Horrible Day, Turned Gay?

It was the shitty day to end all shitty days. I had woken up late that morning and then was in a rush to get out the door. Drove my car to work and wound up being 30 minutes late. Got my ass chewed out by my boss. Once that was over I went into my office in hopes of getting some work done. The day dragged on from this point and I swear everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Finally the work day was over and I was relieved to be going home to my wife. I needed a drink and to decompress for the day.

I headed out to the parking lot when I realized I didn’t have my keys on me. It was then that I realized that they were hanging in the ignition in my car with of course all the doors locked. I sigh and mutter “can this day get any fucking worse!?” under my breath. Well I shouldn’t have said anything because my phone chose that moment to die on me so I couldn’t call my wife for a ride. I look around and noticed that the parking lot was empty and everyone from the office had left for the day.

“Fuck me, I guess it’s the bus then.”

I walk to the nearest bus stop right as it pulls up. I holler and begin running, praying that the bus doesn’t leave me behind. I caught the bus and paid the fair. Unfortunately the bus doesn’t take me all the way home but drops me off about 15 minutes walking distance. By this point it’s dark out and I just want to get home as quick as possible.

During my walk I try to cool myself down from the crappy day. I tune everything out and start play a song in my head to pass the time. Next thing I know I’m in an area I don’t quite recognize. I stop walking and try to suss out where I am. I see a man turn down an alley way up ahead and I jog after him to ask for directions.

Tapping on his shoulder he whips around. He’s a taller man, about 6’6″ and easily 250 lbs. He was wearing blue jeans with rips in the knees and a red shirt and a black jacket overtop. His sheer size was rather intimidating and I took a couple steps back.

“Sorry sir, I’m having a bad day and I’m trying to find Chestnut st. Do Cami Halısı you think you can point me in the right direction?”

It was then that I heard the sound of a gun cocking. I was so caught up in this man’s size that I didn’t notice the gun he had pointing at my stomach. My heart began to race and my whole body went numb. Thoughts swirling in my head as I realized this was it, I was going to be shot in this alley on the worst day of bad days.

Then he spoke, his voice deep and gruff “let me see your wallet.”

I hesitated for just a second taking a moment to process what he was saying. He raised the gun, now level with my head. I quickly reached into my jacket and pull out my wallet to hand to him. Big hands snatched it away and he pulled out the only cash I had with me and then tossed it onto the ground.

I dropped to my knees to retrieve my wallet and when I looked back up he is sanding right in front of me. His crotch level with my face. To scared to look up I mumble “please let me go, I just want to get home to my wife. I promise I won’t say anything to anyone.” He didn’t say a word and just stood there.

We stayed like that for probably about 10 seconds but it felt like a lifetime. I could tell he was thinking and I just prayed he would let me go. My eyes were shut and my hands up in the air. It was so quiet in that alley that you could hear my heart beating out of my chest.

Just then I hear a zipper, curiosity got the better of me and I opened my eyes. As I opened them I came face to face with his cock. It was semi-flaccid and about 7 inches long and circumcised.

In this moment I was so confused and squeaked out a shakey “sir?”

“Suck it”

“I’m not gay sir”

“Neither am I you fucking faggot now suck it before I blow your brains out.”

He then pressed the barrel of the gun to my temple. It was cold and hard and my body froze up again. I had never been with a man before and certainly hadn’t planned on being face to face with a cock today. As these thoughts circle Cami Halıları in my head I feel him press the gun tighter against my head. I lean forward less than an inch separated his cock an my mouth. I could smell him clearly, slightly sweaty with a hint of musk. Opening my mouth I took in his cock.

The sensation was odd and I didn’t know what to do next. His cock was still soft but still took up all of my mouth and I didn’t even have the whole thing in. I felt the gun press harder again and instinct kicked it. I began to suck trying to pull the rest of his cock into my mouth while pressing my tongue against the shaft.

He was salty and I felt him get harder inside of my mouth. It was then that I realized my heart had returned to a normal pace and I felt oddly satisfied with the knowledge that I was making him hard. I kept sucking now moving up and down on his cock, and swirling my tongue around his thick head.

What I assumed was pre-cum then trickled out of the head. I popped his cock out and licked it up. The taste was incredible and I felt my own cock twitch in my pants. I was so confused by it all but I kept sucking his cock like he asked. I felt the gun slip away from my head and without taking his cock out of my mouth I looked up at him. His head was leaned back and his arms at his side. His eyes were closed and it appeared that he was panting.

Another twitch of my cock as I realized that I was satisfying this man that I didn’t even know. I felt bold and was getting into the whole thing. By this point my cock was fully hard and rubbing against my pants each time I bobbed down on his. Until now my hands were down by my sides but now I reached forward and grabbed his thighs. Pulling him farther into me and deepthroating his now fully erect cock. This got a low deep growl out of him and I felt my cock leak a little pre-cum at the sound.

“Thought you weren’t a fucking fag” he moaned. I stopped at this almost coming completely out of the moment. He was right, what had come over me? I had never even thought about another man being attractive and now I was gobbling up this guys cock like a pro!

“Did I tell you to stop fag?”

The gun was pressed back against my head and I quickly snapped back into my task. Picking up the pace and running my hands up and down his thighs. I could feel his leg muscles ripple under my hands. I move to hold his balls with one hand and the shaft of his cock with my other.

I focus on the head of his cock, sucking hard as I swirl my tongue around it. Mixing my spit with his pre-cum the taste was driving me crazy. I couldn’t help but moan while his cock was in my mouth. The vibration of my moan on his cock sent him into a tail spin and he let out that low growl again. I could feel his balls tighten up and his cock twitch. I knew he was about to cum so I sucked harder and moaned again.

The pistol once again slipped from my head as the man began to cum. Ropes of hot cum hitting my tongue. The taste saltier than his cock and slightly bitter. But I kept sucking the head and swallowed his cum as he gave it to me, sucking his cock dry.

He stumbled backwards panting and leaned against the wall. His cock once again flaccid and clearly spent. I just stayed kneeling waiting for his cue.

Once he regained his composure he stuffed himself back into his jeans and looked at me.

“Get the fuck out of here to you fucking faggot”

I stood and took off without a second thought before he changed his mind. I ran until I recognized where I was and how to get home. Slowing to a walk, thoughts ran through my head about what happened. My cock had gone soft but twitches again at the thought of his cock in my mouth. 10 minutes later I find the house.

“Honey I’m home!”

My wife hurries to the front door from the kitchen. She looked worried about asked what happened. I told her about my day except for the man in the alley.

“Oh sweetie that is awful! What a horrible day you have had!”

I didn’t disagree with her but strangely I was not upset or angry. Yet confused and excited about my experience.

Even days later I could not get it out of my head and I knew that I would need to figure out what these feelings meant.

More to come in the next chapter.

It was the shitty day to end all shitty days. I had woken up late that morning and then was in a rush to get out the door. Drove my car to work and wound up being 30 minutes late. Got my ass chewed out by my boss. Once that was over I went into…

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