Hunter’s Claim Ch. 01


Chapter 1 Marked

My name is Asher Dreg, I’m fairly short with an average build. I have a fair complexion with brown hair and grey eyes. I’m 19, barely old enough to be away from home. I have no family to speak of, I was a war orphan. I was raised in the orphanage in a small village near the sea. I was alone for as long as i can remember.

Our Village were mostly farmers, fishermen, one blacksmith and an alchemist. I was training to be an apprentice alchemist, I didn’t want to end up being farmer or a fishermen and being a Blacksmith was not an option.

My Master was a hard and strict teacher who doesn’t take mistakes lightly, but he treats me like the son he never had though, so in a way I see him as a father figure.

I was out collecting herbs like I normally do when I felt something was off, the birds stopped chirping and it was eerily quiet. I got the feeling someone or something was watching me. I got my dagger out ready to defend myself when a big beefy green arm wrapped around my throat.

”Well well well what do we have here,” Whispered the gruff voice.

My captor took a whiff of my scent.

”Mmmmmm nice,” he said.

He put me down and I turned to see an orc double my size. He Had to be 7ft tall and he was all muscle. His face was handsome and rugged despite the protruding bottom fangs. His eyes were amber and I had trouble looking away from them, he had long dread locks aswell. He had a dark green complexion, he was wearing a hide shirt with fur hanging from the back, hide pants with two long daggers on the side, they might as well be swords if held be me, and hide boots.

”What’s a little guy like you doing out here… alone,” he said huskily.

”I um uh,” I couldn’t form words for some reason.

I turned ready to run when he grabbed my arm.

”Hey!! word of warning little human never turn your back on a lion,” he said.

I didn’t want to piss him off further.

”Sorry sir.” I said.

”Don’t apologize, next time don’t run from me, because I’ll hunt you down if you do it again, eh not that I won’t enjoy it however,” he smiled.

”What’s your name human,” he demanded.

”Asher sir, Asher Dreg,” I answered shakingly.

”Don’t call me sir, all that sir crap is for you humans, not orcs.” he replied.

”My name is Wol’Thrag, that means lion’s fang in Orcisher, I’m a hunter for my tribe and soon to be the next chief,” he didn’t look like wanted to hurt me so I relaxed.

”I’m a alchemist in training, I was just collecting herbs for my master sir – I mean Wol’Thrag,” I said.

“hehehe,” he chuckled. ”Just call me Thrag for short little guy, I don’t know what it is about you kid, I don’t let anyone call me Thrag, but for you I’ll make an exception,” he said.

”Well Thrag you’re a really good hunter I didn’t noticed you until you grabbed me,” I said.

“I’m like a lion kid, the biggest mistake you made was you had your back exposed and these daggers are both my fangs and my claws,” he said with confidance.

”If you were my prey you’d be long gone by now,” he said.

He had that scary look in his face when said that, strangely enough I find it both intimadating and attractive.

”Hahahahaaaa!! relax kid we orcs don’t hunt or eat humans there’s no sport in hurting you,” He said.

”Um how old are you Thrag?, I’m 19,” I said.

”19 huh, yeah I pegged you being around that age… I’m 28,” he said.

He’s younger than I thought he was, for an orc I thought he was in his late thirties. Thrag and I spent a few more minutes getting to know each other. I told him I had to go before my master sent a search party for me.

He told me to come closer and hugged me close to his warm body and started sniffing my neck, it made me shudder and I moaned loud enough for him hear.

“There I got your scent, there’s no where you can go where I won’t be able to track you,” he whispered huskily.

”Orcs must be part Royal Bloodhound,” I laughed.

“There’s alot of things I want to teach you or… show you,” he whispered in my ear.

”We’ll meet again, I guarantee it,” he left and I went back to the village with The herbs I collected.

I’ll Bycasino have to go the village library to see if can look up anything on orcs.


Damn that human’s scent is fucking intoxicating, I wanted to pin him down and fuck the ever loving hell out him and that moan, fuck that moan he made when I sniffed his neck. My cock is still throbbing, it’s starting to hurt like I need to be buried balls deep inside him. I find it weird that i’m attracted to him at all, I’m not one for humans. I mean prefer my own kind, preferably a women.

I need to clear my head, I’ll have to speak with Sire about this when I get back to the fort. In the mean time I better bring a buck back like I promised the old man.

Hunting is my thing, hell it’s every orcs thing, I like a more Hands on approach though, while others would use a bow and arrows. That shit is for weaklings who are afraid to get close to they’re prey. I like sneaking up behind my prey and when I’m close enough I deliver the killing blow to the back of the neck. I bet I can give an assassin a run for his gold.

I made it back to the fort with my kill, the old man was already at the gate waiting for me.

”What took you so long whelp,” he said with a smug.

”None of your damn business you old bastard,” I said with snarl.

”Hmph what crawled up your ass?!!” he showed a little concern.

I gave him the buck and apologized.

”I got something on my mind, where’s Sire,” I said.

”He’s in the longhouse getting ready for the bloodhunt in a few days,” he said with excitement.

Oh yeah the blood moon is rising in a few nights, it’s when we orcs hunt the most dangerous animals as a sign strength, a right of passage, not many make it back, but we die doing what we know was a good hunt. My sire hunted down a bear and my mother hunted down a tiger.

This Bloodhunt I wanted to hunt down a Dire Lion. A Dire Lion is a lion the size of a rhino, grey with no fur only a rock hard hide, with a mane of backward spikes for males. They have long Razor sharp Incisor and claws for ripping they’re prey apart, and they’re eyes are glowing blood red.

No orc has ever hunted one, they’re hide is too thick for arrows to penetrate and sneaking up on one is impossible, a true apex predator. I plan on making my mark by being the first orc to take one down.

”Thanks old man I’ll head on in” I said.

”You still plan on hunting a dire lion?” the old man said with glum.

”Oh yeah, I spent years watching them in the wild and now know they’re weakness, one of those beast will be my prey!!” I said

knowing it would be a great challenge.

He looked at me with a sense of pride and walked off, he knows I can do it.

Now to talk to sire about that human. My sire N’Roc is an orc of badassery and my mother Vilnai is nothing to scoff at either. My Parents are true bondmates, we orcs mate and hunt for life. Does that mean that human is my true bondmate… No it’s not possible, than again.

”Wol’Thrag there you are, let me have a look at you,” my mother came to me.

”It’s happening love the sign has appeared,” my sire said with pride.

”You mean the Bloodhunt, oh yeah I’m ready for it!” I said confidently.

“Hehehehe no my son not that, you found your bondmate didn’t you?” said Sire.


I got back to the village with all the herbs I gathered ready for my lesson.

”There you are boy, any longer and I would have sent a search party,” my master came with an angry look.

”Forgive me sir,” I said with worry.

”Thank the gods you’re alright,” he said.

We went to his alchemy lab to start the lesson when he noticed something.

”Asher what’s that mark on the side of your neck?” my master asked.

I took a mirror and noticed a strange mark that looked like a rune on my neck. It didn’t hurt but when I touched it an intense wave of pleasure shot through me, I almost spilled my seed.

”Are you alright son?” my master said looking at me strangely.

Thoughts of Thrag flashed before me.

”I-I’m fine s-sir,” I could barely get the words Bycasino giriş out.

”That mark on your neck, I’ve seen it in a book once. I think it has something to do with orcs, we’ll look into it later for now get some rest,” he said.

I went to bed and started having dreams about Thrag. Thrag was naked on top of me covering my body with his. His muscles had muscles, there wasn’t an once of fat on him. He had a hairy chest with a love trail going down his abs and groin. His cock was hard as granite, it was dark green with a dark purple head. There was no way that thing was going to fit inside me.

”Don’t worry boy you’re my bondmate, your body is meant for me and only me. I’ll make it fit,” he said gruffly.

I was a little scared but pratically feverish with lust. He kissed me and it was intense, the heat of it bombarded with all my senses. I was ready to to give myself to him.

”No boy not like this, not here, not in your dreams. I want savor this when your awake. I want to make you cry out, I want to hear you moan loud beneath me. heheheehee I want to pin you down ravage that hot little body of yours.” he said.

Gods I wanted every last thing he said.

”When you wake up meet me at Amantes Glade, it’s nor far from your village,” he whispered like he was moving far away even though he was still on top of me.

He was starting to fade.

”How will I find you!” I yelled.

”I’ll find you boy, remember I’ve got your scent,” He was gone.

I woke in a cold sweat and had one hell of nocturnal emission, I was utterly drench. I’m going to spend the next hour scrubbing the sheets in the near by lake.


The dream I had with the boy was strong and still fresh in my mind like it really happened. Sire and mother explained everything about the mark on my neck. Its part of our mating ritual to bond us together. They appear in certain areas on our body, their apperance is always the same and color is always different. Mother and Sire’s marks are on the palm of their right hands and is bright orange. While my mark and Asher’s are moon blue.

I told them my bondmate is a human male from the village near by. They both were excited and surprised, they wanted meet him soon. They told me the marks are not complete until we consumate our love physically and spiritually. I couldn’t wait to fuck Asher, I’ll have him screaming my name soon.

I left the fort to head to Amantes Glade, It’s a forest surrounded by mountains, the only way there is through a cavern. It’s a perfect place for me and Asher. As I got closer Asher’s scent was on the wind, Asher was close and I came up with an ldea to play a little game of cat and mouse with him. I sniffed the air to track his scent, he was already past the cave and I didn’t smell anything else that could be a threat so I went in. The cave isn’t very long and I was aready in the glade. It’s almost too beautiful to be real almost like magic was used to make this place.

The hunt began, Ashers’s scent was close. I made sure to stay as silent as possible, he was near a large mangrove. I crept silently behind him and pounced.

”Gotcha!!” I said.

”Thrag you scared the hell out me!! I thought I was dead for a moment.” he said.

”Could you get off me please,” he said.

”Can’t do that, you’re my prey so I get to do what ever I want to do with you.” I said with barely contained lust.

I turned him over on the ground to face me and striped him of his clothes quickly and mine aswell. Damn he’s sexier than he was in my dream. I grabbed his head and kissed him. he shuddered beneath me.

Thrag’s body felt like hard stone. His cock was throbbing with his heart beat, I couldn’t get my fingers around it at all. His kiss was like a drug I couldn’t get enough of it. He lowered his head and I felt his warm mouth wrapped around my cock.

“Mmmmm you taste good boy, let me taste your nectar next,” he said.

Oh gods I grabbed his bobbing head, He was bringing me close to climax. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

”AHHHHHHH THRAG IT’S COMING!!,” I said with urgency.

He swallowed my seed, like it was nectar of the gods.

“Damn Bycasino güncel giriş that was intense!! Want know something, that was my first time giving oral pleasure,” he said.

”R-really?” I said.

”Oh yeah, you taste like honey flavored mead,” he replied.

Now it was my turn to do the same to him. He stood up and grabbed my head with his huge hand.

”Just letting you know I won’t be gentle, I know you can take it,” he said.

I licked his huge orbs first Then worked my way up his shaft.

”Get ready boy I’m going to show you how orcs claim their mates,” he said.

He started thrusting roughly in my mouth without mercy. He stopped thrusting and forced it down my throat, I started gagging but I managed to control it.


I could feel his cock throbbing, his cock was getting slicker.

”UGHAHHHHH,” He thrust his cock to the hilt down my throat, I could feel him pump his seed. I was getting full, his cock wouldn’t let up.

”Hehehe, were not done yet boy,” he said.

I reached in my satchel pulled out a vial.

”My master taught me how to make this, It’s oil laced with aphrodisiacs,” I said.

He took the vial and poured it in his hand. He probed my hole with his large fingers, it felt like he was splitting me in half and that was only one finger. His cock would fill me to capacity. He placed me on my stomach, said it would be easier for me that way.

I’ve never taken a human before, I’ll have take this slow. He looks so innocent, that won’t last long. I pushed in slowly, he winced trying to get away.

“It’s ok boy, just relax and let me in,” I said.

The head finally popped in and he gasped. I pushed in more. I needed to see his face. I pulled out and flipped him on his back I said it would be easier to take me on his belly. But I couldn’t help myself.

My cock head back inside him. My need for him got stronger, This was going to hurt him. I thrust hard, he gasped and tried to pull away.

“OH GODS!!” he yelled.

I bent down and kissed him I apologized and told him I couldn’t help myself.

I started a slow rhythm, I wanted him to enjoy it. Making love to him is incredible, He looked up at me with need.

“I won’t break Thrag please take me like you own me,” he pleaded.

“I do own you boy!” I clarified.

I Wasn’t making love to him any more, I was fucking him without mercy. He cried out with every thrust. Damn this human brings out the beast in me.

“LOOK AT ME BOY!! Look at me when I claim you!” I yelled.

His moaning didn’t stop, the look of pure ecstasy on his face. I felt him shudder everytime I thrust to the hilt. Time to really enjoy my conquest.

I flipped on my back with him still impaled on my cock. I put my hands behind my head.

“Ride it boy!” I demanded

”It’s to b-big I cant…”

I lifted up and grabed his face and kissed him hard, my tongue reaching the back of his throat. I gave him a predatory look, with a deep growl.

“If I have to repeat myself boy you’ll have trouble walking for weeks after I’m done with you,” I growled.

He nodded and started riding. His hands on my pecs trying to get good leverage. Sailing up and down on my cock, I had a smug look on my face watching him do it too.

The smell of sweat permeated the air around us. His scent mixing with mine and getting stronger. It just aroused me even more.

I was getting close and by looks of it so was he.

“I can’t hold on any longer, cum with me boy!!” I said.

“AHHHHH!!” He cock was cumming hard covering my abs in his seed.

I reared up my hips and started hosing his insides with my seed. His stomach was starting to swell a bit, It was probably 4 minutes until I finally stopped.

“Damn boy that was intense it felt like… I don’t know how to describe it,” I

“Like our souls connected, speaking through mind and body not voice, which traveled through us like flames that brighten even a gloomy night sky,” he whispered.

“That’s one hell of way put it,” I said. “Damn boy that was kinda poetic,” I continued.

The boy was full of surprises. I guess that proves it, no without a doubt this human is my bondmate, the other half my soul that I desperately need.

I’m going to have to explain Orcisher marital traditions to him now. Orc marriage is nothing like human marriage at all, this is going to be interesting.

To Be Continued…

Chapter 1 Marked My name is Asher Dreg, I’m fairly short with an average build. I have a fair complexion with brown hair and grey eyes. I’m 19, barely old enough to be away from home. I have no family to speak of, I was a war orphan. I was raised in the orphanage in…

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