High School Harem Ch. 05


(Author’s Note: All characters, whether described as such or not, are all over 18 years of age. This is a continuing series of fantasies harbored since my own high school years. I welcome any and all feedback. It’s why I write! Enjoy.)

Chapter 05: Angie

“What are you girls giggling about?”

It was late on a Friday afternoon, school was out for the week, and Lisa Fisher was sitting in a lawn chair behind the school. The curvy brunette was currently fulfilling her responsibility as sponsor for the school’s drill team. All teachers were required to volunteer in some way for the students’ extracurricular activities, and since Lisa had been on drill team when she was in high school, she was helping out by chaperoning trips, doing some choreographing and generally making sure that a “responsible” adult was present at practice.

Describing the 25 year old Lisa as responsible was a bit of a stretch, given the fact that she was currently enjoying a physical relationship with one of the senior boys, 18 year old Rick Thomas. Their affair had begun a month ago, when she had seduced the shy boy under the guise of tutoring him in Social Studies. Lisa had targeted Rick after catching wind of his groin gift through the school’s grapevine. Apparently, the introverted Rick, once the rest of his body caught up with his cock, had been banging his way through the senior class with impunity. Once she had him de-pantsed in her apartment, she hadn’t been disappointed.

The most accurate description that came to her mind when she first saw his cock was a midget’s arm holding a plum. The kid was enormously gifted and under her tutelage, was rapidly learning how to use it. Since that first time, they had fucked and sucked in every position they could think of. Lisa’s apartment constantly reeked of sex, but she wasn’t complaining. She had even gone so far as to offer to “pimp” for him, hooking him up with any of the senior girls who caught his eye. Rick had eagerly taken her up on her offer, reeling off several girls’ names whose wares he had not yet sampled. In fact, three of the girls on his “To Do” list were sitting cross-legged on the ground in front of Lisa at the moment, all being members of the drill team. They all had their heads together, sharing in low tones some bit of juicy gossip.

“Oh, nothing Miss Fisher,” Angie Hill, the most outspoken of the three, said. Angie was 18 and a senior, as were the other two, Stephanie Forney and Ann Hopkins. The girls had been best friends for forever and currently all shared leadership of the drill team. Lisa had asked the three to stay after practice, presumably to talk about the drill team, but in reality, to put hers’ and Rick’s plan into motion. As she watched the three girls chat, she had to hand it to Rick; he had good taste in potential fuck buddies.

All three girls were undeniably gorgeous, their skin smooth and tanned from the summer. Angie had brown, shoulder length hair and was the shortest of the three, barely cracking 5′. Her body was toned and curvy, with hips and tits just the right size for her frame. She got more than her share of attention from the boys in school and took advantage of this, bouncing from one senior boy’s backseat to the other. She was widely known in school for her slutty ways and Rick could probably hook up with her all on his own, but why go to the extra effort when you had Lisa ready and willing to assist?

Stephanie was the blonde in the group with round curves and a frame just this side of plump. Her hair was mid-length, just brushing her shoulders and she had big blue eyes, highlighted by her long eye lashes. She had an ample bust line which was the source of many a hard-on in the bleachers as she flounced about during the drill team’s performances. She was the least sexually experienced of the three, most of her activities confined to sweaty grab and gropes at the drive-in.

Ann, the undeniable leader of the group, had had long, slightly curly brown hair, but she had cut it off into a short bob just prior to school starting. She had dark brown eyes and a statuesque figure, with long legs and a nice bubble ass. As with Angie, she had boobs well-suited to her frame (sorry to disappoint my big tit obsessed readers?). Her maturity for her age put her out of reach of the high school boys and she was currently dating a sophomore in college.

Lisa sat in her chair, trying not to be too overt in her attempt to over hear the girls’ conversation. She was still mulling over how to put her plan into action when she distinctly heard Rick’s name come up.

“Rick? Rick Thomas? Is that who you all are talking about?”

The three girls turned towards Lisa and she could see from the flush in their cheeks that not only were they talking about her Rick, but whatever they were discussing was probably not G rated.

“Yes ma’am,” Stephanie explained. “We were just talking about how much he had grown up over the summer.” In reality, they were comparing what they had each heard concerning the hung boy’s escapades.

“Its funny that you mention him,” Lisa Starzbet said, standing up and stretching, before folding up her lawn chair. “I’m thinking about asking him to be our new equipment manager.” The job entailed lugging the team’s flags and other props on and off the football field and accompanying them on road trips to away games. It was the long road trips on the bus that had Lisa thinking would be a good way to “introduce” Rick to the girls. “What do you all know about him?”

Stephanie and Angie dissolved in giggles while Ann merely smiled. Lisa could tell she wasn’t going to get a straight answer from them, so she let it go. As she was picking up her stuff to leave, Angie spoke up.

“What was it that you wanted us to stay after for Miss Fisher?”

Lisa had to think for a second, but then it occurred to her that they needed to work up a new routine for the half-time show. “What are ya’ll doing tomorrow afternoon? We need to choreograph a new routine.” It turned out that Stephanie and Ann both had prior commitments, but Angie was free and promised to show up at Lisa’s apartment tomorrow afternoon.

Thirty short minutes later, Lisa blew a stray strand of her hair out of her face as she gazed lustfully down at Rick Thomas. He was currently stretched out on her bed, shorn of clothes and was assisting Lisa in bouncing her curvy hips atop his towering pole. He had been waiting at her door step for her and the two lovers had not wasted any time falling into bed.

Rick’s rigid cock sluiced rapidly in and out of Lisa’s wet gash and while he still stretched her like never before, it was becoming easier to handle his womb broom, which led her to worry that he was ruining her for any future lovers. So long as she had ready access to the hung teen she wasn’t going to worry about doing without his big dick any time soon though.

“Uh yeah, fuck me Rick. Pump that big thing up in me!” Lisa closed her eyes as goose bumps erupted on her flesh from the thrill of being fucked so thoroughly. While Rick was nude, Lisa hadn’t bothered to strip bare. Her panties and wind shorts were pulled to the side allowing him access. She reached down and grasped the bottom of her tank top and lifted it up and off her head. Her big boobs bounced naughtily inside the confines of her simple white bra, but she wanted to feel the rough scrape of Rick’s hard body against them. She reached for the front clasp and in a quick movement, separated the two cups, allowing them to swing free. Rick immediately reached up and cupped the orbs in his strong hands. He slid his thumbs over her hard nipples before tweaking them.

“Mmmm! That’s it lover, pinch my hard nipples!” Rick continued to do just that, pinching and pulling on her nipples, turning them a bright shade of red. Due to his eagerness and inexperience, Rick sometimes got a bit overexcited, but Lisa loved it rough. She lowered herself down until her hands were poised to either side of his broad shoulders.

For his part, Rick couldn’t think of a single thing he’d rather be doing on a Friday afternoon or any time of day for that matter. Since him and Miss…Lisa had started fucking, his evenings had turned into one blur of flesh and fluids. This was foreign territory to the shy youth for up until a couple of months ago, he’d never even seen a real live boob, much less fucked, sucked, squeezed or painted one with one of his tremendous loads as he had since first hooking up with a couple of hot college coeds. As readers of this series know, he’d plowed his way through several of his classmates since then. However, since he and Lisa had started fucking, he’d been off the market so to speak, confining himself to the busty teacher currently laboring atop him. His activities were the subject of wide spread speculation among the senior female population at school as they to a person all wanted time with the overnight sensation.

As far as Rick’s parents knew, he was spending his evenings studying with Miss Fisher. His grades, for whatever reason, were improving, which pleased them, but it wasn’t due to any studying. The only thing being pored over or studied was Lisa’s highly fuckable body.

Rick felt the gentle, soft press of Lisa’s oversized mams scraping against his chest as he reached down and clasped her undulating buttocks in his hands. Listening to her sighs and moans of passion, he was astounded for the thousandth time how much his life had changed since his “secret” had hit the streets. In the last three months, he had banged two college chicks, four of his senior classmates and a teacher. Not a bad way to break an 18 year old dry spell! Even though he was becoming a cocksman of particular renown, some things hadn’t changed and Rick was still painfully shy when it came to girls. He was comfortable pumping his prodigious pud into them, but the simple act of carrying on a conversation escaped him. He had thought that after shellacking Kim Witt, the school’s head cheerleader, and punching out her quarterback boyfriend Blake, he would somehow be transformed into some kind of high school deity, but Starzbet Giriş this was not the case. He still had to be constantly on his guard to keep Blake and his goon squad from pounding him between classes and he still clammed up whenever approached by any of the senior girls. Things with Lisa though were much different.

In the safe confines of Lisa’s apartment, Rick felt safe and comfortable and had shared more with her than with anyone else in his young life. Not to say that he and Lisa sat around discussing world politics or anything, but at least he was able to keep up his end of a conversation.

Rick was yanked from his daydreaming by the high pitched yelps and squeals coming from Lisa. He couldn’t believe he had been so distracted that he had almost forgotten about the older goddess twitching on top of him. He was almost disappointed that he had missed the chance to cum with her, until she started to slide down his torso. Lisa stopped when her tits were positioned directly over his groin. She steadied herself on outstretched arms as Rick eagerly reached down and squeezed her big, soft jugs around his massive shaft. He immediately began to thrust between them, his big mushroom head glancing off the hollow of her tender throat on each upstroke. When he had established a quick rhythm, Lisa looked up at him and grinned.

“Penny for your thoughts?” When Rick only grinned back at her, Lisa rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on Rick! I was up there bouncing like the Easter Bunny and you were a million miles away! What gives?”

Rick was still somewhat distracted, with good reason, by the delicious sight of Lisa’s jugs cradling his dick, so he almost didn’t register she was speaking to him.

“Huh? What?” From the look on her face, he could tell she was about to get pissed off, so he finally came up with something. “Oh, nothing. Just thinking about you.”


He grinned bashfully. “Ok, I was thinking about some of the other girls.” A soft “fap fap fap fap” was now emanating from the junction of his cock and her tits as his thrusts became more urgent.

“See,” she admonished, “Honesty is the best policy. You know I’d never be jealous of you. In fact, I’ve lined up an opportunity tomorrow for you.” The heat of Rick’s long dick between her tits was turning Lisa on and she could feel little mini orgasms popping between her legs. She didn’t know if they were aftershocks or the heralds of a new climax. She hoped the latter.

Rick’s log lurched between the velvety mounds at the possibility of Lisa bringing him some fresh pussy.

“Who is it?”

“Well that would ruin the surprise,” she smiled. “Let’s just say that it is someone high on your ‘To Do’ list and they’re coming over here tomorrow to practice drill team.”

Rick thrust faster, squeezing Lisa’s tits ever tighter around his aching cock. How fucking lucky could one guy get? He had the tits of the hottest teacher in school wrapped around his cock and here she was, pimping on the side for him as well! His hips lurched off the mattress, skewering Lisa’s fun bags, sending a long strand of funk juice splashing up against the base of her chin. Lisa squealed and sealed her sucking lips around his fountaining cock, siphoning off the remainder of his passion.

Once he was done spewing, Rick lay gasping as Lisa suckled his spent member. He watched her draw her swollen lips off his pole and swallow down his offering.

“Ummmm, yummy as always Rick!” she purred. Her lips glistened glossily when she smiled at him. Lisa rolled off the bed, bent over and picked up Rick’s clothing and tossed it to him. He caught it and looked at her surprised.

“Don’t you want to…?”

“Yes, I do,” Lisa replied, “That’s why you need to leave. Go home and start storing up an extra big batch for tomorrow. You’re going to need it!”

As Rick watched Carrie Moore’s slick, puffy lips slide up and down his thick pole, he crossed his fingers that his normal recovery time would apply.

It was close to 2 a.m. on Saturday morning and he had been awakened by the cliché “rocks on the window pane”. Opening his 2nd story bedroom window, he’d found himself gazing down the deep cleavage of Carrie’s low cut top. She’d waved cheerfully and gestured him down. Upon sneaking out of the house and hesitantly walking up to her, he had been taken aback when she unceremoniously dropped to her knees on the dew slick ground and yanked his pajama bottoms down.

Between long, deep sucks of his throat swabber, she apologized for setting him up that day at the gym after school. “I really did want to suck this big thing Rick,” she unnecessarily explained. “But somehow Blake got wind of it and decided to jump you before you got there.”

Rick didn’t reply, only gripped her brownish-blonde hair tighter and pumped his hips a little faster. Carrie was having no trouble taking his pole half way to the base. She’d tried to replicate Leanne’s deep throat, but had come up short. Her Hoover like suction and active tongue left him with no gripes however. When his cock head bumped Starzbet Güncel Giriş the back of her throat on the fore stroke he paused to let her apply her considerable suction skill before drawing back as her wet tongue slithered along the underside. Carrie’s one hand now came up to cradle his swinging nuts and her other insinuated itself between his ass crack. When he felt her finger slide into his ass and tap on his pulsing prostate, he bit back a scream and began to fire off in her mouth.

Carrie game fully struggled to keep up with his profuse blasts, but they quickly overwhelmed her, drooling out the sides of her wide stretched mouth and dribbling onto her heaving chest. “Mmmm, mmmm, aggggg!” she mumbled around his stick, swallowing back his thick offering. Rick hissed through his teeth as she drained his balls. Carrie continued to suckle gently on his softening cock until he pulled back, the shaft flopping down, and a strand of cum still connecting it to her bloated lips. She sexily smacked her lips and blew him a kiss before he helped her to her feet. She threw her arms around his neck and stretched towards his mouth. “Give uth a kith!”

Rick made a face and pulled back from her. He hadn’t realized she had been drinking until the smell of liquor and cum washed over him from her mouth. Not that he hadn’t tasted his own salty output before, he’d kissed Lisa dozens of times after she’d copped his load, but the lethal combination of Boone’s Farm and ball juice turned his stomach. Carrie stumbled back, her hand gathering up the dregs from the corners of her mouth and licking them clean. She didn’t appear to be pissed at his refusal though, calling over her shoulder, “Thanks for the late night snack!” as she stumbled into the darkness. Rick shook his head and headed to his room. He needed to catch some shut eye before tomorrow’s activities.

The next morning, Rick was dismayed when his mom insisted he mow the yard before running off to “play with his friends”. Since he couldn’t exactly tell his mom he had a fuck date planned, he sullenly pushed the mower round the yard, leaving numerous stray tufts of grass in his wake until his father pointed them out, creating an additional fifteen minutes to the already two hour torture.

When he had finally finished and showered, he called Lisa’s apartment.


“It’s me,” he whispered since his mom was around the corner in the kitchen.

“Rick! Where the hell have you been?” Lisa hissed into the phone. “We finished the routine a half-hour ago and I’ve played hell keeping her here since we’ve been done!”

“Sorry. Had to mow,” he mumbled.

“Well, get your big cock over here ASAP!” she whispered and hung up the phone.

Rick placed the phone back in the cradle, told his mom he was headed out and hopped on his Huffy, pedaling furiously to Lisa’s apartment. As he flew into the parking lot, he spotted Lisa and an unidentified girl on the grass outside the complex, going through a series of gyrations and dance moves. He pedaled over, eager to find out exactly who Lisa had selected for their first “victim”.

Angie blew her sweaty hair out of her face with a huff. This was the fifth fucking time Miss Fisher was insisting they repeat their new half-time routine, in order to get it “just right”. She was hot, tired and hungry for it had been a long morning. Miss Fisher bent over the boom box, rewinding the cassette tape, so Angie turned around to first position. That’s when she saw something that brightened her day considerably.

Rick Thomas, the subject of much wide spread speculation, was not thirty feet away, astride his bicycle and studying her intently. She smiled broadly at him and perched her hand on her hip, adopting a sexy “come hither” pose. Rick’s face went white, and then blushed beet red. He dropped his gaze to the grass, avoiding Angie’s twinkling brown eyes until Miss Fisher looked up and noticed him.

“Rick, glad you could make it,” Lisa said, coming up behind Angie. She grinned widely and shot a thumb up at Rick. “I thought you could watch the new routine and get an idea of what we do each week,” she explained for Angie’s benefit.

Angie didn’t care why the supposedly hung teen was there, she was just thankful that she would have a chance to throw her name into his hat before Stephanie or Ann. She was dying to find out if the rumors were true. Angie made no bones about her fascination with boners and if the stories were true, the biggest one seen in a long time was currently lying along the left (“no right….no DEFINITELY left”) thigh of the shy boy in front of her. Angie licked her lips and flipped her shoulder length brown hair back. “Can I dance for you Rick?”

Rick felt like he was swallowing a grapefruit as he gulped nervously. He could only slowly nod his head. He dropped his bike to the curb with a clatter and walked over to the lawn chair that Lisa was gesturing to. He was intent on taking a circuitous route around Angie until he gathered some courage, but as he drew near, she stepped close and rested a cool hand on his hard bicep. “It’ll be nice to get a man’s opinion.” Rick swallowed another grapefruit and folded himself into the chair. Lisa punched the play button and the pumping beat of a Prince song began. Angie fixed her eyes on Rick’s and began to dance with the beat.

(Author’s Note: All characters, whether described as such or not, are all over 18 years of age. This is a continuing series of fantasies harbored since my own high school years. I welcome any and all feedback. It’s why I write! Enjoy.) Chapter 05: Angie “What are you girls giggling about?” It was late on…

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