His Pain, Her Pleasure

His Pain, Her Pleasure

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She really loved the way he writhed — his tightly bound body displaying a sheen of perspiration as it was stretched and opened wide for her pleasure. It was only 2 hours ago when she had bound him tightly to the frame. This piece of equipment was her favorite because it was swivel mounted and could be tilted to any position. She enjoyed the access the apparatus allowed.

The leather bindings tightly encasing his wrists and ankles were now damp with his sweat. The more he fought against them, the tighter they became. The tiny locks holding them permanently occasionally jingled as he tried to reposition himself for comfort. The locks effectively limited his ability to do so.

She sat behind her desk staring at him. She examined each mark she had placed with her whip and remembered what if felt like. The power of the whip intensified her feelings of control — a feeling she undeniably enjoyed. It was at times like this when her passion caused her to increase her cruelty to the point where pain and pleasure became one in the same. This fascination with her power and his submissiveness allowed her to take him to where his limits were tested and her arousal deepened.

She had whipped him long and hard. She had done the flogging in three stages. She had started gently with the soft leather flogger. Her strokes had been soft and kind ù preparing him for the pain to follow. She had allowed the strands of the whip to gently kiss and lick his flesh like a lover. To keep the anticipation strong, she had stopped from time to time to kiss his stripes and welts, but she let the whip do the major part of the stimulation.

He had screamed as the tempo of the flogging reached its peak and his body collapsed under the lash, loving her for kuşadası escort the pain, wanting her pleasure. The flogger had licked at his balls kissed his anus with force, causing him to arch both toward and away from her whip as he screamed in agony. Occasionally she would stop and take fingertips and feel the heat from his burning flesh. It was a good feeling.

She had paused and adjusted the frame so that his tongue was available to please her and stood over him for long moments. Retrieving her whip she softly began to strike his stomach and chest. When his penis announced his arousal she had lowered her labia labia to his screaming mouth. “Be quiet now, love. Lick me and let me feel and hear the agony you will endure for me”. She smiled as she spoke and lowered her body to his waiting lips. Giving just a taste before rising. Them doing it again and again. Each time she allowed him a little more contact, all the while continuing the strokes with the whip. She increased the tempo and smiled as his tongue responded.

As her pleasure became more intense, she dropped the soft leather flogger and retrieved the short cat with the rubber tails. She continued to let the whip dance on his flesh as his tongue moved faster and faster within her. As she began her orgasm, the whip became vicious and painful hurting him deeply as he struggled to breathe. Holding his head in her free hand she directed him for her pleasure. Occasionally she plugged his nostrils and felt his tongue become even more alive within her. As she increased her intensity, he responded by nearly tearing the frame from its mounts.

She rested for a few moments and examined his stomach and chest. The red bruised flesh was hot to the touch and she caressed kuşadası escort bayan him gently stealing the heat. Whispering softly she stroked him occasionally just to keep him aroused. She examined him more closely. She loved the way his body strained and twisted under her caress. He knew that he was trying to see her as she sat behind his head but she would not allow that. When she stopped her attentions, the only assurance he had of her presence was her breathing. He continued to wait..

She picked up the long single tail whip and moved in front of his eyes. He longed to look at her beauty, but his eyes were drawn to the whip she had leaned against a chair in plain view. She released the frame and adjusted it to the upright position. After locking it in place she saw his body sag in the restraints. His chest, stomach, and upper things were covered in marks from her whipping.

He began to moan in anticipation of what was to come. Though it was a game they had played many times, it always tested both his ability to stand the pain and the intensity of his own arousal. Releasing his bonds one at a time she directed him to reverse himself on the frame. When he was secured by his wrists and ankles she moved around the frame and began to fondle his cock and balls wanting him hard for the next phase. She stroked him to an erection. His eyes never leaving hers. He was torn between asking for release and craving her attentions. She took a thin strip of leather and circled the base of his genitals and tied it tightly. Taking the end of the strap she circled the back of the frame and pulled it tight. He moaned loudly as she cinched it tight. If he moved now, the pain would be unbelievable. Of course he also knew that escort kuşadası he would never be able to remain still when she started with the long whip.

He heard the fist sound as the whip whistled past his head and struck the frame near his right hand. The explosion was like a firecracker in his ear. He shuddered and began to shake in anticipation. The hard caress of the whip on his flesh was pure agony and in spite of his will to please, he screamed and began to beg her to stop.

He blubbered as the strokes began in rhythm. His flesh was in torment. His mind closed as he let the paint take him into his secret place where his love for her manifested itself. The long whip constantly wrapped around his thighs and curled into the secret places of his sex and tormented his body as he never imagined it could.

She was naked now. He could feel her warmth when she bent to examine the welts. She allowed her breasts to touch him briefly before beginning again. She caressed herself as she continued the flogging. Her fingers danced within her as the whip lashed him.. He was in sub space now and could not hear her moaning endearments. The whip worked its pain magic on him and he floated in his pain-filled nirvana. She exploded in orgasm as the whip dropped from her hand.

She moved to his side and kissed his back as she lowered him to the carpeted floor. Holding his hand, she looked into his eyes as he returned. He was shaking now as the pain began to penetrate his conscious mind. He felt her next to him, cuddling and cooing, as she soothed his flesh with the scented oil. Her hands were gentle now. As she held him, his tears slowly stopped, His breathing slowed. and he returned her soft kisses his mouth hungry for her now. Too weak to last for her, his eyes shut and his breathing became regular.

She covered him with a silk sheet and smiled. “Sleep well, dear kipling, tomorrow we shall both enjoy our pleasures together in our ways without pain” As he drifted off, she kissed his cheek and left the dungeon…

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