Honey Covered Delights

The phone rang and when I picked it up I heard sweet Lorelei’s voice on the other end. I was surprised, because we hadn’t talked since our 1st incredible sexual encounter, which was about a month ago. Turns out she was very busy, as was I, with work and going out almost nightly to see concerts and hang out with friends, etc. We never saw each other, because we moved in different circles with differing tastes. Well, she was calling to see if I wanted to meet four of her select sexy friends to get together with and have a fantastic full-on female orgy – which she’s delightfully partaken in before, but I never had. I said yes, and we set a date for the last Saturday of August in the evening. We wanted to squeeze it in while Summer was still here, so that it would be nice and hot for us all, and so we could all wear our sexy Summer clothes.

Well that Saturday finally rolled around. My place was sparkling clean, a rarity, as I am not really into spending my time on cleaning. So you see, I spent my Friday night cleaning and almost all day Saturday turning it into a sweetly sensual palace. To do this, I went out and bought lots of beautiful candles and sweet smelling strawberry bubble bath. Then I went to Rainbow, a co-op health food store in San Francisco, to get some juicy sweet delights -luscious mangoes, Sapphic strawberries, beautiful bananas and succulent melons, along with two bottles of real sweet honey to pour on the fruits, two bottles of delicious organic apple juice, as well as some lemons to squeeze on the fruit salad I would make so it wouldn’t brown so easy (a trick I learned from my Aunt).

When I got home, I showered and dressed myself for this evening, and masturbated till I rapturously came, as I was so excited for this evening. Next, I selected some music that would fit this evening’s venture and set the rest of my music up so that any of the women here could choose a song that they wanted to hear. Oh my, it was around 5:00 pm by now, so I started making the fruit salad, and then put the finishing touches on it by squeezing lemon on it and carefully mixing it and then putting it in the fridge to cool. Next I carefully set the candles around my house and lit some sweet smelling bursa escort incense sticks – in my bedroom, my kitchen and my bathroom – my idea was to turn my apartment into an sensual den of love for us to partake of our erotic lust feast in. Now I needed to select something to wear – I decided on my black/turquoise cavewoman style dress, which had three huge cutouts down it’s right side – everyone I knew loved this dress on me, so I knew it was the right one to wear. Since I was at home, I chose to remain beautifully barefoot.

I just finished dressing and heard a noise – knock, knock, knock – I thought, could it be Lorelei and her friends? I quickly answered it, and sure enough it was. Lorelei and four of her sweetest friends, as she called them. One had long blonde hair and was wearing a sweet, skimpy, simple summer dress, the brunette was wearing a glitter tube top with matching hot pants, the black haired one was wearing leather pants with a leather halter top and the last one to come in was redhead who was wearing a long, flowy spaghetti strapped purple velvety dress. I told them they could put their shoes, bags, etc., in the corner of my room, so they would be out of the way, which they did. Wow, they were all completely gorgeous, which was what she had told me previously when we had talked on the phone, to set up this incredible date. But this didn’t completely surprise me, since they were all strippers at the infamous Mitchell Brothers adult nightclub that was located just about two blocks away from where I lived at.

Lorelei one by one introduced them to me – the taller black haired one was Cara, the one with long blonde hair was Sunflower, the busty brunette’s name was Angelica and the redhead’s name was Lilith. I then quickly went and turned on some music and then got the pillows for us to sit on. I used my fabric odds and ends for the runner and placemats to set out on the living room floor – which the food would go on, and where we were going to eat. I carefully set up our eating area, as they lounged and talked on the couch, and served the fruit salad in each one’s bowls (no silverware allowed – we were going to handfeed ourselves and each other). I set out escort bursa all the honey I had, because Lorelei told me previously to have at least a fair amount of honey on hand. Before we ate I lit all the candles in the house and turned out all the lights.

We all sat down, and I asked us to all join hands and close your eyes. They had perplexed looks on their faces. I then said “I am thankful for all these wonderful sweet delights that I am going to partake of this evening” and then said “let’s eat”. While we were feeding each other the sweet tasting delights of Mother Nature, we were all being turned on immensely by each other’s titillating eating of the food. When we were done eating just the food, we turned to each other to partake of each other, with a little fruit and honey mixed in to sweeten the bite, not that the flesh isn’t sweet enough on it’s own. I was vegetarian by now, and this was a situation where my saying “vegans and vegetarians are carnivores too” came to play very well.

I was sitting by myself, and I felt something dripping down my back, to my sweet surprise it was Sunflower pouring honey down my back and then she proceeded to lick it off. I then turned to Lorelei and said to her “Oh, this is why we needed a lot of honey?”

She said “yes, so we could turn each other into honey covered delights.” Oh, that for me added a really sweet turn to this evening – along with the five delightful honies in my living room. So I proceeded to lay down while Sunflower dripped honey on my now nude body from head to toe. Then she engulfed my breasts one by one with her wide open wanton mouth, then trailed down my belly with her slithering, wandering tongue. Oh, I was in heaven! She then parted my glistening wet opening even further, sliding her tongue into my pussy hole and swirling it around and around, alternating with licking and sucking my clit until I came all over her mouth – while she drank up my sweet honey all the way till the last drop.

Then I proceed to return the favor to her… Slowly and deeply I kissed her, while caressing her delicious breasts, teasing the nipples till they were hard. Then I quickly went between her thighs, with my tongue leading bursa escort bayan the way, and licked her into a sweet orgasm that I drank in with all my five senses. Oh, she was so sweet tasting, that I continued until she had the sweetest release all over my face and into my wide open mouth.

The music stopped, so I got up and I quickly changed the tape over (it was Madonna’s “Erotica, that I borrowed from Lorelei), so as to not interrupt what was going on in the center of my living room. As I saw out of the corner of my eye, a honeyed orgiastic feast happening in the middle of my living room. A Celtic knot of pure lust. I motioned to Sunflower for us to join them. I joined them, and she went into the kitchen and brought back my fully ripe bananas I bought a couple days ago. She proceeded to peel all of them and handed each one.

Well, we knew what to do with them, we slid them into each other’s gleaming wet pussies that were dripping with pure ecstasy delight. There were lovely breasts, lithe limbs, gleaming mounds opening and closing with sweet bliss, revealing their full vulvic flowers that were oozing with nectar, entangled with each other’s hair, everywhere you looked. My room had turned into an sensual erotic den of love that we were all partaking of our sensual lust fest in, just like I had imagined and wanted.

I then went to the bathroom to make us a yummy strawberry bubble bath, my most favorite bath scent. When the tub was filled, I slowly hurried the other women into the tub, a very tight squeeze, but we all lusciously fit in. First we lingered in there lightly caressing each other, rubbing each other’s clits, sucking and petting each other’s breasts, and massaging each other where one needed it most. Then Cara kissed me deeply and fully and I stuck my fingers deep in her pussy while rubbing her clit, till she came with pure delight, letting my fingers linger there to feel her sweet release, and then bringing her pussy up high enough to taste a bit of it before it all mixed in with the water.

This action started a full on wet and wild orgy in my bathtub. With our bodies wet and sweet and our scents mixed in with the strawberry scent, it was heaven in a bathtub. We took turns eating each others sweet pussy, making sure that each had at least a few orgasmic releases per tongue lickin’ bliss. Then we all came together to seal our sweet, sensual, orgiastic feast with a wet, silkened edged, erotic kiss.

The phone rang and when I picked it up I heard sweet Lorelei’s voice on the other end. I was surprised, because we hadn’t talked since our 1st incredible sexual encounter, which was about a month ago. Turns out she was very busy, as was I, with work and going out almost nightly to see…

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