How Can It Feel This Good?


Author’s note: this is my first story. Please give feedback on how you think it is.


“Hey Steve, you want another beer?”

“Yeah man, of course!”

Dave grabbed a pair of beers from the fridge. It had been a long week at work, and a Friday night downing beers with his mate was exactly what he needed. He’d called up Steve last night and told him to come round, and order to which Steve was all too happy to follow. The fact that Steve was gay meant nothing to Dave; they’d been mates for years, and Dave wasn’t homophobic in the slightest. Wasn’t gay in the slightest either, but he figured that didn’t matter. He’d be called faggot by a lot of people for being friends with a gay man, but their opinions mattered less than nothing.

Dave brought the beers into the lounge and handed one to Steve before sitting on the couch next him. They chatted for a bit before Steve brought up Samantha, Dave’s girlfriend. “How’re things going with her? You said on Monday things were rocky”.

“Yeah, we broke up Wednesday.”

“Yeah? Fuck man, that’s shit.”

“Ah, I’m not too fussed. It was only 3 months or so. I just got sick of her always trying to have me be less ‘blokey’, you know what I mean? She was always telling me off for swearing, or not being ‘proper’, and all that shit.”

“Yeah nah, I get you. You gotta be yourself with someone.”

“How bout you? Weren’t you meeting some fella last weekend?”

“Yeah, Daniel. Ain’t meeting him again but.”

“How come?”

“Ah, he was fucken boring. Just had no interests at all. Still fucked him though” he added, which made Dave choke on his beer.

“Yeah, that’s what I missed with Sam. The last few weeks we didn’t fuck at all. First she was on the bleed, then the next week we didn’t see much of each other, then this past week we were at each other’s throats.”

Dave downed the last of his beer and stood up to get more, but pain shot up his leg, forcing him to sit back down.

“Your leg again?” Steve asked. Dave had pulled the muscle a few weeks ago, and every now and then he would twinge it.

“Yeah, the cunt fucken hurt that time. You go get the beers”. He sat there rubbing the pain out while Steve went to the fridge.

“Want a rub down?” Steve offered. He was a massage therapist for a sports team, so he knew how to work out cramps, and he’d worked on Dave’s muscle aches before.

“I’d fucken love one, but I don’t have a table here.”

“Fuck it, the couch will do. I’ll just kneel on the floor. Get your kit off”

“Well fucken yes boss”. Dave kicked off his shoes and took his pants, so he was only wearing his shirt and boxer shorts. He lay face down on the couch, the strain being in his hamstring. “I’ll go hard at it to start off, then easy just to work out the last little bits” Steve said.

Dave had just managed to get comfortable when he felt Steve’s thumbs driving into his leg. It hurt quite a bit due to the force, but he was used to it, and he knew that after a while it wouldn’t hurt anymore.

He’d been lying there for a few minutes before he realised the pain had completely vanished without him even noticing. Steve really was good at his craft.

Drinking his beer while lying face down was a task, but he was still managing. He finished it pretty soon, so Steve went to get more. When he came back he started massaging the other leg, which surprised Dave. “Wrong leg, dickhead.”

“Yeah I know, but fuck it. I’ll give you a full workup. It’ll let you relax over the weekend easy.”

Dave accepted this with a “fair enough”. He wasn’t going to turn down a full massage. Even though the cramp was limited to his leg, due to his work as a carpenter, he did have full body aches and pains that came naturally with the job.

Steve continued working the other hamstring for the next few minutes, then eventually worked his way down to the calf muscle. Dave drifted off with his thoughts, occasionally rising to have another drink. He was on his way to getting quite drunk, and that plus the massage was relaxing him plenty.

“Righto, shirt off so I can do your back.” Dave slipped his shirt off, leaving him wearing only his boxer shorts, folded up the shirt and put it under his head as a makeshift pillow.

Starting at his shoulders, Steve started kneading his back, working out all the stiffness he had. He slowly moved down, making sure to hit every muscle. Dave had become so relaxed (and drunk) by this point he felt like a puddle of goo. He was so relaxed he didn’t say anything when Steve started massaging his arse, an area where Steve’s hands had never ventured.

After a few seconds, Steve piped up again. “You’re gonna have to get your boxers off. They’re sliding around and getting in the way.” Dave would normally be very hesitant to let a gay man touch his bare arse, even if it was Steve, but he was just drunk enough to oblige without question.

Sliding them off, he suddenly felt very exposed, but when Steve’s hands went back to work, he melted back into the haze he had been feeling. The only difference being Bycasino that now he was extremely aware of everything Steve was doing with his hands. Kneading his hands into his cheeks and squeezing them over and over, sometimes which resulted into his cheeks being spread apart, exposing his arsehole to the airconditioned air.

The repeated exposure to the cool air on his backdoor eventually caused an unexpected reaction in Dave: he started getting hard. Feeling very self conscious, he willed his growing erection away. If Steve found out he had made Dave hard, he would tease him to the grave. He focused as hard as he could on the feeling of his shirt-pillow under his head, and it started to work, partially. His dick wasn’t getting hard anymore, but it wasn’t going down either.

Steve moved one of his hands down to Dave’s thigh, and kept the other one on his arse. The hand on his arse kept at it with the kneading and squeezing, but the hand of his though stared up with a gentle rub with his fingers. Dave was roused from his thoughts about his shirt when he felt Steve’s fingertips rubbing his thigh. He had always been turned on by the feeling of his legs being gently tickled, and now was no different. His cock sprang back to life, growing at an alarming rate.

After a short while, Steve moved his hands to the other leg and continued the same treatment: one hand kneading and squeezing his arse, the other lightly tickling his thigh. Dave was so hard it was starting to hurt due to him being facedown. He silently thanked all the gods that his dick was pointing up rather than down between his legs, or Steve would be able to see. He suddenly realised he still had half his beer, so he quickly downed all of it, hoping for a level of intoxication that would cause impotence. Steve laughed. “Thirsty? Hang on, I’ll get us some more”.

While he was gone, Dave prayed that his hard on would be gone by the time he got back, but when Steve returned a moment later, he was as hard as ever. He was ashamed to admit it, but he wasn’t just hard from a physical reaction. The thigh tickles had actually made him quite aroused. He knew that as soon as the massage was over he was going to have to jerk off. Thankfully he had some pretty good porn links saved in his phone, so he wouldn’t have to search for very long. He then realised it was quite odd that Steve would be tickling him. He had never done it in any previous massage, but then he realised Steve said he would finish it up by going softly. Still weird though, he thought.

Steve handed him his beer, then knelt back down on the floor. “Alright, roll over”.

“Uh, roll over?” Dave was horrified. His dick was as hard as it had ever been, and it would take some time before it went down naturally.

“Yeah, I gotta do your front now”. He looked down at Dave and saw the look on his face then realised. “You’ve got a hard on, don’t you?”

Dave didn’t know how to reply. Him, a straight man who had never had a gay thought in his life, was now extremely turned on from the hands of his gay friend. “Um, kinda” he replied sheepishly.

Steve smirked a little, then said “nah don’t worry about it. You’d be surprised how often it actually happens. I’ve had my hands near your boy parts for the last half hour, it’s quite natural for your body to react to it. So come on, roll over. Not like I’ve never seen a boner before anyway”. The fact that Steve thought it was just a physical reaction, and not legitimate arousal, calmed Dave, but only a little bit. He was still apprehensive, but he eventually rolled over. He was ecstatic to see his cock had lost some of the swelling; he was guessing due to the morbid embarrassment he was feeling.

Steve completely ignored Dave’s half-hard member, and went back to work in his legs, driving his thumbs into the muscle groups, but differently than before. He would plant both his thumbs on the same thigh, drive them upwards, stopping just before his hands would would touch Dave’s balls, then ever so lightly scraping his fingertips on the way back down his leg.

It didn’t take long at all for Dave’s cock to wake back up and spring to life. He was as hard as a crowbar within seconds. He was terrified. He knew there was no way Steve could not notice. He was lying on his back, naked, with a full erection, with Steve’s hand within inches of his cock. He tried to block out the thoughts with more alcohol and the knowledge that Steve didn’t seem to care, but it was difficult.

Steve went to work on the other leg, doing the exact same thing, but only went for a few seconds. “Here, turn around a bit. I can’t reach your leg properly. Sit on the couch normally, but sit forward so your arse is right on the edge.” Dave sat up and scooted his body around, sitting just like Steve had said. He suddenly realised how this would look if anyone walked in and saw. He was sitting on the couch naked and hard, with another man between his legs.

Steve started up again on his thigh, kneading and tickling, kneading and tickling, just like before, and with Dave being comforted Bycasino giriş by Steve’s lack of care about his dick, he lay back and tried to enjoy the massage and relax like he should be. After a few minutes, Steve switched the routine around: kneading his thigh on the way down, soft tickling on the way up. With every run up with thighs, Dave was become more and more turned on, as much as he didn’t want to. Steve’s hands were also getting dangerously close to his balls.

After a little bit of this torture, Steve swapped legs again and carried on. After a few minutes, he stopped the hard massaging altogether, and now was just running his fingers up and down Dave’s leg over and over. Dave’s breathing slowly become audible the more turned on he became. Steve moved one hand over to the other leg, and with one hand on each keeping up the relentless tickles, Dave was losing his mind. He was well aware that the massage should not be going like this, but he didn’t care. He had never been this turned on. Unlike before, when he had resigned to the fact he would have to masturbate, he was now very much looking forward to it. This muscle rub down had turned into more foreplay than any woman had ever done with him.

With his labored breathing and his cock twitching and covered in glistening precum, he knew how he looked. He kept his eyes firmly shut; he could not look at Steve at this point. He was far too ashamed. He was reaching for his beer when he felt Steve’s fingers on his balls and cock. His eyes snapped open to see Steve staring at his dick methodically, as if it was just another muscle to work.

Dave wanted to say something, but he was in total bliss. He was more horny than he had ever been in his life, and the light tickling up and down his shaft felt amazing. The cupping and ever so gentle rubbing on his balls was another thing entirely. He was quite certain that if Steve kept it up he would cum just from that. His breathing was now slowly turning to occasional moans, and Steve was actually having trouble keeping his fingers on Dave’s bouncing cock.

After a few moments, Steve took his hands off Dave’s balls, and it took all of his will to not cry out “no!”, but he managed to hold it in. The hand that had been removed was suddenly felt prying at Dave’s arsehole. At first it was a very unwelcome intrusion, but Dave soon realised he was only tickling; lightly brushing his fingers over the hole. It felt incredible, just as good as the fingers on his cock that has now moved up to the head. The precum coating it was providing enough lubricant for Steve to move his fingers around the head smoothly.

When Steve removed his hand from between Dave’s cheeks, Dave chanced a look, and saw that Steve had his finger in his mouth. He assumed he was getting something out of his teeth, but when he withdrew it covered in spit and placed it back underneath Dave he knew exactly what he had been doing. The pushing at his arsehole was gentle but firm, and it only took a few seconds before the tip crossed the barrier and Dave felt it enter him.

This was too much. The naked massage, the ball fondling and dick tickling, Dave was stunned that he had willingly accepted it, but having Steve finger his arse? He didn’t want that. At least he didn’t think he did at first. He was about to say something when Steve pushed his finger in a bit deeper and hit his prostate. Dave gasped. The feeling had caught him off guard. It wasn’t amazing, but it was just enough to stop him from speaking out. He shook it off and was determined to say something when Steve bent down and wrapped his lips around Dave’s cock. The words that had been about to come out erupted forth in a hoarse moan that filled the room.

The feeling was like nothing Dave could have even imagined. He’d had his dick sucked plenty of times, but nothing could have ever compared to this. Steve took his entire length in his mouth, swirled his tongue around the head, then slowly drew back up, dragging his lips along the shaft, then repeated the process over and again, while continuing to work his finger deep into Dave’s arse.

Dave was lost. He had no idea what was going on, all that he knew was that the feeling was indescribable. He was unable to form a coherent though; his entire mind was focused on his cock, and the feelings it was sending through his entire body. Every time Steve pressed his prostate, it felt like an orgasm had just ripped through him, but he hadn’t cum yet. He was about to though. He wanted to stop Steve, to push him away, but he had no chance. No amount of willpower would overcome the desire to let Steve continue sucking his dick. He managed to open his eyes, and he was shocked to find that the image of his rock solid dick in his friend’s mouth pushed him over the edge. He felt every muscle tense up in anticipation, and his moans reached their limit, he could feel the orgasm about to break open his world…when Steve stopped. He calmly took his mouth off Dave’s cock and went back to tickling his leg. The finger in his arse stopped as well. It didn’t withdraw, but remained Bycasino güncel giriş still. As Steve pulled away, Dave’s hips involuntarily thrust their way upwards, his body needing more. “What…what are you doing?” Dave managed to choke out.

“I’m relaxing you, as I said I would.”

“But…you know I’m not gay”

“Doesn’t mean you don’t like this, does it?” And with that he went right back to sucking Dave off again, cause another full moan at the surprise feeling. This time he didn’t suck Dave’s entire length, only the head. The finger went back to work, and with 30 seconds Dave was ready to explode again. His hips began to buck, right as Steve pulled away again. “See? You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“I…I don’t” he didn’t want to admit it, but he was unable to lie

“Do you want to cum?” Steve asked plainly.

Dave was silent for a few seconds. No matter how much he wanted Steve to keep going, he couldn’t actually say it. Steve leant in, poked his tongue out, and began swirling it around the head of Dave’s cock, which was now bouncing more than a kid on a trampoline. “Yes” Dave quietly said. In one smooth motion, Steve deepthroated Dave, causing his eyes to roll back and his voice to break. The moans filling the room were getting louder, but Dave couldn’t help himself. He never knew it was possible for anything to feel this good.

As his orgasm approached him for the third time, his voice seized up and his legs began to shake. Steve stopped again. “Wh…why did you stop?”

Steve looked at him in silence, gave a very evil smile, then quickly dived back down and resumed sucking him off. For the fourth time, Dave could feel an orgasm approaching, only for Steve to stop right before. “Please! Please don’t stop. I can’t handle it anymore, please just keep going.”

Steve smiled darkly again, then went back to sucking him, but this time he didn’t use his tongue. He wanted it to last as long as he could. His finger was still going strong, but now it wasn’t rubbing Dave’s prostate. It was now proper fingering his arse, in and out, in and out. It felt weird at first, but Dave slowly began to enjoy the feeling. It was different, but nice. He knew Steve was probably going to stop again, so he tried to hide the orgasm that was approaching again. But Steve knew men’s bodies, and he knew that Dave was about to cum, and he stopped once again. Dave looked up at him with pleading eyes, but Steve smiled his evil smile and shook his head, before removing his finger from inside Dave.

Dave looked up at him as Steve stood up and removed his pants. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to fuck you, Dave. I’m going to slide my cock inside you and fuck you with it.” Dave opened his eyes wide at this announcement. He was not ready for this. He tried to sit up, but Steve just gently pushed him back down, before removing his underwear, causing his hard cock to spring forth. Dave looked at it and realised that very soon it was going to be inside him. Very surprisingly, he wanted it.

Spitting in his hand and rubbing it all over his dick, Steve knelt down between Dave’s legs, and hooked an arm under each one, exposing Dave’s small hole, and putting it in line with his cock. Dave was too nervous to look, but he could feel the smooth head of Steve’s cock right at the entrance, and he felt as Steve rubbed the head around the hole, lubing up the area. Then he felt the pressure of Steve pushing. It was firm, but gentle enough that it didn’t really hurt.

Dave suddenly and sharply changed his mind. In an instant he realised he was about to get fucked by his male friend, and he didn’t want it anymore. Right as he was about to say stop, the head popped in, causing a very loud gasp. Dave’s eyes opened up wide and he stared at the ceiling, the thought that he now had a dick inside his arse going over and over in his mind. His thoughts were soon broken as he felt Steve push in deeper. There was pain, but he was surprised that it was actually only a little bit. Steve pushed deeper still, stopping when he was about halfway. “Do you like that?” he asked.

“Uh, I don’t, I mean, I’m not” Dave was a babbling mess. Even if he was able to speak, he himself wasn’t sure if he enjoyed this. There was pressure, but it was neither bad nor good. Then Steve slowly started pulling out, and Dave realised it was very good. In the time that Steve had stopped sucking him off, Dave’s dick had managed to become completely soft. It took two thrusts, in and out, before he was fully hard again.

When Steve would push in, he would hit Dave’s prostate every time, making him moan in ecstasy, and when he withdrew, he would make him cry out again. The moans were soon filling the room as Steve quickened his pace, fucking Dave faster and faster. Dave was going out of his mind. First he though the dick tickling was amazing, then the blowjob had blown his mind. Now he was feeling like the entire history of the universe had existed solely to come to this moment. Every thrust felt like the greatest orgasm he had ever had. His dick was throbbing so hard he could see it pulsating. It only took a minute before he could feel an orgasm approaching. His moans became deeper and louder, and he began to cry out “fuck me! Fuck me Steve” to his astonishment. But Steve was all too happy to oblige, and he kept fucking his arse, never stopping.

Author’s note: this is my first story. Please give feedback on how you think it is. ***** “Hey Steve, you want another beer?” “Yeah man, of course!” Dave grabbed a pair of beers from the fridge. It had been a long week at work, and a Friday night downing beers with his mate was exactly…

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