Her First Black Master

Her First Black Master

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Big Tits

Lauren walked onto the plane with no thought, other than to read the forbidden book she’d finally ordered from Amazon. The title, Black Masters, White Slaves, nearly burned through the concealing cover she’d bought.

After she broke up with Marco, possibly the world’s biggest asshole, she’d started going online, hanging out in BDSM chat rooms, too afraid to do anything. Some of the things she’d seen there, and the men who had talked to her, had made her too hot to believe.

She found her seat in first class; a window seat, in the middle of the widely spaced row of seats. She couldn’t wait to start reading. She settled her purse in the little cubby hole above the seats and settled into her plush seat. The cool leather felt sensuous against her warm skin, through her soft dress.

She’d followed her impulse this morning to wear something sexy. The clinging red dress that she wore was too short to be decent, but too long on her slender thighs to be completely whorish. The matching three inch heels accented her bare, sleek legs. The low cut top, with the thin straps showed off her 36b breasts. In the red dress, with her light brown hair flowing down past her shoulders, Lauren’s twenty four year old body was a walking invitation to forbidden desires.

Lauren sat down and opened her book. She’d bought the black book cover from Amazon along with the book. It hid the book’s cover and the back. The cover showed a well muscled black man, shirtless, standing with his legs apart, with a blonde woman kneeling, her legs spread wide, her eyes on his feet. Just looking at the picture made Lauren want to come.

She settled back getting comfortable, buried in the book, barely noticing the man who sat next to her. Lauren was getting to the first good scene in the book, where the Master trained his slave to take his hard cock in her mouth for the first time, when a deep voice said, “Must be a good book.”

“It is,” Lauren said, not looking up.

She desperately wanted him to shut up, and let her read. It was a long flight. If she looked up now, and talked to him, she was doomed to conversation for another eight hours.

She was relieved when she saw him, out of the corner of her eye, sit back and rest his head against the back rest.

Lauren crossed her legs, unaware of the way the black man sitting next to her stared at her sleek legs, and her red heels.

The plane began moving away from the gate, then it jerked to a sudden halt with an unexpected bump. The book flew from Lauren’s hands, leaving her holding only the cover. She looked around frantically for a moment, before realizing it had landed in the stranger’s lap.

He looked at the cover, then stared at her deeply blushing face.

“Good starter book,” he said, looking into her eyes. He made no attempt to retrieve the book from between his spread legs, where it had landed.

Lauren looked at him for the first time. His dark skin was smooth, and his lips were full and sensual. His t shirt showed the sleek muscles of his arms. She couldn’t help but let her gaze travel down his body, between his legs, to the crotch of his denim jeans. Her book was inches from his cock. There was no way to retrieve the book, without touching his cock.

Lauren swallowed, and tried to sound pissed off. “Give me back my book.”

He laughed. “I’m not holding on to it. Go ahead and take it.”

She looked at him, feeling her cheeks turn even redder as his eyes moved down her dress, to her hard nipples. The steward was coming their way with a drink tray. If he got to their seats, he would see the book. Lauren didn’t think she could stand that.

In a move nearly too fast to follow, he leaned forward and snatched the thin cover from Lauren’s hands. Laughing again, he gave her back the book, just as the steward got to their row.

Lauren hid the book, forced to sit on it. The back cover showed the Ataşehir Fetiş Escort girl with her ass up, and her Master staring down at her.

He settled back, sipping his drink. Lauren stared at him, holding her book cover in one of his big hands.

“Give it back,” she said.

He looked at her, and deliberately put the cover where the book had been, settling it even closer to his crotch.

“You answer five questions for me, you get the cover back, deal?”

“Fuck you,” Lauren said. “Who do you think you are?”

He chuckled. “I’m your new Master.”

Lauren stared at him, open-mouthed. “Give it back or I’ll get a crew member over here.”

He shrugged. “Go ahead. You get one of them over here, and I’ll make sure they see what you’re reading.”

While the flight attendants went through their takeoff routine, Lauren fought a battle with her rising temper.

She couldn’t stand the thought of anyone seeing what she was reading. As the plane took off, she sat back in her chair, facing the seat in front of her, refusing to look at him.

Once they were airborne, Nate said, “If you don’t answer, you’ll be stuck for eight hours, with no book to read. Unless you’re gonna read it without the cover?”

“Five questions,” she said, through clenched teeth.

“My name’s Nate. What’s yours?”


“You ever had black cock, Lauren?”

“I don’t have to answer that,” she said, turning to face him.

He shrugged. “Suit yourself.” Nate sat back in his seat, relaxing, the cover resting between his legs.

Lauren looked between his legs, and thought of simply snatching the cover back, and ending this.

“You do what you’re thinking, and I’ll hold your pretty little hand there, and make you rub me. I love the feel of a white girl’s hand that close to my cock.”

“No,” Lauren said. “I’ve never been with a black man.”

“Is your pussy shaved?”

Lauren blushed. “Yes.”

Nate made a low sound of pleasure. “Good. I love a shaved pink pussy. There’s just something about how a pink little slit feels against my cock, all nice and smooth.”

Lauren looked at him, but said nothing, waiting for the next question.

“When you rub that smooth, pink little pussy, and make yourself come, do you think about bending over for a thick black cock?”

Lauren bit her lips, gasping a little. How could he know her secret fantasies?

“No,” she said, firmly.

“You’re lying,” Nate said. “Now you have to answer two more questions, on top of your five. Go head Lauren, lie some more. We’ve got seven and half hours ahead of us.”

Lauren found herself enjoying this little game. She couldn’t say why, but it excited her. The same way reading the book had excited her.

“Are you a virgin in your ass?”

Lauren nodded.

“I didn’t hear you,” Nate said. “That just cost you two more questions. Answer me when I talk to you.”

“Yes. My ass is virgin.”

“Are you a good cock sucker?”

Lauren bit her lips, looking down at her fidgeting fingers. His voice was so low, so intimate, like lovers having sweet talk. And he seemed to know all her secrets before she spoke.

“Yes, but – ” Lauren stopped. She’d only meant to say ‘yes’.

“But he doesn’t fuck your face hard enough, the way you really want him to, right?”

Lauren resisted the urge to squirm in her leather seat. His questions were making her clit throb and she was soaking wet.

“I’m not with him anymore. But no. He didn’t do it the way I liked.”

“Do you wish you had a black Master, to fuck you hard and make you his little slut?”

Lauren sat back, surrendering completely.

“Yes,” she said softly.

Nate reached over and stroked her hot cheek gently. “Good girl.”

She looked at him, feeling the incredible wetness between her legs.

“Are you wet, Ataşehir Gecelik Escort Lauren?”

She nodded, looking into his eyes. “I’m soaked.”

“Ask the stewardess for a blanket,” Nate said.


“Do what I tell you. Learn not to question me.”

She looked at him a moment, then did as he asked.

When the blanket came, Nate spread it over both of them, making a small, intimate space for them.

It was night time outside. When Nate reached up and turned off the light Lauren had been using to read, it was very dark in the cabin. They were the only passengers awake in First Class.

“You like this better, Lauren?”

She nodded. Even in the dim light, Nate could see her blushing. Under the blanket, he reached over, and pulled down the thin straps of her dress. At first, she tried to protest, but he held her arm in a tight grip, leaving her no choice but to sit still and let him undress her.

“Look at me,” Nate said, running his hand down the curve of her firm breast.

Lauren turned to meet his gaze, her lips slightly parted, her cheeks flushed with desire.

“Do you want to go back to your book?” He rolled her hard nipple gently between his fingers. “Or do want a black Master in real life?”

“Real life,” was all Lauren could bring herself to say as he teased her hard nipple.

“You need to belong to a man who will use you hard, and not let you say no, don’t you?”

Nate slid his big hand slowly down her body, and stopped when he got to her closed legs.

“Will you be my property, Lauren?” He ran his hand down her legs, caressing her where the dress stopped. “Think carefully. If you say yes, it will be the last decision I’ll allow you to make about your body.”

Lauren thought of the nights she’d spent in chat rooms, then coming hard, thinking of men doing what Nate was doing to her now – making her his property.

She uttered a single word that she knew would change her life forever. “Yes.”

Nate leaned close and whispered, “Good bitch.” At the same time, he reached up under her dress and ripped her panties off. Lauren uttered a strangled little cry of surprise.

“Quiet, baby,” Nate said, “unless you want everyone to wake up and see you making a slut of yourself for me.”

Lauren looked into his eyes, feeling the way her body ached for him.

“Undo my pants. Take out my cock,” Nate said.

Under the blanket, Lauren’s trembling hand moved with unsure motions, unzipping his jeans, reaching into his briefs, taking out his thick cock. Her eyes widened in surprise as she closed her fingers around his cock.

Nate chuckled. “Yeah, baby. That’s right. That’s what a real cock feels like.”

He slid a finger into her pussy, feeling her warm wetness. He found her swollen clit, and rubbed slowly. “Fuck, baby. You’re hotter than the sun for your first black cock.”

Lauren squirmed, moving her hips, biting her lips so she wouldn’t moan loudly.

Nate slid his finger out, sat back, and watched Lauren breathing hard.

“Sit on my lap,” he said.

“But they’ll see,” Lauren said, looking at him with wide eyes.

Nate reached over casually and twisted Lauren’s nipple hard, until he saw her face turn red, as she gasped in pain.

“I told you, baby. Learn not to question me. Get on my lap. Now.”

Lauren pushed back the arm of the seat that separated them, and, still under the blanket, she straddled him, facing him. Her warm, wet pussy pressed against his hard cock. She couldn’t help squirming against him, rubbing her clit against his thick hardness.

“Good girl,” Nate said, caressing her cheek, looking into her eyes, filled with lust.

He kissed her neck, running his tongue over her flesh, while he rolled her hard nipples between his thumbs and fingers. Lauren bit her lips, tossed her head back, rocked her hips, Ataşehir Genç Escort rubbing her throbbing clit against his hard cock.

He looked into her eyes, feeling her warm wet pussy squirming against him, making his cock throb wildly.

“I’m gonna fuck you real hard,” Nate said, rolling her nipples back and forth as she writhed on him. “You want that?”

Lauren nodded, licking her lips, arching her back, pressing into him.

“Tell me,” Nate whispered into her ear. “Tell me what you want.”

Lauren whispered back, “I want you to fuck me real hard.”

Her words made Nate’s cock impossibly hard. It was all he could do not to throw down on the seat next to him, and take her, hard.

“We’re gonna need to put something in your mouth, so you don’t scream like the bitch you are, when I take you.”

His hand came out from under the blanket, and he crammed Lauren’s mouth full of her pink, lacey thong panties. Under the blanket, Nate guided his cock to her hot little hole, stifling a groan of pleasure at the incredible heat between her legs, and pushed a little, getting his cock head inside her hot wetness.

Then, planting both of his feet firmly, he grabbed her arms, pressing them close to her body, and rammed his cock hard into her, with a single brutal thrust of his hips.

Lauren whimpered and tried to struggle away from him, but his grip on her was too tight. He moaned when he felt her wet hole stretch around his hard cock, wrapping around his fuck meat, like a tight glove.

He looked up into Lauren’s face, red with pain. Tears stood in her eyes, she was breathing hard, looking back at him, helpless to stop what he was doing to her.

Nate smiled at her, caressed her soft cheeks, holding his cock still inside her, not moving.

“You like being impaled on my thick black cock?”

Lauren nodded, and moved her hips slightly.

Nate groaned soft and low. “That’s it bitch. Fuck yourself on me. Your fucking pussy is so tight and wet,” he said.

Lauren moved her hips, slowly rocking back and forth on his cock, making soft little whimpering sounds.

Nate cupped her tits as she fucked herself on him, rubbing her nipples, making her arch her back and moan softly as she rode him. He let her get used to his cock inside her, enjoying the tight, wet feel of her pink little pussy grabbing his cock.

“That’s real nice baby,” Nate said, taking hold of Lauren’s arms again. “Now I’m gonna fuck you the way I like to fuck my bitches.”

Nate thrust hard into her again and again, rocking her body. His iron grip on her arms kept her in place, forcing her to take his hard thrusts deep inside her pussy.

Lauren whimpered through her gag as his cock hammered into her tight hole over and over, unrelenting.

“You’re gonna cum for me, whore,” Nate said.

He reached between them, and rubbed Lauren’s clit as he fucked her. She tossed her head back, moaning through her gag. Nate felt her pussy clench tighter around his hard cock, and growled deep in his throat.

“That’s it, baby,” he said, rubbing her clit harder. “Cum for your black Master.”

Looking into his eyes, Lauren squirmed and wiggled, rocking her hips in a delicious rhythm that made her moan and whimper. Nate knew she was coming, when he felt her hips jerk against him over and over, and heard her little whimpers of pleasure.

Nate held her down, driving his throbbing cock into her spasming pussy again and again, until he groaned deep and rammed into her, filling her with his seed. He felt her whole body shaking with the force of his hard thrusts. He threw his head back and moaned soft and low as his cock spurted again and again deep inside her hot pussy.

He pulled the gag out, and kissed her soft lips, cupping her breasts. She wrapped her arms around his neck gently as they kissed, squirming on his cock buried deep inside her.

“I liked it,” Lauren murmured against his lips.

Nate laughed softly and whispered in her ear, “So did, I baby. You’re one hot fuck.”

He caressed her nipples, feeling them still hard in his grip and said, “We’re only halfway to New York. Your Master has a whole lot to teach his new bitch.”

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