Ice and a Fire

Horny Milf

Mandi’s headlights served almost no usefulness in the snowstorm. It would take her an hour to get home down the winding 2 lane highway creeping along at 35 miles an hour. She bristled as she thought of the horrible day she had at work, almost half the staff had called in due to the weather and she lived further than all but Joan and had much worse roads to travel on. She had to fill in for Stewart in sales and had actually made a sale to a new customer from Nashville. She didn’t like sales much but as inventory manager and purchasing agent she knew the product line better than anyone who had made the attempt to get into the office. Her mind thought back to the handsome company representative from Nashville… his black pinstripe suit fitted him perfectly showing off his tight buns and he wore expensive cowboy boots that were polished to a high sheen. Even his overcoat fitted him so well it didn’t take much imagination to picture his broad shoulders and muscled chest. What was she thinking of him for?!? She glanced at her wedding ring and tried to not think of the dashing middle aged man that made her tingle earlier that afternoon. She looked down to turn up the radio, maybe a good tune would help keep the carnal thoughts at bay. She wondered why she had more and more of these lustful thoughts as she grew in years.

Her mind was still in a fog of imagining the good looking blonde slowly and adeptly sweeping her off her feet in some romance novel setting of Victorian ages when she was suddenly brought back to reality. Directly in front of her was a man walking along the side of the road. She swerved sharply to the left to avoid hitting him and instantly hit the brakes with all her might. She had made too abrupt a swerve sending her SUV sliding sideways heading for a ditch she knew was deep. All she could do was hold on and turn into the slide. The right front tire caught traction and spun her in the direction of the steep ditch. As her SUV continued it’s slide she saw a row of mailboxes coming towards her door as if in slow motion from a movie. She heard the post crack loudly as she felt the first one snapping beneath her vehicle. Her SUV came to a halt against the second mailbox and her left front tire hovering precariously over the steep ditch. Her eyes were wide open and her heart pounded with the surge of adrenalin. A short scream uncontrollably escaped her lips suddenly as a knock on her passenger window and a man’s face appeared. She just sat there looking at him as he yelled unrecognizable words through the closed window.

She could neither move nor answer but sat there with a death-grip on the steering wheel and both feet mashing the brake pedal. The man was saying something but she couldn’t make it out through the closed window and the radio playing. Suddenly he disappeared toward the rear of the SUV and as she turned to look where he had gone she unconsciously took her foot off the brake. The truck lurched forward pitching the front end into the ditch. She screamed again as her vehicle hit the bottom of the ditch and her head hit the steering wheel hard. She heard the sound of her horn blaring as the blackness closed in on her consciousness.

Mandi moaned as pain filled her head and she tried to open her eyes. She blinked, her eyes trying to focus, her mind trying to figure out where she was. She felt as if she was in a dream and everything was fuzzy. Through the loud ringing in her ears she heard movement and a door being slammed closed. She turned toward the noise to see a man huddled under a hearth tending to a lifeless fireplace. She was cold… very cold and her head hurt very badly. She let out a gasp as she tried to sit up, her head felt as if it would explode. The man hearing her stir moved quickly to her side and pressed her shoulder back forcing her to lie back down. “Don’t move Mandi… you’ve got a nasty bump on your head and you’ve been unconscious for almost 10 minutes.” The voice seemed somehow familiar as she tried once again to focus on the man hovering above her. “How… how do you know my name?” Mandi’s words seemed to echo inside her head as she spoke but the ringing in her ears seemed to fade a little.

“Wow… that bump you took really did a number on your memory… we just left each other a few hours ago.” The man began to come into focus in a dark room and she recognized him as Chris the handsome man she had acquired as a new customer a few hours before in her office.

“Where are we?” she asked as she tried to sit up again. Chris’ strong arm slipped behind her back and helped her to sit up. “It seems we were fortunate enough to have had our mishaps in front of a house for sale. The power is off and there is no phone but there is plenty of firewood and I found this mattress in the back room.”

She looked around at the vacant room and bare walls and shivered uncontrollably. Chris immediately took off his long overcoat and wrapped it around her. “Wha… what happened?” she mumbled “I hit a patch sumo web tools of ice and lost control about a half mile back up the road but my car ended up off the road. You came by and almost hit me but ended up in the ditch instead. Do you have a cell phone? Mine is not working for some reason.” The events came slowly back to her. “Yes, it’s in my purse.” She looked around the vacant room for her purse but didn’t see it. “How did we get in here?” “I carried you.” “Oh my God! Mandi flushed hard. “How far did you have to carry me?” “Not very far.” Chris said with a big grin “and besides you aren’t very heavy even for an old man like me. I’ll go get your purse from your car as soon as I get this fire going.”

Mandi was still blushing as Chris returned to the fireplace and carefully lit an old newspaper under the kindling. Mandi watched his tight ass as he knelt over lightly blowing the wood into a strong flame then added a couple of small logs. Once satisfied the fire was going and Mandi was as comfortable as she could make her he told her he was going to his car and get his briefcase and her car for her purse and that he would be back shortly. “Now don’t you go to sleep… you seem to still be in mild shock and with you being unconscious for that long sleeping is a no-no.” His voice was calm and soft but had a deep masculine tone that made her feel at ease and protected. He had been gone 2 or 3 minutes before she realized she had his coat. “OHHH… he will freeze!” she muttered to herself. She got up and went to the window to look for him but it was covered in frost inside and out. Mandi looked around the place for anything that might help their plight. She found a half eaten jar of strawberry preserves, a badly dented can of pork and beans, a can of Spam and 3 large but dirty towels in the vacant utility room. It wasn’t much but anything would help. She also discovered that the water was still on. Mandi put another log on the growing fire and she backed up warming herself at the hearth. She heard Chris as he stamped the snow from his boots then came back in from the whitened landscape. His breath came out in huge foggy clouds as he entered carrying her purse his briefcase and an army surplus blanket. He handed Mandi her purse and tossed the other items next to the mattress and went back outside. She noticed the front door seemed to be broken as Chris pulled on a broken door handle… she assumed Chris had kicked in the door. Chris returned with several logs and stacked them neatly near the fire. “I found some goodies for us in my car.” Chris said as he opened his briefcase and produced a package wrapped in modest Christmas paper. He then held up a large flask to Mandi and grinned… “Here, this may help take the chill out of your bones.” Chris watched as Mandi took a sip from the flask and felt the cold liquid begin to warm her from the inside out. She took one more slightly bigger sip and handed the flask back to Chris, as their hands touched their eyes met… Chris let his hand linger on Mandi’s as an uncomfortable tension descended on the room. She softly smiled at Chris as his eyes dropped to the fire. “Here, let’s get you warmed up” he said as he pulled the stained mattress closer to the hearth. “Here we go… you better sit down and get comfortable.” Mandi tried to sit on the mattress but as she leaned down became dizzy and stumbled forward… Chris deftly slipped his right arm around her waist from behind and pulling her to him catching her before she could fall but as he did his hand landed squarely on her left breast. She gasped as his strong hand squeezed her firm and full tit. She was surprised at her nipple as it responded immediately to the pleasurable sensation of his grasp. He pulled her back to her feet and released his grip turning her around. “I’m sorry… I thought you were going to fall… are you ok?” “Yes… I guess so…” she still felt slightly dizzy but wasn’t sure if it was from the bump on her head or the tingling feeling that surged through her when Chris’ hand touched her. “I don’t know what happened… I just got dizzy…”

“Well here let me help you…” Chris slipped his right arm around her waist again and took her by the arm with his left hand and guided her to the mattress. “I’ll get you some snow for that bump on your head.” He stood and picked up the cleanest of the towels and ripped it in half with one swift motion then went back outside for the snow. Mandi sat there in a state of bewilderment at her body’s reaction to her rescuer in the face of the predicament that faced them. She started to dig through her purse and found her cell phone. She turned it on but only to discover the there was no signal or her phone either. Chris came back in with the towel folded around a broken icicle “I don’t have a signal either, Chris.” “Uh oh… I listened to the radio in my car while I was getting my stuff and they said the roads were being scraped but I don’t know how long it will take them to get this far out in the country… sumowebtools we may be here a while. I had a couple of flares in my trunk and put one at your SUV… hopefully someone will come by soon and rescue us. Isn’t someone going to be concerned when you don’t arrive home?” Chris said motioning to her wedding ring. She glanced down and with a distant look in her eyes she gazed out the frosty window and said “No, probably not. He works construction and was in Lexington today… I doubt he will make it home or even call.” Chris was silent as he sensed a sadness and frustration in her voice. “Hell, he’s probably drunk by now grabbing every loose skirt in some hotel bar.” “I’m sorry to hear that, Mandi… well… you’ve been busy.” Chris said as he examined the tins of food Mandi had found and trying to change the subject. “Yes and we seem to have water too.” “Really? I would have guessed it would have been turned off too if not frozen in the pipes.” “Most of these houses this far out of town have well water not city water and usually have a good size water storage tank.” Chris placed the smooth side of the icicle on Mandi’s injured head then took her hand and placed it in a position to hold the ice. He then retrieved a bottle of aspirin from his briefcase and counted out 3. “Here, take these… they should help that head ache.” He removed the small measuring cup from the flask and filled it with water from the kitchen tap. “Here ya go… all down.” Chris said in his deep soothing voice. “Thank you Chris, you are sweet. Say, isn’t anyone going to miss you not coming home?” “No dear, I live alone… divorced for quite some time now.” She wondered why on earth some Nashville girl hadn’t snared him. She guessed he was about 5’11” or 6’, medium built, neatly styled dirty blonde hair and beautiful piercing blue eyes. He had shown his affability during their meeting this afternoon but he seemed very business like then… now he was most disarming and made her feel very comfortable. The room seemed to be warming nicely and Mandi returned Chris’ coat. “Thank you very much, you are such a gentleman.” Chris was warming his hands near the fire looked up into Mandi’s big brown eyes and said with an almost devilish grin and a chuckle… “Well, not all the time.” He then took the blanket he had brought from his car and draped it around her shoulders then carefully around the portion of her legs that showed below her long skirt… “You have beautiful legs!” Mandi was surprised at his comment but a broad smile slowly inched across her lips. “Why thank you…” Again silence hung in the room as they looked in each other’s eyes… questioning eyes and sly grins playing on each of their faces. “Well… it’s getting dark awfully fast… would you like to partake in a gourmet meal my dear?” Chris said as he examined the dented can of pork and beans. Mandi laughed… “How are we going to eat it… you don’t have a can opener on you do you?” Chris reached into a small pocket of his briefcase and withdrew a Swiss Army knife, smiled and said laughing… “A good Boy Scout is always prepared… but I only have the one spoon so we will have to share.” They sat and ate the can of cold beans and Spam, Chris joking about the fine dining arrangements that he was being treated to by his new business associate. Halfway through the meager meal they had both had enough and decided to save the rest just in case help didn’t arrive soon. Chris opened the wrapped package and they both laughed when Mandi saw that it was a fruitcake. “Our company spares no expense for our employees Christmas presents.” Chris laughed. After their meal they sat together on the mattress near the fire sipping the expensive cognac out of his flask and chatting about inventories, bosses, lost love, politics and the philosophy of mankind. The cognac was making them both feel relaxed and warm and Mandi was openly talking about her marriage and Chris about his previous loveless marriage. It was nearing 10:00 pm and they had not seen or heard a car go by since their arrival. “I bet they have closed this road due to the snow.” Mandi said… “Looks like we may here for the night.” They both looked at their watches and then at the mattress and then each other… not saying a word Chris put on his coat and went outside returning with another large armful of firewood. “There, that should keep us warm for the night.” They again looked at each other and back down at the mattress. Mandi took the towels she had found and placed them neatly on the musty mattress. Chris stirred the embers then added another log to the fire. Sparks popped and landed on the mattress but Mandi quickly brushed them off and mentioned that they might need to move the mattress away from the fire a little more. Chris pushed the mattress a couple of feet further away from the fire and sat down to take off his boots. “Wow, that snow really got my socks wet… I may not be able to get these off by myself. Chris watched as Mandi stood, removed her coat, shoes and her suit jacket. He hadn’t realized just how large her bosom was covered in her conservative outfit. She turned and straddled Chris’ leg and with considerable effort pulled the right boot off but the left was tight. “HEY, you gotta help you know.” Mandi looked over her shoulder at Chris and smiled. Chris took the hint and put his right foot squarely on her right ass cheek and pushed… the boot slowly came off and Mandi removed his socks and laid them by the fire. “I’ve only got the one blanket… we will have to share.” Mandi smiled. “After all… we already swapped spit on a spoon!” Laughing Chris tended the fire again and put one more log on the fire… “There that should last a couple of hours.” He turned and without thinking of his company started to remove his slacks. He suddenly realized what he was doing when he looked up and noticed Mandi staring at him with her mouth slightly open and eyes wide. He looked at her and said “Well… I can’t very well sleep in them.” as he continued to remove his slacks. Mandi watched as he removed his pants and tie and lay them neatly on the floor next to the mattress… she was thrilled at the sight of his unintentional teasing strip show. She looked at him as he watched her pull her sweater vest over her large breasts and finally her head revealing a very sheer white blouse and clearly visible underneath a white lacy camisole. Chris watched her silhouette in the firelight. Her nipples were hard and poking against the thin material. He couldn’t take his eyes off her gorgeous tits as she stood there watching him admiring her body. Mandi was breathing in short breaths… she could sense her juices starting to flow and excitement growing as she looked down and saw the effect her modest striptease was having on Chris as he lay on the mattress watching her without saying a word. She noticed an obvious bulge was growing in Chris’ briefs even though he tried to cover himself with his shirttail. Mandi had no thought of shame or guilt as she looked down at her voyeur staring at her hard and wanting nipples. Chris sat up and unbuttoned his shirt tossing it aside and then without a word being spoken by either of them he walked over to Mandi, took her soft face in his hands and bent down kissing her softly on the lips. It was just a short soft kiss but he wanted more… he looked at her eyes and knew she did too. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him kissing her deeply. Their soft kiss turned into a more impassioned embrace as their tongues found each other.

Mandi’s head swam, as she smelled Chris’ cologne. They both stopped and looked at each other then kissed again only harder and more passionate. Mandi felt the growing hardness of Chris’ cock against the softness of her belly. Chris’ hands stroked her back and sides his arms pulling her tightly into his body pressing his manhood against her. Her body responded… moving slightly from side to side making Chris’ member throb and strain against its confinement. She loved the feel of her hardened nipples digging into his hairy chest as he pressed against her harder.

Mandi pulled away from Chris, her face flushed with passion her nipples betraying her excitement, and her breathing was short and labored. Chris backed up to the mattress and laid down… his eyes never leaving Mandi. Mandi slowly took a deep breath and let her hands lightly touch her breasts running her thumbs across her nipples. She had not had a man appreciate her in such a way in a very long time and she was immensely enjoying it. She slowly let her hands slide seductively down her body to her mid-calf length wool skirt and slowly unbuttoned the buttons from the bottom up revealing more and more of her stocking clad legs to Chris’ view. When she got to the top two buttons she pulled one side of her skirt and slip back and ran her fingers down her left leg then applying pressure smoothed the thigh high stocking upwards to the elastic top… then she smoothed and adjusted the right stocking before unbuttoning the last buttons and slowly letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. She turned and bent over to pick up the skirt… lingering a moment to allow Chris to gaze on covered perfectly round ass covered by black bikini panties.

Chris groaned then took a draw from the flask and continued to watch his newfound lover intently. “I love a woman in stockings!” Mandi smiled as she let her hands feel the lacy fabric at the top of her stockings then seductively ran her fingers up to her tits feeling her nipples through the silky material of her camisole and bra… she lingered lightly twisting her nipples between her finger and thumb making them harder than she thought possible. She watched Chris as he watched her… Chris’ hand now pressed against his hard dick as he drank in the sight of this lovely creature that was teasing him into a frenzy. Mandi let her hands fall back to her waist and let her fingers trace the elastic seam of her slip and panties… she leaned her head back as her eyes closed while her fingers were provocatively touching the edges of each leg stopping to let her middle fingers lightly stroke the wet fabric covering her pussy lips and her thumb lightly brushing against her clitoris.

Mandi’s headlights served almost no usefulness in the snowstorm. It would take her an hour to get home down the winding 2 lane highway creeping along at 35 miles an hour. She bristled as she thought of the horrible day she had at work, almost half the staff had called in due to the weather…

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