Hotel Love

The 747 descended slowly and gracefully towards the runway at Heathrow Airport as I looked eagerly out of my window seat gazing at the tiny houses of Hounslow. A slight bump and the roar of the engines being thrown into reverse thrust and we were home again after our very sexy holiday in Jamaica. Not to mention the fantastic fucking I had received at 30,000 ft in the tiny cubicle at the rear of the plane.

Smiling a ‘thank you’ goodbye to Calton, the West Indian who had done the previously mentioned fucking, Adele and I pulled our in-flight bags from the overhead rack and headed down the aisle and into the terminal. Our bags collected, a couple of sexy smiles to the officer at passport control, and we were in a taxi and headed for The Heathrow Hilton Hotel. We had decided that, after our lovely vacation and the long flight home, we would stay in a hotel before heading off to our respective partners who we had wisely left at home. Holding each other’s warm hands we watched the traffic passing in the other direction until the cab pulled up outside the welcoming entrance of the hotel.

Fifteen minutes later we were in our room and attacking the alcoholic bottles in the mini bar. The champagne bottles were the first to be opened. Filling two glasses I handed one to Adele as our eyes met in eagerness for what we both knew was about to happen. Ok I had received a serious fucking on the aircraft coming over but I was eager for the attentions that my sweet Adele could, and would, be giving me on the comfort of the large double bed. Taking a sip from our glasses we smiled sexily at each other and I placed mine on the bed side table before lifting my button-less blouse over my head and un snapping my red bra and allowing it to fall to the thick piled carpet. My breasts stood proud in front of me and I knew my nipples were already getting hard in anticipation of the love making that was about to happen.

Adele placed her glass next to mine as I reached forward and began to slowly undo the buttons on her blouse. She, in turn, lifted her hands to my head and began to run her fingers slowly through my red hair as each of her buttons were released. Opening the front she dropped her arms while I slid the material from her naked shoulders and allowed it to fall on top of my own discarded blouse. Adele’s white, lace trimmed bra soon followed and my hands were left to cup her lovely breasts before I slowly began to mould them in my palms. I felt her nipples harden and leaned down to kiss each one before starting to slowly lick around the large mounds of each breast. Seductively I slowly returned to her nipple on her right bursa escort breast, knowing full well that this was the most sensitive of the two, and gently began to suck at it; pulling it between my teeth whilst my hands began to caress the soft flesh of her waist. Still sucking gently on her nipple my hands found the button of her skirt and I flicked it open allowing it to drop silently to the floor. Stepping out of it her hands returned to my head and she began to press it harder against her bosom as if in an effort to get me to suck harder.

However I maintained the gentle sucking for a while until I heard her intake of breath and then, and only then, did I allow myself to nip gently at the erect nipple in my mouth. Another moan of pleasure as her head went back and her grip on my head tightened. I bit harder. Adele moaned. I bit harder still. Adele moaned louder. My left hand dropped to the front of her panties and I felt her warm body jerk as my palm pressed against the wetness that had already began to seep through the silk material. Beneath my short skirt I could also feel the dampness seeping from my own womanhood.

Without letting go of her nipple I pushed her gently onto the soft quilt on the bed and fell on top of her. As I eagerly continued to suck and bite at her nipple she reached for the top of my skirt and, with her hands trembling, I lifted my waist to allow her to slide it from my hips. My panties followed and I lay naked on top of her as the wetness of my pussy began to join the dampness of her panties; the only thing now separating our naked bodies.

Giving Adele’s nipple one last bite, and delighting in the loud moan that it elicited. I slid down her body and my mouth pressed tightly against her silk panties. The taste of her juices only served to arouse me even further and I began to suck at the material in an effort to draw the nectar out of her womanhood and into my mouth. Adele began to writhe on the bed and again her hands reached down to my head and she pushed my face as hard as she could into her wetness.

I could hold back no longer and pulled my head away from her soaking wet panties and, with one quick tug, I ripped them down over her thighs, legs and ankles as she lifted her hips from the quilt to aid their removal. Retaining her panties in my hand I held them up to her mouth so that she could suck her own juices from the wet crutch; I then slid back down between her open legs and my tongue entered her in one quick movement. Adele screamed. With memories of the tongue fucking I had experienced on the aircraft several hours previously I knew the lovely sensation bursa escort bayan that my tongue was bringing to my girl. I had lost count of the times that I had licked and sucked at the sweet pussy in my mouth but each time was like the first. Each time brought forth different reactions. Each time brought forth different volumes of verbal expressions. Every time brought forth an orgasm.

Adele began to thrust her hips upwards in an effort to push my tongue further into her slit as I pushed and probed her wetness even harder. Moaning loudly with pleasure as her juices soaked my mouth Adele began the wonderful journey towards a shattering orgasm whilst I continued to lick and suck and fuck into her. Her clit received most of my attention and I could feel her body shaking beneath me as I slid my right hand under her thigh and allowed my stiffened finger to enter her waiting pussy. The moment she felt it slide in she began to fuck her hips even harder against me. My middle finger followed my index finger and both of them began to fuck in and out whilst Adele rode them as hard as she could. My tongue lashed hard against her clit, slid into her pussy beside my fingers, then back out and onto her clit again.

I could feel my own juices wetting the quilt beneath me and desperately needed Adele’s tongue or fingers to enter my pussy and suck me. But I knew that my Angel would easily cum twice and wanted to devote my full attention to her first orgasm. My fingers stiffened even more before I suddenly rammed them in as far as they would go. Adele screamed again and began to shout at me.

“Fuck me. Lick me. Oh my God Princess Fuckkkkk Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

I fucked her.

My tongue and fingers went crazy inside her dripping cunt as her body writhed beneath me and the verbal emit ions became louder and wilder while her naked body thrust about beneath me.

When she came I heard the sound of the headboard hitting the wall as she raised her hands and gripped it tightly. My tongue pressed harder against her stiff clit and my fingers felt the spurt of her juices as she erupted onto them. Her hips shook wildly and she screamed profanities into the air as her orgasm rippled madly through her body. In and out I drove my stiff fingers. Up and down, side to side, I licked my greedy tongue until her orgasm finally subsided and her clit became too sensitive to allow me to continue.

Climbing out from between her legs I slid up her body and we kissed. A long, deep, erotic kiss as our breasts pressed tightly against each other’s. The kiss lingered. Adele slowly calmed her body down and she escort bursa went limp beneath me. The kiss continued. Our tongues flicking silently in and out of each other’s eager mouth while our hands slid up and down each other’s naked bodies.

Adele suddenly pulled her mouth away from mine and whispered;

“69” before she pushed me off her body and on to my back.

Five seconds later her mouth was licking madly at my slit while she knelt above me with her dripping pussy just inches above my face. Gripping her thighs tightly I rammed my tongue back into her and she jerked as my tongue touched her still sensitive clit. And while I continued to lap greedily at her wetness Adele took me to heaven.

My legs opened wide to allow her better access to my womanhood and she drove her tongue deep into my pussy causing my hips to buck against her lovely face. I could feel her body trembling along with mine as we licked and sucked at each other’s wet slit and drove each other wild. I had closed my eyes when I had first pushed my tongue into Adele’s wetness but now I opened them and the sight of her tiny arse hovering above me only served to heighten my passion even further. My body felt as if it was on fire as Adele flicked her tongue over my sensitive clit and into my wetness before returning to my clit. She was tormenting me. She was driving me wild. Pulling my right hand from under her thigh I licked my finger and suddenly drove it deep into the tiny arse that was exposed to my gaze. Returning my mouth to her cunt she screamed. Her own mouth pressed tightly against me and her tongue lapped madly at my juices.

As I thrashed my hips up and down against Adele’s probing mouth she began to thrust her buttocks back and forth onto my probing finger deep in her anus. In and out I drove whilst she pleasured me with her glorious tongue. I screamed into Adele’s cunt and I came. Torrents of love juice flowed out and over Adele’s tongue as she continued to lap greedily into me. I felt her body stiffen slightly and knew that she, too, was about to orgasm. My finger increased it’s pace as it fucked her arse and my tongue licked harder against her until, whilst I was still cumming, her second orgasm rippled through her body.

Slowly our lickings became more gentle. My finger slid from Adele’s tight little hole and she collapsed on top of me. We lay there, our pussies leaking juices into each other’s mouths, for what seemed an eternity. A lovely, wet, eternity.

Finally Adele lifted her body from mine and turned to lay beside me. Again we kissed. Looking deep into my eyes she whispered “I love you Princess”

“I love you too Angel.”

We slept.

* * * * * *

Hope you enjoyed my latest story wriiten in response to the e mails I recieved asking for more of Adele And I together. Please feel free to e mail me your comments. Linda xx

The 747 descended slowly and gracefully towards the runway at Heathrow Airport as I looked eagerly out of my window seat gazing at the tiny houses of Hounslow. A slight bump and the roar of the engines being thrown into reverse thrust and we were home again after our very sexy holiday in Jamaica. Not…

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