her Heart Ch. 05

her Heart Ch. 05

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she fell into a dream, thinking of Him, blue skies, blue-grey water, fishing, a boat, the sun and…….

The sun beat down on her back, causing her body to feel the warmth seeping through her skin. she was at peace out here on the water. her head turned, and she looked at Him. she knew a lot of females that hated fishing and would rather spend the time sun bathing on the beach, but she had always enjoyed being on the boat on the water, fishing. It always had a calming effect on her spirit. A smile blossomed on her face as she felt the gentle sway of the boat on the small waves. she felt at home here.

her fishing pole in hand, she quietly divided her attention between the bobber in the water and the handsome Male next to her. she normally didn’t have such a hard time keeping track of actually catching fish, but today, she felt the pulsing in her blood, the temperature of her body rising ever time she looked at Him. He looked different sitting in the boat. He was still all male, but the backdrop of blue-grey water, green trees and the gentle sway of the brush behind Him, made Him look more relaxed, just a man.

she knew better of course. He was not just a man. He was everything. He was her Master, the reason she found her way out of bed willingly in the morning. He had what others did not, the power to turn her head, again and again. He was the very essence of life and soul she craved to make her complete. He knew that she felt deeply for Him, but she also knew there was no way He could know how deep His power went inside of her. she had longed for Him, craved Him, waited for Him, and now, here she was sitting in a boat, on water, fishing with Him.

she loved that He was not always “on” with their D/s relationship. He was definitely always in control of His actions and hers, but there were times, like this fishing trip, that they could be together without all the hoopla everyone always painted it out to be. Just because they were D/s did not mean they could not live a normal life like everyone else. Most relationships, even those that were 24/7 did not keep the “scene” on all the time. she was lucky to have found a Man that enjoyed a nice quiet day cuddling on the coach watching a movie or a quiet day on a lake fishing.

she looked down at the bottom of the boat. After all, it would not be very comfortable kneeling for hours on the bottom of the boat. The carpeting would probably feel a lot like kneeling in rice. she grinned. she knew in her heart that if He truly desired for her to do so, she would, but thank god He didn’t. her head turned looking up into the sky. The sun was higher than earlier. her back felt quite warm. she was wearing a bathing suit, hoping that while relaxing in the boat she could get some sun on her skin as well.

The bathing suit was a deep blue color with white and light blue flowers all over. It was a two piece, but the top met the bottom at her navel. The straps wrapped around her shoulder, meeting the back half of the bathing suit in the middle of her back. This left her shoulders and upper back available to the sun. The bottom of the suit was modest. The legs of the suit wrapped around her upper thighs and the back and front covered all the important areas. Some would probably compare it to Grandma underwear, but she felt comfortable in it.

Sitting in the boat for hours fishing was not conducive to the tinier suits that would end up riding up her butt. she didn’t want to spend hour upon hour trying to wiggle around pulling out a little strip of cloth that didn’t hide anything from anyone. After all, she had to do her part at improving the male population’s imagination where other women didn’t. She wore a white wrap around her legs. The split opened up showing most of whichever thigh needed the sun at the time.

she looked over at Him again, and she found Him watching her. A smile spread across her face as her eyes locked with His. she winked at Him and watched as His smile appeared. her breath hitched in her throat. His smile always had that effect on her. she could lose herself in the way His face lit up when He looked at her. “My dear one, I do believe you should put something on your back, neck and arms. I think you might be getting too much sun for your sensitive skin. I know that your skin reacts to things, but yesterday, on My way home from work, I stopped and found some sun screen for sensitive skin. I am hoping that it will protect you not only from the sun but also from breaking out.”

her eyes lowered, and she bowed her head. His thoughtfulness brought such pride to her heart. He always took care of her, even when she did not realize she would need to be taken care of. It was His way, and she found it always moved her when He kuşadası escort did so. she knew there were some that expected to be “taken care of”, but she longed only to take care of Him. she tried to never think about herself and her own needs. her heart and mind desired to serve Him, and in that service, she always found He looked after her and took care of her in ways that always melted her heart.

she felt His fingers on her chin lifting her head. His thumb stroked across her cheek, brushing at the lonely tear that had escaped her eye. His look was full of pride. “My dear one, you can not realize the pride I have in you. you always take what I do for you to heart. It is a precious gift you give to Me, this tenderness.” He leaned down slightly and placed a sweet, gentle kiss against her lips. she felt the tingling on her lips that His kisses always brought. she felt her lips move against His, returning His kiss. A small purr was heard by both in the back of her throat. she was still amazed that just one small kiss could have her body humming with need.

Tthey pulled apart, and He looked at her. He moved His finger in a circular motion, asking quietly for her to turn around. she smiled and shifted in the boat, keeping steady so as not to tip Tthem over. she heard Him open a bottle and then His hand was pulling her hair to the side. she felt His fingers brush softly against her scalp. she moaned softly before letting out a small squeal when the cool lotion hit her skin. After her body adjusted, she relaxed into the feel of the coldness. she realized how right He had been about her back. The lotion was very soothing and cool which meant she had gotten quite a bit of sun already. she allowed her head to fall gently forward, and He released her hair. It cascaded around her face as she rested her forehead on her knees.

His hand left her hair and joined His other hand on her back. His fingers began rubbing the lotion into her skin in circles. His thumbs added just the hint of pressure as He rubbed. He felt more than heard the moan that pulsed through her body. His smile spread across His face as His hands reached over the side of the boat. He washed off His hands in the water before sitting back up. “Stay in that positions, My dear one. Do not look up.” He pulled both fishing poles in out of the water as He watched her out of the corner of His eye. Then looking around, He spotted the little inlet He remembered. Starting up the trolling motor, He quietly made way into the little cove.

It was surrounded by trees that were green. It had been raining a lot lately, and the trees and brush were full and beautiful. The bank had some long grass growing up, but someone had cut it recently, so it only came up the middle of His calf. He pulled a blanket out from the storage unit, and tied the boat off to two different trees. Getting as close to shore as was safe, He stepped into the water, blanket in hand and waded ashore. He heard her sharp intake of breath as He left the boat, but He watched and saw that she did not move.

He used His hands and feet to push the long grass down, breaking it down. He piled it a little around the area and then He laid the blanket over top. Looking over at the boat, He watched as His dear one continued to rest in the position He had left her. Wading back out to the boat, He moved so that He was standing in the water right outside of the boat where she sat. He leaned in close and quietly spoke to her. “My dear one, Wwe are going to test your trust in Me.” He felt her head shift slightly as her hair caressed the side of His face.

“Please keep your eyes closed, and know that I will keep you safe and protected. Give Me your right hand and place your left hand on the side of the boat. Stand up and swing your left leg over the side of the boat. Try and feel the bottom of the lake with your foot before placing weight on your leg.” she followed His instructions, placing her right hand in His, she got up slightly from the chair and placed her left hand on the edge of the boat. Then using His support and her hand on the boat she slipped her left leg over the side. Gingerly, she felt around with her toes for the bottom of the lake. She felt her toes hit some rocks and dirt and slowly she tried to gain a footing.

Feeling sure that she had a safe spot, she put her weight on her leg. “Now, dear one, put your left hand in Mine and your right hand on the boat and swing your right leg over. Again, please be cautious about placing your weight on your leg. I do not want you to slip.” He heard her soft, “Yes, Sir,” as she placed her left hand in His. Slowly, she pulled her right leg over the side of the boat and placed it on the bottom of the lake. Smiling softly, kuşadası escort bayan she waited to make sure she had solid footing before balancing on the dirt and rocks. her eyes had remained closed the entire time. she felt a swelling of pride at this small accomplishment. It was not an easy thing to be so trusting around water and the small fear of drowning.

He smiled at her. she had made Him so proud just by doing this one small thing for Him. He knew that for anyone to be out of control in a different environment could be quite taxing. “Now, dear one, please continue to keep your eyes closed and trust Me. Wwe are going to walk forward, and I am going to guide you. Again, please be careful of your footing; make sure it is strong first.” He smiled as He saw her chin rise to the challenge. He was still amazed even now how she always tried her best to trust Him.

Taking both of her hands in His, He walked backwards periodically looking over His shoulder. He watched her carefully, and felt His heart swell when never once did she falter. her eyes remained closed, and she always double checked her footing. Tthey made it to the bank, and He walked her over to the blanket. “Please, turn towards me and then sit down, without looking.” she nodded, turning her body to face His voice and then sitting down. He let her hands go, and they dropped to her side. she felt the blanket underneath of her. she felt His hands grab at her ankles, and she gasped slightly as the towel wiped at her feet.

she felt so honored at His tender care of her. her feet were wet and most likely dirty too, and here He was drying them and cleaning them off for her. Was it not her job to do this for Him? He was so tender with her, but He always kept His control, His power. That is who He is to her. she saw Him with that power and control no matter what happened. she sighed softly as the towel reached her calves.

“Lay back, My dear one,” He watched as she responded to His voice and laid back. He watched her body as she did what He said. It always seemed to respond to Him, to draw Him. He wiped off His own hands and feet on the towel He had found with the blanket, and then He lay down next to her. His fingers traveled up her stomach, danced across her breasts, and found their way to her neck. The tips of His fingers gently stroked the side of her neck and up the side of her face. His hand tangled in her hair almost without Him realizing it, and then He pulled her head up to His.

His lips lightly grazed over her full ones as He murmured softly, “Thank you, My dear one, for your trust.” Then His mouth took hers in a heated kiss. His mouth was firm and strong, coaxing hers to follow where His led. she moaned softly as her lips took up His challenge and danced with His. her tongue darted out, to drag across His lips, tasting Him. He felt His body swell with need. she was so beautiful and sexy even when she wasn’t trying to be. His body always responded to her even when He tried to control it.

He felt her foot travel up His leg. He felt His jeans rub against His skin. His hand fell to her thigh and He trailed His hand up and down her skin. Reaching for the knot that held her white wrap on, He undid it. His hand moved to her stomach, splaying out to stroke against it. He found where the top and bottom of her suit met, and His hand pulled the top up. He felt the heat of her skin against the palm of His hand, and felt the desire in His body well up inside of Him. The dark side of His nature, the beast, began to stir in His head. He wanted her.

His hand tightened in her hair, He pulled her face to the side. His lips trailed down the side of her face to her ear. His voice strong and sure whispered into her ear, “I will have you, My dear one.” Then His teeth grazed against her earlobe as He bit down slightly. He felt her body arch up off the ground a little. He felt the need coursing through her body. His tongue darted out and lazily stroked down the side of her neck. He loved the taste of her skin. He was happy He had not put sun screen on her neck. He loved making her scream and beg.

His mouth found her pulse, and His tongue swirled around it. He moved down to where her shoulder met her neck and let His teeth graze against her skin back and forth. her body responded to Him immediately. her head turned, arching her neck. her hand came up and rested in His hair, hoping to keep His head where it was. He felt laughter in His head. He moved, knowing she would whimper in her throat, wanting more. His mouth traveled down to her collarbone. He began sucking and nipping at her skin. He reached the top swell of her breast just slightly available above her suit.

His hand moved up from her escort kuşadası stomach. He began rubbing His hand against her breast as His tongue lapped at the swell. Growling in frustration, He pulled at the suit, pulling it down away from her breast. His mouth found her nipple, and He pulled it into His mouth. He heard her gasp and moan as He sucked. her body began moving, and He could feel and taste how aroused she was. His tongue swirled around her nipple, wrapping it and then pulling. her back arched off the ground, pushing her breast further into His mouth.

He allowed His mouth to open further. His teeth hit her breast, and He bit into her. she screamed softly in pain and pleasure. His fingers moved down to her thigh. He rested on the inside of her thigh, just below her sex. He felt the heat of her body from there. The length of His first finger started rubbing up against her. He casually ran His finger up and down, her squirming making me smile. He felt her body begging for more, but He waited.

she moved against Him, feeling the length of His body pressed hard against her side. He always knew what would drive her crazy. she felt every part of her body aching for His touch, His kiss. she wanted Him inside of her, filling her. she felt as if she was going mad with need, and then He stopped. she felt the growl of frustration well up inside of her. He was playing with her. The growl broke out and she knew He heard it. her body ached in frustration.

her hand found His face, and she turned towards Him keeping her eyes closed. she smiled, and then began to speak. her voice came out husky with need, “Please. Please, i need You.” she begged. Within moments she felt Him pulling at the bottom of her suit. His need could be felt in His almost desperate attempts to pull them off. she brought her back off of the blanket and pushed her thumbs under the waist line and pulled them down. He growled at her, and then He was there.

He felt the wild side of Him taking over. He needed her, all of her wrapping around Him. He pulled at His jeans, undoing them as she helped take off her suit. He pulled them down and kneeled between her legs. His own desire had built to a deafening need. He wanted to join Ttheir bodies. He looked up at her face. He saw that she knew, she understood. He only took enough time to shove two fingers inside of her to check her need, before quickly pulling them out and burying Himself inside of her.

she felt Him push His way inside of her body. she loved it when the beast inside of Him took over control. He was rough and animalistic. she craved this side of Him. her hips jerked up to meet His as He began to ride her. she felt her walls wrap around Him and begin pulling Him deep inside of her. she arched into His need.

He growled low and deep in the back of His throat. she was hot, wet, and ready for Him. He began taking what she offered with savage need. He rode her, jamming Himself completely into her over and over again. her walls sucked at Him, pulling His length into her welcoming heat. His hands fell to ground on either side of her head. His lips crushed down on hers. His tongue delved into her mouth. His need for her had made Him crazy. His teeth nipped at her lips. Then His mouth descended to her breast and He began suckling hard and fast. He felt her muscles clamp around Him.

she moaned loudly as she felt His mouth moving over her body. The words were pulled out of the very depth of her soul, “Please, Master, Please may i cum.” she waited as He took more of her body into His mouth. The force behind His need pushed into her waiting, welcoming body again and again. she fought the need to cum, waiting.

His head lifted from her, and His body rode her hard and fast. Feeling His body swell, He leaned down unto His arms. His face near her ear, He whispered, “Come for me NOW, My dear one.” Then His mouth opened and lowered to her neck just under the base of her skull, and He bit her. His body pushed into her with abandoned need. He felt her muscles squeeze Him so tightly. He felt His body respond. He pushed into her one last time and felt His body contract. her juices flowed out around Him, and He emptied Himself into her.

she cried out as she came. He loved the sound she made. He felt Ttheir bodies finish cresting and began to relax. His teeth left her neck, and He softly kissed the spot. His lips trailed up her face as Ttheir bodies stopped spasming as one. Then His lips softly kissed hers. His tongue swirled around her lips, softly, caressing. He let His body fall to the side of hers. His arm wrapped around the back of her head, and He pulled her body flush against the side of His. He laid her head on His chest, wrapped His arms around her and held her.

“Thank you, My dear one. you have done well today. you trusted me in the water, and you remembered to ask permission to cum. I am so proud to call you Mine.”

she awoke with a smile on her face and breathing hard. If He was as good in real life as He was in her dreams…

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