Her Desire Ch. 02


Bonnie walked up the stairs to the second floor. She could feel the professors eyes on her ass. She had put her skirt back on at the school, but left her panties off, as she knew they would soon be coming off again anyway. She peered over her shoulder at him as she took the last step to the landing of the second floor. Yes, he was looking. She cracked a smile and moved to place the key in the door.

Suddenly the door flew open and Carolyn reached out and pulled Bonnie into the apartment. “Are You crazy bringing him here? Do You know how many students live in this complex?”, Carolyn warned.

“Calm down, Sis!”, Bonnie exclaimed as she motioned to the Professor to enter. “It’s raining out. I don’t think everyone is looking out their windows today.”

As the Professor entered he looked at Carolyn with a sly smile and said, “Hello, Carolyn.” That was all he had time to say before Bonnie grabbed her by the only piece of clothing she had on, a long white T-shirt that came just down to the bottom of her tight little ass.

Bonnie dragged Carolyn down the hall as she yelled over her shoulder, “Prof. make yourself at home. We will be right there.” Then was the sound of the door closing, almost slamming; followed by the sound of the two women giggling.

The Prof. sat on the large fluffy couch with it’s oversized cushions and grabbed the TV remote. As he hit the power button, both the TV and DVD player came on. He was shocked to see a porno movie. He quickly turned the device off and simply looked around the room. It didn’t take long for his head to fill with thoughts of Carolyn coming home, knowing her friend was getting laid, and putting in the movie. He imagined her hands running over her smooth belly, caressing her own skin. He could feel his crotch tightening at his thoughts, at the pictures in his mind of her hand moving to her crotch.

“Professor!”, he heard Bonnie exclaim as she came around the wall from the hallway “Would You like something to drink?”, she asked as she entered the kitchen and opened the fridge. “There’s Coke, lemonade, iced tea, beer, beer, or”, she peered at the black veneer bar with it’s brass accents, “liquor. Lots and lots of liquor!”

He looked up from her feet, following her skin up to the back of her knees where her white bathrobe drifted against her leg. Realizing he was mentally drifting he quickly stood and said, “Liquor? Let’s see what You have.” He walked behind the bar as Bonnie followed closely. “What’s your poison?”, he asked as he noticed Bonnie staring at his crotch.

Bonnie giggled and rubbed his cock softly through his pants. “Calm down, big boy. Better give him a rest: for now anyway.”, she said playfully as she winked and reached for the bottle of tequila. She slammed the bottle atop the bar and exclaimed, “Margarita’s! That’s our drink around here.”

“Margarita’s sound good to me.”, he said, “Where’s the blender?”

“I’ll make the margarita’s! Bonnie never salts the glasses enough.”, Carolyn said as the Prof. jumped, startled by her presence.

The Prof. looked behind him at Carolyn walking towards the bar. “Damn, you scared me. I never heard you come back in here.” he said with a grin .

“Yeah, I’m not only the kinky one I’m also the sneaky one.”, Carolyn said to him playfully as she slapped his ass lightly.

“Yeah yeah, whatever You say.”, Bonnie said to her.

The three were crowded behind the small bar. The Prof. felt Carolyn’s tits rub against his back as she squeezed by. He could not believe he was here. He had been amazed enough at Bonnie’s behavior at the school, but never expected to be here. He slowly moved from behind the bar and walked to the large sliding glass door next to the couch, that opened to the balcony. He looked out at the cloudy sky, watching and listening to the rain.

Bonnie grabbed him by the hand and motioned with her eyes for him to follow her to the couch. She sat and pointed at the small table next to the couch. “There are games in there, if You want to pick one out. That will give us something to do, for now.”, she said with a devilish grin at the end of her sentence.

The Prof. opened the door to the table and took a look. He saw a few board games: Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, and Twister. Next to the games were a deck of cards and a little black box. He grabbed the little black box and took a peek. In it were several dice, he closed the box and returned it to the table. He looked toward the kitchen. He stood and walked toward the bar and grabbed a shot glass. As he returned to the couch, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter, set it in the shot glass, then placed the small glass on the table.

“You know what I haven’t played since before the wedding?”, he asked.

“Oh! Are You sure about that?”, Carolyn shot as she poured the second jug of margaritas and placed it in the refrigerator. Bycasino “I am the quarters queen, around here!” Then she walked to the chair on the opposite side of the coffee table and sat, handing a full glass to both Bonnie and the Prof.

“Well, I’m not from around here.”, the Prof. said with a grin. He could feel himself slowly starting to settle down. His breathing had returned to normal, as did his heart rate; which was pounding as he walked the stairs a short while ago.

Carolyn laughed. “You’re on, Mr.Man! That sounded like a challenge. Considder yourself drunk!”, she said.

Bonnie let out a simple, “Uh oh!”, as she peered at the professor. “She did warn You.”

The Prof. took the quarter from the glass and handed it to Carolyn. “You go first, then Bonnie.”, he said as his hand moved to Bonnies thigh.

Carolyn took the quarter and bounced it off the table. They all watched as it hit the rim and fell into the glass.

“Damn!” Carolyn exclaimed, “I usually don’t hit the rim. I’m off a little.” She pointed at the Prof., “Drink!”

Bonnie missed her shot and took a swig of her cold frosted drink. ‘I really suck at this game.”, she said with a giggle. She looked at the Prof. and kissed his lips softly one time before looking at Carolyn and winking at her.

The Prof. picked the quarter from the table and missed. He drank a large sip of his drink. “Well, I have to give You the title of ‘Margarita Queen’, but I am just warming up here.”, he said with wit. From where he sat he had an amazing view of Carolyn’s black lace panties. His previous thought that she was totally nude under there had him excited, but the view of her panties made him even hotter.

After a few more rounds Carolyn complained that there was a bad spot on her side of the table and moved to the couch.at the Prof.’s side, opposite Bonnie. She sat close, her bare leg rubbed gently against his pant leg.

After a gallon and a half of margaritas they all had a good buzz going. Carolyn took the pitcher and turned it upside down. “It’s empty.”, she said with a giggle, “We must be drunk.” The three laughed for a moment.

“I’m not drunk, but I damn sure feel good!”, Bonnie said as she stood and walked to the stereo and turned on some music. She walked slowly back toward the couch, swaying her hips to the music. She sat back at his side and grabbed the quarter from the table, bounced it, and missed by a mile. “Oh, I missed and I have nothing to drink!”, she exclaimed. She took the Prof.’s face in her hands and leaned in to him and licked his lips before pressing her tongue into his mouth, kissing him long and deep. Her hand moved down his body to his sides. She backed her face from his slightly to look into his eyes. The kiss reminded her of the pleasure he gave her in the classroom and made her crotch warm and wet again.

The Prof.’s hand moved up from Boonie’s lower thigh to her upper thigh as they kissed again. Suddenly Bonnie turned her body and straddled the Prof.’s lap. She looked at him again, smiling as her hands moved from his chest downward to the three lower buttons. She pulled and tugged at them, as she kissed and nibbled at his neck. As the last button came undone she tugged the shirt from his pants and ran her hands up his hard firm chest. She loved the feel of his chest under her hands. She pushed the shirt from his shoulders and pulled it down, off of him.

Carolyn cautiously placed her hand on the Prof.’s lap, the back of it running along Bonnie’s inner thigh Carolyn could just imagine the Prof.’s hard cock pressing at her friends hot pussy. She watched as Bonnie slowly kissed down the Prof.’s chest. She felt Bonnie’s hand on her right thigh, near her knee. She watched Bonnie kiss back up his neck and take his tongue into her mouth again. She was getting so very hot. She could feel the moisture absorb into her panties. Her hand moved from the Prof.’s lap for a moment then returned.

The Prof. moved his lips from Bonnie’s and slowly kissed the top of her chest, where the robe exposed her smooth soft skin. As he did, his hands moved to the tie that held it closed. With one firm pull the knot came free and his hands moved to her sides, holding her as he pushed the fabric from her chest with his face. His hands moved up Bonnie’s back as he kissed her breasts and nibbled lightly upon her nipples. As his hands found her shoulders he pulled the soft white terrycloth from her shoulders, allowing it to fall behind her. He could feel Carolyn’s hand on his thigh. He could feel the four fingers caressing him and alternately moving to Bonnie’s inner thigh. His cock was as hard as it could possibly get.

Bonnie moaned in pleasure at the feel of the Prof.’s warm lips on her chest. “Mmmmmm, You know how to touch a woman. That feels so good.”, was all she could bring herself to say. Her right hand Bycasino giriş grabbed hard at Carolyn’s thigh, unconsciously, as she looked into the Prof.’s eyes then started to kiss down from his neck to his chest. She bit playfully at his right nipple as she slid herself back slightly

The Prof. turned his head to find Carolyn watching the porn flick in the DVD player, while she rubbed her hand over her chest. He looked down to see Bonnie’s hand on her thigh as well. His heart pounded hard in his chest. Of course he imagined this, but never thought it would happen. He leaned slightly toward Carolyn as Bonnie kissed down his belly and moved to her knees in front of him.

Carolyn turned to him and took his lips upon hers. Her hand moved down her belly as Bonnie moved down his with her lips

“I think somebody wants to come out and play!”, Bonnie said as she peered up at him. Her right hand had found Carolyn’s damp panties now and was gently rubbing her friends crotch. She pulled her right hand down to the button of his pants and pulled at it until it popped open. As Bonnie slowly tugged at the zipper the Prof.’s hard member sprang out. Bonnie pulled ant tugged at his pants while he gently lifted his hips. She kissed down his leg as she peeled the pants downward, taking them from his ankles and tossing them to the side.

Carolyn’s hand had moved from her chest to inside the waistband of her panties and was gently rubbing her clit. Her body writhed in pleasure as her right hand moved to the base of the Prof.’s cock and took a firm grip. She felt Bonnie’s tongue move over the back of her hand to the tip of the cock. She licked at the pre cum that seeped from it, before placing her left hand on the tip and rubbed it, occasionally moving her hand down to share his warm juices with Carolyn. Carolyn felt the Prof.’s hand move to the side of her panties and a finger breech the waistband. Bonnie’s hand moved from her crotch and began to pull at the other side. She lifted her hips to allow them to be removed.

Bonnie moved slightly to her right and took over the removal of the clothing once out of the Prof.’s reach. She kissed and licked down Carolyn’s leg as she pulled the fabric from her feet, then kissed her way back up to her thigh as her hand moved again to Carolyn’s crotch. She met Carolyn’s hand and rubbed along her clit with her for a moment before moving down to her opening. She placed a finger inside her friend and rubbed at her insides. She could feel their hands touch every so often and that just excited her more. Bonnie was amazed that this was happening. She had never before touched a woman sexually, although Carolyn and her had often played with the idea.

The Prof. moved his hand to Carolyn’s crotch. Bonnie felt it and looked to him, “No, no, no!”, she said to him and winked. “You just relax.” He placed his hands behind his head and leaned back into the deep cushions of the couch with a moan as his hips started to move to the rhythm of Carolyn’s strokes on his shaft. He could feel his balls tighten. He wondered if he could even cum again after all the excitement at the school.

Carolyn’s body began to tremble slightly. Her hand moved faster against her clit as she moved her hips to Bonnie’s touch.

Bonnie moved her lips to the head of the Prof.’s cock and licked at it. Her tongue dragging across the head before taking it into her mouth. She bobbed on it from Carolyn’s hand to the tip for a minute then moved to Carolyn’s belly. She kissed her bellybutton then kissed down to the top of her slightly shaven mound. She could not believe what she was about to do, but the thought made her body tremble with excitement and pleasure. She moved her kisses to the back of Carolyn’s hand and kissed down to her finger tips, which eagerly rubbed at her clit. Then Bonnie licked at the side of Carolyn’s mound and down to her opening. She savored the flavor of the juices that moistened her friends pussy. Slowly she pushed her tongue inside.

“Oh God, yes!”, Carolyn yelled as she felt the warm tongue enter her and begin to move inside her. Her hand moved to Boonie’s head and pulled her closer. Her hips pushed against Boonie’s face.

The Prof. looked down to see the two hands on his cock. He moaned, “Oh, I am going to cum!” His hips moved harder, lifting slightly from the couch under him.

Bonnie felt her belly warm, she too was approaching an orgasm. She had never cum without physical stimulation before, but then again; she had never been here before either. She licked furiously up to Carolyn’s clit and sucked it into her mouth while licking it inside her. She felt the throbbing cock head under her left hand and felt the warm liquid spurt from it on the palm of her hand and drip down onto Carolyn’s hand, still stroking at the shaft. Her body filled with pleasure as her orgasm shot through Bycasino güncel giriş her body like a bolt of lightning, filling every nerve in her body with electricity. She shuddered as she came and felt the rush of juices from the pussy at her mouth.

Carolyn’s body trembled as she came on Boonie’s face. Her hips came up off the couch as her back arched. She held Bonnie’s face so tight to her it was a wonder Bonnie could breathe! “Oh my fucking God! Oh! Oh! Yes!”, she yelled loudly and slowly sat her ass back down on the couch. She kissed the Prof. deep and hard then turned to look at Bonnie between her legs, looking up to her with a smile. Then She watched as Bonnie moved to lick up every last drop of cum she could find on the Prof.

Bonnie stood and grabbed Carolyn’s left leg and guided it over the Prof.’s lap, making her straddle him. She stood behind Carolyn, who ‘stood’ over the Prof. on her knees, and let her hands run over her chest. She moved quickly down to her belly and guided her hands to her crotch, playing with her clit. Her right hand moved behind Carolyn and reached through her legs to grab the hard cock that awaited. With her left hand, Bonnie spread Carolyn’s pussy open and guided the cock to it with her right. As she felt the tip enter she moved back to her knees to watch it slowly disappear into her friends pussy. Her hands rubbed at Carolyn’s hips and ass as she watched her move up and down on the Prof..

“Oh fuck yes. God, Carolyn fuck me!”, the Prof. said as he looked to see his hardness emerge and disappear into Carolyn’s body.

Bonnie moved around Carolyn, her hands never leaving her body until she reached for the pillows behind the Prof.. She moved them to allow him to lie back more. As he did, Bonnie moved over his face. Her pussy just over his face as she smiled at the look of pleasure on Carolyn’s face. She felt his hands on her hips as he gently pulled her down, guiding her clit straight to his mouth. Her eyes closed half way and her head laid back as she felt the tongue tease along the inner part of her thigh. She felt his teeth nibble just under her opening. Her eyes opened and she stared into Carolyn’s eyes as the Prof. licked softly at her clit.

“Oh, that feels so good.”, she said as she reached for Carolyn’s hands and placed them on her hips. She moved her hands then to Carolyn’s sides, caressing at her skin while the tongue under her moved inside her opening. She slowly and softly swayed her hips as her hands moved up Carolyn’s body to fondle her tits. She took the nipples and rolled them between her fingers.

Carolyn looked into her friends stare as she said, “Oh yes, a hard cock in my pussy and You touching my tits. I’m in Heaven.” One of her hands moved to caress Boonie’s face as she smiled wickedly and asked, “Do You like it. Did You like licking me? Oh God, I loved it!”

Bonnie felt the words move through her entire body as she answered seductively, “Oh yes, Baby, I liked it.” She leaned to Carolyn and kissed her passionately as her hips moved faster and pushed harder onto the Prof.’s lips and tongue. that was now licking deep inside her opening. She felt Carolyn caress her face. She continued on Carolyn’s nipples. They moved in near perfectly matching motions on the Prof.’s body.

Carolyn pulled back as she felt herself tighten around the cock inside her. She stared hard into Boonie’s eyes as she came. Her hands moved to Boonie’s tits, matching her touch for touch, pull for pull, twist for twist! Her body quivered hard! She pressed hard on the cock with her hips!

The Prof., feeling Carolyn cum, began to pound harder at her, his hips lifting off the cushions under him with each thrust. He lifted Carolyn’s body as he felt it coming. He wanted to cum so badly. He couldn’t remember the last time he came this much. He realized he never had.

Bonnie saw the look in Carolyn’s eyes as she came. She saw a glistening like none she had ever seen. Seeing her friend, knowing she was coming, sent her over the edge as well. She came hard with her friend. She pushed one final push, that seemed to last for an eternity, down on the Prof.’s face. She felt his tongue on her clit, flicking over it as he sucked hard on it.

The Prof. shot hard into Carolyn. His juices filled her as his hips jerked uncontrollably. He pushed as hard as he possibly could before letting his hips relax and move back to the couch. He felt Bonnie slowly move from him to one side. As she did, he could see the two girls embraced in a deep kiss. He watched them as they both moved to opposite sides of him slowly, still kissing. His hands moved, one to each of their hips, as they rolled into his arms; breaking their kiss and looking to him.

All three smiled and laid together. The girls on either side, arms over him with their hands on each others hips. They both kissed the Prof., first Bonnie then Carolyn, and laid their heads together on his chest.

Bonnie peered to Carolyn and whispered, just loud enough for the Prof. to hear, “We better take a nap. He is gonna need the rest. I know where he works, and I know far a fact he doesn’t have to be back until Monday!”.

Bonnie walked up the stairs to the second floor. She could feel the professors eyes on her ass. She had put her skirt back on at the school, but left her panties off, as she knew they would soon be coming off again anyway. She peered over her shoulder at him as she took the…

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