I Didn’t Know He was My Nephew Ch. 01


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Thanksgiving twenty years ago was the last time I spoke to my brother. My mom, dad, and I drove from Dallas to San Francisco to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and one-year old niece. The first sign something was wrong was when my niece starting crawling to me and my sister-in-law would pick her up and hand her off to my mom. Later, my dad was holding her, but my mom needed him to do something else. He tried to hand Layla to me, but my sister-in-law practically ran across the room and took her from me. I finally asked her what the problem was, why she wouldn’t let me hold or play with Layla. Everything went to shit after that.

She looked at me and said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

I scoffed. “Every time Layla has tried to come to me or I’ve tried to hold her, you have intercepted and handed her off to someone else.”

When she went to deny this, my dad spoke up. “Everyone has noticed. What’s the problem?”

She looked at my dad for almost a whole minute before mumbling, “Because I don’t know.”

I said, “You don’t know what?”

She protectively held Layla to her chest and hissed, “I don’t know that you don’t have HIV or Hepatitis.”

I lost my shit at that admission. “You dumb-fucking-cunt-whore-bitch! I’m not going to bleed on the fucking baby. Are you serious? You’re fucking crazy.”

My parents didn’t try to back me up at all, they didn’t want my sister-in-law to take away their time with Layla. I expected my brother to back me up or at least say something to help me out. He didn’t say a word. He wouldn’t even look at me.

With tears in my eyes and streaming down my cheeks, I asked, “Steve? Do you agree with her?”

Without looking up from the floor, he responded, “Maybe it would be best if you left for a bit.”

“It’s Thanksgiving Day. Where am supposed to go?” I looked around the room. My sister-in-law had her back to me. My mom was crying while my dad was hugging her. My brother wouldn’t look up from the floor. Luckily, the hotel my parents and I were staying at was close enough to walk to. So, I turned and walked out the door, slamming it as hard as I could.

Later, when my parents finally showed up at the hotel, I told them I was done. I let them know I was not going to speak to my brother until he called me. I wasn’t going to speak to my sister-in-law until I received an apology. I then told them I was heading home that night. I didn’t want to stay in San Francisco only to spend all of my time in the hotel room alone.

My brother never called me. My parents and I didn’t speak about what happened in San Francisco. They learned quickly to not mention my brother’s or sister-in-law’s names around me. Two years passed without a word from or about them. Finally, my parents brought them up only three times. Once to let me know my sister-in-law was pregnant again. A second time to let me know they were moving to San Antonio. Finally, nine months later, they brought up my brother’s family for the last time.

When my parents let me know my nephew’s name was Josiah David Robertson, I responded in a flat, unemotional voice, “I honestly don’t care. They don’t care about me enough to try to reconcile, so I don’t care hearing anything about them. I don’t want to know where they’re living or moving to. I don’t want to know the names of their kids. I don’t want them knowing anything about me. If they want to know something, they can apologize and ask me. They are the ones denying their kids from a fucking awesome uncle. I’m sorry they will never know who I am, but I can’t handle hearing anything about them.

“Steve was my best friend. He and spoke every day until he married her. Hell, she and I even got along at first. Remember, I drove from Houston to San Francisco with her and two cats to help her move since Steve couldn’t get off work before his transfer. I don’t know what happened between then and Thanksgiving two years ago, but they both destroyed any relationship they had with me. I’m better off without them in my life.”

My parents never said another word about them. Christmas Days I spent alone because my parents would go down to see them for the holiday. At least they would spend Christmas Eve with me. Thanksgiving was never a family event for me again. I was upset with my parents for not standing up for me, but after a while, I saw things from their perspective. My crazy sister-in-law would’ve cut them out of their lives and they wanted to know their grandchildren.

So, for eighteen years, I never saw a picture nor heard any of their names. I overheard parts of conversations when I wasn’t in the room about Layla being a soccer player and apparently a good one too, about Joe (thank the gods they didn’t call him Josiah his whole life) playing baseball and basketball.

This past Christmas, my parents invited me over to spend Christmas Eve with them. I knew that meant they would be going to San Antonio Starzbet on Christmas Day, or at least in the past that’s what that meant.

As I left their house on Christmas Eve night, I said, “Y’all call me tomorrow and let me know y’all made it to San Antonio and if y’all are driving back the day after tomorrow. I would prefer y’all not since there’s supposedly some bad weather coming in and it’s going to freeze over.”

My mother’s response shocked the hell out of me. “We’re not driving down there tomorrow. We’ll just be driving up to Denton, so we’ll only be in the car for an hour at most.” Denton is a college town about forty miles north of Dallas. It also happens to be where I live.

I had to stop myself from completely losing my shit then and counted to ten before I responded. “Really? Did they move or something?”

“No, Layla is going to TWU (Texas Women’s University) and Joe is starting next semester at UNT. Never mind, it doesn’t matter, I know you don’t want to hear about them.”

“It’s okay. But, just because they’re both going to school in Denton doesn’t mean they would be up here, they should both be off till the spring semester starts in January. Why are they up there?”

“Since Joe is starting in the spring, him and Layla got an apartment together. They got one about a mile from each campus. They’re moving the kids into the apartment.”

I then realized my parents were going to be within fifteen minutes of my house (Denton’s not that big of town and you can get from one side to the other in less than twenty minutes) and I wouldn’t see them on Christmas Day. That hurt a lot. More than them leaving me alone on Christmas Day in the past to go to San Antonio. I was about to have a major breakdown if I didn’t get away from them immediately. I tried to hide my hurt the best I could.

“Oh, okay. Umm I gotta go. I have plans to spend the night at Kristi and Ben’s (my best friend and her husband) and then spend all day tomorrow with them. I’ll talk to y’all day after tomorrow. Bye.”

I practically ran out the door before they could see my tears or catch the flat out lie I just told. Kristi and Ben were in Chicago visiting his family. I had no plans whatsoever. I made the twenty-minute drive from Carrollton to Denton in a daze of hurt and anger.

When I got to my house, I was so emotionally drained I decided to take a bath and go straight to bed, even though it was only 9:45 at night.

When I woke up the next day, I barely wanted to get out of bed. Finally, I dragged my ass out of bed shortly after noon. I decided I wasn’t going to be alone on Christmas Day if I could help it. I got out of bed and headed to fix a bite to eat and start drinking a little. After eating a quick lunch, I took my rum punch and headed to the shower. While showering, I decided to get ready for any possibilities and clean myself up and out.

Once I was finished in the bathroom, I wrapped myself in a towel, refilled my drink, grabbed my phone, launched Grindr, and sat down on my couch. I scrolled through the profiles, looking for someone new and who was my type.

I immediately notice a picture of a guy’s body without a shirt and a clear face who I had never seen in my area. The screenname read J.D. and when I pulled up his profile, I noticed he’s eighteen years old. From what I read on his profile, I was interested. I sent him my standard message of “hey what’s up???”

I didn’t think I would hear back from him since I was twenty-two years older than him. However, about a minute after I sent him the message, I heard the familiar notification dinging on my phone.

The message I pulled up said, “Hey, not much, just sitting here bored as fuck needing to get away from family as soon as I can. They are driving me absofuckinglutely crazy. lol”

“Damn that sucks. What are you looking to get into today and when do you think you’ll be free?”

“I’m looking to get into just about anything. It’s about 2:00 right now, so I should be able to get out in about an hour. What do you like to do?”

“I’m into kissing, body contact, oral, jo watching porn, rimming (nothing better than eating a nice clean ass for dinner), and I’m a total vers.”

“Nice…I love kissing. Sometimes I swear I can come just from a good make-out session. I’ve only been rimmed once and I loved it. I’m also a total vers. Do you have any other pics?” With that message he sent me a few pics. There were a couple of his hard, thick, cut cock, as well as a couple of his hot bubble butt.

“Damn boy, that’s a nice ass you have there. I would love to dive face first in there and fucking eat it for hours. Nice dick too…looks like a fun ride ;)” I attached a few pics of my own cock, upper body, and my ass.

“Yours looks nice too man.”


That’s all that was said for about twenty minutes. I finally decided to check my phone again and noticed he was still online, so I sent, “hey bud, still there???”

Immediately he came back Starzbet Giriş with, “yeah I’m here. was wondering what happened to you. ;)”

“So, do you think you would be interested in hanging out and see what happens?”

“Hell yeah!! It doesn’t bother you that I’m only 18?”

“As long as it doesn’t bother you that I’m 42…I have no problem…”

“I think it’s hot as hell you’re 42…you look really good for your age.”

“Thank you!!”

I then sent him my location and asked, “Do you want to txt me??? My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX”

“okay cool, yeah I’ll txt you in bit…here’s my number XXX-XXX-XXXX”

I noticed then my drink needed a refill. As I was getting some more rum, pineapple/orange juice, and splash of Grenadine, I hear my text message alert.

“hey, it’s J.D. but you probably figured that out…lol”

“hey J.D. I’m J.T. sorry I forgot to tell you that a while ago.”

“that’s cool…I’m going to hop in the shower and then I think I can be on my way.”

“sounds good…text me when you leave”

“will do…ttyl”

About forty-five minutes later, I was about to give up on J.D. I grabbed my phone to send him a text message, but decided to check Grindr first and see if he was still online. He wasn’t and it said he was last on an hour ago. As I went to send him a text message, one came through.

“hey sorry it took so long, almost got into a fight with my mom. grrrr”

“it’s alright, I was just about to msg you to make sure you were okay…so you heading over now?”

“yeah…I told my family I was going to a movie…thank god my parents are staying at a hotel…they were driving me crazy…what’s your address so I can pull it up and get directions…Grindr locations doesn’t always work the best…”

I sent him my address and told him I would see him soon. I decided to leave only the towel wrapped around my waist. I refilled my drink yet again and waited for him to arrive. About five minutes later, I heard a truck pull up outside and went to the front door. I waited for him to ring the door bell and answered the door clothed only my towel.

At forty-two, I had stayed in shape by going to the gym every day. My hair had a few streaks of white in it (not gray, stark white). I had a moderately hairy chest and stomach and a constant growth of beard on my face. I stood about 5’10” and weighed in at one seventy. My eyes were hazel and my hair was dark brown.

There was a small intake of breath when J.D. saw me and then he smiled wickedly. I know I was definitely eye fucking the young man. He was my height and looked to be a little leaner than I was. His hair was strawberry blonde and his eyes were moss green. When he smiled, he had the most adorable dimples form in his cheeks.

I stood away from the door and invited him in. He quickly entered and as soon as the door was closed and locked behind him, his lips were on mine. I parted my lips for him and he snaked his tongue to caress mine. His hands were at my waist and he removed the towel. His hand went straight for my dick. I broke the kiss and said, “Whoa, J.D. Slow down bud. Let’s go have a seat. Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You are definitely a DILF. What do you to drink?”

“I can get you a Coke, water, or maybe a little rum punch or rum and Coke.”

His eyes went a little wide and said, “I’ve never had a rum punch, is it any good?”

I chuckled and told him it was my favorite. I led him to the couch and told him to take a seat and I went to make his drink. While I was pouring the drink, I yelled to him to make himself comfortable. I came back into the living room to find J.D. gloriously naked and sitting on the middle seat of the couch. I thought, “Damn, he’s good. A hot body, a gorgeous face, and confidence in both.” That was always a deadly mixture for me. I would fall for them every time.

As I handed him the drink, I looked him in the eye and said, “If you drink this, you’re not leaving for a while. Do you have to be home at a specific time, or can you stay around and play?”

“I have nowhere to be. I let my sister know I was probably going to be out all night. She’ll cover for me.”

I leaned in and growled, “Good, I want to play with you as long as I can,” and claimed his lips as I sat next to him. I backed off the kiss and let him try his drink.

“My god, that is delicious. It almost tastes like Kool-Aide or something.”

“Yeah, you have to be careful drinking those. They will sneak up on you and bite you in the ass if you’re not. So, J.D., tell me about yourself.”

“What would you like to know? I’m a freshman at UNT, born and raised in Texas. Originally from the New Braunfels area. I’m eighteen and want to be a teacher when I’m finished with school. What about you? Tell me somethings about you.”

“Well, I’m forty-two years old, single, never been married, gay male. I’m a high school history teacher here in Denton. I was born in southeast Starzbet Güncel Giriş Texas and moved to the Dallas area when I was thirteen. I’ve lived in this area since then. Anything else you want to know?”

“Yeah, where’s the bedroom? I’m ready to have some fun, we can talk more later.”

I stood up and grabbed his hand. I led him down the hallway to the master bedroom and as soon as we were in the room, spun him around to face me and started kissing him again. I pushed him backwards till his knees met the bed. I laid him down, kissing his mouth and rubbing my hands over his chest and down his stomach. He wasn’t totally smooth, but nowhere near as hairy as me. As I grabbed his erection, I broke the kiss and whispered, “Damn, your fucking gorgeous.”

I kissed my way down his neck to his chest where I went to one nipple and started teasing it with my tongue. The gasps I was hearing and his thrashing were good signs that he enjoyed the sensation. I worked on the first nipple for a few minutes before I kissed across his chest and gave the other nipple a similar treatment. Next, I kissed back across to the middle of his chest and then made my way down, placing soft kisses down his stomach, past his navel, and stopping at his waist.

I looked up at him, made eye contact, and then put the head of his cut cock in my mouth. I worked my tongue around the heard, working more and more of the member into my mouth. When I hit the back of my throat, I swallowed and worked all the way down till my nose was buried in his pubes. I kept him my throat for a few moments before pulling out till only the head was left and going right back down again. I worked him like that for a bit before pulling completely off his cock. I kissed where his inner thigh meets the groin area and he almost came up off the bed.

I looked up at him and asked with some laughter in my voice, “A little ticklish there aren’t you?”

He nodded and before he could speak, I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. I gave both of his balls a thorough tonging. Before I could go further down, he stopped me and said, “Swing up here, I want to have some fun too.”

I swung around and placed us in a sixty-nine position. Instead of going for my cock, he shocked me when he went straight for my ass. My gods, this kid (young man…whatever) could eat some ass. While he was going to town on my ass, I swallowed his dick again.

After about ten minutes of him rimming me and me working his dick in my throat, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He looked down at me and said, “I’m not ready to come yet and you’ve got me too close. Lay back and let me work your hole.”

“Are you going to fuck it when you’re finished eating it?”

“Seriously, you’ll let me fuck you?”

“Hell yeah! As long as you let me return the favor later after we recover.”

His smile lit up the whole room. He flipped me over so I was on my knees with my ass in the air. For the next ten minutes, he licked, tongue fucked, and fingered my ass.

I finally said in a breathless voice, “J.D. Please. I need you in me now.”

“Okay JT. Where is the lube, babe?”

I urgently pointed at the bedside table. I heard him chuckle as he moved to the drawer. He made his way back to me and I heard the snap of the lube bottle opening. I felt the weight of his body cover my back when he leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “Turn over. I want to see your face as I’m entering you and when you come.”

I rolled onto my back and looked up at my young lover. As he gazes into my eyes, I feel two fingers at my entrance. He slowly pushed those fingers into my anxiously awaiting hole. He started working them in and out. Once they were sliding in and out smoothly, I heard the lube cap again. Without missing a beat, he added more lube to me and another finger slid in alongside the other two without much resistance. A few moments later, he said, “Alright, are you ready for more? Are you ready for me to fuck this ass?”

As he said that, he lined up the head of his cock with my hole and pushed forward slowly. I pushed out and we slid together till I felt him deep inside, in more ways than one. He didn’t move for a moment. He just looked at me expectantly. When I nodded at him, he pulled out until just the head was left inside and expertly pushed back in a little faster and harder than the first time. He repeated that process a few times till he was slamming into me fast and hard and I was seeing stars. It felt like his dick was made for me. It was a perfect fit and he hit my prostate with each thrust.

The constant eye contact we maintained was intense. Most guys his age can’t fuck and hold their gaze that long without getting nervous or missing a beat. Neither of us had even touched my cock, but it was still rock hard and leaking onto my stomach. What happened when he leaned forward and claimed my lips in a soul-searing kiss, shocked the…well shocked the come out of me. I came quick and hard. The minute our lips touched, he felt it too because he suddenly stopped moving fully inside me and his whole body started shaking. He had achieved two things that not a single ex nor past hook-up had ever been able to do. He gave me a handless orgasm and we came at the exact same time.

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** Thanksgiving twenty years ago was the last time I spoke to my brother. My mom, dad, and I drove from Dallas to San Francisco to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and one-year old niece. The first sign something was wrong was when my niece…

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