Hostile Family Takeover Ch. 02

Hostile Family Takeover Ch. 02

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Sally Johnstone was not having a good day. First of all, her mother had left the office early with no explanation so she had been forced to cancel lunch with her friends. Secondly, when one of their biggest clients had phoned to say that her mother was supposed to call him back but hadn’t, she had been forced to spend over an hour trying to calm him down and pacify him. Most of all, however, now that her lazy chauffeur had finally managed to force her limousine through the rush hour traffic, she had come home to find the house in uproar.

Throwing down her coat in exasperation and wondering where the butler was instead of being there to help her off with it, she grabbed one of the maids who was rushing past and demanded an explanation.

“Master Tony and Mrs Ingram are swapping bedrooms. But we are almost finished now and they are both waiting for you in the Master’s study.”

“Master Tony?” she asked herself incredulously. “What on earth was the silly girl talking about?”

Determined to get to the root of all this commotion, she marched through to the study and again wondered why the maid had referred to it as the “Master’s.” It had always been her mother’s favourite room; the one she met any clients who were lucky enough to be admitted to their home and the one where she meted out any discipline to the family that she saw fit to deliver. Now she approached it with a new sense of trepidation but trusted that her mother would have everything under control.

Ever since her husband had been inconsiderate enough to die and leave her own her own, she had relied on her mother for everything. Although her friends often asked her why she had never remarried, she knew that she was perfectly happy with her present circumstances. Her mother had done an excellent job in building up the business left to her by her late husband so Sally was more than happy to sit back and reap the benefits without actually having to do too much.

As for men, she had never seen the need to travel that path again. Of course, with her wealth and position, not to mention the fact that she was still a beautiful woman, there had been no shortage of suitors but she never encouraged them. She had already allowed one man into her bed and had given birth to two children as a result. There would be no more of that and, as she had never liked sex in the first place, she didn’t consider it a great loss.

Now, as she arrived at the heavy wooden door of the study, she had a dreadful premonition that everything was about to change and that her easy, comfortable life was about to be taken from her. She couldn’t have been more right.

Resisting the impulse to knock on the door, she burst into “the Master’s” study and demanded an explanation. The first shock was that it was her son, Tony, and not her mother who was sitting behind the desk. The second was that her mother was also in the room but she was kneeling by Tony’s side as if she was waiting for her instructions.

“Tony, what on earth is going on? Why are you sitting there? Why is the house in such turmoil? And why are you kneeling down there, mother? Have you lost something?”

“So you finally made it home, mother? I’m glad you’ve noticed that there have been some changes in your absence because they are just the start. Perhaps grandmother can explain the new order of things to you in words that you will understand.”

Sally was about to reproach her insolent son for speaking to her in such a manner but her attention was taken by her own mother getting up off the floor. She had never seen the older woman dressed as she was now. It wasn’t that she was showing off a lot of flesh but her skirt was shorter, and tighter, than it had ever been. Her blouse was probably one size too small at least as it seemed to strain to contain her mother’s breasts. And she realised in horror that it didn’t look like her mother was wearing a bra because her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her blouse.

“Sit down, Sally, and I’ll explain everything,” she said, leading her daughter over to the large sofa in front of the even larger fireplace.

“Tony has found out about his father’s will and is now the sole owner and managing director of the firm. We will both be allowed to keep our seats on the board but we will have no voting rights or power. However, nothing else will change as long as we do as we are told.”

“Have you lost your mind, mother?” Sally almost screamed. “We can’t allow this to happen! YOU can’t allow this to happen. What are you going to do about it?”

“And what on earth are you wearing?” she asked, almost as an afterthought.

“I’m wearing what Tony has ordered me to wear and so will you. If you want to maintain your current lifestyle, if you want to hold on to your chauffeur-driven limo, your exotic holidays, your extravagant lifestyle, then you will do what I am doing, and that is whatever Tony tells us to do. Do you understand?”

“No, I don’t understand any of this. How could you let this happen, mother? And, for God’s sake, go and put on a bra.”

“Tony denizli escort doesn’t want me to wear underwear when I am at home, nor you neither. I’m sorry, Tony; she’s not going to listen to me.”

Tony had said next to nothing up to this point but he knew he was going to have to intervene. He had spent the afternoon punishing his grandmother, making sure she was entirely convinced of her position in the new pecking order and now he realised he was going to have to do the same with his mother. With a sigh, he pushed back his chair and got up. His mother watched as he confidently walked over to the fireplace and stood in front of it, towering over both women, just as his father and grandfather used to do.

“How many credit cards do you have, mother?”

“I don’t know. Six or seven, maybe. What’s that got to do with anything?”

“And how do you expect to pay them off, now that you have no income?”

What do you mean, “no income”? I have my share of the profits from the business, the same as I always have had.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, darling mother. Unless you follow grandmother’s lead and bow to me in all things then there will be no more profit sharing. Think what that will mean, mother. No more shopping sprees; no more fancy lunches with your friends; no more spoiling of my sister. You will have to find an alternative source of income. And a new place to live, of course.”

Tony’s words were starting to sink in and Sally realised what a vulnerable position she was in. he was right; she had no independent revenue and her whole life was entirely dependent of the business and on her mother. She was sure the older woman was just playing along with her horrid son until she could find a way out of this mess so she decided she should follow suit. There was no way, however, that she would be going about the house without any underwear. The very idea was disgusting. Who did he think he was?

Sally was about to find out.

“I see you’re beginning to understand, mother. But just to make sure, grandmother will show you what happens when you disobey me in the slightest matter. She thought she could pick and chose when to do as she was told. I have made it clear to her exactly what will happen if she does that again. Grandmother, show your daughter what happens when you are stubborn and think you have any choice but to comply.”

Elizabeth Ingram knew exactly what her grandson wanted her to do but she still couldn’t believe it. Did he really expect her to lift her skirt to show her daughter, his own mother, the effects of the spanking he had delivered not so long ago.

“What are you waiting for, grandmother?” asked Tony in a very stern tone. “I thought I made it quite clear that I do not like to be kept waiting.”

Sally was staring at her mother, once again not understanding what was going on or what her mother was being asked to do. Elizabeth, in turn, knew she had no other option. In order to preserve her way of life, her lavish parties, her fine clothes, her reputation, she was going to have to expose her spanked bottom to her daughter. Forcing herself to her feet, she stood beside Tony and, without looking at either of them, she turned her back to her daughter and bent forward.

Sally gasped aloud in true shock and disbelief as she watched her mother struggle to pull up her tight skirt, up over her plump bottom, and revealed the red cheeks that Tony had left her with. Her face burned almost as red as her mother’s cheeks in embarrassment at being faced with the other woman’s naked bottom. She turned her eyes to her son, a son she no longer recognised and wondered what he had in store for her. Surely he didn’t intend to do something so hateful to his own mother? And yet, as soon as she asked herself the question, she felt a very long forgotten tingle between her legs.

Tony immediately dispelled any doubts she may have been trying to harbour.

“This is the price you will pay too, mother, for anything which displeases me. For instance, I am tired after spending so long helping grandmother understand her responsibilities and I had hoped that I could have left her to deal with you. It seems I was mistaken. Get up.”

Tony had had no intention of forgoing the pleasure of discipinling his mother but there was no reason why she should have to know that. Taking her by the hand,he led the frightened woman over to his desk and ordered her to bend over it.

Tony knew his mother was a weak woman but he could never have imagined that she would capitulate so easily. Having said that, the evidence of her own mother’s spanked bottom spoke volumes and, much as he had enjoyed administering that particular punishment, this was the one he was looking forward to. It wasn’t that he intended to seriously hurt either woman but he couldn’t think of a better way to impose his dominance over them. The fact that he got to watch as their round arses became a bright shade of red was a very welcome added bonus.

Sally stiffened when she felt diyarbakır escort her son’s big hands rest on her hips and suddenly thought just how much pain those hands could deliver. It was only when she felt her skirt begin to slide up the backs of her legs that the true enormity of her position sunk in.

“Tony, what are you doing? I’m your mother! You can’t pull up my skirt like that. You’ll see my underwear. I’m your mother, for God’s sake!”

“I know perfectly well who you are, mother, and if you haven’t realised what I was intending to do then you are in for a shock. I’m not only going to pull up your skirt; I’m going to pull down your panties too. Grandmother received her spanking on her naked arse so it is only fair that you do too. Now lie still.”

Although Sally was lying across the desk, facing away from her son and mother, she could feel her cheeks burn red in humiliation. She desperately wanted to turn to her mother for support but a quick round round told her that her mother was still facing the fireplace, still bent over, still exposing her own punished bottom. There was to be no assistance from that quarter.

“Tights. Mother! What on earth are you doing wearing tights! As grandmother explained, you will never wear any underwear when you are at home and, when you go out, you will wear stockings. Grandmother, remove these immediately.”

Tony knew that his mother always wore tights, albeit very expensive ones, and although he had been using her worn knickers to wrap around his cock for a few years now, he knew that they were big and would certainly not allow for any accidental exposure. Both women knew that his words had been chosen to humiliate them and they all knew he had succeeded.

As her mother knelt down behind her and she felt her hands on the waistband of her tights, Sally thought she was going to curl up and die from shame as her mother began to pull them down. The cool air on her naked thighs reminded her that both her son and her own mother would now be looking at her panties and she shuddered when she realised that they may be able to see the damp spot that she was sure would be unmistakeably there.

She had never felt so moist between her legs before and, even if Tony couldn’t, she was sure her mother would be able to smell her arousal because she certainly could. But if she thought things couldn’t get any worse, they immediately did. Her mother slipped of her shoes, pulled her tights down, slipped them over her feet, then, worst of all, she pulled down her panties.

Sally could have cried when she realised that her mother and her son would be looking at her naked bottom but when there was a sudden halt in proceedings she dared to look round to see what going on. Then she wished she hadn’t.

Her mother had pulled down her panties and, after slipping them off, had handed them to Tony. Sally looked on in horror as her son turned the lacy garment inside out and examined them. Almost as if he knew just what buttons to press to embarrass her most, he looked up to catch her eye, brought the panties close to his face and inhaled deeply. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then smiled at his mother and ran his tongue along the crotch of her underwear, just where she knew the damp spot would be. Sally cringed.

“So you’re not such the frigid cow you pretend to be, mother, are you? Your knickers are wet so I presume you are enjoying all this. Tell me, what is it that’s turning you on? Is it your mother undressing you in front of your son? Is it the fact that your bottom half is now naked in front of your two closest relatives? Or is it the anticipation of what’s abut to happen next? Are you looking forward to your spanking?”

His poor mother knew that she certainly wasn’t looking forward to that but she couldn’t have answered his other questions if her life had depended on it. All she knew that she was bent over her son’s desk, her mother had stripped her bare from the waist down, her son was licking her worn panties and was about to spank her and that even his words were causing delicious tremors to run through her body. What was wrong with her? This wasn’t how she was brought up to behave? This wasn’t how a lady behaved? Yet still she lay there and awaited her fate.

Her mother’s mind too was filled with conflicting emotions. She was happy that it was her daughter and not herself who was about to be spanked as she wasn’t sure her poor cheeks could take any more punishment. She was mystified at the pleasure she had taken in pulling down her daughter’s tights and panties before presenting them to her grandson. She had been proud that her daughter’s underwear had been wet, just like her own earlier. But, most of all, she was jealous that it was Sally who was now the focus of Tony’s attention.

As shocked as she was by today’s turn of events, she moved to the side just a little to get a better view. She watched as her grandson got into the position she now knew he preferred for spanking someone and, strange as it may sound, she began antalya escort to feel little tremors of pleasure surging from her pussy all the way round her body. She knew her pussy was getting wet again as she trembled in anticipation of her daughter’s round cheeks being spanked.

Tony was now ready to release some of the pent up emotions his mother deserved for all the years of neglecting him and favouring his sister. He still held her panties to his face and could feel his cock straining in his trousers. It too would have its release very soon but, first,his mother had to be taught a lesson.

Sally felt her son’s large hand roaming over her cheeks, almost as if he was enjoying their plumpness, but she knew that wasn’t going to last. When he stopped caressing her bottom she tried to steel herself but she couldn’t have imagined the noise that reverberated around the room followed by the sting of the first slap.

“That was for neglecting me since father died,” Tony said and spanked his mother again.

“That was for always taking my sister’s side when we were younger,” he said and spanked her again.

“That was for making my life a misery at work while you and grandmother enjoyed all the perks,” he said as his mother surprisingly clung to his desk and took her punishment. He spanked her again.

“That was for wearing tights in my presence and soaking your panties,” said Tony as he humiliated and punished his mother in equal measure. He spanked her one last time.

“And that was for having a wet pussy when you always pretend that you are the purest of pure.”

Tony knew his mother would never be able to withstand the same level of chastisement that her mother had endured earlier so, with an almighty effort, he stood back and turned to the older woman. He was not shocked to see her standing there, watching them, as he had not given her permission to leave. What did shock him, however, was that her hand was under her skirt and was obviously playing with her pussy.

Elizabeth had been unable to stop herself pulling up her short skirt and running her fingers back and forward between her moist lips. The sight of her daughter’s round cheeks turning pink and the sight of the tent in her grandson’s trousers made her desperate for attention and she could only hope that Tony would invite her to join in.

He did but not in the way she had imagined.

“Grandmother, kneel before me and show your daughter what to do next.”

Elizabeth was more than happy to accept her grandson’s hard cock into her mouth again and to savour the taste of his hot cum but did he really expect her to do that in front of his mother. When he snapped his fingers impatiently and pointed to the floor in front of him she knew that this was exactly what he expected.

As Sally gingerly pushed herself up from the desk, she was stunned when she saw her once proud mother kneel before Tony and, what was worse, she was pulling Sally down so that she had no choice but to join her on her knees. Looking on aghast, she cringed as her mother reached up and unzipped Tony’s trousers and reached in. Sally couldn’t tear her eyes away as her mother pulled out his erect cock and slowly opened her mouth, sucking on it lovingly. If Tony thought she was going to do anything as disgusting as that then he had another think coming.

Elizabeth may have thought sucking on a man’s cock, any man’s cock, was disgusting and before today her mother would have agreed with her. But not now, not when it came to her grandson’s beautiful cock. She had taken him in her hands and kissed the tip of his cock just the way he liked it. She was still amazed by how hard and powerful it felt and wondered for a moment if her daughter would be a better cocksucker than she was. She couldn’t believe that Sally had had any more experience of kneeling in front of a man and pleasuring him with her mouth than she had before today but she was determined to show off her new found skills to both her daughter and her grandson.

She still wasn’t able to get him fully into her mouth as her lips stretched around his shaft but she knew now to stroke the rest of it while she sucked in as much as she could. She wanted to please her grandson, determined not to do anything which would warrant another spanking, and she was desperate to be the one who was rewarded with his cum rather than her daughter.

“That’s enough, grandmother. Let your daughter try now,” said Tony, shattering her hopes almost as if he could read her very thoughts.

Elizabeth reluctantly handed over her grandson’s cock to his mother and almost dared her to do as well as she had. Sally instinctively took what her mother had offered her, so used to doing everything her mother demanded of her. As Elizabeth forced herself to encourage her daughter, not wanting to disappoint her new Master, she watched as her daughter slowly parted her lips and allowed just the tip of Tony’s cock into her mouth.

He was having none of that, however. Grabbing his mother by the back of her head, he pushed past her lips and pushed in, pushing all the way to the back of her mouth. His mother gagged immediately at this unwelcome intrusion but, when her son began to thrust in and out of her mouth, she feared she might never catch a breath again. Almost as soon as he had started, however, he stopped, pulling out of her ravaged mouth, and swapped back to her mother.

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