Housewares Assistance

Housewares Assistance


I’ve been selling housewares for Macy’s for 20 years now. I love using my cheerful, personality to meet and help new people. It doesn’t hurt that I’m good looking for a 50 year-old guy, kind of a poor man’s Tom Cruise.

I get to meet a fair share of women and sometimes when they are my type we become close friends. They have to be my age, nice, real and fun. Most important of all they have to be big. I’ve made friends with tall women, short women, dominant women, submissive women, busty women, pear shapes, all kinds of women, just as long as they’re on the large side.

Last week I was absolutely mesmerized when a white-haired, motorcyle mama type came through looking for a coffeemaker. She was about 250 lbs., medium height, in just a tank top, shorts and flip-flops. Her C cup breasts weren’t all that big, but they were braless and deliciously saggy. She had that air of someone that didn’t really care what you thought of her and that made her doubly exciting. She also looked kind of rough with a short haircut, and a tattoo of a pig on her big upper arm. I wasn’t even sure if she was straight at first.

I’m the clean cut, dockers wearing type so I wasn’t sure she’d take to me. I made sure I was the one who helped her though. I gave Ankara travesti her my best intros and explained about the different brands and features. She had a raspy voice from too many cigarettes and up close I could see she had quite a few wrinkles, freckles and cellulite. These are a few of my favorite things, as the saying goes, and I began to get that nervous sexual rush you get when you are close to a woman that turns you on.

I kept finding ways to keep the conversation going, cracking lame jokes, and kept staring at her a little longer and deeper than you would if you didn’t care. Finally she seemed to get my drift and began to size me up in return. One of the nice things about middle age is you are much less image conscious, so if there’s a physical appeal often times you go with it. I knew she felt it because she started extending the conversation too and for the first time broke into a wide smile.

She chose a Mr. Coffee and we walked over to the register to ring it up. No one was in the vicinity so I decided it was now or never. “Don’t you get cold shopping in those clothes?” I ventured, alluding to her sparse attire. “It’s the middle of summer”, she replied not quite sarcastically. “I know but the air conditioning İstanbul travesti is so strong in these malls. I thought I saw some goosebumps on your arm.” “Where?” she said invitingly.

I came around to her side of the register and got real close, ostensibly to inspect her arm. She allowed me to take her hand in mine as I ran my hand lightly up and down her arm. It was hot because we were both breathing heavily now feeling sexual tension between us. We both kind of forgot about the goosebumps as our eyes locked and I just kept stroking her around her tattoo. “That’s a nice tattoo”, I said. “I have even better ones you can’t see right here”, she came back.

“We have a very private stockroom where you could show me”, I offered. It was really getting intense between us so her guard was definitely down. It was like we were in our own little world. Then I added the coup de grace that was sincere and cut through any defense she might have had, “Hey forget the tattoos. Just come back there with me for a moment so I can kiss you once in private.”

That was something we both wanted. We did have a cavernous, extensive stockroom so I led her by the hand to a private aisle. Then I turned to her and gently İzmir travesti embraced her, sinking my face into her neck and rubbing our bodies together.. We made out hungrily as my hands explored her soft, extensive curves. I lifted her shirt and smothered my face in her soft tit flesh, kneaded her nipples, and slid my hands inside her shorts over the ledge of her belly and tantalized her clit. There were mmms and aahs from both of us as we worked up a sweat for 20 minutes or so.

At this point we were at a fever pitch and I needed to release my hard-on to the air before it suffocated. She grabbed it and immediately bent over to kiss it, lick it and rub it all over her face. Once she got her mouth around me I felt like I was one big sucking candy for her. She expertly vacuumed me up, and then alternately moved me around her mouth and up and down her throat. I looked down at her big, beautiful frame and I was so dizzy I had to hold onto a post to keep my balance. Finally I had to let go with a muffled “argghh”, and she stayed with me riding every buck I made. With tidy precision she never missed a drop and as we recovered we were quickly ready to depart as if nothing had ever happened.

As we got to the door back out to the sales floor we exchanged what we both knew was the last kiss of the day. “By the way, we make house calls if you have trouble setting up your coffeemaker”, I volunteered. She replied “I’ll call you because I’m sure I’ll need some of that help.” And with that she winked and we went to the register.

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