Hitchiking Ch. 5


I didn’t know what to say, I mean I just stood there holding the phone in dead silence. Finely Martin said, “You still there baby? Why didja call?” I said “I don’t know, I just saw your number and called that’s all.” Martin said “I know why you called, you want some more dick don’t you babe, you need some more dick and your old man can’t give it to you can he?” I said “no, I mean yes, yes I guess I do want more sex, and yes Jim can’t do it like you can, you know what I mean don’t you?” Martin responded very comforting “Sure I do honey, sure I do, you got a taste of what a real man feels like, and you want more don’t you baby?”

I said “Yes, but we talked about it and we both want to do it again if you know what I mean.” There was a long pause before Martin spoke, then he said “Watcha mean baby, you mean your old man and you want to come out here and have us fuck you both? Is that it baby? You and your old man both want to get fucked and you both want to come out here and suck me and my boys cocks?” I said, “Yes, I think so.” Martins said “YOU THINK SO, what the fuck does I think so mean? Either you do or you don’t. Don’t fuckin play games here, I’m sure we can work something out.

Lets say you and your queer husband come back out there and bring lets see 3 no make that 4 cases of Bud, and bring some chicken you can feed us and we’ll return the favor and feed you two, how’s that sound Linda, you game for that? You want to come out tonight and bring the food?” I waited and said, “No, I don’t want to come out tonight.” Martin then asked “well bitch when do you want to fucking come out here then next fucking week?” I said, “No, I want to come out right now.” Martins voice changed soft again and he said “You gona bring the queer or you coming alone?’

I said “I will call Jim and have him come out there after work, he can bring the beer and food if you want.” Martin said in a very joyful voice, “sure, sure that would be great, come on out. Me an the boys will take good care of you all day long and when the bitch gets off work, we’ll take care of him just the way you want.” I said “I have a couple request if you don’t mind.” Martin said, “request, what kinda request you got in mind baby?” I said “Well you make me some more video tapes please, I want to keep them so I can, well you know watch them later.” Martins asked “what bout the Bitch you want me video him in action again for you?”

I said very excited “Oh yes, please, I really love watching him do all those things to you guys and then watching you all do it to him.” Martin laughed and said, “honey you have him bring the food, and I’ll supply the men and tapes, hey they don’t have to all be blacks do they honey? I got lots a friends I bet you’d like them also, they may be white and Mexican, but I can guarantee that they will fuck you like crazy, If you just want black meat, it just limits the pool so to speak.” I had a cold chill run threw my body and I said “I don’t care, I just want to do what we did before, and I want to watch my husband, I don’t care about race or color and I don’t think jimmy does either.

I have one little problem, I don’t want to drive there, can you have somebody come meet me and pick me up at the Post office? That way Jim will have to come out and pick me up after work.” Martin said “sure baby, lets see how about 9 maybe 9:15, look for a white Cadillac and dress like a real cock hungry slut, I want you to tell my boy that you’ll suck him and fuck him for 5 dollars. Tell him to take you some place and you’ll give him the time of his life for Five bucks, will you do that for me baby?” I did not understand why so I asked “why, I mean sure I’ll do it, but if you send him to pick me up won’t he know I’m not a hooker?”

Martin said “don’t worry bout dat, I got just the boy for you, I’ll tell him I got this new bitch and I want him to test her for me. I’ll tell him if the Bitch don’t have a place to bring her here and use the bedroom.” Now wear a hat, you got a hat or something?” I said “no hats how about a red scarf, I’ll tie a red scarf around my neck, How’s that?” martin said Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort “good, he’ll be there at 9, and I expect you to give him real good head before he gets you here too. Oh yea one more thing baby, no panties or bra, you come out here ready to fuck, and wear a real short skirt too, I want my boy to see that hot cunt of yours when you get in the car.”

I heard the phone click and I hung up. I had 1 hour to get ready. At first I began going over in my mind what I would wear, I suddenly realized that I did not have anything to wear that would make me look like a hooker. I do have stockings and garters, I have always felt a real lady would only wear them, I do have some red lipstick, and I could take one of my white blouses and just tie it under my breast. The hard part was what to wear from the waist down.

I looked over my cloths and all my skirts where knee high or below. I knew that even if I used lots of makeup, with out the right skirt I could not pass as a streetwalker. I sat on the bed staring at the closet. Then it hit me; maybe Bev left something in the guest room. Bev was an exchange student from France that stayed with us for two months, she had left some things in the guest room, and she was due back in three months so we just left then there. I went and looked in the closet and sure enough, she had left a few skirts. I saw this dark red short skirt and I hoped it would fit me. I stepped into it and tried it on. God was it ever short, but it did fit around my waist and it felt perfect. I looked in the mirror and I could easily see the garter belt holding up my stockings.

I looked at myself and I looked just like a streetwalker, I also knew that as short as this skirt is, I would have a lot of trouble not showing myself to anyone. I felt very dirty dressed like this, and excited more than words can say. I went out to the garage got in the Jag and drove to the Post office. I got there early so he would not know that I drove there. I waited until 8:58 before I got out of the car and walked around to the front of the Post office. I could feel the air under the short skirt and It felt like my cheeks where hanging out from under it.

I heard all kinds of whistles, as cars and trucks drove by. I felt on fire from embarrassment and at the same time so excited I could hardly breath. A man in a pick-up pulled up to the curb in front of me and leaning over he asked “How much for a date honey, I’m just looking for a quick blow-job.” I said “sorry, I’m waiting for someone, catch me later.” I turned and started walking away from him. I heard a horn and looked in the direction it came from. There was a white Cadillac with an older black man behind the wheel. I walked over to him and he got out and met me on the sidewalk.

He said, “My you look good enough to eat, I like that scarf, how much for a little loven honey?” I looked at him and he was as old as my father, I said, “five bucks gets you sucked and fucked but it’s got to be at your place.” He said, “the price is right, get in and lets get down to business.” He opened the door for me and I sat down facing him, I watched his face as I opened my legs to put them in the car one at a time giving him full view of my pussy. I swear his eyes looked like they were going to pop out. He said, “My, my sure is looking good. ” and he shut the door then got in on his side.

He started driving and he said “A friend a mine said you works for him and I’m suppose to evaluate how you look and put out. He said I could use his place, so we are going out there.” I felt his hand on my left knee and I turned in my seat to give him a clear view of what was in store for him and of course the rest of the men out there. I said “Tell you what honey, you find a nice place to park and I’ll give you that blow-job right now.” He looked at my crotch and back at the roadway. I reached for his cock and felt him through his pants. He was big and hard.

He pulled into a city park and found a place under a tree. I unzipped him and began working his cock driving him into a bucking frenzy. He gave me all of his sperm and it turned me on so much doing such a nasty thing out in the park like this in a car that anyone could walk up on or catch me sucking him off. I was fingering myself like crazy and I wanted it bad. After he came in my mouth and throat, I kept making love to his cock as I worked my clit and hole. I was going nuts with this desire. I sat up and said “Is there any way we can do it now, I can’t wait, I need it now, is there someplace close we can go to?”

He looked around and he said “how bout the men’s room over there.” Pointing to a building about 50 yards from us. I said “what about here, you slide over and I’ll straddle you, lets do it right here, right now.” He slid over and I knelt straddling facing him. He scooted his butt right to the edge as I squatted down easing his big cock inside me. I was so glad he was a black man because his cock did not deflate; I knew he could not give me more sperm right away, but he was nice and stiff, nice and long and real thick. I rode him up and down as he held onto my tits sucking my nipples.

I was fucking him so hard the whole car was shaking as I bounced hard riding his cock. I said “Give it all to be daddy, all of it fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl.” Talking so nasty with this old man and talking as if he was my father and I his daughter drove us both faster and faster. I worked myself to a wonderful climax. As I felt my climax start I felt his cock begin to pulse and flex. I knew I had worked him good enough that he came again at the same time I did. I wrapped my arms around him and ground my self down hard using my cunt to milk every drop from him.

It took a while before I wanted to move, I had my face against his neck and he mine. I finely caught my breath and sat up. I kissed him and said “we better get out a here before we get caught.” I got off of him, knelt down, and licked his cum covered cock. He slid over behind the wheel again and drove off as I continued sucking him. I kept making love to his cock until I felt the car stop. I sat up looked around and saw we had arrived at the farm.

I sat up and waited for him to come around open the door for me. The little skirt I was wearing was so short at that point that I could clearly see my bush as I looked down at myself. When he did open the car door I slowly moved my right leg out and put my foot on the ground. My crotch was wide open and his eyes where exactly where I wanted them to be. He said, “Stop, stay just like that, I want to look at the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.” He moved in close then knelt down on the driveway, he bent in to the car and put his head right up against my pubic hair, I felt him begin to lick me and I grabbed his head as I laid back on the front seat giving him all the room he wanted or needed to eat me.

I closed my eyes and just lost myself to the pleasure he was giving me between my legs. He would lap at it, suck on my clit then suck on one of my labia, then the other, Fuck he would stick his tong in my hole and he lifted my ass up so he could stick it in my asshole. He was driving me crazy again with lust. I opened my eyes and I saw Martin standing there with four of his friends all watching this lovely old man eating me like crazy. Martin said “Hey Pop, come on up from there, lets take her inside where we can all have some fun.” The man never stopped eating me, he kept working away with the only goal in his mind was to give me pleasure. I heard Martin again “Ah come on dad, stop for a minute, lets get the bitch inside.”

I saw Martin reach down and begin to pull the old man away from me. Once Martin pulled his face away, he seemed to come to his senses and he stood up. He said “yea, lets get her inside son.” It hit me real hard when I heard that. I thought the terms of Dad and Pop where just slang words, but when the older man answered Martin using the term Son. It was then that I knew I had just sucked off and fucked Martin’s father. I had a chill run through me as I realized that.

As I got out of the car Martin whistled and said “Your looking fine Mama, you look like your ready, how’s your pussy baby, is it sore?” I looked at him as we walked up the steps and said “not today, but it was a little sore yesterday.” Martin’s dad said “I bet your ass is sore ain’t it< Martin told me you took all the boys two to three times in your ass is that right?' Martin said "come on pop, don't ask my bitch stuff like that." I said as we went through the doorway, "it isn't as bad today as it was yesterday, I'll manage." I looked around and saw two other men inside, I guess martin knew what I was thinking because he said, “Don’t worry baby, the boys and us can take care of you till your hubby gets here. Tell you what, why don’t you start with sucking them off and we’ll just lat nature take its course.” I reached up to untie my top when he said “Oh no, I want you to stay dressed today, you just keep everything on and when you go home you’ll know what a whore feels like after she has fucked all day in her street cloths. Did you tell your old man yet where you’d be today yet?” I said, “No, I didn’t have time to call yet, can I call from here?” Martin said “Sure you got a cell phone don’t you, call him and when you finish talking to him, give me the phone I want to tell him something.” I reached in my purse and pulled out the cell phone. I called Jim at his office. After his secretary put me through he said, “Hello darling, how’s my baby?” I said, “I’m back out here at the farm with Martin and his friends.” Jim cut me off and said “WHAT, those fucking bastards took you out there again, why, we paid them, fuck now how much do they fucking want?” I said, “It wasn’t like that, I called them, I want to be here today, I want you to pick me up after work today. I told Martin that we would bring a couple cases of beer and some KFC. So on the way out here, pick up a couple big buckets and the beer.” There was a long silence at Jim’s end, finely he said in a funny voice. “Ah, OK I’ll get the beer and Chicken anything else, I mean any money?” I said, “No just that, and when you get here, you better plan to be here a couple hours. I want to watch you again, is that OK with you?” Again there was a long pause, Jim finely said “well if you want that, you know I’ll do it for you, but you know I really don’t like doing that you don’t you Linda?” I laughed and said in a very sarcastic voice “Yea, sure you don’t, bout you and I know different don’t we, Wait hold on, Martin wants to talk with you.” I handed Martin the phone and as he put it to his ear and mouth he said to me, “get busy Bitch, start sucking those cocks if you want to get fucked by them. Hey Jimmy baby, how’s it hanging? Man you should see your wife right now, she’s dressed like the slut she really is and she’s on her knees fight now with one cock in her mouth and another in her hand. There’s a brother getting ready to give it to her as she’s on her knees. Shit Jimmy, she is good but she ain’t as good a cocksucker as you are. Tell you what baby, when you get out here tonight I think I’ll have a contest and we’ll let the boys decide which of you is the best cocksucker. How’s that sound baby?” Martin waited a while and then said “hey Jimmy, you there baby, talk to me bitch.” Next he said, “yea, I thought you would, and you better take a good shit before you get out here cause your ass is going to get filled again just the way you love it.” Yea, sure you don’t, but you know you’ll take all the cock we have to offer, you just keep thinking you don’t like it, but like your smart wife told you and I know better don’t we bitch?” What’s that, say it louder, yea, that’s right, well don’t forget the beer and Chicken see you later baby. Oh yea, better stop and pick up some KY before you come out here, unless you want the first one to hurt you.” Martin turned off the phone and said “Your hubby said he can’t wait for tonight.” I heard him talking like that to Jim as I worked the cock in my mouth and throat. I knew that man I was sucking off loved my mouth the way he was moaning and laying back with his eyes closed. The men next to him just sat back as I worked his cock with my hand. I did feel someone behind me getting ready to fuck me. I assumed it was either Martin or his dad.

I didn’t know what to say, I mean I just stood there holding the phone in dead silence. Finely Martin said, “You still there baby? Why didja call?” I said “I don’t know, I just saw your number and called that’s all.” Martin said “I know why you called, you want some more dick don’t…

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