I Love You Now


1The Sheppard family had, as the words of an old song went, ‘picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and started all over again’. Well, almost. They had drawn on deep reserves of courage and dogged determination to get through the searing losses of loved ones.In Jeff Sheppard’s case, it was the loss of his wife, Mary, from cancer that was diagnosed too late. In Ava’s case, it had been the loss of her darling husband, Luke, who had been caught in a raging bushfire. He had given his life in saving a family as their house was scorched before it went up in an explosive fireball that had been fanned by the raging wind.Luke had been Jeff’s only boy and the father of three small kids that Ava devoted her life to now. They lived, as they had always done,  in the clapboarded house at the edge of the bush and some ten klicks from Brisbane. Jeff’s place echoed in the empty silence, now that his Mary’s sing-song voice was no longer to be heard as she listened to some music station and went along with the words that she heard sung out.Ava would often call him on his cellphone as he worked as a delivery driver, work rather than the money important to him now. He had more than enough put by, even for a guy of fifty and a man who didn’t look his age.‘I just wanted to talk for a moment,’ she would often say, and he would slew to a stop somewhere at the side of the dusty road and he’d listen to her soft voice that had grown mellow by her experiences and loss. They had both known it could happen, but her Luke, his boy, had thrived in the fire service. His comrades, for they were that to each other in the battles they had faced so often, be they fires, car smashes or tempestuous floods mourned his loss. But the bonds had inexorably loosened.They did not do so between them, the members of the Sheppard family. Jeff had taken it upon himself to step into the breach, as another saying went, and they all kept on mending; went horse riding or frolicked on the beach and the kids fooled around with ‘Pops’, gaziantep olgun escort as they called him now, in the yard of their home. They bonded closer than ever, the five of them. And…And Ava felt that she had found another soulmate.When she was low, or something brought her to a stop and the tears welled up, Jeff was always there for her. They shared in the pain. They laughed and had drawn strength from each other. She had Jeff’s shoulder to lean on, and she would even do that when they sat on her porch and watched her boys and only daughter cavort among the items of a play yard set that he’d found on an internet sale and simply brought to her place, unbidden.Jeff would do anything to lighten her load.Neither of them gave two cents for what others might think about seeing them together. She was a woman of thirty and with an older guy. She didn’t take that in. They could have their ways and she would sure have hers.So what if Jeff’s spiky brown hair and stubble beard was showing some grey? He was lean and strong, and he had a wonderful smile that creased his face. He was always to be seen in a clean pair of jeans and a white shirt, short-sleeved or long, and his tuff boots covered in dust. He brought her flowers and made her feel special once more; even if she’d had a bad day at a local school working as a classroom assistant. The work often left her blonde hair a little straggly and her make-up a little thin.She knew that Jeff minded her.She also sensed that he was relying on her. She even got to thinking that they were falling in love with each other. The union of their bodies would make real what had begun to take hold in their minds, and how they spoke to each other as if they were a couple running a home and minding the kids.2Ava was the first to give voice to what she felt about their situation.‘The past, what we had with Luke and Mary, has nothing to do with this. The present…the reality of it all does, Jeff, gaziantep oral yapan escort and how we are together and it’s also about what my kids need.’Jeff nodded but said nothing in reply. They had each come to a place in their lives that neither of them could have foreseen, and, as Jeff had confessed, some would disapprove of. He’d always thought that rules were there to be broken; some anyway. They were rules that didn’t put reputations or lives at risk.His boy, Luke, had always been up to the mark.And now, here he was, his father talking to his widowed wife, Ava, and wondering about it all and where circumstances had brought them. Ava, a woman working to keep up a home and he rattling around in his place and driving a delivery van when he didn’t need the money. There had to be a place in the middle, where they could meet and feel at ease with the decision they had reached, unconventional as that might turn out to be.He reached across the space on the swing seat to take hold of her hand and squeezed it.‘I was thinking that some rules were meant to be broken. I was also wondering which of those rules, where they concern you and me, they would be.’Ava didn’t resist him as Jeff drew her to his side, their first kiss a sure sign they had both reached the right place, together.♥The night lights were plugged in. They cast a soft glow onto the walls near the kids’ bedrooms; the boys sharing one and Casey alone in her little ‘den’ as she preferred to call it.Ava was seen loitering by their doors, to listen in and know there was no longer any fight in them. Her adored children slept.Finally, she had time for herself, as on most nights when the house fell quiet. Only now, as she felt Jeff’s arms embrace her and she was drawn against him, did she know that she would not be alone. She knew that she would share in what others might think was a forbidden love and give of herself to another man who was family. She gaziantep otele gelen escort ached for it to be so, but she also yearned for that moment to acknowledge all that had gone before.There had been nights, when she had lain naked in her bed, and she had thought of this moment. She had imagined her seduction and the sharing of forbidden fruit with Jeff …her late husband’s father. She had thought of a wicked betrayal of all that had gone before, but those times were lost to her. They had been wrenched from her grasp and without a word of goodbye, save the usual kiss and utterances of ‘take care’ before Luke had gone to work.Jeff had come onto her, discreetly but purposefully. He had, somehow and instinctively perhaps, understood the dilemma that she faced but could not clear from her mind. They had been restrained and had played word games. He had not claimed her body when they had all gone to the beach and swam together, but still watching over the kids. He’d not held her and fondled her tits, and she had not grabbed for his large dick that she knew, from Mary’s few words, the man possessed and that her Luke had also been blessed with.She had ached to know of him and had acknowledged it during a happy day and with the kids all around them; the boundaries of who they were, or had been to each other, blurred beyond recognition. They had reached the stage where to be lovers was to acknowledge what they meant to each other, what they had gone through alone and as a couple. They had taken to wondering how the future might be made to fit their new expectations.‘Hold me, just hold me, you darling man,’ she whispered as Jeff brought her to him. She reached behind her back and felt the swell in his shorts. ‘I know…I know and feel it too…I need to live for this special moment and with you.’The tension between them was palpable. The emotions that she felt now were beyond her imagination. She would soon have given of herself to two men, tp two of a kind, a son and soon, his father. The maelstrom of emotions, that coursed through her body made her tremble in his arms. It provoked her to thread her fingers with Jeff’s and then to guide them over her body; to offer caresses through the fabric of her dress and to feel the warming breaths of the man on her skin, to her throat and neck, his lips just pressed to her skin as they each took their time to acknowledge what had to happen.

1The Sheppard family had, as the words of an old song went, ‘picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and started all over again’. Well, almost. They had drawn on deep reserves of courage and dogged determination to get through the searing losses of loved ones.In Jeff Sheppard’s case, it was the loss of his wife,…

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