I Submit to My Urges and a Stranger

I Submit to My Urges and a Stranger


Standing in her room I reach out gently taking a handful of her firm breast, she wanted help to make sure her new bra fit properly for her date later tonight. My mind had been wandering all day and before I knew it I had both my hands caressing her ample chest. Embarrassed I take a step back …until she grabs my tits squeezing them sending a lightning bolt of pleasure shooting through my body landing at my clit. Fuck it …I yank down her bra letting her hard nipples pop out. Amazed at her small areolas and larger pointed nipples something comes over me, I lean forward squeezing her breast as I flick her nipple with my wet tongue before planting a sweet long kiss on it. As a loud moan escapes her lips I could feel some sort of animal instincts race through my veins, my hands wandering all over her body exploring tugging at her clothes. My lips lightly kissing her chest slowly slipping lower down her torso to her soft stomach. I could feel goosebumps arise as she shivered as my lips followed an imaginary treasure map down to her hips. My body is on fire as I kiss her hip sucking on it with a pop as I release her soft smooth skin from the embrace of my lips.

I can’t fight the desire anymore her body is calling me I grab her pushing her down on the bed. As she falls she pulls me on top of her, our lips finding each others like magnets being pulled together with passion. Her hands running wild on my body with urgency tearing my top off freeing my aching hard nipples that are dying to join the fun! She pinches and kneads them between her soft womanly hands in sequence with my moans. Quivering I slide back down to find her sexy panties dripping with her sweet nectar, I gently slip them down taking in the beautiful site of her soft pink succulent lips before I begin to trace them with my salivating tongue. I faintly hear her dog barking but her legs clamp down muffling the world as my fingers find her moist tunnel slipping their way in teasingly until she shrieks in ecstasy. I pull my face away slowly wiping my chin of her delicious tart juices grinning until I hear “tap…tap…tap.”

Our faces drop as a man’s silhouette fills the doorway. I suddenly notice the bulge in his pants and begin to giggle, clearly the fun isn’t over yet! I shove my face back in between her legs licking from her starfish to her hood catching as much of her dripping nectar as possible and with a last suckle on her clit I toss her legs to the side and crawl off the bed towards the mystery man. Looking up from his feet seductively I slowly run my hands up his legs teasingly brushing his bulge as I pull myself up to his strong face. Staring in to his gorgeous eyes silently, I grab his neck pulling him in sharing my friends lovely sweet juice as our tongues become entangled not knowing who’s was who’s as she watches from the bed. As my free hand is gently stroking his hardening cock through his pants, he grabs my ass with his strong rough hands pulling me in tight. As he squeezes each cheek separately making me melt in his grasp I become lost in the pleasure, I moan around his tongue as he explores with excitement. With a quick sharp smack on my left ass cheek I shriek as I’m brought back to the moment as my feet suddenly leave the floor, my legs finding their natural place wrapping around his waist. Grinding my soaked panties against him as he slams me against the door frame, ecstasy washing over my face as he kisses my neck sending my head and eyes Gaziantep Oral Escort rolling in pleasure. He let’s out a grunt of passion in my ear sending shivers to the tips of my toes. As my head rolls to the side I come back to reality focusing on my friend laying spread out on the bed enjoying herself while I greet the mystery man.

With her devilish smile she points a free finger towards us curling it towards herself summoning us to join her. I grab his face again forcing my tongue back in, passionately kissing him as he carries me to the bed. Breaking our kiss before dropping me down next to her, he stands in front of us watching while she takes his place pressed against my lips. Our passion running wild with our hands caressing each other our moans filling the room. He reaches out grabbing a breast with each rough hand turning our attention to him. She finally takes a turn at stroking his big bulge through his pants, squeezing his strong thighs looking up into his eyes admirably. As I begin undoing his belt with my teeth, holding on to his firm ass, he let’s out a groan as his engorged member springs free of his pants. They hit the floor as both our tongues attack the tip of his cock, becoming entangled together while looking up at him. I run my tongue slowly down the bottom of his shaft as she begins to tease the tip, taking bit by bit deeper into her warm mouth.

His head falls backwards groaning as I reach his swollen balls teasingly tickling them with the tip of my tongue before slipping one entirely in my mouth humming. I let it fall from my lips before I move on to trace circles around the other, my humming turning into moaning as I suck it in my mouth, my hands rubbing his sensitive muscles around his magnificent toy. Groaning his hand falls to the back of her head as she continues to tease his shaft keeping her hand stroking him staying in control. He drops his hand as she continues to apply pleasure to his whole member letting her hand bounce off of her pouty lips as they tease the tip while her hand twists firmly around his shaft finding every nerve on the way down to the base. His hands now pawing at me grabbing a handful of my ass letting his fingers explore between my legs teasing my big pink lips through the sheer soft fabric of my panties as my mouth hugs his balls. He grabs my face pulling me up to meet his gaze as he slips his rough fingers under my panties, running them through my swollen lips, making my pussy cry out pulsing for attention. His eyes locked on my face as I feel his finger tips circling the soft ridges of my moist snatch, just before suddenly plunging two fingers right to his knuckles. A gasp escaping my lips turns to moans quickly as I bite my lip staring back as I try to grind on his thick rough hand. But just as fast as the pleasure rushed through my body he pulls them away.

Bringing them to my lips I readily take them in my mouth, sucking them clean until every drop was devoured. He brushes his lips against mine as he groans, “Mmm, it’s your turn”, shoving me back on the bed licking his lips. My friend let’s his firm cock slip from her mouth with a pop. She crawls up beside me sweetly giggling as she turns her attention towards me, kissing me gently sharing the salty taste of his delicious manhood. She gently pulls away from our embrace, just as he grabs my silky smooth legs dragging me to the edge of the bed towards him. Throwing my legs over his shoulders as he drops to his knees grinning, sending shivers running through me as I feel his strong body under my legs. The anticipation heightening every touch as she kisses my neck, trailing down slowly towards my areolas licking every so gently near them teasingly. My legs gently writhing as he begins kissing my inner thigh as his fingers slip under the string of my panties. His lips moving towards my quivering cooch as he slides my panties off slowly. He let’s out a groan from between my legs as he unveils my large pink lips. I can feel his breath tickling them as he groans making me toss my head back in sheer pleasure. He whips my panties over his shoulders as he simultaneously spreads my legs for the best view.

My moans filling the room again as the heat of his warm tongue touches my soft succulent lips. My hands rubbing her nipples trying to share the pleasure but I lose control again as I feel his magical tongue part my lips tracing around my clit then down to meet his fingers teasing the moist ridges of my tight tunnel. Then sliding his tongue back to my lips noshing on them as he gently palms the inside of my thigh with his other hand. He watches the pleasure wash over my face and just as I try to meet his gaze he rams his fingers in my tight hole. A shriek turns quickly into moans wanting more as my legs begin to uncontrollably wiggle as he takes control groaning into my clit as he unleashes a pleasure wave through my entire body. With pleasure running through every nerve, my legs shaking finding their way back over his strong broad shoulders as I lose myself. Gasping reaching for his head as he continues to nosh my flaps to my delight. My hips grinding with his fingers as I feel them caressing the soft ridges inside my canal. My muscles tightening around his fingers pulling them in deeper. As my moans begin to escalate his tongue responds knowingly, lapping at my clit quicker. Shrieking with the beautiful rush of sensation taking over my body my legs clamp down around his smooth head but my hands at the same moment trying to pull him away as it becomes too much to handle.

His strong rough hands holding me against his heavenly warm mouth as I cum all over him. He groans as I come down still writhing under his sweet tongue as he gently flicks my bean drawing out my orgasm to every last tingle and shiver. As I slowly regain my senses catching my breathe, he laps up every last sweet drop of my juices. He gently pulls his face away wiping his glistening beard clean as he drops my legs. He slaps my ass with force telling me to flip over as he stands up showing off his raging hard on, instinctively making me lick my lips. He directs my friend to slide underneath my awaiting salivating tongue, her cooch is dripping from enjoying watching what unfolded in front of her. I slowly flick her lips with the tip of my tongue watching as her eyes roll in the back of her head, as I then suck on them trying my best to mimic the bliss he just wonderfully put me through. He grabs my hips while I’m on all fours with my head buried between her legs devouring her beautiful womanly flower, moaning inside of her as I feel him tease me with his rock hard cock. Sliding the head gently between my swollen lips, lubing his manhood slowly, he slides it between my firm cheeks taking in every visual. He can feel my pussy pulsing craving for him to shove it deep inside my moist hole as he teases me one more time, tickling my clit with his head.

With her clit in my mouth humming I finally feel his head move towards my tight opening. He grips my hips holding them still as I try to thrust back on his firm dick. He slaps my ass again with more power making me moan before I behave and let him take control. He groans as the head slips in stretching my swollen lips around his thick cock. My friend holding the back of my head in place as she enjoys my moans vibrating her sweet lips. My pussy gripping every bit of him that he lets me have, just then he pulls away watching as my lips try to hold onto him begging for him back. In rhythm with our moaning he suddenly rams his full length deep inside of me, I feel his big balls slap against my clit as I gasp with bliss. My pussy pulsating around his warm hard dick as he pounds me from behind and watches my friend toss her head back in pleasure, moaning as she grips my head holding me in place as he rams my face deeper into her delicious twat.

The room is filled with our passionate moans and the beautiful fapping sound from our bodies craving each other wanting every ounce of pleasure imaginable. He continues to ravage my tight hole, squeezing my ass with his big rough hands. Watching as his thumbs spread my cheeks slowly, allowing him to see his thick cock disappear inch by inch deeper into my moist swollen lips. Making me gasp in bliss as he tickles my lips while rocking me harder. Excited knowing the beautiful view he’s enjoying, I let a hand wander and enjoy her body as my tongue still works her quivering lips. Barely hanging on he takes me by surprise sending a moan from my lips through her body. She shudders as she realizes he had slipped a finger in my starfish, making me buck my hips in shock against him. But quickly turning into pleasure as my body took over wanting more. I lap at her clit as I try to keep my fingers caressing her sweet juicy cooch as she writhes beneath me.

Just as she hits her climax I get lost in her pleasure. She cums all over me and I begin to follow as if her orgasm was like electricity shooting through me. He senses my building climax and shoves his finger deeper burying it up to his knuckle as I shriek and howl with thunderous waves flowing through every nerve. Barely hanging on with the gorgeous sight of us in sheer bliss he rams himself deep grunting he’s close. He quickly pulls out slapping my ass, we crawl towards him excitedly kneeling in front of his hard cock as he pumps it. His groans quickening as our hands teasingly tweak each others nipples with our tongues out awaiting, wiggling with anticipation of his delicious seed.

His hips suddenly buck as an animalistic growl erupts from him. His first shot splatters across my face, making me moan biting my lip as his knees buckle with the next shot landing across her lips. He covers our faces with every last sticky drop rubbing his tip against our cheeks as we kiss swapping his salty spunk. He drops to his knees with us panting, watching as I lick the side of her face not wanting to waste a bit of his glorious gift. He suddenly grabs my face pulling me towards him, his lips gently grazing against mine as I let a moan slip out. At the same moment he slips his tongue inside sharing the last bit of his delicious cream, our tongues once again tangled in pleasure and moans. We fall back on the bed exhausted, his arms embracing us as we rest our heads on his hairy sweaty chest. Smiling and giggling at one another, as if agreeing without words that we both knew this wouldn’t be the last spontaneous playtime with our new friend…

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