Homewrecker Ch. 02


I woke up with a sick taste in my mouth. I swiped my hand past my mouth, wiping off the drool residue that was left from my sleep the night before. That’s hot, I thought to myself. When I opened my eyes they adjusted to the brightness of a strange room. My head whipped to the side to see Brandon’s back facing towards me. It was slowly rising and lowering, so I knew he was asleep which calmed me down.

Then my mind flashed into realization. This kid besides me had a boyfriend, whom I had just helped him cheat on. Fuck. I slowly sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed to rest my feet on the matted carpet. My eyes searched the room desperately for my scattered clothing from the night before. I got up from the bed and slowly started putting my clothes back on my body as I found them; briefs, shirt, shorts, one sock, the other sock, and finally shoes.

After I was fully dressed, I turned around to check to make sure that Brandon was still asleep. I saw his body on the bed, barely covered except for a sheet draped over his waist. He looks even more glorious in the morning; his muscular build slowly moving up and down with each breath, his buzzed cut hair and his sexy arms, which had been all over me only a few hours ago. I wanted to slide back into the bed and under the sheet to start sucking his flaccid dick until he woke up with a hard wet dick and came down my throat. I reminded myself of the boyfriend and that I was already a homewrecker, so I better not risk a second attempt at pleasure. With one last glance at his body I crept to the door, and left his room closing the door softly behind me.

“What are you doing?” I jumped at the voice behind me and whipped around to see Will in the kitchen of the apartment. He seemed to be cleaning up from the night before, but all he was wearing were his briefs and I could see his stocky muscular body staring back at me from the kitchen. “I thought you had gone home. Why were you in Brandon’s room.”

“Umm.. uhh,” I was choking on my words trying to come up with a fast excuse. His eyes widened in realization at me.

“Oh. Have some fun last night did we?” Will was giving me a really strange look. He looked genuinely intrigued, but there was another sort of tone behind his voice. I couldn’t decide if he was mad or possibly jealous. There was definitely something of about his voice.

“I guess you could say that,” I answered back, not breaking eye contact with his judgmental gaze. “But I should probably get going, I have a lot to get done today.”

He looked at me without answering for a moment then finally said, “Yeah. I guess you better.” His answer took me by surprise. It was so cold, but I was too disoriented and slightly hungover from the night before to dispute it. I gave a sort of half-hearted head nod his direction and then walked out the door.

The next few days I didn’t hear anything from either Will or Brandon, which wasn’t unusual, but it was stressful on me. For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about Brandon. I knew it was wrong, and every time I thought about texting him I was reminded about his boyfriend. I figured the reason he hadn’t texted me was because he also remembered his boyfriend the next morning and decided to steer clear of me. And yet, I still couldn’t stop thinking about him. About that hot body against mine, his lips and tongue exploring my mouth and that cock. That cock that fucked me hard until it came.

That wasn’t all that I thought about though. When I thought about him I felt a genuine happiness. The conversation we had, although short had left me with an intense feeling of longing; something I wasn’t used to. I didn’t normally like guys that fast, or at all. I had to keep telling myself not to text him and secretly, was a little hurt he didn’t text me either.

As for Will, I couldn’t help but feel Cami Halısı weird about what had went down that morning. Remembering the tone in his voice and the way he looked at me. He was one of the good friends I had made over the last summer and I wanted to make sure that everything was cool between us so I decided to shoot him a text: “Hey man. What’s up?”

I got busy the next couple days with school and work, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t realize that Will never texted me back. It had been about a week and a half before I finally received a text.

“Hey man,” Brandon had sent. Although it wasn’t the text I was expecting, my mind immediately started feeling better. I was overcome with a sense of happiness. I wanted to respond the next second, but decided I should wait a minute or two so I didn’t seem so eager. I was almost disgusted with myself for being so happy about a text from a guy who had a boyfriend.

“Hey kid, how’ve you been?” I responded. Although I had waited a couple minutes to respond, Brandon’s came in right away which made me smile dumbly at my phone.

“I’ve been pretty good. Been thinking about the other night,” He replied. I was a little taken aback by this. I was not sure if he meant this as a good thing or more of a regret, so I replied carefully.

“Oh. Is that so?” I sent the text to him, but realizing this wasn’t enough decided to also right, “what about it?”

This time the text took a few minutes to come in, which made me nervous. My feeling of nervousness left me as soon as I read, “About how fucking hot it was. Would love to get the chance to do it again.”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, or how happy it made me. Reading this sent a little twinge in my pants. The thought of getting to have my way with Brandon again excited me to no end. Thinking of all the different things we could try sober made my dick start to grow, but I was determined to keep my cool.

“Yeah man,” I responded. “That would be hot.” After sending these texts, the thought of his boyfriend flashed into my head again. I decided that if he was willing to take this further, I was too. Although I’m not sure if this was my head or my dick talking.

“Well,” he replied quickly, “what are you doing right now?” The text took me off guard. I wasn’t expecting for him to mean right away, but then again why shouldn’t he? I wanted to believe I had a conscious about hooking up with someone who was taken, but when I thought about all the thinking I had been doing about him this past week and a half it seemed stupid not go just go for it.

“Your place or mine?” I responded. The reply came in only a few seconds:

“Mine, Will just headed to the library for a few hours. Gives us plenty of time of explore our options.” Reading this gave me instant wood. I got up, slipping on a jock strap and some other easily-removable clothes and texted him as I walked out the door:

“Be there in five.”

The drive there seemed to take forever, although it was only a few miles. My mind kept racing at the thought of getting to see and use his body once more. The boyfriend was completely out of my mind and my lust had taken over.

When I got to his apartment complex, I basically sprinted up the steps before pounding on his door. It took a few seconds for him to open up the door, but it felt like forever.

When he opened the door, I was blinded by his white smile and all around attractiveness.

“Hey,” Brandon said in a relaxed tone as he opened the door and let me in.

“Hey,” I replied as I walked through the door. “How’ve you been?”

“Horny,” he said. I turned to face him smiling but he grabbed my arm and threw me onto the couch. I was a little startled at first but was quickly excited as he straddled my body and leaned down to kiss me. His Cami Halıları lips felts warm against mine. Our kissing started off gentle but quickly became aggressive as we started getting heated. My hands moved up the sides of his hard torso onto his broad shoulders and his hands grabbed my neck, tilted my head upwards towards his. Our tongues danced around each other as we continued to kiss.

Brandon broke the kiss and I almost let out an audible “no” but contained myself as I saw him grab the bottom of his shirt and rip it over his head. I was finally able to see his full torso in the light of day. His six-pack stuck out in hard muscles leading up to his pecs with dark, round nipples.

“Fuck,” I said as my eyes moved up and down his body several times. I looked up and into his eyes and he was looking down at me smiling. He leaned in for another passionate kiss, but this one only last a few seconds because he once again broke it but this time to tear off my shirt.

My body was nowhere near as hot as Brandon’s. I had been going to the gym to try to get bigger, but I still was only a tightly toned body on a small frame. Brandon, however, didn’t seem to mind.

“Fuck man. You’re so hot. I want to take you right here.” After he said this I smiled at the compliment but he twisted my body so it was lying flat against the couch. He moved his mouth onto the bottom of my chin and started kissing my neck. I moaned from the sensation as his mouth moved down my neck and onto my collarbone. His mouth then moved towards one of my nipples where I felt his lightly bite down as me started sucking it. I moaned loudly and arched my body into his. He moved towards my other nipple. I was moaning loudly as his mouth moved down my stomach to my shorts.

He quickly tore off my shorts and although I thought he was going to dive right into my already hard cock, he pushed my legs up and drove his tongue into my ass. I gasped as he started massaging my hole with his tongue. I could feel him moaning into my hole as he rimmed me and this made me even more turned on and I moaned in response. Soon he licked up from my hole and started sucking on my balls while his hand moved up and started stroking my cock. I reached down to rub my hands through his hair.

“Please just suck me, ” I moaned as I grabbed his head and pulled it to the tip of my cock. I saw that he was smiling before he took the head of my dick into his mouth. Slowly he started bobbing up and down on my shaft, taking more in his mouth each time. I started moving my hips up into his jaw and before long I was full on face-fucking his throat. I felt him moaning into my groin, but I didn’t stop because his mouth felt so good on my cock.

I heard Brandon start to gag and released his head so he could come up for air. When he did, he flipped his body up and quickly ripped off his pants briefs. He grabbed my legs and pulled my body into his. I felt his cock slide in between my two ass cheeks and he started fucking my crease as he brought his mouth down into mine. He was teasing me and I loved it. Soon I felt his press the head of his cock against my hole. I gasped in anticipation, but at that second we both heard the door unlock and our heads flew to it.

“What the fuck is going on?” Will asked as he stared through the door at mine and Brandon’s naked bodies intertwined. Brandon quickly got off of me and grabbed clothes to cover his crotch and threw some at me too. Will continued speaking, this time just to Brandon:

“What the hell, Brandon? You always talk about how you can’t cheat on Jeff, but here you are with Jake. What makes him so special?” As Will said these things I remembered the other morning and immediately understood that it was jealousy that he felt. He had wanted Brandon this whole time.

“Maybe I should leave,” I said I started standing up to get dressed. Brandon’s hand flew up in front of me.

“No,” he said at me. “You’re not leaving, things were just getting serious.” He then directed the conversation at Will, “Are you honestly still obsessed with this? I thought we got over this a while ago?”

“We did,” said Will, “when you started dating Jeff I said that I would leave you alone, but then you go and fuck around with someone else. I don’t get it.”

Brandon dropped his head down in thought for a few seconds before he looked at me and smiled. “Well then, what if both Jake and I fuck you?”

I was taken aback. Brandon was inviting Will into our sex. All of a sudden I was the one feeling jealous. I knew that Brandon and I were nothing more than fuck buddies, but I still wanted him to myself, I was not up for sharing.

“Are you serious?” Will asked.

“Yeah man,” said Brandon. He looked at me, “As long as your okay with this Jake.” I looked at Brandon for a few seconds, we were just having a great time and I wasn’t about to lose Brandon to Will just because he was jealous.

“Yeah,” I said standing up and walking towards Will. “Let’s do this.” After I said this I threw the clothes I had been using to cover myself back and on the ground and pushed Will down to his knees and put my dick in his mouth. He immediately started taking my whole dick down his throat. I gasped, but continued to let him deep throat me.

Brandon walked up behind me and slipped his hand onto my ass. As I turned towards him, he pressed his mouth against mine and started making out with me vigorously. Will stopped sucking me and took Brandon’s huge cock in his mouth while his hand stroked my dick. He began alternating between our dicks: one in his mouth and one in his hand. It felt amazing and so did Brandon’s mouth against mine.

After a few minutes, Brandon lifted Will up from the ground and he headed to Brandon’s bed. Brandon and I ripped off Will’s clothes as fast as possible. Brandon sat down on the bed and Will immediately started going down on his dick again. I went behind Will and started eating out his ass.

All three of us were moaning. After few minutes, Brandon got up on his knees and started face-fucking Will. When he did this, I got up and lubed my dick up and after a few seconds started slowly pushing my dick into Will’s ass. I heard him moan loudly, but I just kept sliding my dick in until it was fully in his ass. Then I slowly started fucking his ass at the same pace that Brandon was fucking his mouth.

Brandon reached over Will’s body and grabbed my head to make out with me again. As we were making out, we each started fucking Will’s holes even faster and harder. I could hear him moaning loudly beneath us, his voice stifled by Brandon’s cock in his throat.

After a few minutes, Will pulled off of Brandon’s cock to say, “I can’t take it anymore guys, I’m gonna blow.”

Brandon and I looked at each other and smiled. I pulled out of Will’s ass as Brandon flipped Will onto his back. We were all jacking off furiously; Brandon and I positioned over Will’s body. After a few seconds, Will’s cock erupted onto his chest. This was enough to send both Brandon and I over the edge and we started shooting cum all over Will’s chest and face.

Once we were all done, Will was dripping in all of our cum. Brandon leaned over to me for another quick kiss and then said, “Will you better get yourself cleaned up.” We all laughed as Will got up and walked awkwardly to his room to try not to drip cum everywhere.

“Fuck man,” I said. “That was too fucking great.”

“I know man,” Brandon replied.

“Well I guess I should get going.”

Brandon just looked at me and then said, “Yeah I guess, but I’ll text you later. We have to plan our next time.”

I looked at Brandon and smiled, unsure whether he actually meant this or not. I went to the living room to collect my clothes and leave. Before I even got to the car, I already had a text from Brandon thanking me for the great time.

I woke up with a sick taste in my mouth. I swiped my hand past my mouth, wiping off the drool residue that was left from my sleep the night before. That’s hot, I thought to myself. When I opened my eyes they adjusted to the brightness of a strange room. My head whipped to…

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