I like Being Naked Pt. 03

I like Being Naked Pt. 03


Lea joins us, shaved & naked

Hot dresses

A couple of days later, Sue called to chat. She had talked with Lea about our visit at the mall. Lea said Tom did in fact suggest shopping for some new undies, even offered to pay. Lea wasn’t too sure about that and wouldn’t have been willing to let him see her wearing anything like that. He then offered to purchase some clothing, and kept pointing out the sheer stuff. She wasn’t having any part of that either.

She did want to know why you were dressed in such a sheer blouse with nothing on under it. She had gotten mad at Tom for looking and did comment how brave you were to go to the mall and walk around like that.

I told her she needs to know you better to understand. So I was wondering, “can I bring Lea with me the next time I come over?” I don’t know about the skinny dipping or sunbathing, but I’m sure we could have some fun.

I’ll ask mom if it’s OK for another friend to come over for swim.

The next morning, I had gone out to see mom. She’s now been naked every time I see her in the mornings.

She makes her coffee, goes out back to feed the dog, sometimes goes to the pool to get glasses and bring them in. I did start to wonder about that…

We talked some and then I asked if Sue could bring a friend with her the next time she came over for a swim.

I’m OK with your friends coming over as long as there is no drinking or drugs or anything else that may cause problems. I do feel you’ve been quite mature in what you do and I want to trust you.

I assured her we are not interested with any of that. So it’s OK?

yes, it’s fine.

I had gone back to my room thinking about what mom said, “she didn’t mind if friends came over”. Awhile later, I called Sue and gave her the good news. Then we schemed on how we could possibly get Lea naked for skinny dipping and nude sunbathing. We had an Idea.

Sue had called Lea to invite her along for a swim. Lea felt she could do it the following day. Sue had called me back to confirm.

The next morning, I met with mom again and let her know Sue would bring a friend along for a swim. I just want to keep you up to date.

Thanks Hun, “I don’t mind.”

When Sue and Lea arrived, I was wearing my sun dress when I greeted them. Sue had given me a hug as they entered the house. Lea was taking a glance around the place, so I felt it would be nice to give her a quick tour of the house. We had gone to the kitchen and I offered them something to drink.

“Later,” they said.

Then we led her out back and to the pool.

“This is beautiful,” Lea said.

Yeah, this is a special place for us. Mom & Dad wanted to be comfortable in the yard and pool without any nosy neighbors snooping around. So when the pool was put in, all the landscaping was designed to give us 100% privacy. We can do whatever we want out here, and no one would ever know or see us.

Lea seemed impressed as we walked around the yard and even spent time with Oscar(dog). She was looking everywhere. We then went back to my room.

Lea had noticed my sun dress and said, “wasn’t Sue wearing one like it the other day at the mall?”

Well, “Sue was wearing this dress at the mall the other day.” It really looks nice on her, so I offered to let her wear it.

“It is a nice looking dress and it looks great on you too.” Lea said.

“You want to try it on,” I asked.

“Sure,” she said.

So I got up and grabbed the hem and pulled it up and off leaving me standing there naked. Lea’s eyes about bugged out when she saw me standing there like that. Sue smiled as I handed the dress to Lea. I’m not sure Lea knew what to do.

Sue encouraged her to give it try, then she asked me about my new thong, with a wink.

I pulled out the new black thong and pulled it on. Lea recognized it from the other day. I stood before the mirror and tuned about so they could see from all angles.

Sue said, “wow, that is sexy looking.”

Lea then started to undress and had asked Sue about her purchase the other day.

Sue got up and said, here, let me show you as she dropped her shorts to the floor revealing one of the thongs she bought.

Lea was down to her panties and bra and was about to slip into the dress.

I suggested removing the bra as it would spoil the look of the dress.

So she reached back and unfastened her bra and removed it before slipping the dress on.

I asked Sue if she wanted to try my thong, and She nodded. So we both pulled our thongs off and I handed her the black thong to try on.

Lea had the dress on now and I led before the mirror so she could see herself. I turned her side to side and she was enjoying what she saw.

Sue had pulled on the black thong and stood next to Lea before the mirror. Lea was not only looking herself over, but she also had eyes on that black thong.

I then told Lea that something didn’t look right. Whats that she said. Trust me, as I lifted the hem of the dress and pulled her panties down and let her step out of them. She had a horrified bursa escort look at first.

I said, now the dress looks much better as I explained that white panties show up through the material, but it’s not so sheer anyone would know if you did or didn’t have anything on under it.

Well that makes sense she said. Then she commented that a matching colored pantie might work.

“or nothing at all,” I said with smile.

It’s the same with the blouse I wore the other day. I don’t have a bra with the correct color, so I went without. I knew my tits could be seen, when you stood next to me, but not so much when some one is farther away. So meeting up with you and Tom did make me feel slightly awkward, but, no harm done. I even felt a little excited.

“Well, Tom was sure excited,” Lea said. He wanted me to shop for thongs, as she took another look at the black thong on Sue. Is that thing comfortable?

“It is very comfortable,” Sue said.

Lea had glanced at me standing on the other side of her as I was just standing there naked. She glanced down at my bare pussy and said, “I see you’ve shaved yourself.”

Sue smiled and said, “me too,” as she pulled the thong off allowing Lea to see her bare pussy.

I was hesitant at first, but after I saw Kim’s new thongs and wanted to try them, the hair had to come off. “I couldn’t be happier now.”

Wow, you girls seem to be having a lot of fun with all this.

Sue and I both smiled.

You girls ready for something to drink now?


I headed for the kitchen for drinks.

Sue asked if she could try my blouse as I was walkking out.

Sure, it’s hanging in the closet.

Sue was before the mirror with just the blouse on. She had removed her bra.

Lea had noticed when I walked to the kitchen, I was naked. When I returned, she asked, “You walk around like that often?”

Well, it’s just us, and as you’ve seen we have a lot of privacy here, so I was OK.

Sue had been modeling and Lea was admiring. Sue told her she should try the blouse too.

I’d like that she said as Sue removed the blouse leaving her naked. Lea pulled the dress off and realized she was naked now too. My gosh, “are we all nudist here?”

We all giggled

Lea slipped the blouse on and looked herself over in the mirror and seeing her tits show through. Wow, that is kinda sexy she said. No, this is hot, but I’m not sure I’d do it.

She then removed the blouse and hung it up. I noticed she had been eyeing the thongs no one had on anymore.

So, “would you like to try the thongs,” I asked.

She smiled and softly said yea.

Sue then politely suggested she get a hair cut first.

Oh my Lea said. This is all fun and exciting. OK, let’s do it.

So we lead Lea to the bathroom. Sue had her sit up on the counter. She had brought the scissors with her and told her it’s best to cut what we can with the scissors first, then use a razor for the rest.

So Sue cut all that she could with the scissors.

I handed Lea a new razor and showed her the soap in the shower. I turned on the water and told Lea to lather it all up good and shave it all off until you’re bare and smooth like us.

She gave me a smile and got into the shower.

Sue and I quietly high fived each other. Almost there I said, and we both giggled.

Lea turned off the water and stepped out of the shower sporting a freshly shaved pussy. I handed her a towel and allowed her to dry off. Then we led her back to my room and stood her before the mirror so she could admire herself.

Oh my gosh she said as she rubbed a hand over her smooth pussy. Sue and I stood next to her before the mirror so we could see each other standing there naked.

I then set out a few of my thongs and let Lea choose what she wanted.

Sue said she was going for a refill and walked to the kitchen.

Lea pulled on a thong and stood before the mirror to get a good look. Liking what she saw, she tried another and then another until she had on the black thong.

“This is so naughty,” but it is so comfortable, she said.

I smiled and encouraged her to enjoy it.

Sue had come back in. Lea commented about her wandering around naked.

Sue just smiled.

Lea then asked, so which thong do you wear with the dress?

Sue and I glanced at each other, and we both said none.

Lea got wide eyed and said, no way. You mean when I saw you the other day in this dress, you didn’t have anything on under it?

Sue smiled and said, “that would be true,” and now you’re are the only one beside Kim and I that knows that.

Oh, I don’t know if I could do that. You were in the mall in that dress only?

We smiled. Here, take the thong off. Then I handed her the dress. Slip into this again.

See how nice you look, and only us here know what’s underneath. I took her hand and said, come with us as we led her out of the room.

What are you girls up to? Lea asked.

Just come with us. Doesn’t it feel nice walking and being bursa escort bare down there?

“I feel naughty, but it is a pleasant feeling,” Lea said.

We walked to the kitchen, then went to the back door.

What are you doing?, as Sue and I walked out the door.

You’re both naked and you’re going outside like that?

Well, you have a dress on, what are you worried about?

So she came out with us. She was looking everywhere as we casually walked around the yard. So, how does that feel, walking around in a short dress without panties.

She said, “well, this is kinda exciting, and it does feel nice, and I feel real sexy and wicked, all at the same time.”

We walked some more and she commented again that we were naked and just casually walking around outside.

I again told her that we have privacy here, and we can do what we please, and if we want to be naked out here, that is not a problem.

She calmed down and started to enjoy this new freedom of wearing a dress without panties.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it,” Sue asked.

Now that I’ve had a chance to adjust, yea, it feels nice.

We had walked out past the pool to the farthest place from the house. Seeing how you are enjoying this, I suggest you go farther with this experience.

Sue asked you to come along for a swim, so how about it? We’re ready, right Sue?

Ready, as Sue and I headed for the pool.

“What are you doing,” Lea asked.

“We’re going swimming,” I said.

“But you don’t have your swimsuits on,” Lea said.

“Well, we used to wear one, but We really like skinny dipping better,” Sue said.

You really gotta try it.

Lea just stood there. I think she was in shock.

“You can lay the dress on one of the lounges,” I said, then come join us. It’s so nice this way…

Lea slowly walked over to the lounges before taking a look around, then watched Sue & I in the pool before slowly slipping out of the dress. She tryed to covered herself with her arms as she made her way to the steps and into the pool.

“Oh Wow,” I’ve never done anything like this before.

I can’t begin to describe how this feels!

Sue & I smiled

Lea studied the surrounding area some more and seeing Sue & I swimming about, She started to move about. She started to smile as she got into it and having fun with us.

She said, “no wonder people get excited about shinny dipping,” this is wonderful. I love how the water caresses everything. My body is just tingling.

I got out and walked to the board to do my goofy jump, Sue saw that and did the same, and we both got into a rotation and taking turns. We then encouraged Lea to try it. She hopped right out of the pool and did it too.

When she came up and said, “you didn’t tell me that could cause me to cum.”

We all laughed.

A while later, Sue got out and walked over to a lounge and applied lotion to herself, then asked me to put lotion on her back. So I got out and did that, and asked her to do my back. We both laid down and I applied lotion to my front before laying back.

Lea was still swimming around by herself. So, “now you work on your tans,” Lea asked.

Well, it is so peaceful out here and to relax like this and get some sun is just awesome. We don’t have any worries here and look, we don’t have tan lines either I said.

You’re right Lea said. She then got out and sat on a lounge. I set up and told her to turn so I could put lotion on her back, then told her to do her front. You’ll have to be real careful today as this is your first time, and we don’t want to see you get burnt which would ruin everything.

We all laid there enjoying the sun and making small talk. Ever so often I’d tell Lea to roll over so she wouldn’t burn.

When I thought Lea had enough sun, I got up and suggested we jump in to cool off. We swam for a bit more, then got out and dried off before returning to the house.

When we got to my room, Lea was all smiles.

Wow girls, this has been exciting, as she stood before the mirror, naked.

Sue and I have become comfortable doing this and it’s nice to share this experience with someone like you. This is something we have done together and no one else needs to know. If we do it again, you would probably enjoy it more, and I thank my parents for that.

Well, “now I feel like shopping,” Lea said with smile.

Well, “take us with you,” we said.

Well, “I insist,” she said. We all giggled.

Sue and Lea dressed and we agreed on a shopping date. I walked them to the door, standing at the open front door naked, I gave Sue and Lea a hug before they left. I even stepped out to wave bye. I could see them shaking their heads on my gesture. .

When mom got home she called out to let me know.

I went out to greet her.

She looked at me and said, lets go out for swim.

Sure, I’ll meet you out back, and walked out to the pool.

Mom came out a few minutes later, just as naked as I. We were swimming when dad came escort bayan home. He came out and saw that we were swimming and decided to join us. We all swam and goofed around for awhile then went in to fix and eat dinner. Mom and Dad had a glass of wine and we all retreated to watch some TV and chit chat.

None of us had dressed.

I see you’re tanning nicely mom said.

Yeah, I’m liking this and look, no tan lines.

Mom and dad smiled.

I have some catching up to do then, mom said with a smile.

Are there any plans for tomorrow I asked.

I was thinking about a quick run to the mall. I saw something last week I think I want. Would you like to come along, I won’t be long.

Sounds good. We watched some more TV, and mom and dad had some more wine.

When I had enough of that, I said good night and went to my room. I had started my computer and surfed awhile looking at dresses, swim suits and thongs. There is always something new to see. I’d had enough, so I turned off the lights and went to bed and started recapping what happened today.

A short time later, I thought I heard a noise out back. I remember the last time I heard something and I recall what I saw too. So I quietly got out of bed and opened my back door. It was dark out back and with no light on in my room, I’d feel comfortable going out a little without being seen. As my eyes adjusted, I could see that mom and dad were in the pool. They were real close together. Then I started hearing mom making her little noises and talking quietly. Oh that feels nice, that’s it, rub it right there, oh oh oh, shove a finger in me, now two, oh oh, rub it some more, come on you naughty boy, rub that pussy, oh oh oh ooooh

I got that tingling feeling all over again hearing this and immediately began to rub my pussy. I saw mom and dad get out and go to the lounges. Dad had laid down and it looked like mom was playing with his dick and it looked like she placed her head over it.

I was rubbing more and feeling good all over as I continued to watch.

Mom got up and laid on a lounge. I could see she had spread her legs and she had a hand on her pussy before dad got down and placed his face between her legs. Mom was ooh oooh yeah, eat that pussy, lick it good you naughty boy, oooooh.

I was about to oh oh too, but couldn’t as I watched in silence.

Dad then got up and laid on top of mom before pumping up and down. Mom again was ohh ohh ohh, that’s it, fuck that pussy, fuck it hard, don’t stop, fuck me fuck me, oooooh and moans and more.

I needed to cum, so I went back in and hopped on my bed, spread my legs and began masturbating like crazy until I felt my orgasm come on and then I moaned aloud and came wildly.

I just laid there like that as I calmed down. I could feel juices all over my pussy and thinking how nice It would feel jumping into the pool, but I couldn’t right now. So I walked over to the bathroom and used a wash cloth to clean myself before going back to bed.

In the morning, I had gone out to eat. Mom came in as usual and did her routine. Dad came out a couple of minutes later, he was dressed.

Mom had just come back in and dad said, I see you two are getting an early start.

Mom smiled and said, why not as she gave dad a hug and kiss. She grabbed her coffee and said she’d be ready in about 30 minutes.

OK mom. I took my dishes to the sink as dad stood there having his coffee.

He looked me over and said, “yea, you are getting a nice tan.”

Thanks dad.

I went to get ready. I put on my sun dress with sandals and was ready to go.

Mom called out and said she was ready and off we went. We went to the shop with the nice dresses . She pulled out the dress she had seen last week and went to try it on. I was looking around and found one I liked. It was a halter dress with straps all down the front with the whole back open. The front center was open to the waste, it was short and had some flare. This little thing was hot. So I just had to go try it on.

I heard mom calling for me.

I went out to show her what I had found. She took one look at me in that dress and said, that’s not fair! I did a spin which must have caused the skirt to raise and expose my bottom or something.

She quietly said I shouldn’t be doing that without panties, then smiled.

I wandered in the store looking at dresses, but this is one I liked and went to find mom.

She had been looking too, and had found the same dress I had on in her size.

Hang on there as she went to try it on.

When she came out in the same dress, I said wow! Now it is fair. “That looks really nice on you mom.”

We both smiled.

I told her to spin and then I could see why she suggested having something on under it. But how often would I be spinning around in a little number like this.

I noticed she didn’t have panties on either. She said this is good.

I said I wanted to wear it home.

She said, that works for me too.

We grabbed our stuff from the changing rooms and purchased the dresses.

Mom said, I don’t recall wearing such a short dress without panties before.

Feels nice I said, as we walked towards the exit. I saw we were in front of the windows with a good reflection and stopped to look at my self.

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