In a New York Minute – Part Seventeen – Chapters 65-68


Chapter Forty-Nine“Tie her legs open,” she heard a voice say. She felt groggy and sore. “She’s had enough of a break. It’s time to use her again.”Pain seared through her body. She opened her eyes and found herself covered in cum.“Look at our dirty whore,” another voice said. “Get the hose and spray her down first. She’s a sticky, filthy cumslut.”She screamed for them to stop and found herself in Mac’s arms as he desperately tried to shake her awake.“Wake up, now, Grace! You’re having a nightmare; it’s not real. You’re safe with me, I promise.”Grace buried her head in Mac’s chest and sobbed. He held her until her tears subsided. When he felt her breathing calm, he tilted her chin and looked into her blue eyes. “I love you, Grace. I’m so sorry this whole FBI case has dredged up such painful memories. I’d give anything to make it all go away for you.”She smiled weakly. “You make it better just by being you and loving me. Holding me like this makes me feel safe when I’m awake. The nightmares will die down again. They have before, and they will again. Perhaps when it’s all over, and justice is served, the nightmares won’t return anymore.”He cursed the monsters that had hurt her when she’d been so young and vulnerable. If he could, he’d rip them to shreds. And while he doubted that any judge would order castration as a sentence, he held out hope that the FBI’s case against Bakary Konen and Armel Kouassi would lead to prison time for both men.The past few months had flown by; late summer transitioned to fall, then fall passed into winter. The bleak, snowy days of late January were upon them. In the midst of all that, the case that Supervisory Special Agents Zach Harris and Sam Jenkins were heading up was developing into something viably prosecutable.According to the FBI, Konen and Kouassi, with several other men, had sexually assaulted seventeen women and were blackmailing most of them to prevent any disclosure of what they deemed consensual fuck fests. They tended to prey on young women lured by the promise of fantastic career opportunities, only to be used and trafficked. It was only because she’d been brave enough to call the police that Grace had not been sold as a sex slave. It was ironic that spending time in jail for what the authorities had deemed false accusations and defamation on Grace’s part had saved her from a worse fate.The case had been building for a few years, but Grace’s statements had broken it wide open. Somehow, although some details had started trickling into the press, Michael Stone had kept his word, and Grace was not being named as a victim. In fact, none of the women’s identities had been disclosed, which had been a great relief.“I don’t think I’ll be able to fall back asleep,” Grace said. “I think I’ll grab a quick bite and head into my office to get some work done before DJ wakes up and wants breakfast.”“I have a better idea,” Mac said suggestively. “Roll on your tummy, and I’ll rub your back.”Grace smirked. “I know this routine. You get me all relaxed by rubbing my back, and then I roll over, and you maul my front.”“And that’s a bad thing?” he asked, amused.“No, not at all. I’m just not sure I’m in the right mindset to…”But Mac was nibbling at her neck, and Grace lost all ability to form words. She could be stubborn and push him away, but that would be foolish when what he was Porno 64

doing felt so good.“Mmm, if your neck is this tasty, I’ll bet the rest of you is delicious.”He kissed a trail across her breasts, down her stomach, and landed on her smooth, bare mound. He knew some men liked a landing strip on their women, but Mac loved the softness of her naked pussy. His tongue continued as it found her sweet honey and the sexy little gold ball. He flicked at it and watched his wife shudder with desire. He smiled inwardly, knowing she’d stopped thinking or caring about anything besides the pleasure he would bring her. Her ability to give herself completely to him, to trust him implicitly, was a gift that he treasured.He glanced up and saw her eyes flutter as he slowly slipped a single finger into her. Soft moans escaped her lips as she opened for him. A second finger had her hips rocking slightly; a third had her panting with need.He started slowly, but as she bucked, he gave her what she needed and fucked her hard and fast with his fingers until she exploded.Easing his hand from her drenched pussy, he licked her sweet nectar from his fingers and felt his mood go feral. Saying not a word, he impaled her with his thick, stiff shaft, going balls-deep in one plunge. His need to possess her was overwhelming as he hammered into her as if their lives depended on it. She met his every thrust with equal fervor, and within seconds, she cried out as her climax ripped through her body as he followed suit, shooting his load deep inside her.His heart beat wildly in his chest as he collapsed on the bed next to her. He hoped that this would be enough to take her mind off her ugly nightmare and that his ferocity hadn’t done anything to make it worse instead.He felt his worry dissipate as she slid her hand into his and curled herself against his body. “You’re a wizard, my love,” she murmured. “I’m pretty sure I can sleep more now.”Mac put his arms around her and pulled the covers back over them. His heart swelled with love and pride that he’d made her feel safe again.When it was time to wake for the day, Grace took Mac’s face in her hands and kissed him passionately. He shot her a goofy grin and said, “Damn, woman! What did I do to deserve that amazing kiss?”She raised an eyebrow. “As if you didn’t know. Thank you for knowing exactly what I needed last night.”“Oh, that. Well, you might think it was all about you, Grace. But I honestly just had a mad hunger for your body.”“Well, your hunger was well-timed.”Grace headed into the nursery to find her boy awake and sitting up in his crib. “Stop that, DJ,” she teased. “Stop growing up so doggone fast!”She picked him up and grabbed a cloth to protect her from his incessant drooling. With closer inspection, she spied a little white spot on his bottom gum.“Mac, come here!”Alarmed that something was wrong with the baby, Mac rushed into the nursery. Grace stood there, grinning from ear to ear.“What’s up?” he asked, puzzled.Grace sighed. “Nothing’s wrong, except our little man has his first tooth.”“Ah, does that mean mama plans to wean our boy soon?”“Well, I don’t have to, but I probably will. I know some baby books suggest nursing for up to a year. But he’s eating cereal, veggies, and fruits, so it’s not a bad time to consider it. The pediatrician said it was Konulu Porno a personal choice. I can keep pumping, so he continues to get breast milk for a bit. But the idea of him nipping at my breast kind of creeps me out. So, yeah, I think it’s time. He takes a bottle well, so it won’t be an issue.”“You never mind when I bite those nipples,” Mac teased.“McKinley!” she chastised him playfully.“It’s up to you, baby. You can do whatever you want, Grace.”“Well, if we are planning to start trying again soon for number two, I’d just as soon have some time off from breastfeeding.”“We can wait on that if you want.”“No, we still have a couple of months before we start our traveling baby-making quest. So, I’m good.”“Speaking of traveling, I think we need to figure out how to manage with a baby on the road. I doubt very much that Claudette would want to come to Europe and leave her daughters. So, we will need to figure out a game plan.”“We could ask her first before we decide for her that she doesn’t want to travel with us,” Grace suggested. “But we definitely need a backup plan.” Chapter FiftyClaudette’s face lit up when they approached her on the subject.“While it would be lovely to travel, I still have Collette in school, and she needs her mama here. However, Sylvie has finished high school and is taking a gap year. She has been working as a nanny for a couple in Manhattan, trying to decide if she wished to attend an exclusive nanny school in London. She has been watching two little ones, a baby boy several months older than DJ and his four-year-old sister. It’s been a wonderful experience, but the family is relocating to Sydney, Australia, and she will be out of a job soon.”Grace felt a little giddy but didn’t want to get her hopes up.“So,” Claudette continued. “Perhaps Sylvie can come to work with me and shadow me for a bit. She’s young, but she’s been minding children in the evening for neighbors for the past five years, and she adores DJ. Then, if you feel she is capable, she could accompany you on your travels.”Mac looked at Grace and could already tell that his wife thought this was an excellent idea. But he also wanted to discuss it with her privately before they made any commitment. So he spoke up quickly.“Claudette, this sounds like a wonderful idea. Grace and I will discuss this and get back to you tomorrow if that’s okay with you. You should probably also get a sense of whether Sylvie would be interested.”“Oh, she is definitely interested in helping me here with DJ. I will hold off on asking her about being your travel nanny until you’ve made a decision. I don’t want to get her hopes up about traveling.”“Sounds wonderful.”Later, after the baby was down for the night and Grace, dressed in a sheer teal nightgown, was standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair, Mac debated whether to discuss the idea of bringing Sylvie along now or wait until after he’d ravished his wife.The decision was made for him when she met his eyes in the mirror and smiled.“You know, some women would worry about bringing a gorgeous eighteen-year-old to Europe as a nanny, but when you look at me like that, I know, without a doubt, that I’m the only woman you see, the only one you desire.”“If you asked me to describe Sylvie right now, I couldn’t tell you much more than she is tallish Porno İndir with brown hair. Yet, she’s been in our home dozens of times. So, you’d be right, my love; I see only you. Was that a concern for you?”“It might have been if you were any other man besides the one you are. Sylvie is lovely to look at, but she’s pure and sweet. And she adores DJ. Having her work alongside Claudette for a few months before we travel will give us a good sense of whether she can handle the job. So, what concerns do you have?”“It occurs to me that we will need to secure accommodations that provide space for her. It also dawned on me that we won’t be able to run around naked or enjoy a slam-you-up-against-the-wall fuck session while we have her along after DJ is down for the night.”“It will be different traveling with someone else, but I can work with Avery to make sure that our hotel suites are set up in a way as to offer us privacy. I also envision us needing to take advantage of times when we are alone in the room when she’d take DJ on a walk or to a park.”“That’s the Grace I know and love. Always thinking ahead!”“I know it won’t be the same as when we first traveled together, but we can still enjoy ourselves, right?”“Grace, I will always treasure those months when we got to know each other, and you taught me how to enjoy the world around me. Yes, traveling with a baby will be much different. But it will still be fun because we will be together. Having a nanny with us will make things much easier unless you plan to just tag along as my love slave and not conduct any business.”Grace laughed, as Mac hoped she would.“Our lives are different now. We are parents, and people weren’t lying when they said a baby changes everything. But, Grace, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love being your husband and DJ’s dad. I’ve never been happier. Traveling with you and the baby with a nanny in tow will still be more enjoyable than any time I traveled alone or with some escort. I promise it will still be amazing.”“So, going without a nanny and me being your love slave is an option?” Grace teased.“Sure, unless you want to conduct the business, and then I can be your sex toy.”Grace grinned. “I think we both want a mix of business and pleasure. Let’s see how Sylvie does with DJ and see if she feels like a good fit for our travel nanny.”“I think it’s safe to assume it will all go well, so why don’t you plan an itinerary with Avery based on the notes I sent you and book the necessary accommodations.”“Just remember we are staying with the Beckers for a few days in Munich. Since Virginie successfully got pregnant while they visited us, she insists we stay a few nights in their home so we can hopefully conceive under their roof. I’ll get on the rest of the plans with Avery tomorrow.”Mac nodded. “Good. Now show me what’s under that nightgown, Mrs. Stewart.”“As if you can’t see right through it?”“Of course, I can; that’s one of the reasons I selected this one. But you can’t fault a man for wanting his wife to be naked.”Grace frowned.“What did I say wrong?”“Nothing. It just occurred to me that I will need to learn to be much quieter during sex.”“Well, I’d be happy to help you practice.”After a half dozen orgasms, brought on by Mac’s magical tongue, left Grace breathless, he teased, “I’ll give you a B- for noise level, my love. But no worries, we can keep practicing.”“I know a way to keep me quiet during sex,” Grace said, wiggling her eyebrows.“So do I. Kneel and return the favor, my sweet Grace.”“My, aren’t you being polite and formal?”Mac laughed. “Okay, fine. Get on your knees and suck my dick, slut.”

Chapter Forty-Nine“Tie her legs open,” she heard a voice say. She felt groggy and sore. “She’s had enough of a break. It’s time to use her again.”Pain seared through her body. She opened her eyes and found herself covered in cum.“Look at our dirty whore,” another voice said. “Get the hose and spray her down…

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