In Depth Interrogation

In Depth Interrogation


In the low light emanating from the single 60w bulb dangling from the ceiling, her breath stirred the fine particulate like dandelion seeds blown in a Midwest summer’s wind.

“…to which you are to answer as truthfully as possible. And while I cannot advise you…” her voice trailed in and out as his mind followed random, disjointed thoughts. Words piled up like logs jammed in a stream, out of order and chaotic. Confined in this room, his thoughts careened off the walls and collided with hers. The serious tone with which she spoke denoted a circumstance as foreign as the place in which he found himself.

“Ok, so let’s start off slow: Please tell me your name. Can you do that?” she asked pedantically.

After a long pause, he spoke. “You already know my name. Next question,” he said with a hint of anger.

“Listen, I’m trying to help you, Joey, so, if you could just play along, that’d be greaaaaaat!” she cajoled him.

“I’m Joseph Randall, at your service,” he said with false gaiety.

“Good boy, Joey. Now we are getting somewhere,” she said as she shifted in her chair, uncrossing her long, muscular legs and crossing them in the opposite direction. The smile on her face confirmed her deviant intent in this subtle act. “Now, do you know why you are here?”

“I dunno, because I don’t go to church?” he offered.

“If I am going to help you, you’re gonna have to cut the shit. They are making some pretty serious accusations against you,” she said with genuine concern.

“What do you want from me?” he exclaimed.

“I wanna know if what they are saying is true,” she demanded.

“Well, go ahead and ask, then,” he replied.

“It says here that you solicited various deviant sex acts from an honorable woman,” she explained.

“Solicited? Bullshit. I wrote poems and other trash, not meant for anyone to read,” he said.

“Yeah, well, someone read them,” she assured him. “And these ‘poems’, as you call them, could be regarded as threats of violence,” she stated as she looked up from her notepad, removing her glasses and putting porno izle one of the arms in her mouth as she contemplated what she would say next. “I have to say that some of the things you wrote are concerning.”

“Like what?” he asked.

“You wrote, and I quote, ‘I will pin your arms and legs down, resting my body on top of yours, reminding you what it feels like to have the weight of a man on you,'” she said, her voice softening as she finished.

He offered a smirk as his only response.

“‘I will grab your face and force you to look me in the eye as I move your body this way and that, bending your body to my will,'” she read. “That sounds like a threat, wouldn’t you say?”

“It’s fantasy. I wasn’t threatening anyone,” he explained.

“Is ‘shoving your cock down her throat’ before she can say no part of this fantasy?” she asked.

“Ok, taken out of context, it sounds awful,” he conceded.

“So, in what context would you ‘shove your cock down someone’s throat’ and it not be an act of violence?” she asked cautiously. Her voice was curious and her body leaned in as she asked.

“This is a fantasy. Some people like this kinda stuff,” he said.

“‘Some people’?” she asked. “Would those people also enjoy…umm, lets see,” she said as she flipped through her notes. “Looking you in the eye as they slowly took the full girth of your cock into their mouth?”

“I think so,” he said defensively.

“Has anyone ever done this for you before, Joseph?” she asked.

“No. Not yet, at least,” he said.

“And you think that threatening to hold someone down will inspire them to?” she asked incredulously.

He sat there in silence, raising his shoulders as if to say ‘I don’t know’.

Standing from her chair, she walked around the table to which his hands were handcuffed. Now standing behind him, she grabbed the back of his chair and spun him to the side. Although his hands and feet were bound in shackles, his body was facing sideways now. Very indelicately, she reached down and undid his belt, button porno and zipper. “Let’s just see what kind of girth we are working with here,” she said mockingly.

Opening his pants up and pulling down his briefs, she exposed his flaccid penis. Reaching into his pants, she pulled his balls and cock out for examination. “Not exactly a lot of girth going on here, Joey,” she joked. “Not sure this would make it all the way down to the throat, big shooter,” she said with a laugh.

As she handled him, he began to swell up. Within fifteen seconds, he was fully erect. Having watched him grow, she stood back for a moment to reflect. “Ok, well, that might make a difference.”

Kneeling down onto her knees, she looked up at him after taking a close inspection of his fully erect cock. “So you expect someone to take this whole thing into their mouth?” she asked as her head lowered. The heat of her wet tongue on the head of his cock was like an electric shock. Flicking her tongue all around the rim, she probed briefly before accepting the head through her lips.

The saliva from her mouth coated the tip and top of the shaft of his cock. Stroking with her hands and spitting some of her saliva out, she began descending on his cock, taking an extra millimeter with each time she plunged down.

“Is that what you were hoping for?” she asked sarcastically.

“I was hoping for her- or I guess you, now- to go further,” he said cautiously.

“Uh, not sure how you expect me to put any more of that in my mouth,” she said with a smile.

“Try again,” he said, returning her smile

Lowering her head again, he moved his elbow over the back of her head as she took the tip into her mouth. His arm pushed gently as she descended. Allowing her to come back up, he pushed her head down a little bit further the next time and then a little further each successive time.

Pulling away, she looked up at him. “I am going to gag if you keep doing that. Is that what you want?” she asked.

“Hold your breath and try again,” he said with a nod.

Following rokettube his suggestion, she took a deep breath before taking his throbbing cock into her mouth. She could feel the head of his cock crashing into the back of her mouth, pushing against the opening of her throat, causing her mouth to salivate. Bobbing up and down, slowly overcoming the gag reflex, she took more and more of him in.

Standing up, she wiped her mouth and picked up her clipboard again. He let out a deep sigh of frustration. “It says here, you also had fantasies of watching her undress?” she said as she began to unbutton her blouse. Within a minute, she had her blouse and skirt tossed onto the floor.

“And then it says you wanted to lie back as she straddled you?” she asked. “You wanted her to grab your cock and feed it into her hot, wet pussy?”

She spoke as she moved toward him, lifted a leg over his lap and straddled him. Grabbing his cock, she looked him in the eye as she maneuvered his cock to swim in between her dripping wet labia. “Is this what you meant?” she asked as she lowered herself down on him.

“Yes,” he responded.

“And you wanted to feel her gyrating herself on top of you, her tits flopping all about in your face? You wanted to slap them? Grab them? Squeeze them?” Her voice was shaking as the pleasure began to take over. “Suck them. Suck them, Joe. Suck my tits, Joe. Bite them a little. Bite me, Joe. That’s what you want, yeah? Bite my nipples, Joe. Oh Fuck, Joe,” she said as she was losing her breath.

“And then you wanted to…feel her…” Her voice trailed off as her climax approached. “pussy dripping all over your cock and balls?”

She was rocking back and forth, hard against him, up and down and in a circular motion. “Oh fuck,” she shouted as she began to cum. Her body writhed on top of him for another 30 seconds as she rode out her explosive orgasm.

Standing up, out of breath, she walked over and picked up her clothes and sat back down in her chair. After a few minutes of labored breathing, she now had her clothes back on and her notepad back in front of her. She was hardly able to control the wide smile.

“So, that’s what you were writing about?” she asked finally.

“Only you left out the part where, after you cum, you get on your knees and finish me…”

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