Hot One

Hot One


I should have realized something was going on when it first started. I was her stepfather and Angela was about 16 years old the first time she started to hug around on me. This went on for several years until she became of age. After her 18th birthday, she started wanting me to kiss her on the lips. Being a young girl, I thought it was just her way of simply loving me. I took all this in stride thinking this was just her wanting to be loved.

Then one day while her Mom was out of town, she came over to where I was sitting in my recliner and sat down on the arm of the chair. She then put her arms around my neck and pulled my face to hers. She leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. I pulled back a little. She took her hand and turned my face to towards hers.

She looked me in the eyes and said, ”I want you to kiss me, just like you do Mom”.

Not knowing exactly what she had in mind, I started to kiss her on the cheek when she pulled my lips to hers. She then kissed me fully on the lips. I felt her tongue as she tried to put it in my mouth. Drawing back away from her, I looked at her.

“Wait a minute”, I said “I am not suppose to kiss you like that. You are my step daughter. We should not be doing anything like this”.

“I want you to kiss me just like you do Mom, to French kiss me”, she replied again and pulled me back to her soft lips.

I felt her lips as they parted, her tongue slowly slipping into my mouth as she kissed me again. This time I kissed her back a little.

She then slid off the arm of the chair into my lap, not breaking her kiss. Her small ass sat down in my lap, right on my cock as it started to rise. She felt my cock as it hardened, with her ass starting to wiggle around on my lap. I could tell she really was getting hot as she rotated her hips, forcing her little ass hard against my cock.

She broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear, “ I have always wanted to kiss you like that since I was very young. I remember seeing you and Mom kissing that way. That was right before I saw the two of you start making love to each other. After that, I used to fantasize about you making love to me. I would masturbate every night at just the thought of you making love to me”.

“You saw us making love”?, I asked.

“On numerous times”, she replied, “ and I also saw Mom sucking your dick many times. I have always wanted to do that too. I wanted to feel that huge cock of yours in my mouth, to feel the heat of it as I sucked on it”.

I could feel my cock getting rock hard now as her little ass continued to move around on top of it. I caught myself pulling her down against it as she wiggled it back to me.

“I also saw you eating her pussy, too. I would lay in bed at night and masturbate just thinking of you doing that to me, also”, she said. “ I have fucked myself many times, till the cum ran out of my little pussy, thinking about you just eating my little pussy”.

Then she said, ”I want to be your little slut for tonight while Mom is away”, as I felt her hand go between her cute little ass and my cock, feeling her massaging it.

She gripped my dick through my pants and rubbed it up and down. With her other hand she lifted her dress and showed me her ass. She did not have on any panties!

I saw her naked ass and the sight of it made me want her even more. I raised my hips up to let her stroke my cock as I slipped one hand under her dress to feel her hot little ass.

“I think it is time you took me to bed”, she said as I massaged her little ass, while she pushed her ass against my hand. I continued to rub around on her baby smooth cheeks as I told her we shouldn’t be doing this. She just laughed out loud and started to stand.

She helped me up and pulled me by her hand, guiding me to the bedroom. As she got to the edge of the bed she turned my hand loose and drew her dress over her head. She pushed me down onto the bed as she stood n front of me, with just her bra on. No panties and her smooth little pussy was right at my eye level. It was smooth with only a peach fuzz covering it. She had the prettiest little pussy I had ever saw. The lips on it was swollen and made it look so plump. Her little mound was outlined perfectly, her puffy slit was begging for me to touch it as gaziantep escort I reached out to feel the softness of her. All the time, removing my pants and underwear. The peach fuzz just covering her tiny mound as she placed her small hand on my cock.

“You have such a big dick”, she said as she took it into her tiny hands, “can I play with it for a little while”? I nodded yes as I reached around and pulled her hot little pussy to me, smelling the sweet scent of her as I placed my tongue to her clit.

I gently started to lick her swollen pussy from the bottom to the top, letting my tongue savor the sweet flavor as I slowly sucked on her tiny clit. She humped her hips to my prying tongue, trying to fuck me with that baby smooth little pussy. She was so hot!

“ Daddy, I have something to tell you and I hope you won’t be mad at me”, she said.

“I could never be mad at you, I managed to say between licking her sweet pussy.

“ I am a virgin. I have never been fucked and I want you to be the first. The only trouble is, I am afraid your big cock is too big for my little pussy. I am afraid you might hurt me with that huge cock”, she whispered to me. “We will need to wet my little pussy with your tongue and get me real slick.” She said. “ Please be gentle with me, even if we can not get it in, I will satisfy you I promise. But first, let me try to suck your big dick and get it wet for me”.

I could feel her mouth as she slowly kissed the sides of my cock, her tongue licking its way up and down the length of it. I had to have her sweet pussy as I eased her into the 69 position with us laying on our sides. Her lips not skipping a beat as she continued on sucking my cock as I slowly worked my tongue back to her sweet little pussy.

I could feel the heat from her cunt as I tasted her pussy. My tongue was sliding up and down her slit as I pulled her to me a little harder, feeling her nibbling on the head of my bulging cock. I was trying to ease the tip of my tongue into her tiny pussy, but was having trouble just getting it in her small opening. She was so-o-o-o- tight! I had to slick her tiny hole up with my spit before I could get anything into her tiny pussy.

“Yes, that’s it! Fuck me with that hot tongue”, she cried out, “Fuck my little pussy. Put it in deeper. I want it in me now! Eat my pussy!!”

As I inserted the tip of my tongue into her tight pussy, she cried out as she started to cum. I could feel her tremble all over as she threw her pussy at me, trying to impale herself on my hot tongue, as her whole body shook. I felt her take my cock deep into her mouth as she moaned, the sound coming over the head of my cock as took more of me into her hot little mouth, moaning as she came.

She kept cumming as she worked her hips to me, humping her smooth pussy to my probing tongue as I too, started to shoot my load. I made her pull my cock out as I blew my hot cum over her lips as she continued to lick at the swollen head.

We slowed to a stop as she reached up to me and kissed me again, saying ” That was so good. I have never even made myself cum like that”.

My cock was flaccid as she again took it into her tiny hand and started slowly jacking it up and down. I lay back and let her play with it as she pumped on it, while it started to rise up once again.

“Now it’s my turn. I want this big cock in my tight pussy. I think you have gotten it wet enough”.

She lay back and rolled over on top of me, her tiny pussy brushed against my hard dick as she started to rub herself against it. I felt her small slit open up as she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her smooth lips. She was wet & slick from all of her cumming while I was eating her cunt.

She eased herself down onto the big head as her tiny pussy opened up like a flower, the head staring to enter her as she moaned out loud. I watched as the head slowly sank into her tiny, smooth pussy. She grasped my cock with her hand and guided me to her as she rotated her small hips, pushing downward as she took the entire head into her tiny pussy.

“Oh, Yes! Yes! Oh my God. I can feel it going so deep. Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock! I want it all the way in my tight pussy. Fuck me! “, she cried konya escort out loudly.

I put my hands on her tiny hips and helped her rotate them as she still pushed downwards onto my massive cock. She started to take more of it into her as she moaned, asking me to fuck her. I saw my cock as it slide into her tiny, slick pussy, so hot now with the fire burning inside her. I felt her tiny pussy around my cock and could feel how tight she was. I was trying not to hurt her as I eased more of my dick to her. She kept bucking and twisting her little body as she took it deeper into her smooth pussy.

Her small pussy was so hot and tight. It was taking everything I could do hold back to keep from slamming the entire length of my huge cock to her tiny pussy. I wanted her to enjoy it and for it not to hurt her. I was succeeding in what I wanted as she worked her hips, pushing more dick into her. I was letting her take all the cock she wanted as she fucked me.

She started to slam her tiny pussy to my cock, thrusting her hips to get more of it into her. I was sucking on her tiny breasts as she fucked my cock, now twisting her body to accept most of my big dick. She could not take all of it, as I felt it hit bottom. Each time she pushed down and my cock struck bottom, she would cum. Over and over again she came. I felt her whole body tremble and shake as she continued to cum.

She was getting the first fucking of her young life and I could tell she was thrilled to have me taking her. This was what she had wanted for a long time and now she was getting a first class fucking and loving every minute of it.

Her body continued to tremble as she came, over and over again, till I felt my hot load start to erupt into her tight pussy. This set her off again as she really started to thrust her pussy to me, feeling my hot cum as it flooded the insides of her tiny pussy. She moaned loudly, saying, “ Oh, yes. I feel your hot cum spurting inside me. It is so hot in my pussy. Fuck me harder. Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, God it is so good!”

I watched as she sank down and threw her smooth little pussy to my massive cock, her pussy engulfing most of me as she shouted for me to fuck her harder. I thrust my cock into her as I continued to pump my hot load so deep into her tiny pussy. She started to slow down as I felt her hot little cunt milk the last drops of cum from my dick.

She stopped and let my cock just soak in her wet pussy as she enjoyed the feeling of being full of a big cock. As my dick slowly went soft, she leaned down and kissed me saying, “We will have to do this more often now that you have got my cherry. I can’t wait till Mom goes on that three day trip she has planned. Cause you and I are going to fuck and suck each other the whole time she is gone. Hell, I might even let you put it in my ass next time”.

Hearing that, my cock started to rise again with just the idea of getting to fuck her small little ass. I felt her as she took my cock into her tiny hands and guided it once more to her hot mouth, saying she was ready for some more of my cock now as she sucked on the head of it, turning her slick pussy to me to be have it eaten. I eased my tongue back to her cum filled pussy, as she took more of my big cock into her tiny mouth. This time her smooth little pussy was not quite as tight as it had been, as I sank my tongue into her hot, little hairless pussy.

Her tiny pussy was so hot now, my cum dripping from the swollen, puffy lips as she slammed her little cunt to my probing tongue. I felt her taking more of my cock into her mouth as she played with my balls. I could feel her start to cum again as she bucked her pussy harder against my face, grabbing my head and trying to shove my tongue deeper as she started to tremble. My cock started to shoot another load as she sucked on it harder, wanting me to fill her mouth with my hot cum. I had her little ass in my hands pulling her to me as we came, time and time again. She was moaning and throwing her ass around as she filled my mouth with her cum. She was shooting cum from her hot little pussy almost like a man would. I was sucking every drop from her as she continued to hump my face.

The she slowed again and let my spent cock slip kayseri escort from her mouth, while I continued to eat her tiny pussy, turning to me and asking, ” Are you ready to try putting your big dick in my little ass? I want you to try and fuck me up my ass. Would you like to do that”

I thought I would die from the thrill of her wanting me to fuck her as I licked her puffy little lips clean and nodded yes. I then eased my tongue to her tiny ass, letting the tip lick her small opening. It was driving her crazy as I slipped the tip up her tight ass. She shoved back against me and cried out, “ Yes, fuck my ass with that hot tongue. I want to feel you in there. Get me wet and loosen me up. I want your big cock in my little ass! ”

I eased her over onto her stomach as I continued to probe her asshole, reaching my hand to play with her small pussy, while I sucked on her ass. She got up on her hands and knees as I played with her wet cunt, letting me have better access to her tiny asshole as I slipped more of my tongue into her small opening. She was getting plenty wet from my spit as I licked her ass, all the time pushing her ass back to me. I could tell she was ready for me to take the plunge.

I slowly eased her back to me as I sat up, placing her on my thighs as I reached around her, slowly playing with her tiny clit. She was rubbing her hot little ass against the head of my cock, getting it wet for the upcoming fucking. I opened the night stand drawer and took out a jar of Vaseline, which I applied to her tiny opening as I inserted the tip of my finger into her tight ass. I knew this was going to take a long time. There was no way I could fuck her tight ass with my huge cock even if I had her lubricated up. I could only try to put the head of my cock into her. She was panting and moaning real loud now, asking me to fuck that cock to her. I had the head of my dick against her tight hole, letting her wiggle her ass around so as not to hurt her. She could tell I was too big but she was willing to try to take it up her tight ass as she whispered, “ Be easy with me. I want it in me so bad! Please don’t hurt me with your big cock. Just ease it to me and I will work it in.”

I tried to ease it to her, but she was just too tight. Her tiny ass was rotating and pressing against the huge head. But she was just too tight for me. I could only get the head in her ass as she moaned even louder. I knew I would hurt her if I tried to fuck her little virgin ass. I could feel my load start to build as she worked on the head of my cock, the head not all the way in as yet. I felt her little pussy against my fingers as she too, started to cum. I was ejaculating my hot cum into her tiny ass as she came, her whole body trembling as we came together, both of us shaking as we came.

It was then I heard the sound of her mother’s car drive up. “Oh, shit. Mom is back.” she cried. “ We will have to try this again real soon. I still want you to fuck my little ass, you know. “ Having said that, we hurried and got dressed as her mom got out of the car.

As her mom came into the house, she greeted us and asked if missed her while she was gone. Angela said, “ Not too much. I was just getting a little education while dad here was trying to teach me about math.”

“You mean like one goes into two?” her Mom asked with a sheepish smile. “Maybe we both can teach you a little more”

“I would love to learn”, she said as her mom backed up against me with her broad little ass, rubbing my hard cock with her asscheeks as she dropped her hand to feel my swollen member. “Why don’t we all go up to our bedroom?” she asked as I felt her hand give my cock a squeeze.

Angela was the first one up the stairs as I watched her mom’s ass sway as I followed them to the bedroom.

Sitting on the bed, she asked her mom, ”Now where do we began?” as she layed back onto our big bed spreading her thighs as I watched her raise her dress above her waist exposing her beautiful shaven pussy to both of us.

Her mom gathered her legs as she took hold of her little ass, pulling her hot pussy to her mouth as I slid close to upturned ass. I lifted her mom’s skirt and pulled her panties off as she lowered her mouth to Angela’s sweet pussy.

I eased my huge cock to her hot pussy as she started to lick her daughter’s cunt. I watched as she took her clit and licked it up and down as I sank more of my cock into her. She started to rotate her hips, taking my big cock so deep as she pulled away from that sweet pussy saying, “Put that cock in my ass and let’s show Angela how you love to really fuck me.”

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