Hotel Hotwife Pt. 01


Our first MFM experience, jumping to the chase, was a huge success. I have never written/documented a story like this, so please excuse my amateur writing style.

My wife and I had a weekend getaway in Quebec, away from the kids. Our relationship was a little strained, just going through the motions of marriage with young kids. With all of the lockdowns and restrictions, we just wanted a weekend to ourselves, hoping to just enjoy a quiet weekend to reconnect. We went to a very high-end hotel as it’s rare for us to get away, I don’t want to give away the hotel name to ensure the identity of our extra, but this was a very romantic/chateau (not THE Chateau) 1 bdrm suite we were in.

As we parked our car, valet came out to assist us with our luggage and greeted us “Hello Mr and Mrs Rose, welcome to L’hotel X,” the valet gentleman, Remy, was a tall and handsome fella with a slight french accent, I noticed my wife becoming a little shy. Remy was a great conversationalist and had my wife entranced in the history of the hotel we were staying at. A true well-spoken and bright gentleman. I noticed my wife’s rosy cheeks and chuckled to myself. We’ve always been open to checking other people out, but have never ever even had the conversation about introducing anyone into our sex life. Scarlet (obviously not her real name) tends to be pretty conversative when it comes to sex (although our sex life is GREAT), and is a very dedicated and loving wife, having sex with another guy would never come up.

We arrived at our room and it was stunning, everything was done up to the nines. Beautifully dressed beds, plush pillows; I was so ready to go to dinner so I could come back to have sex with my beautiful wife! We hadn’t had a night away from the kids since the start of the pandemic, we were long overdue. From the conversation between the lobby to our hotel room, it was clear that Scarlet and Remy were really hitting it off. Remy dropped our bags in place and I tipped him, I caught him and my wife lock eyes but really didn’t think anything of it. Once Remy left, it was very clear my wife was hornier than usual. We didn’t speak of it, I really didn’t think much of it. As we settled in, Scarlet drew a bath with some included oils, she seemed a little quieter and just wanted to be alone in the bathroom. In hindsight I realised that she was masturbating in the bathtub.

We got ready to go for dinner, not wanting to leave the hotel, we had reservations at the hotel restaurant. As we don’t get out much, we both dressed up pretty nicely which also fit the restaurant venue quite well. Scarlet wore a dress about knee-length, with stockings and some really nice heels. I didn’t know what else she had underneath, but was sure she had a nice surprise for me for my dessert in the room after dinner. Scarlet is 35 years old, 5’2 with a VERY nice ass, her breasts are on the smaller side and given she’s breastfed 3 babies, they are in great shape although I know she’s insecure about them. Her ass looked incredible in that dress with heels on.

As we walked to the restaurant I was proud to see other men checking her out. Being a dedicated wife and mother, it’s not often she gets attention like that, and she was enjoying it. There was a short line at the restaurant since they had to check everyone’s vaccination passports, in Canada we must have a double-vaccination passport with ID to enter restaurants. Of course as we’re waiting, Remy walks by and notices us and comes by to say hello.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Rose,” followed by the standard hotel questions “how has your stay been so far? Did you settle in ok? Let me know if there’s anything you need at all”.

My wife responded with enthusiasm “we’ll definitely let you know if we need anything at all, Remy” In a playful yet innocent way. As Remy walked away, I looked back and caught him turning escort videoları around to check out Scarlet’s ass. He knew I caught him and immediately stared at the ground as he walked away nervously.

At dinner Scarlet was extra horny. She just wanted to finish eating so we could go back to the room, I was in the same mindset. She looked so stunning I just wanted to take that dress off and kiss every ounce of her body. I had to give her the cliche line “let’s skip dessert, I have some for you back in the room”, she laughed and agreed. Leaving the restaurant she walked ahead of me, a lot of eyes were following her, I was loving it. We opened a bottle of wine and smoked a small joint, we don’t smoke often so we were in giggle fits. We dimmed the lights down and put on some music, and then realised we wanted actual dessert because of the munchies. We looked at the menu and ordered room service. Scarlet went to the bathroom to get ready for our evening fun.

Someone knocked on the door and of course, I know this sounds so made up but believe me it’s not, it’s Remy. He enters the room with his cart, recognizing me and realising this is Scarlet’s room. He starts to look a little sheepish. “It smells great in here!” Remy remarks as he smells the room, referring to the joint we had just smoked. “More where that came from” I replied, “It’s tempting, but not while i’m working Mr Rose.” We chat for a bit and I have to admit, I liked the guy a lot too, seemed like the type of person we’d have in our circle of friends. He set the cart at the foot of our bed, and began trying to light a butane candle. Scarlet ordered a fancy chocolate dessert that required a small fire to melt it or whatever.

My wife walked out in her robe and knew it was Remy as she could hear us chatting in the bedroom. She was looking so hot in her robe and still had her heels on, Remy was mesmerised. She walked seductively, directly towards Remy, I can see him holding his breath. She had a smirk on her face and quickly turned as she approached him, sitting on the side of the bed. Her robe raised a little with her seductive turn flashing the top of her stockings, but I think what she was really trying to do was to get Remy to smell her with her quick turn, wafting her smell towards him.. At this point I can see how aroused Scarlet was, and begin to wonder if Remy can actually smell her sex, she must’ve been soaking wet. Remy was clearly very uncomfortable, his confident demeanour turned to a level of awkwardness I know my wife just loves.

She grinned at Remy and quietly said “hello Remy, nice to see you again.”

Remy turned his back to her to try to not stare and went back to attempting to light the candle, “how was dinner Mrs Rose.”

She scolds him “You are not my children’s friends, you can call me Scarlet, and this is my husband Myles.”

He stops what he’s doing and turns towards both of us “very nice to officially meet you Mrs, ummmm, Scarlet”.

My wife chuckles and scolds again “It’s just, Scarlet!”.

They laugh together. It was almost as if he was fumbling around on purpose to hang around, because it took him far too long to light a simple butane candle. I caught Scarlet staring at his ass with the look of wanting to ravage him, she purposely had her robe higher on one leg showing the tops of her stockings and can see she has suspenders attached to her stockings, which means she had a garter under that dress! Remy finally lit the candle and turned around, he looked gobsmacked at the view of my wife.

He nervously blurts out “um, uh, it it it’s lit, just give it 2 more minutes and then blow the candle out.”

Scarlet replies “Well why don’t you just wait 2 minutes and blow it out for me? You can make a wish!” My wife is really starting to take control, and I’m completely gaziantep escort bayan videoları shocked, and so turned on. Where was this coming from? I have to try to really explore this.

This seemed too much for Remy and he stuttered again “I I cccan’t, I have to go.” He packs up his lighting gear and starts to walk towards the front door, trying not to make eye contact or even look at Scarlet.

I opened the front door and tipped him “Thank you Mr Rose,” I reminded him to call me Myles.

I close the door behind Remy and enter the bedroom, Scarlet immediately says “I’d totally have a threesome with him and you.” I was at a complete loss for words. I never in a million years thought those words would come out of my wife’s mouth.This has been an absolute fantasy of mine; hotwifing, sharing/watching my wife be fucked by another guy are at the top of my fetish list but I’ve always been too embarrassed to bring it up. Remember, she’s conservative (or so I thought) and I couldn’t imagine bringing something so taboo up.

I couldn’t believe this has been a fantasy of both of ours! What a win/win situation! My penis instantly became rock hard, and I said “I’d love to just watch the two of you.” That kind of slipped out and I was surprised I said it, but she started to slowly dance to the music while removing her robe. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She had on a full black garter set, which Remy had seen a glimpse of. Scarlet started making out hard with me shoving her tongue down my throat. She was so turned on and told me she loves that I love the idea of her with another man, and sits right on my rock hard dick. Soaking wet I slid right in. I’m not huge by any means, but a healthy 6″ which fits so well in my wife’s pussy. Like I mentioned, our sex is great, we know how to get each other off and have explosive orgasms together. Tonight started off so intensely.

She just sat on my penis and contracted her pussy, I asked “If you had asked Remy to join, I think we would’ve had a threesome tonight. But no way, we’re just fantasizing, right??” and she contracted her pussy again. I kept telling her how hot it would be to watch her be fucked by another man, and then join in on the action. I even told her I’d love it if he was bigger than me, so she can feel a fuller pussy. She looked at me with eyes wide open and her pussy started to contract involuntarily, she just had an orgasm and we barely even moved.

We continued to talk, I was purposely making sure we didn’t move, because I wanted to explore this further and we were both in a great mindset and situation to really talk about it. Remember, this has NEVER been brought up before. I asked her if this is actually something we’d consider, and she laughed and said “no way! I’m just enjoying this moment and love the dirty talk.” But then she continues to say “I’m just imagining Remy standing here with his cock in my hand as I stroke him while I ride you.” She starts to grind on me and I can feel how turned on she is, soaking wet and grinding me deep.

I ask her if she’d want to start sucking his dick, she pretends she didn’t hear me. That conservative Scarlet stopped any oral, both ways, 5 years ago after we had our last child. I wanted to keep the mood up so I told her I’d love to watch her make out with him while she continues riding me, she shivers again and has another orgasm. I move her onto the bed and enter her from behind, and she just starts to buck back hard on it, slamming into my pelvic trying to get my cock as deep into her as possible.

She started to buck wildly and yells out “fuck me Remy, just fuck the shit out of me. OMG Remmmmmmyyyyyyy” and her pussy contracted wildly all over my cock. She looks back at me in lust and grabs my head forward to kiss me, I pull back gaziantep escort videoları and whisper “Do you think we can really make this happen? With Remy?”

Scarlet ignores the question and gets up “I have to use the bathroom,” she walks out of the bedroom, the view making my cock raging hard seeing her ass perfectly framed with her garters and stockings. She returns several minutes with a naughty look on her face, hiding something behind her back. My wife laid down on the bed and demanded I pay some attention to her nipples, I quickly comply. I sense her hands moving around, then her hips begin to thrust back and forth, she starts to moan “ohhhhhhhhh this feels sooooo good, imagining it’s not your cock, it feels so different, mmmmm hhhmmmmm.”

I looked down and she was fucking herself with a condom wrapped banana! She took the banana from the complimentary fruit basket, and we always had condoms in my grooming bag (she’s not on the pill) which we never used. Glad we had them around, this was so damn hot! I knelt beside her head and she grabbed my dick in a vice grip, stroking it back and forth as her other hand fucked her pussy with the banana. My wife’s back began to arch, I then took control of the banana and started to fuck her slowly and deeply, fully out and fully in.

There was still awkwardness around the threesome topic, so I wanted to hear her say how much she wanted it, and convince herself it would be a good idea. I didn’t want her feeling forced. “Fuck my wife slowly and deeply, Remy. Fuck her like I know you’ve been wanting to.”

Scarlet began to moan loudly “ohhhhhhh that’s so hot, ughhhhhh Remy do as my husband says, fuck the shit out of me!”

I started fucking her quickly with her yellow dildo “how badly do you wish this was really Remy’s cock?”

She whimpers back “I want his cock, I want his cock in me soooo baddddly, mmmmmmm, I want to feel it pulsing inside me.” She slowed down momentarily and then started to wail “fuuuuuuuckkkkkk i’m cummmmmingggg, ssstick it in deeeep Remmmmmyyyyyyy.” She bucked wildly and uncontrollably, she had lost complete control of her body, eyes rolled in the back of her bed while her body trembled.

She switched positions and got on all fours “I need your cock in me, now!!”. I kneeled behind her and teased her pussy with the head of my cock, she shoved her ass backwards trying to shove my penis deeper “please, pllllllease put it in, I need your beautiful cock in me,” I began to jerk my cock off at the entrance of her pussy. She looks like she was drunk with sex, so I asked her if she really wants Remy’s cock, and to pretend when I put mine in it’s his. She begged and whimpered “Yes! Yes I want to fuck Remy, we have to make it happen, please put it in!”

She still has the banana in her hand, she shoved the banana into her mouth giving it the best head i’ve ever seen from my wife. That did it for me, I had to cum. So I slowly drove in deep and slowly came out, and continued this for several long hard strokes. When I was deep inside of her she held me in and she began to convulse, her pussy started to milk my cock, she started shaking and yelled out Remy’s name over and over and over as she came over all over my cock. I pulled out and came all over her pussy and ass. Both of us slumped over in exhaustion.

My head was spinning and I knew she was actually serious. I lay down on the bed and signaled for her to lay beside me. I wanted to know how she really felt. Her concerns were about my feelings, jealousy, and ego. I mean, I get it. Hard to see another man inside your own wife, especially if he’s bigger! I wanted this for her, I wanted this for me. I had never seen either of us so sexually charged. I wanted this to be the best experience for her, and told her that if we did it, I want her to let all of her inhibitions out. Everything. Just have fun and don’t worry about my feelings. It’s her fantasy and I expect to see and hear things I’ve never seen before. I was trying to psych myself up, because Remy was a damn handsome fella. She looked surprised and excited, like a kid on their birthday. We talked about communication as a main priority. Safety words and condoms for Remy. The question was how to set this all up.

Our first MFM experience, jumping to the chase, was a huge success. I have never written/documented a story like this, so please excuse my amateur writing style. My wife and I had a weekend getaway in Quebec, away from the kids. Our relationship was a little strained, just going through the motions of marriage with…

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