His Sister in His Lap Ch. 02

Full Nelson


After a half-an-hour drive the taxi seemed to have reached its final destination. It stopped at a gate and the driver exchanged a few words over the intercom. The gate slid open and the car drove the final hundred meters to the building, which was either a small hotel or a very large home.

John was completely lost. They’d started the evening in central London and he didn’t think they’d passed the M25 circular, but they’d gradually moved from city, to suburbia and now the area was distinctly rural and in the pitch darkness he could make out a small wood at the bottom of the hill and, further away, the lights of a motorway. He hadn’t spent much time in the capital and the best he could say was that he was pretty sure they were somewhere north of the Thames. He’d tried checking his phone, but it was dead. The last time he’d charged it he’d been in Tokyo.

His sister, Karen, had fallen asleep on his arm. He’d dozed fitfully himself — the booze and the jet-lag meant he should be out cold, but he was too stressed. The last few hours had been a nightmare. Firstly, he’d been invited to a strip-club with his boss and his boss’ boss who were taking part in corporate hospitality with several high-profile clients only to discover his sister worked there. Then his attempt to secretly talk to her had been interpreted as signs that he liked her and he had been ‘treated’ to a lap-dance with her. They’d finally left the club and all he knew now was they were on the way to somewhere else and that Karen had been hired to provide him with sexual services. He’d barely begun to accept that his sister was a stripper. The idea that she was also a call-girl was too much. How had she talked him into any of this?

He shook her gently. “Hggh, John? Wha…” she said groggily.

For a moment, John was worried that as she woke she’d give the whole game away. “Give her a second,” he said. “We’ll catch up with you.”

The other four occupants of the car got out. Roberts, his line manager, graciously holding the door open for his girl of the evening, Amelia and she alighted gracefully. Nakamura, their visiting guest from Japan, had rather more problems, having been black-out drunk through most of the evening and Davina had to help him out of the car and support him as they went into the building.

He waited till his sister was more fully awake and everyone else had gone inside then they got out. The driver flicked an informal salute and drove off. Having alone time with Karen had been difficult this evening, so he made the most of it.

“Listen, we’re in trouble. What are we going to do?”

“What do you mean?” she said, stifling a yawn.

“I mean we’re expected to go in there and have sex. Together!”

“Oh that!” she said. “Don’t sweat it.”

“You mean you have a plan,” said John daring for a moment to feel somewhat relieved. If nothing else, his sister definitely was the most cunning member of the family.

“Yeah, sure. We go in there and have sex. I mean it’s only going to be an issue if anyone finds out and I don’t see that happening. We’re far more likely to be discovered if you’re all nervous and trying to avoid sleeping the stunningly beautiful girl you’ve been gifted.”

John looked at her in amazement. He had seen Karen fairly regularly over the years since she’d moved to London to become an actress, but it occurred to him that their meetings had that usually been in the company of his parents and therefore he’d been witnessing the ‘good girl’ version of his sister. She’d always had a hidden wicked side, but he hadn’t realized how much she must have been nurturing it over the past few years. “You really don’t have a problem with this, do you?”

“Not really. It’s almost funny. Just when you think you’re out, I get to pull you back in again. But if you want to be prudish about it there is an alternative. You won’t like it.”

“What?” said John desperately.

“Tell Roberts that you’re gay. You didn’t want to say anything in the club, so you were playing along, but now things are ramping up, you’re starting to feel uncomfortable and wanted to come clean.”

John had only had one proper boss since graduating, but even so, he couldn’t Roberts was his favourite. The guy could be an asshole especially when he was drunk. He’d never heard him say anything actually homophobic in a work environment, but he was the kind of guy who got uncomfortable talking about the company’s Pride Month events. Having been gracious enough to invite his underling to this debauched event, there was a definite possibility that a coming out could permanently damage his promotion chances.

“I could just say I’m in a long term relationship and feeling bad about cheating?” he said.

“Right, and you have pictures of this girl, have you? You’re going to invite her to the company Christmas dinner?”

“I imagine we might break-up sometime quite soon afterwards.”

“Just remember, I’ve already been paid to fuck someone tonight. If not you, then who? Roberts seems nice enough.”

“No he escort karkamış doesn’t.”

“Hell, it could become a regular thing. I could go for a sugar daddy. I could even whisper a word in his ear on your behalf, help you up the corporate ladder. No? Or maybe I’ll just try to maximize my profits for tonight and let your Japanese clients run a train through me tonight.”

“I know when you’re trying to wind me up. Stop fucking with me.” His sister had always been crude. He’d always been able to laugh it off as a joke before. Now he wasn’t so sure.

“You start fucking with me first, honey. Relax, let’s just take the evening as it comes. I’m not saying we will, just that if we end up having to, it’s no big deal.”

Just then, they were interrupted as the second of the taxis containing their group pulled up. John went over and opened the door for them. Peterson and Tanaka, the two CEOs got out first and then were followed by their translator, Watanabe, and the three girls they’d brought with them: Monique, Trisha and Nikita.

“Shall we?” Peterson said once everyone was out and they headed up the gravel drive and into the building.

It turned out to be a hotel after all. They were met at the door by a woman who had all the professional bearing of a receptionist, but only half of the clothes – her breasts swinging full and free as she guided them over to the desk.

“Have you been before?” she asked and the group indicated by osmosis that they hadn’t.

“Here are your towels and dressing gowns. You don’t have to be nude, but outside clothes are frowned upon. You can get changed in the swimming pool changing rooms. Feel free to use the pool, but we ask you refrain from any funny business in it for hygiene reasons. You can sit and chat either here or on the veranda, but you’ll find most of the action around the gym and function hall. There are other facilities, so to speak, but I’ll leave them as a surprises for when you go exploring. If you want a private room, the etiquette is that the first floor rooms are doors open and if you do want privacy, you can get a key card for one of the second floor rooms from me here. Oh, and one final thing. No phones or cameras are allowed anywhere during the event. If you need to make a call, you can come into the back office. I’d like to collect any electronic devices now.”

The group handed over their phones. As John gave his up, he asked, “Sorry, any chance you could you charge this for me.” The receptionist checked the socket and nodded. One she’d bagged and tagged all the phones, she reached beneath the counter and produced out two trays with arm bands.

“Now, let me explain the band system. Blue means you are interested in men. Pink means women. If you are bisexuals take one of each. Worn on the right hand means you are open to invitations to play and worn on the left hand means you are exclusive to one partner. We do ask that you respect the band choices of the other guests and remind you that even if someone is wearing a band of the appropriate colour on their right arm, no still means no.”

Tanaka chose a pink-arm band for his right arm, but put a blue-one on his date’s left-arm. John was a little surprised. The CEO was by all accounts an exhibitionist, but it also seemed like he’d taken a shine to Nikita, the sexy Russian girl, and wasn’t willing to share.

As they waited their turn, a naked man with tattoos all across his body and up past his neck walked through the lobby. He was sporting a small but very visible erection. John nudged his sister “Hey, that’s the drummer from…”

“Sshh,”, she replied. “Play it cool. Wherever the hell we are, we’re clearly not in Kansas anymore. We don’t want to look like tourists.”

Peterson reached in to each tray in turn. He put a pink arm-band on right arm and very chivalrously put blue arm-band on his companion. Monique leant up and whispered something in his ear. He smiled and she reached in and selected another blue band and doubled-up on her right arm.

The receptionist supressed a giggle. “Have fun. Looks like you’re planning to.”

Watanabe, the translator, was next in line with Trisha. John wasn’t surprised when Trisha pulled out only one band a piece. They clearly only had eyes and parts for each other. It was quite sweet really. In the group everyone had gotten friendly earlier, only the perpetually nervous Watanabe hadn’t made a move. Despite that, they seemed to have developed a genuine bond.

Once she’d finished securing the bands on herself and her new beau. She reached in and picked out another blue one. She twirled it round on her index finger a couple of times and then grabbed Watanabe’s right arm.

“Remember, we agreed you’re my little fuckboy bitch for this evening,” she said, giving him a slap on the arse as they headed off to get changed.

John and Karen looked at each other. “It’s always the one’s you least expect,” she said reaching the front of the queue. She twiddled a blue band around her finger. “Now, what karkamış escort bayan is the least you expect, I wonder?”

John very firmly planted the band on her left arm and followed up with a pink one on his own highly monogamous arm. “I expect you to behave yourself.”

As he marched her to the changing rooms, he could feel the receptionist looking at him disapprovingly. She must think I’m a control freak, he thought. He was fine with that. His sister’s freak very clearly needed controlling.


When he got into the male changing rooms, the various members of the group were in various stages of getting undressed. As he put his stuff in his locker, Peterson came over and glanced at his band.

“Exclusive, eh? I know you’re sweet on that girl, but you’re not obliged to her. There’s going to be some fantastic girls here, so don’t feel like you can’t go wild. If you want to join in with Monique later, that’s fine, we’re going to try and get a big group going.”

“Thanks, Mr Peterson. I’ll see how things develop.”

“Sure! Remember, you can always move the bands about if someone else catches your eye.”

Now Roberts had finished changing and came over as well.

“Yeah, don’t get too attached. The rate you’re going, you’ll probably have invited her round Christmas dinner before the end of the evening. Pulling crackers while your mum carves the turkey together.”

Yeah, pretty much, thought John, trying not so smile at the irony. “No, sure, it’s just me and Karen…” John winced. Karen’s stripper name was Penelope and he’d just messed up badly.

“Oh. It’s Karen, now is it? Getting to know the real woman behind the…” Roberts faltered for a second, trying to think of something a stripper would have in front of her. “Behind the pole,” he ended weakly. “Don’t forget that she’s just a whore.”

That hurt, but if he denied it, he knew his boss would just double down. “Yes, Mr Roberts. Yes, she is.”

Even though John played the good beta male, Roberts wasn’t quite finished asserting his dominance. “I should pay to fuck her in front of you tonight, just so you get the message. I’d be doing you a favour.”

Peterson sensing that this team-building event wasn’t quite on track quickly came and placed a friend arm on each guys’ shoulder. “Now, Paul, let’s not get overheated. We all agree that she’s great eye-candy. It’s no surprise the lads a bit cunt-struck. There’s going to be lots of beautiful ladies out there, so let’s leave everyone to have fun in their own way. And John, have fun, but remember we’re only playing for Penelope for one night, and I know we’re not paying you enough that you can afford that many more. So make the most of tonight, but don’t get too attached. Come on, let’s get out there.”

As his two superiors headed out, John stopped by the mirror, nominally to check his hair, but really to separate himself from them. That had hurt. He felt he should have done more to defend his sister’s honour, but how? He was hardly in a position to lecture them on the ethical treatment of sex workers. Why did they have to be such assholes?

They went out into the swimming pool area. There were about twenty people splashing around in it. No-one was doing any actual swimming, though there was plenty of what the more reputable natatoriums would describe as horse-play. There was also not a swimming costume anywhere in the room. John looked towards the entrance to the female changing rooms. Women being women, there’d probably be a significant wait before any of them emerged. He hung his bathrobe on a sun-lounger and eased himself into the water in an isolated corner.

About a minute later he noticed a middle-aged woman looking him over. She was elegant with short brown hair and plump breasts that floated on the surface of the water. She took her right-hand out of the water and gave a semi-wave. It took John a second to realize she was highlighting a blue band, right above a pink one. He raised his left-hand out and gave an apologetic shrug. She pulled a mock disappointed face and turned around.

Wow, thought John. I’ve been in this room less than two minutes and in the building less than ten. However you cut this, that’s the fastest I could ever have pulled in any nightclub or party. He reached a decision and swam over to her — just to see, he told himself.

“Hi,” he said when he got behind her but with the acoustics and noise of the pool it was hard to get her attention. She suddenly took a step backwards and her back collided with his groin area. She spun around.

“Hi,” he said again. “I’m John. I’m not…I mean this isn’t… I just thought I’d come over and say hi. Err, hi.”

“Hi,” she said back. “First time? I thought so, you’ve got your band on the wrong arm, sweetheart. Who are you here with?”

“My…wife.” Neither of the true answers, my sister or an escort, seemed appropriate but the lie took a little too long to come out.

“You sure?” she said.

“Yes, definitely my wife.” karkamış escort John said quickly.

“How long have you two been married?”

“Six…months.” This time the lie came out quickly, but was interrupted. He had felt her hands cup his balls. “Are you here on your own?” he said quickly. He could feel his dick growing.

“A woman is never on their own here, believe me. At least not for long.” Her hand was still there only she was stroking up and down his cock now.

“Sorry,” said John. “I didn’t get your name?”

It was a polite question, but for some reason she was offended. “Really?”

“No, er, I really didn’t,” he apologised again.

“Oh okay. I suppose hip young people like you have better things to do on a Saturday night than stay in and watch TV.”

As she spoke, John looked up and noticed that Karen had entered the room. She was holding her towel, but had foregone the bathrobe and was completely naked apart from a pair of flip-flops. She looked stunning as always. He also noticed that Roberts was hanging around in that area, also without his robe, presumably waiting for his lady, Amelia, to show, and as Karen entered the room he turned to greet her. John couldn’t hear what was being said, but he didn’t like the smirk on the guy’s face at all.

“Err, sorry, nice to meet you. I think that’s my wife.” John kicked himself again for the stupid way he’d phrased it, but gave her a wave goodbye, swam to the other side of the pool and pulled himself out in one smooth motion. It was only when he was fully back on dry land that he remembered he was fully erect, but it was far too late to be embarrassed about that. He wasn’t the only one. As he passed, he glanced downwards at Roberts and wished he hadn’t. He strode over to his sister and kissed her full on the mouth. For a moment she withdrew out of surprise, but then was right there with him kissing him back. His hands wandered to her backside and he felt her firm breasts push into his chest. John, out of his peripheral vision, saw Roberts take a few welcome steps back. He was aware they were getting some attention from the room.

As they kissed, he felt her hand reach down and touch his cock. “I see you’re getting into the spirit of thing all of a sudden.”

“You taste amazing,” was all he could say.

“You taste of chlorine.”

“Right, sorry. Shall we go explore.”

“Don’t you think you’d better dry off first? Hell, you’ve even got me wet now.”

He put his arm around her shoulder and guided her to a sun-lounger at the other end of the pool. “If anyone asks, say you’re my wife. Oh, and if anyone from work asks, say we’re not getting too attached.”

His main aim had been to get her away from Roberts, but he suddenly realized the bed was directly facing the area where he’d first gotten into the pool.

“My God,” said Karen as she towelled down. “That’s Laura Preston over there and she’s looking right at you. And beckoning.”

It was fairly easy for John to play it cool as he still had no idea who the woman was, but he was increasingly unnerved by how many stars Karen suddenly had in her eyes. “Oh, her. Yeah, we chatted earlier. Very friendly. I think she was hitting on me…Well, to be completely honest, she was definitely hitting on me. And by hitting I mean groping.”

Karen stopped her towelling dead. “Fucking A. Get back in there, my son.”

John indicated his pink band.

“Oh, Lord,” she moaned. “If you want something doing…” She pulled a pink band out of her dressing gown pocket and pulled it up her right arm. “What? I went back and got another one.”

“You don’t listen to anything I say, do you?”

“Why would anyone listen to you when you’re so boring?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve also got a blue one in there as well?

She looked him straight in the eye. “You know what, in all the excitement out there, I’ve kind of forgotten myself. The question you have to ask yourself is ‘Do I feel horny?’ Well do you…hunk?”

She winked, turned, ran three step, dived into the pool and immediately struck up a conversation with Laura. Within about thirty seconds, the older woman was playfully squeezing Karen’s breasts.

John sighed and swapped his band over to his other arm.


Being already half-dry, John had decided not to get in the pool again and the ladies, having rapidly done their introductions, were soon back out again. John was surprised to see Karen’s make-up had hardly been affected by her dip at all. A stripper would presumably need make-up that was sweat-resistant, he reasoned.

“Laura’s kindly agreed to show us the ropes,” said Karen starting to dry herself off for a second time.

“And not just the ropes, the chains and the whips as well. Oh, don’t look so worried, that’s only the one room and it’s also so very, very consensual. There’s plenty of stuff for vanilla play as well for you absolute beginners…”

Laura was sitting right next to John and towelling herself in a way that didn’t exactly hide any of her personal areas. John wasn’t at all sure where to look while having the conversation. His nervousness obviously showed because she broke off her explanation to say, “Hey, stop staring into my eyes, my tits are down here,” threw open her towel and gave him a jiggle. Karen laughed like a hyena that was trying to ingratiate itself with Richard Attenborough.

1. After a half-an-hour drive the taxi seemed to have reached its final destination. It stopped at a gate and the driver exchanged a few words over the intercom. The gate slid open and the car drove the final hundred meters to the building, which was either a small hotel or a very large home.…

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