squeezed her while Daddy’s larger hand wrapped around her other breast. Her fingers kneaded into her breast. It felt incredible. I purred in delight, my pussy growing hotter and wetter. I licked my lips as I leaned down.

My lips latched onto my mother’s nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and nursed on it like I had as a baby. She shuddered, her face twisting. Her blue eyes grew brighter as she squirmed on the bed. Daddy leaned over beside me, his short hair shifting. As red as mine but speckled with gray.

“Oh, you are both spoiling me,” Mommy moaned as Daddy latched on and sucked, too.

We both were nursing on her. Our suckling sounds echoed around us. Daddy’s whiskered cheeks hollowed as he sucked and nursed on her. My hips wiggled from side to side. Juices dribbled down my legs. My thighs rubbed against each other, growing so juicy as my pussy heated up.

My tongue danced around her nipple. I caressed her areola. I played and nibbled and had so much fun with her hard nub. She gasped, her body wiggling from side to side. My lips nursed on her nipple. I suckled and loved her. This wonderful passion surged through my body.

“Mmm such a loving daddy and a naughty daughter,” Mommy moaned. Her hand stroked my face as I nursed, brushing back my fiery hair. “Oooh, you are both making me so wet.”

I felt so naughty as I nursed on her. I sucked harder, with more passion. Her hand slid down to my chin. She caressed my neck. Her hand moved lower and lower, finding my swaying, round breasts. She squeezed my left one, fingers digging into my flesh.

I dug into hers.

She groaned and smiled. “Oh, yes, you are both spoiling me tonight.”

My lips popped off her pink nipple. “Enjoy, Mommy!”

Daddy’s hand grabbed my rump as we nursed on Mommy. His fingers squeezed my left butt-cheek. His strength felt so wonderful on me. I groaned as I nursed on Mommy’s nipple. I swirled my tongue around her nub. I loved the gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan delicious feel of her. This amazing treat surged through me. My cunt grew hotter as they touched me.

I suckled with relish on Mommy’s nipple while her fingers slid down my breast, almost milking me. My tits would grow bigger as I came closer and closer to my due date. I would have tits bigger than Mommy. I couldn’t wait until I was lactating.

Her fingers found my nipple. She pinched me. She twisted my nub. I groaned around her hard nipple while she played with mine. My hips wiggled, Daddy’s hand roaming my rump. Tingles raced through my body. My skin felt alive.

“Oh, yes, yes, you’re both loving me,” she moaned. “Ooh, Daddy. Mmm, you know what I like.”

My mouth popped off. “He’s had so long to love you.”

Mommy smiled. “Yes, he has.”

Daddy suckled with hunger. His lips engulfed her areola. It was impressive to watch. He growled as he made her twitch. I loved it. My hand slid down her stomach as I watched, reaching for her juicy pussy.

Mommy twisted my nipples as I came closer and closer to her cunt. I slid over her shaved pubic mound. Then I slipped down to cup her vulva. I rubbed up and down her wet folds. Her incestuous juices coated my fingers. I caressed her pussy lips. I stroked her, making her moan.

A hunger surged through me. I licked my lips. I had to do something really naughty to her now. I had to enjoy her.

I scooted down her body as I stroked her pussy. Mommy’s blue eyes fell on me. She arched her eyebrow and then gave me a sultry smile. She knew what I wanted. I had to eat the pussy that birthed me. I had to revel in my love for my mommy.

“What a sweet girl we made,” Mommy said while Daddy’s hand slid up from my rump to stroke my back.

Daddy released her nipple and stared down at me as I settled between my mother’s thighs. Daddy’s hand grabbed my fiery hair. “Yes, she is. Just so sweet.” He pulled me down to Mommy’s pussy. The spicy aroma filled my nose. I breathed in her musk. That wonderful delight sent a heady rush through me. “Enjoy, little Ava!”

Then Daddy shoved my face into Mommy’s shaved twat.

“That’s it,” Daddy said. “Please your mother. She deserves it.”

“She made me,” I moaned. “I love you, Mommy.”

She beamed down at me over her heaving breasts.

My tongue darted through her folds. I licked and lapped at her juicy pussy while Daddy leaned down and kissed her with passion. His tongue thrust into her mouth. They melted together, their lips working together. Her right hand cupped his face, stroking him.

I loved the sight of them. My tongue darted through Mommy’s folds. I licked and lapped at her. I feasted on her with such hunger. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. My cunt dripped juices down my thighs. My cream brimmed with wild lusts, tickling me.

“Oh, yes, yes!” Mommy moaned, breaking the kiss with Daddy. “Ooh, our little girl is just feasting on me.

I groaned as this heat swept through me. I made mommy feel amazing. My tongue thrust into her pussy’s depths. I fluttered my tongue through her cunt. Her spicy juices soaked my lips as she groaned. Her pussy clenched around my cunt as my tongue probed deeper into her.

I feasted on her, reveling in the wonderful delight of her pussy juices while Daddy moved down the bed, his hand sliding from my hair to my back. A wicked heat rushed out of my pregnant pussy as he shifted lower and lower.

“Mmm, you pervy Daddy,” moaned Mommy. “You’re going to eat out our little girl, aren’t you?”

Daddy grabbed my rump and squeezed. “You know me too well, Michelle.”

“Well, I remember what you did to me that day in the field,” Mommy said.

Part of me wanted to press her for information right now, but the other part of me felt Daddy’s hands squeezing my rump and his breath caressing my juicy pussy. He was right behind me, about to eat my cunt out.

I kept eating out mommy.

My cunt squeezed tight. This wonderful heat washed through me as my tongue darted through her folds. I darted my tongue through the folds Mommy’s pussy. I feasted on her, licking, lapping, so eager for Daddy to do the same to my pussy.

His tongue nuzzled into my petals. I groaned at the rough feel of his whiskers on me. He caressed me while I squirmed. I moaned into Mommy’s pussy. I devoured her, teasing her clit Mommy while Daddy loved me. His tongue felt amazing as he slid through my folds. He drove me wild. Pleasure radiated through my body.

This wicked and wonderful passion surged through me. My heart pounded in my chest. My fingers clenched and relaxed. It was an incredible pleasure to feel. He fluttered his tongue through my folds, driving me wild with his hungry pleasure.

“Daddy!” I moaned into Mommy’s pussy, my lips soaking in her spicy juices.

“Mmm, eat our daughter’s pregnant pussy,” Mommy groaned. “Ooh, she needs it, doesn’t gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort she?”

“Yes!” growled Daddy. His tongue lapped through my folds. I gasped at the wild delight. This heat surged through me. “Yes, she does.”

I groaned in wonderful delight. My eyes squeezed shut as his tongue slid through my folds, stroking all my naughty places. He teased me. Drove me wild. I groaned, wiggling my hips. I rubbed my pussy into his hungry mouth. His tongue lapped through my folds. It was an incredible treat. I shuddered as he caressed me. Drove me wild.

My hips wiggled while my tongue probed through Mommy’s yummy pussy. Her round breasts jiggled as she squirmed and groaned, humping against me. Her face twisted in passion while her moans echoed through the room.

“Avalon!” she moaned. “Oh, Daddy, our naughty daughter is going to make me cum.”

“Good,” Daddy growled into my pussy.

His tongue brushed my clit.

I gasped in delight.

Then he licked up through my pussy folds while my tongue found Mommy’s bud. I stroked her clit nestled in her folds as Daddy’s tongue flicked past my vulva to my taint. His hands pulled apart my butt-cheeks and his tongue found my sphincter.

I gasped against Mommy’s clit as Daddy rimmed me. His tongue danced around my wicked hole, sending velvety ripples of delight washing down to my cunt. I groaned and squirmed, humping back against him as he feasted on me. He did such wicked things to me. He teased me. Loved me. He had me shuddering and groaning and whimpering in delight.

It was such a naughty thing to experience. My heart pounded in my chest. Waves of passion washed out of my asshole to my juicy pussy. I groaned around Mommy’s clit, humping back into him. I nibbled on her bud as he did such wicked things to my asshole.

“What are you doing to our daughter?” Mommy moaned. “Oh, Daddy, she’s sucking so hard.”

“I’m eating her asshole out, “Daddy said, his fingers digging into my rump.

“That would do it.” Mommy smiled down at me. “Ooh, keep sucking just like that. You’re going to make me cum.”

I did. I sucked on her bud while his tongue swirled around my asshole. I groaned, my hips wiggling back and forth. I shuddered as the heat surged and melted through me. My heart pounded in my chest. The rapture surged through me. Juices ran down my thighs.

His tongue pressed against my asshole. My anal ring surrendered to him. His tongue popped into my bowels. It swirled around and caressed me. My back arched. My butt-cheeks squeezed around his face. I whimpered and groaned. His touch was electrifying. It was amazing. His fingers dug into my rump while I nursed on Mommy’s clit.

Her juices soaked my lips and stained my chin.

“Yes, yes,” Mommy panted. Her eyes fluttered. “Just like that. Ooh, yes, Avalon. You’re such a loving daughter.”

I nipped her clit.

Mommy groaned and gasped. Her body shuddered. Spicy juices flooded out of her as she bucked on the bed. Her thighs squeezed about my face as she cried out her rapture. Her breasts heaved as her head tossed back and forth.

I licked up her cream while Daddy’s tongue probed into my asshole. His hands stroking my rump moved away. Fingers trailed along my butt-cheek, tracing the bottom curve until he stroked his fingers between my thighs. He touched my pussy. As Mommy came, Daddy rubbed up my slit to my clit.

He massaged my little bud.

My head threw back. I gasped out in rapture as Daddy massaged my clit. His naughty finger teased my bud. I groaned at the feel of him. This heat surged through me. I wiggled my hips back and forth. The juices spilled out of me as I feasted on Mommy.

“Daddy! Daddy!”

“Yes, yes, Daddy!” Mommy moaned with me. “Our daughter… She’s amazing!”

Daddy growled into my asshole as the pleasure rushed through me. My bowels rippled around his probing tongue. My juices gushed out of my convulsing, pregnant pussy. This wonderful pleasure surged out of me, spilling through me.

Stars burst before my eyes.

They shone so bright as I loved my Mommy’s pussy. I lapped up all her cream as Daddy frigged my clit. My juices kept flowing out of me as the waves of pleasure flooded through my mind. I reveled in the rapture.

“Mmm, yes,” Mommy panted, her pleasure passing. “You got my pussy nice and ready for your strap-on.”

I gasped. I’d forgotten that in my room.

“I’ll be right back!” I shouted as I rolled to my right, ripping Daddy’s tongue out of my asshole. My entire body still shook and shuddered from the power of my orgasm. I lurched to my feet as I sprang from the bed. “One minute!”

I almost crashed into the door, my legs feeling like rubber. So much delight buzzed through me. Then I was out into the hallway and darting to my bedroom. I burst in, rushed to my dresser, and ripped open my top drawer. Nestled amid all my panties, bras, and frilly socks was the strap-on dildo Heaven gave me.

Such a wicked friend.

I held out the harness before me and stepped into it. I smiled as I worked the vinyl up my thighs, the dildo bobbing and swaying before me. My pussy clenched as I drew it higher and higher. My hips wiggled back and forth.

I groaned as I pressed the dildo’s base into my clit. I pulled on the straps, tightening the vinyl about my waist, holding the segmented dildo in place. I stroked it, feeling the bands that led up to the curving hook.

It felt so wild inside of you.

Daughter Incestuous Toy Avalon Young — January 2038 “I hear you’re making friends with my daughter,” Dr. Wilson said as he wielded over the 4D ultrasound to the bed. “Yes, Heaven’s great,” I said as I sat on the hospital bed, both my parents with me. They were on the other side of the bed…

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