Home For The Summer Ch. 3


I had planned to stay home after supper, but Peg’s warning about her daughter Carol left me with an itch between my legs that I couldn’t reach to scratch. It seemed all too incredible for belief. Would the little blond bitch who wouldn’t even go to the movies with me actually play bed hockey with my stick just to ruin her mother’s relationship with me? Could I believe that Peg really didn’t care if I fucked her daughter, much less that she even hoped I would? Would Peg really continue to make love to me even if my cock was visiting from time to time in her daughter’s pussy as well? With questions like that bouncing around in my head looking for answers, there was no way I could sit still through the Ed Sullivan Show on TV.

I rang the doorbell at the Stockton home about 7:45. Carol answered the door wearing a rather worn terry cloth bath robe. I suspected the robe was all she had on. She did look lovely though. Although a little damp, her hair was carefully swept up into an attractive bun, and neatly pinned. She was either not long out of the pool, or had just finished bathing. If my guess about no swim suit inside her robe was correct, the likely choice was that she had only recently come from her shower. Yet, something didn’t fit here. Her hair was too perfectly done, her face too carefully made up, the paint on her nails too fresh, and I could smell perfume. Strange! Why would a girl alone and on her way to bed doll herself up to the nines?

“Hi Carol,” I greeted her, “I know you’re here by yourself tonight. Would you like some company?”

“Hi Ricky,” she answered me, I certainly would. This place is like a tomb. I was hoping you’d drop by. Come with me out to the pool. The moon’s out and its a pretty night, I’ll get you a drink… bourbon on the rocks isn’t it?

“Yeah that’ll be fine” I told her taking a seat on the a small patio couch that was capable of a modest swinging motion within the limits of its supporting base. I don’t know what they call that kind of couch today, but in the ‘50’s and before it was called a ‘glider.” There was a similar ‘glider’ chair suitable for one person only strategically located facing the couch. When I sat down it was with the assumption that Carol would take that chair.

I was wrong. Just as Peg had warned me, Carol had something else in mind.

On the way over with my drink… surprise, surprise… the sash on Carol’s robe came loose and although she made a fumbling try at closing it with her free hand, my earlier suspicions were confirmed. The only thing under that robe was a bare assed Carol Stockton.

Mother and daughter may have been at odds over me, but when I was around, they had at least one thing in common. Neither one seemed to be able to keep her sash tied or her robe closed. We didn’t know much about genes in the 50’s. Those kind of familial coincidences were usually blamed on ‘something in the water,’ but when it came to these two, I doubt their water supply had anything to do with it.

Neither did Carol take a seat in the chair in front of me as I had expected. Instead, as she handed me my drink she dropped down beside me on the glider couch. Nor did she sit in the usual way with her feet on the floor. Rather she landed sitting sideways, with her legs up on the couch between us, and her calves and feet folded back under her thighs. This abrupt sprawl onto the couch popped her robe even wider open both top and bottom. Exposed was an expanse of tempting teenage female flesh that included a lot of thigh and one pretty little tit and nipple. Carol pretended not to notice, and went on chatting with me. I played along, trying not to stare (with only limited success), and chatted back at her as if I was discussing the new choir robes with Mother Superior.

After about ten minutes of sparring aimlessly, the conversation got down to business.

“You are fucking my mother aren’t you Ricky?’ was her point blank question.

I gave a non committal answer. “Why? If I was, is that some business of yours?”

“You can bet it is my business,” she said in a rush. “She ought to go back to my father, and I mean to do everything I can to see that she does some day. That isn’t going to happen though if she is all mushy and satisfied from riding on some other guy’s prick… and I could tell from her face today, that is exactly where she’s at… all mushy and satisfied. I want it stopped right now, no more, ever, not with you or anybody else.”

There was no doubt about it, this officious little bitch took her role as the self appointed guardian of her mother’s pussy quite seriously. Her tone was quiet, even reasonable, as if she was talking about a spring sale at Sears. I could tell, however, that her calm was a false front. There was that hint of agitation under her words, and her vascular system was betraying her with a flushed face, and a pretty little tit that was turning an even sexier shade of pink than before.

I wondered just how far she would go Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort with this business, and I thought I would push her a little to find out.

“You can’t give orders to me Carol, and I can’t think of a single reason why I should kick a good looking piece of ass like your mother out of my bed. What would be in it for me?” I stopped there, and left the bait out of the boat to see if the fish were biting.

They certainly were!

“This is what is in it for you!” Carol announced as she stood and stripped off her robe. “I promise I will take just as good a care of your cock, and make it just as happy, as she does,” and with that the little sexpot dropped to her knees between my legs and began to unzip my fly. I didn’t interfere. I certainly didn’t intend to cooperate with this catty and juvenile attempt to deny Peg Stockton her own life, but I didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t at least enjoy some of the fringe benefits for my trouble.

My cock was out, soft but hardening in Carol’s hand. Her eyes got big just like her mother’s had when she saw the amount of male meat she had promised to “make happy”. Undeterred, however, my would-be teenage volunteer mistress dropped her mouth down over the glans and began to suck me… hard. She was damned good at it too. Very experienced, was my guess! I doubted I could take her talented mouth for very long before I lost my wad… and I was determined not to let that happen. For tonight at least, this little bitch wasn’t going to steal even one drop away from what I was saving for her mother.

Gritting my teeth, I gave Carol a free rein and enjoyed her mouth for the minute or two in which I was still safely in control of any possible ejaculation. Before slipping past the point of no return, however, I grabbed her by the ears, and pulled her mouth farther down on my penis. Then, holding her head firmly in place, I began thrust my hips, driving my cock deep, cruelly choking her with my meat, fucking her mouth as if it had been a cunt. Damn but I would have liked to finish down her throat, but that would have ruined everything I had planned.

Taking a firm grip on a handful of hair I pulled her mouth abruptly off my rod, and yanked her head as far back as her neck allowed. She was staring into my eyes as I spoke, indeed with the grip I had on her hair, she could not have done otherwise.

“Ya fuckin’ little bitch. Who the hell do you think you are? What gives you the right to meddle in your mother’s life? You don’t care if your father makes her happy or not. Selfish cunt! It’s only about what Carol wants, isn’t it? And what a little whore you are. You wouldn’t give me the time of day… wouldn’t even go to the movies with me… but to spite your mother you will suck my cock and offer to fuck me. Let me tell you something bitch, In a thousand years of trying, you couldn’t make my cock, or me either, as happy as your mother does. Its time that you, bitch, learn a lesson on how to be a decent and loving daughter.”

As good as it felt to spout off, I knew that to do any good my message needed reinforcement. I grabbed one of Carol’s arms by the wrist and forced it behind her back in a hammer lock. Using that leverage on her arm, and the hold I still had on her hair, I half drug and half forced my teen captive to crawl across my knees, face down, buttocks up. Still holding her arm in the half nelson with my left hand, I began to spank her with all the strength I had in my right arm on that part of her anatomy Mother Nature thoughtfully provided for the punishment of naughty children.

SPLAT, SPLAT, SPAT…… I was really laying it on and Carol was screaming in pain, distress, and humiliation at this unexpected violation of her tender bottom. I paid no attention. I don’t know how badly her back side was suffering under my assault, but I can tell you the palm of my hand was really hurting. I should have brought along the souvenir fraternity paddle from the wall of my room. SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT….. Sore hand or not I continued to lay it on until Carol’s tight little ass was as red as a beet. This was a spanking I meant for this bitch to remember for a lifetime.

Finally, my point began to sink in. Screaming did her no good. Escape from the pain required a change of attitude. With that revelation, Carol settled down to sobbing out repentant pleas for mercy. I slowed my blows in order to listen.

“Oh Please, Ricky, don’t spank me any more. I’ll be good I promise. Fuck my mother all you want. I’ll even help.”

SPAT! “No, Ricky, stop. I’ll help, I swear. I’ll even put it in her pussy for you.”

SPAT! “I will, I promise, I’ll suck you ‘till you’re good and hard and stick in her cunt, but don’t… no more. My fanny is on fire. Please, I’ll do anything you want, but God, don’t spank me any more.”

The truth was that I was looking for an excuse to stop. My hand was killing me, and I was winded from holding Carol’s jerking and twisting naked body while I walloped her rear end. Besides, I had one hell of a hard-on that I needed to hide. For damn sure I didn’t want Carol to know that she could effect me that way.

If only this sexy bare assed teen wasn’t wiggling against me, and I could sit more or less quietly for a couple of minutes, maybe my erection would go down and she would never be the wiser. To that end, I abruptly spread my knees and dumped my well spanked teen on the floor at my feet. Before she could react, I snatched her up to standing tall between my knees and facing me. To keep her attention away from my crotch I tugged on her nipples. Perhaps that diversion wasn’t really necessary. Both of her hands were busy rubbing her still burning rear end and that more painful problem kept her totally preoccupied. She never once glanced down at the embarrassing situation between my legs.

“All right, Carol,” I told her. “Against my better judgment I’ll have pity on you and quit for now, but lets get thing straight. Starting now you are going to treat your mother with respect. You will allow her whatever life of her own she wants, and the right to run it as she chooses. You will never again meddle with her privacy, including but not limited to, who she chooses to fuck. That is simply no longer any of your business. Fail in what I am telling you, and I will drag you back naked over my knee, and next time I’ll use a riding crop. Do you understand?”

A crestfallen “Yes Sir”, was what I heard in reply

“And another thing you little prick teasing bitch. A few minutes ago you were sucking me off and offering to let me fuck you. Well, I accept. From now on, you will indeed have sex with me from time to time, only on my terms, not yours. Yes, you are going to make my cock happy, as you so quaintly put it, not because I am co-conspirator in your foul little scheme, but because you made the mistake of offering your mouth and pussy on the open market. That makes you a whore, and a whore is fair game to whoever is man enough take her. Don’t worry my little whore, you will learn to love having my cock in your pussy just as much as Peg loves having it stuck in hers. I will assume, therefore, that I have a standing offer to fuck you, with all the trimmings, anytime I feel horny for some teen age pussy. That is true isn’t it, whore? I can get a blow job or a slice a piece off your ass any time I want… can’t I?”

That was a tough demand for Carol to accept, and she spent several minutes considering her alternatives until she decided she didn’t have any. Her answer finally came as another simple, “yes Sir.”

“Fine then, but some other time, perhaps, just not tonight. You don’t deserve my cock in you pussy tonight after what you tried to pull on your mother. I have decided, however, to leave you with a taste of what you missed because you were such an unconscionable little bitch. Whore… bitch… tonight all you get is foreplay. You will spread for me, and stay spread while I play with your pussy and asshole until you beg me for mercy.

My hard-on had subsided, and I was comfortably in control. I stood, and grabbed the robe sash from where it had fallen on the glider. I spun my victim around and seized her two hands that were still behind her trying to rub the heat out of her bright red and burning buns. In an instant I had the sash tightly tied around her wrists binding her arms uselessly behind her.

“All right bitch, get on your knees. Use that air mattress float by the pool. I want your head and shoulders flat with your ass up in the air. You have been acting like a dog bitch, I’m going to treat you like one.”

As ordered, my naked teen captive stepped to the inflated float that was lying on the pool deck. With her hands bound behind her, it wasn’t easy to keep her balance, but she successfully knelt there, one knee at a time. It wasn’t any easier for her to drop her head and shoulders to deck level, but by bending her body slowly and cautiously she managed. She was now in the most humiliating and defenseless position I could think of at the time. Her head on the mattress was turned toward me and I could see tears of shame in her eyes. Good! I was getting the results I wanted.

“Spread those thighs, Carol. That’s it! Spread them nice and wide where I can get at your ass and cunt. GOL-LEE! Aren’t you a sexy picture you little slut. All naked and helpless, submissive even; your hands tied behind that lovely bare back; your tight little red ass up in the air; both your holes on display and ready for me to use. I wish I had a camera. I’ll bet I could make some really big bucks selling this picture to all the boyfriends you have prick teased. Well, so much for enjoying the view. Let’s see how my female puppy dog likes to have a boy hound behind her nuzzling her tender spots.”

Kneeling behind her I buried my nose right in the crack of her ass, and began to lick the tight little pussy my tongue found right under her ass hole. I was a little surprised to find Carol’s vagina sopping wet and ready to be fucked before I ever touched it. She must have been getting off on being spanked and humbled. No matter! I gave her the ten dollar suck anyway. I made a little game of it. I would force my tongue into her slit, wiggle it around, pull it out, then repeat the whole thing.

“So abuse turns the little slut on does it?” I thought to myself. I had hoped all along that such might be the case. Now that her weakness was confirmed, I intended to take full advantage of having her pussy and her ass hole at my mercy. Erotic images of a dominated and aroused Carol began to take shape in my head. My next step seemed obvious enough. “So… she likes sensual torture, does she… well then she shall have some.”

Even as I contemplated Carol’s further humiliation, my tongue did not neglect the pussy that was in my mouth and beginning to blossom. Carol was moaning and babbling slightly, but mono-syllables were all she could muster under the pressure of my attack upon her tender core. “Oh yesss! More! There! Again! God! Oh, good… good… more…. I want… good!

If Carol wasn’t in heat already, she was on the edge. It was time to turn up the burners. I pulled my face away from her sensitized core, wet a finger in her pussy and then jammed it into her ass hole. She gave a gasp mixed with a small scream, and started to pull away. I put a stop to that with a solid swat on her hyper-tender ass. Her resistance ended immediately, and that freed my hand to seek out the little erect nub of her clit at the top of her cunt. I found it easily. It was already peeking out from its guardian folds as if seeking my attention.

I was totally dominant over poor Carol now. On her knees with her shoulders down and flat, and with her hands tied behind her back, she could not generate any leverage to even get up, let alone to protect herself from my torment. Moreover, if she had ever had any reluctance about having sex with me, my tongue had scrubbed it away, and that latest slap I had landed on her tender buttocks was she needed to remind her of the consequences of denial.

I had my fingers of one hand stroking her clitoris, while the social finger of the other was pumping in and out of her butt hole. The coup de grace was when I slid the thumb opposing the butt finger into her pussy. Her cunt and ass hole, the very core of her sexual being was now literally in the palm of my hand, pinched there between the vice of my fingers. No woman could have stood that for long, and my little teen victim proved to be no exception as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.

“What do you want Carol. Tell me, or I’ll put you back over my knee and spank you ass again.”

“Oh Ricky! I want to be fucked, that’s what I want. Please fuck me! I won’t be naughty ever again. I’ll be your slut bitch, your whore, whenever you want, but please just fuck me now.”

“No way Carol. Not tonight anyway. In a few minutes you are going to call your mother and tell her to find some way to get me inside that bank. You’re going to give her the message that I’m on my way to fuck her brains out right on the bank president’s desk. Moreover, you will tell her that you approve, and that I have your blessing to fuck her just as often as she wants me.”

“No Ricky, not until you fuck me, please, pretty please. OK I acted like a bitch, but now you have me helpless. So use me. My ass is up and defenseless. Take me like the bitch I am. Dog fuck me!”

“No way my sexy little girl slut. Not tonight. Tonight your mother gets all my cum. She’s entitled to it. You’re not. Now get with it and make that phone call.

I untied her hands then and helped her to her feet. There was a phone on the porch and I listened to her call her mother and give my instructions. I couldn’t hear Peg’s side of the conversation of course, but Carol repeated what I told her almost verbatim. Once she hung up, I had her lead me to her bedroom and spread-eagle herself on her big double bed. She looked up at me hopefully as I searched thru her closet and dresser drawers for more robe sashes, scarves, and cloth belts I could use to bind her across her bed.

It took a few minutes but soon enough I found plenty of what I needed. I asked her were she kept her vibrator and she pulled an nice chrome one out of her night stand, I tied a scarf around her eyes as a blindfold and carefully tied each of her arms, then her legs to the corner of the bed nearest to each. I crawled between her legs and licked her pussy for a few minutes, partly to hear her moan and give her a false hope I was going to fuck her after all, but mostly to be sure she was good and wet for the vibrator.

Satisfied she was ready, I slid that buzzing little imitation dick right into her cunt. Before I could finish securing it there with a scarf and a little belt I had found, her first orgasm hit her. Then orgasmic panic set in as she felt me leave her bed.

“Bye now Carol, nite nite, don’t let the bedbugs bite. I’m on my way to the bank to fuck your mother,” I joked as I headed to the door.

I had planned to stay home after supper, but Peg’s warning about her daughter Carol left me with an itch between my legs that I couldn’t reach to scratch. It seemed all too incredible for belief. Would the little blond bitch who wouldn’t even go to the movies with me actually play bed hockey with…

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