I’m Love Shopping with You

I’m Love Shopping with You


When I came home from work one evening, I could tell my wife’s nerves where shot from dealing with the kids all day. In an effort to give her a break, I called my mother to see if she would watch the kids for a couple of hours.

I figured a couple of hours of therapeutic shopping would so the trick. So I told my wife I’ll run the kids down moms and get ready. I suggested she not wear any underwear for our outing as I’ve done many times in the past.

Tami was never comfortable going braless because of here 34B tits have nipples that protrude noticeably and as expected she wore a bra. Well I could live with that. It was early autumn, the days were getting shorter and it was still rather comfortable outside.

She wanted to drive and we talked. Since my hands were free I started running them all over her body. We couldn’t do much and the only light came from the radio and speedometer.

I ran my hand on her thigh, I felt nothing under her thin skirt. NO slip and no panties. escort bayan So as we engaged in conversation I started kissing her neck while I put my hands under her floral print short and unhooked her bra with one hand and cupped her right tit.

As she drove I lifted her shirt up enough to suck on her nipples. I was limited what I could do and so as she talked, I started working her bra straps thru the sleeves of her shirt.

She then reached under her shirt and finished pulling the bra off and handed it to me. I folded it up and placed it in the glove box as we kept driving.

Soon we arrived and parked. I reached into the glove box to hand her the bra as I heard her door close. As she got out, I happily put the bra back in the glove box and hopped out to catch up with her.

Under the parking lot lights I could see the outline of her unsupported boobs jiggle up and down under her thin black and white floral blouse.

As we walked in the store one of her altıparmak escort friends walked right up to her and started talking to us.

Tami hid her braless chest by pulling her long hair in front before we walked in the store. I didn’t appreciate how clever she really was until I noticed the material of the shirt was really thin and almost transparent but was camouflaged by the floral print. Later I put my hand under the material and could see my hand.

After her friend left we held walked around the store, me with a hard on the entire time. The only things she wore was a thin skirt, thin shirt, and shoes.

I asked her how she liked walking around in public practically naked. She said she did and I did as well. She would purposely bend over in front of me to let me look down her shirt. I could see her pail braless tits and would sneak feels every chance I got.

Well at the end of our shopping spree I ended up spending more than mudanya escort I should but it was worth it.

On the way home I decided I would drive and put my arm around her and cupped one of her tits on the way home. As we talked about the evening she proceeded to unzip my jeans and pulled my erection out.

As she started to give me oral sex and her head bobbing up and down on me, I had to concentrate on the road. It was late and she asked if I could die the interior lights coming from the speedometer and radio. I did and she pulled my jeans down around my ankles while I was driving.

We were driving a small car and she told me to push the seat back. I proceeded to set the car on cruise control 10 miles under the speed limit to let the last car behind us pass. She look and no cars lights as far as we could see.

Tami then mounted my erection while I was driving and started bobbing up and down on me. I was about to cum and had to really concentrate on the road. It was quite difficult while she was kissing my neck and my eyes wanted to roll back in my head.

I exploded inside my beautiful underwearless wife while I was driving. WOW I couldn’t believe it and still to this day that is one of the most memorable moments of my marriage.

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