Her Daughter’s Scent


Her Daughter’s Scent

Diana had been lonely since her daughter turned eighteen because the girl started to spend much of her time with her girlfriends. The house had gotten emptier due to Diana’s divorce, and now her only child Phoebe was more and more far away from her. Diana thought sadly about what she could do now since she had gotten used to dedicating her whole life to her family and had not gone out with her old friends nor taken up a nice hobby or activity of her own. She looked at herself in the mirror and was upset with her forty-two years old. She could already see some uncomfortable signs on her face that showed her age even though she had always taken good care of herself to keep her beauty. She brushed out her black hair, applied a little pink lipstick on her thick lips and tied her hair up in order to look younger. She decided that she should go out to a bar next Friday instead of being alone at home while Phoebe would probably hang out with her girlfriends.

Diana went down the stairs and logged on the internet to find a nice joint where she could meet new people when, all of a sudden, she had the impression of hearing something in her daughter’s bedroom. That was funny because Phoebe was never back home at five PM. However, it was Phoebe all right and Diana listened to her sobbing. The woman got in her daughter’s room and saw her sitting on the bed crying with folded arms. The girl’s red lips trembled like an earthquake as she yelled angrily at her mother:

“Don’t you ever knock?”

“Not when I think you aren’t home. You never come back that early, you know,” whispered Diana calmly.

“Well, I did Today. Now, will you please leave me alone?”

“I can’t do that before you tell me why you’re so miserable? Did you get a bad grade or something?”

“No, I didn’t get a damn bad grade. I’m just sad, that’s all. Please close the door when you leave.”

“I won’t leave before you tell me why you’re so upset,” said Diana coming over her daughter’s bed and gently sitting on it.” We’ve been so far away lately, though I am still your mother and I worry about you.”

“Oh, you worry about me. Seriously?” answered the girl drily. Then Diana stared at her daughter’s angry red face. Phoebe had light brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She showed her slightly big teeth when she was grumpy. Diana reached her face, kissed her daughter’s cheek near the nose smelling her pure scent. When Phoebe grunted, Diana smelled her pure breath. How good her daughter’s breath smelled, she thought proudly.

“Why are you sad, pumpkin? Mom wants to know.”

“Because my girlfriend dumped me. Happy now?” Cried Phoebe with a sharp look and Diana opened her eyes wide. “Yes, I had a girlfriend and we had been hanging out together for months. I didn’t have friends as you thought. She broke up with me. She said she was in love with someone else, but it was a lie. I hate her!”

Phoebe burst into tears. Still shocked by her words, Diana cuddled her and whispered that she understood. The girl shook her head: “No, you don’t understand. You must be thinking I can get a man now that the silly game is over!”

“I am not thinking anything, I swear.” Diana cupped the girl’s face in her hands. “You’re almost nineteen. You can do whatever you want. I just advice you to be brave because people let us down all the time, but you have to be strong to get over. That’s just part of life.”

“Oh, I am not in the mood for a mother-daughter talk! Life stinks and your cheesy advice won’t make me feel any better.”

“You’re right. Life sucks. No more cliché inspirational quotes. Just tell me why you said your ex-girlfriend lied when she said she was in love with someone else.”

Phoebe lowered her head and sniffed: “She was constantly nagging me to improve my kissing. The day we argued, she blurted out that I wasn’t a good kisser. I freaked out, I replied that she had never told me that before, and then she shrugged: “you’re right, I actually love someone else!”

“See. There’s nothing to do with you, my dear,” said Diana. “That silly girl just fell in love with someone else. These things happen”

“You don’t understand, Mom.” Phoebe shook her head angrily. “She just said that she loved someone else cos she could not break up with me just because I was a bad kisser. I could’ve said that I’d improve my kissing to please her. She told me a lie since she can’t believe I can become a good kisser someday.”

“Well, I am convinced that you’re a good kisser, and this girl is a moron.” Diana folded her arms impetuously, but her daughter did not buy that and brought her head closer to her mother’s face.

“How do you know? You have never seen anybody kissing me or…”

“Well, sweetheart. Kissing is an art and it requires a lot of experience. I just don’t think your girlfriend is a better kisser than you are. I would recommend that you find someone else to love and prove it oral yapan gaziantep escort to yourself.”

Phoebe sighed and groaned:

“I don’t know if I can do that, Mom. My heart is broken and I don’t think I can find anyone when my self-esteem is so low.”

“That’s right. You’re not going anywhere that way.” Diana said severely and touched the girl’s chin. “I want to help you regain your confidence and I’d be willing to show you how to kiss if you didn’t get embarrassed or think it’d be inappropriate. In fact, it wouldn’t mean anything but practice.”

“You mean you’ll teach me how to kiss?” The girl opened her eyes wide and lowered her head. “Well, it does sound kind of embarrassing. You’re almost saying that I’m not able to learn that by myself. On the other hand, you would believe me when I say I’m a bad kisser and finally understand why Cindy dumped me. Okay. Let’s do it, Mom.”

“Yes, sweetie. Cindy? So that’s what that stupid girl is called?” said Diana bringing her face to her daughter’s mouth. When their lips touched, the woman first felt Phoebe’s wet and warm mouth on hers. Then her daughter’s lips moved on hers softly, delicately. When the girl gently opened her mouth and Diana inhaled her cherry breath as well as the sweet taste of Phoebe’s lips, she felt a spark like a jolt of electricity coursing through her body, and obviously, she got terrified and parted their lips. She looked aghast and Phoebe shook her head sadly.

“I knew you’d make that face,” she gloomed. “You couldn’t imagine it’d be so terrible, could you?”

“It’s not what you’re thinking, Phoebe,” gasped the woman feeling her legs shake. “You’re actually a very good kisser, I mean-” said Diana trembling.

“You didn’t let me finish it, Mom, to see that I can’t even use my tongue!” cried the girl. She grabbed her mother’s shoulders and kissed Diana’s mouth again by sticking her tongue in her mother’s mouth. Diana made her panties wet and pushed her daughter away:

“You can’t put your tongue in my mouth! I am your mother!” She exclaimed in a huge distress.

“So what? I thought I should show you exactly how I kiss, Mom. I figured you’d practice kissing with me in order to make me confident and-“

“I’ve seen enough. I said you were a good kisser and you really are. Now I am tired and I’ll go back to my room.”

Diana tried to stay cool when she left Phoebe’s bedroom, but she actually shook like a leaf. She entered her own bedroom and clenched her teeth. She wasn’t supposed to get aroused when she kissed her daughter. She was just trying to help her poor princess and now this! “How could I have done something so stupid?” However, she should forget it and deny what had happened. No, she had not felt anything. It was just her imagination. She wanted to be nice to her daughter and make her think she was a good lover.

For the next few days, Diana stayed away from Phoebe. She realized that the mere approaching of the girl was making her feel horny. That was clearly unacceptable for a decent woman like her. On Friday, Diana returned from the grocery’s and saw the girl wearing tiny shorts showing her beautiful thigh and a tight yellow mini blouse that showed off the girl’s beautiful curves. The woman’s pussy tingled and she got terrified, but she didn’t run away; she decided to face the awkward situation and said sternly:

“What kind of short clothes are those? I didn’t know you were going to the beach.”

“Oh, come on, Mom. Don’t be such a square. I want to feel good about my body,” replied Phoebe angrily as she came near her mother. Diana turned her back and walked into the kitchen:

“You won’t feel good when bad people stare at your body,” Diana said coldly and her daughter laughed:

“I’ll be able to choose the right person for me. Being overprotective doesn’t suit you, Mom.” She rummaged one of the grocery bags: “Oh, you bought those cookies I love. I’ll taste one.”

“Just after dinner. Are you a grown-up girl or what?”

“Okay, but I- Mom, I was going to ask you some more practicing so I can feel one hundred percent confident again.”

Diana nearly dropped a carton of milk: “What kind of practicing?” She stammered.

“The kissing practice you know. I’ve got so much to learn with you, Mom.” The girl smiled innocently as Diana became arousal by that suggestion. She wanted that, but she could not do that and screamed angrily:

“Do you think it is healthy to be too emotionally dependent on me? Go out and look for other people! A mother kissing her daughter on the lips is unbecoming even it’s just practice or-“

“But that was your idea, Mom!”

“Don’t answer back, young lady! It wasn’t my idea at all. I wouldn’t be so foolish! Don’t you think I would know the awful consequences-“

Phoebe stepped back out of the kitchen and into the living room as her Mom moved forward pointing a finger at gaziantep oral yapan escort her nose. Diana saw her daughter’s lips tremble. That wonderful red mouth. She wondered if Phoebe’s breath smelled good like the night she had kissed her and if the girl’s lips tasted like cherry. There was only one way to know, and Diana grabbed her daughter and captured her lips in a wet passionate kiss. Phoebe closed her eyes in shock, but then relaxed tasting her mother’s hungry mouth while the woman listened to their heavy breath as they kissed like lovers.

“Oh, Mom. Mmf. I had a feeling you wanted that again,” Phoebe whispered during kissing breaks and locked her mouth to her mother’s again.

“Yes, honey, I know,” The woman moaned as she rubbed her lips against her daughter’s mouth. Phoebe’s breathe smelled roses like a princess’ and Diana wanted to taste those sugar lips. Her hands grabbed the girl’s waist and moved up while they kissed passionately.

The woman caressed the girl’s bare belly and her soft hands. She moved up slowly and felt the volume of the girl’s breast covered by her short blouse. She couldn’t help stroking those tits.

“Oh, mommy,” gasped Phoebe close to her mother’s lips. “You can touch me, can’t you?” And moaned as she kissed her mother who could hear her daughter’s guttural grunts moving towards her throat. “Can you touch me?”

“I am not sure, honey,” gasped Diana getting rid of Phoebe’s shirt and tearing the sweet bra apart because she was impatient to untie it.

“You’ve ruined my favorite bra, mommy. How could you do that?” Phoebe whined while she kept on moaning.

“It was actually old, kitty. Mom’s gonna buy a brand new one for you,” said Diana groping Phoebe’s curvy breasts. They were soft with pink nipples that caused Diana’s mouth to water. She brought her head to the left breast and swallowed it. Phoebe closed her eyes as she sensed her mother’s wet mouth on such sensitive spot:

“Are we still practicing kissing, mom?” Phoebe gasped and giggled while Diana spread her saliva on the girl’s tit by sucking it. She moved away her mouth and licked the nipple:

“Aren’t you polite enough to understand I can’t speak with my mouth full?” She groaned and licked her daughter’s boobs again.

“I want to taste your breast too Mom. Take off your shirt!”

“Unfortunately you can’t, sweetie. Mom’s globes are saggy and unattractive. Besides you’re my daughter, got it?” She looked closely at her girl, then moved away going towards the corridor. Phoebe followed her when she got in her big bedroom with a big bed that had a pink bedspread.

“Ah, Mom, it’s not fair. You’ve seen my breast now it’s my turn to see yours too,” she begged as she saw Diana looking herself in the mirror next to the huge wardrobe. The woman shook her head:

“I was just teaching you how to kiss properly. Daughters. If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile,” Diana retorted pretending she was upset. “Okay, I hope I won’t regret that.” She unbuttoned her white blouse and Phoebe smiled when she saw her mom’s white shoulders and black brassiere. When the woman took it off, and her big breast popped out, the whole bedroom shook with excitement. Phoebe came closer to her Mom and held the woman’s waist as the girl’s white teeth gleamed at the sight of those wonderful mammary glands. A mom’s breast is always diamond to their daughters.

“Oh, Mom, they’re beautiful. They aren’t saggy at all.” She hugged her mother feeling the woman’s breast on her skin. “Can I play with them, mommy?”

“Humm. Do you think you can play with mom’s breasts?” She smiled. “I don’t remember pampering you that much.” Oh, my, her soft hands are like magic on my nipples,” she thought opening her mouth and trying to avoid moaning. “I’m going to Aahhh!” she gasped when Phoebe swallowed her left breast and started to suckle. The girl’s red lips danced around the woman’s breast while she moved her tongue against the nipples. Diana could not bear it anymore: she grabbed her daughter’s shoulders and shook her: “What do you think you are doing, naughty girl? I am going to teach you a lesson!” She removed Phoebe’s shorts and underwear.

“Oh, mom’ taken off my panties. I don’t wanna be naked in front of you!” She giggled.

“Well, your outfit was so tight that it doesn’t really make any difference, dear,” Diana replied and opened her mouth in awe when she saw that beautiful shaved pink pussy. She could not resist inserting a finger in that cute narrow hole.

“Oh, mom, you’ve stuck your finger in my twat! Is that allowed?”

“Shhh. Watch your mouth. Don’t call your kitty a twat! That is vulgar, and you’re a classy girl,” she inserted another finger feeling her daughter’s wetness and started to move them in.

“Oh, mommy, that feels awesome. Hum.”

“Yes, but don’t get used to it. You’re way too spoiled. It’s not mom’s job to make gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan you feel good.”

“Oh, yeah? And whose job is it?”

Diana did not answer and brought her fingers to her nose in order to smell Phoebe’s scent. She sighed with that yummy pussy smell and tasted her fingers. She had to taste that honey pot even it was her own daughter’s. She came close that beautiful thing and hesitated as though she would not do such a thing. But then she stuck her tongue out and licked that pussy. Phoebe moaned while the woman was delighted. She knew it would taste delicious. She licked some more until she swallowed the girl’s pussy:

“Oh, boy! Aaah!” screamed Phoebe falling back on the bed. Diana spread her legs wide and sucked her daughter without thinking. She was completely thrilled about Phoebe’s marvelous juice. The girl came fast in her mother’s mouth. Only when Phoebe gasped making sexual sounds and Diana saw the girl’s pussy wet with her saliva and her mouth smelling her daughter’s liquid, did she realize what had just happened. She held her head in her hand in despair:

“What have I done? Oh, no. Oh no!”

“Oh, no; oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no, no!” sang Phoebe facetiously. Diana clenched her teeth:

“You naughty girl. It was all your fault! You’re just naughty!”

“But you made me cum, mom,” said Phoebe innocently laying on bed with her boobs all wet by her mother’s spit.

“You came because you’re naughty and misbehaved. I was just sticking my tongue in your pussy to check out if you’d washed it properly!”

Phoebe burst into laughter:

“Oh, yeah. If you were just checking my hygiene, I am the lottery great winner!” She laughed her head off. “You’re funny, Mom. Just admit you’ve made a mess! But don’t worry. Nobody will ever know that you fucked me”

“Watch your damn language, young lady!”

“Your breast is bouncing when you shake, mom. You’re really sexy for someone in her forties. That’s why you made me cum I guess,” Phoebe beamed and the woman shook her head:

“Do not repeat those words, you little pest. I’ll teach you a lesson!” Diana came on top of her daughter and glued her lips on hers. She kissed her daughter so deep that the girl could barely breathe, and then she pushed her mom away. The sound of lips parting was all around the room. Then the woman sat on the bed and started to cry:

“I can’t believe I’ve done that. I – I kissed you as though you were my lover. It can’t be true.”

“Ah, come on, mom. It’s not that bad. We love each other, don’t we?”

“Kissing deeply on the mouth is not the kind of love a mother is supposed to give to her daughter.”

Phoebe hugged her mother from behind and whispered: “We’re different though, mommy. We’re kind of evolved. It feels really good when you touch me.”

“Phoebe, your nipples are touching my back. Will you move away please?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t like it. I wont believe you at all,” said the girl cuddling her mother even more.

“That’s the problem. I’m not supposed to like that. What are you doing? Will you stop touching my breast?”

“It feels so good touching them, mom! I wanna make love to you.”

“What?!” Diana’s voice got shaky and she turned her face to her daughter and shook her head. “I can’t believe you have no respect for your mother. It’s a disturbing world we’re living in. I can tell you that.”

“Cut the crap, Mom. I wanna fuck. Take off your pants right now!”

“Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?” Diana said angrily, but Phoebe threw her arms around the woman’s neck then she smiled, then she laughed and finally said; “Don’t be mean, mom. You love me too.” Diana opened her eyes wide as she smelled her daughter’s extremely good breath. She kissed her mouth and surrendered to the transgression.

“Yes, I desperately want to have sex to you, darling. I’ll-I’ll do anything you tell me.” She rose from the bed and started removing her pants. Then she took off her panties and Phoebe saw her mother’s vagina:

“Oh, Mom, I like that black hair. Is there where I came from?”

“No. The stork brought you!” gasped Diana when Phoebe opened her Mom’s leg wide.

“Do you think I’d believe such a thing, Mom? I know that I was found under a gooseberry bush!” Phoebe joked and her face approached her mother’s hairy pussy.

“Phoebe, what the hell do you think you’re going to do?” Diana cried. She gasped when she felt the girl’s tongue on her pussy. “Don’t do that. We’ll be sorry for good! Ooooh” She started to moan. Phoebe felt her mother’s hole in between her tongue, then she sucked that attractive muff while she listened to her mother’s despair. “No. I can’t cum. I won’t… Stop, Phoebe, please”, Diana cried hopeless, her face blushed like crazy and she climaxed. Phoebe knew it since cum juice jumped out of the woman’s pussy onto the girl’s face. She licked all the sex liquid off her mother’s pussy.

“You came on my face, Mom. I’m afraid I’ve swallowed your milky fluid.”

“Oh, no. Let me see if your innocent mouth smells mom’s pussy.” Diana pulled her daughter closer: “Now, open your mouth. Gee, yes. Your breath does smell mom’s juice. You’d better brush your teeth before you talk to one of your professors. Mmmm.” She kissed Phoebe deeply on the lips tasting her own pussy juice in the girl’s mouth. They cuddled and fell asleep.

Her Daughter’s Scent Diana had been lonely since her daughter turned eighteen because the girl started to spend much of her time with her girlfriends. The house had gotten emptier due to Diana’s divorce, and now her only child Phoebe was more and more far away from her. Diana thought sadly about what she could…

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