Hoffner Revealed

Hoffner Revealed

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I have a thing for older men, with hairy chests, blue eyes, it makes me crazy, I would do anything for them, I know that. I would get on my knees and suck their delicious musky cocks till they came geysers down my willing throat. I would offer my smoothly shaved ass and spread all night for them as they powerfucked me into submission. I would offer my smoothly shaved balls and cock to pleasure them anyway they wanted. I would share my love of having my balls squeezed hard; my nipples twisted until I cried out in pain and then twisted even harder to let me know I was theirs. I would thrust my hips forward and welcome their fists against my willing balls, their knees, their feet, pummeling me until I collapsed in ecstasy on the floor, with my ass in the air, waiting to be taken. I would smile as they gagged me with a ball gag, tightened the nipple clamps on me, handcuffed me tight behind my arms and looking into my eyes as I quivered in anticipation, as they held the popper bottle to my nose and made me breath deep on both sides, forcing me to take in more, until my body burned from the sexual high and I flushed and arched my hips in the throes of pure carnal lust, as they bludgeoned my balls, and squeezed them in their strong masculine hands, cupping them easily in a vice-like grip as I bucked and shook in the heat of their maleness. I would do all of this and more, I would lie on my stomach as they tied my feet and hands together, mouth gagged and impaled me with larger and larger dildos, each one spreading me wider, until I thought I would explode and then a bigger one, stretching me to my limit, as they pulled on my hair arching my back into the engorged rubber and than slowly sliding their pink, Cami Halısı grey haired cocks up my love channel past my puckered rose into me, deep in to me, spreading me, touching my ass, filling me with their thick cocks, feet and hands bound in the air, pummeling me, pounding my willing ass, till I heard their shallow breath increasing, moaning, and screaming finally as they cum in a rapture, and I lay spent and satiated and glowing with the feel of a man’s strong body in and on mine, owning me. This I would do and more.

Hoffner and I were sitting at his cottage, we had spent the day fishing and we were pretty tired.

“I’m going to have a shower, are you coming”, he asked smiling?

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

We climbed into the shower and he turned me towards the faucet and begin soaping up my back, rubbing slowly, he made his way down to my ass and cleaned me all over, in my crack all around my balls. It felt wonderful. I turned around and washed his hairy, grey chest. It was nice, warm, firm and soft at the same time. He had nice pink nipples and I loved sucking on them. They were a good size, not too big or small. He had a nice belly, not fat, but full, the sign of a comfortable man, who lived a good life. It felt warm and smooth on my hands as I moved down and washed his beautiful balls and cock. They were so perfect, round, big, the size of tangerines and full, they always felt full and firm, and his cock was so soft and warm. I was getting really turned on. I looked into his face and he had his head back eyes closed, moaning softly as I brought his cock to a thick erection, the blood was boiling in his cock, I could feel it in my hand. He had nice full lips, under Cami Halıları his moustache and I leaned forward and kissed him softly, feeling his coarse moustache tickling my face. I loved it and kissed him deeply, tongues swirling and touching together. It was beautiful and I slid into his arms, our wet bodies sensual against each other, grinding our balls and cocks together in a passion dance, the water raining off of our backs. We got out of the shower and went to the couch. Hoffner had on a white tank top and tight white briefs, I wore a thong and a long sleeved shirt. We sat on the couch facing each other and I reached forward and cupped his balls through the soft cotton. He moaned and arched into my hand and then pushed back against me and stuck his forearm against my chest pinning me against the couch. He had a wild look of lust in his eye, that scared me and turned me on at the same time. “I’m going to fuck you hard, would you like that?”

I nodded submissively and he stood and left the room. He came back naked with a raging hard-on and a tube of lube in his hands. “Take those off” he said, and I pulled down my thong and took off my shirt.

“Turn around and grab on tight,” he said laughing

I felt one thick finger slide slowly into my aching hole and I moaned deeply. He slid it in back and forth slowly at first and then faster and faster, rubbing all around my hole and then plunging back in, soon he had two, then three, then four fingers ramming into my hole, and I was spread wide and gasping by now.

He leaned into me driving in his hand deeply and whispered in my ear,

“I don’t need a condom, you’re my first and I want to take you, all of you, own you, shoot my cum on your walls and possess you, all of you.”

I nodded weakly and he leaned back swiftly, grasped both of my shoulders and nudged his pink, swollen cock against my aching hole. He pushed it in slowly and I could feel his heat right away, it was tight, even with four fingers in there loosening me up, but it felt unbelievable. I never imagined the bare skin of a cock in my hole would leave me so helpless. I pushed back and moaned at the delicious feel of his warm cock in my ass. He began fucking me faster and faster, pulling my shoulders back hard against his every thrust, I screamed with joy and lust as I felt him going faster and faster, slipping and slurping in my hole, his beautiful balls smacking loudly against my ass with every thrust until finally, he screamed and yelled, oh fuck, oh fuck and he came, warm streaming, powerful currents of cum deep into my ass, spilling out over his warm pink cock, running down my trembling thighs. I purred and growled with lust and rubbed his cum all over my hole and ass and balls.

“mm, that was amazing.”

I looked back and he sat on the end of the couch, crying with his arms folded around his curled up legs.

“Whats wrong?”

“I don’t know what got into me, did I hurt you?”

” I loved it, all of it, please don’t be sorry. I want it like that, I love it hard and rough. Honestly.”

“Are you sure”

“I’m sure, in fact, I would like it even harder next time and you can let out all of that animal heat on me, I want it all.”

“Can I tell you one of my fantasies, he said”

“Please do.”

“I want to dress up as a cop and arrest you, take you out to the woods, tie you to a tree and fuck you in the woods, hen when I’m done, fuck you with my nightstick.”

“You can do that and more my friend, when do we leave?”

“He laughed and said I’m not going to tell you, just be ready.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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