Her Butler Pt. 03

Her Butler Pt. 03

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The next few years were very happy ones for him. His job meaningless, his great passion Miss Kendall’s home. She set goals for his health, sending him to a personal trainer three evenings a week. He took additional cooking classes, especially baking and pastry. His whole life revolved around hers. Every evening he looked forward to the moment she walked through the door.

He even catered a dinner party for seven of her guests. The reviews were good. She was pleased. She complimented him on the way he kept her underwear clean and folded. “Much better than machine washing.” Her compliments meant everything to him. Still conscious of the need to give her space at home, he did not dote. Instead he greeted her and retired to the kitchen, laundry, or health club.

She put him over her knee whenever he needed it. But he needed it less often. There was a reason. Six months after his paddling, Jim broached the subject of being allowed some time out of chastity, a holiday of sorts. “Are you planning on going somewhere?” she asked.

“No, but I thought we should discuss when we might let me go free for limited times.”

“Ah James, you have been so attentive these past few months, and I have felt so free around you. You wouldn’t want to change that, would you?”

“Of course not, Ma’am.” He had taken to responding to her questions that way. “I only thought maybe there could be an alternative.”

“Are you finding your little cage frustrating? It has the opposite effect on me. I find it empowering.”

“I just thought.”

“Yes, I understand James. Miss Lake warned me when we got into this contract that someday you would beg to be free. She offered an alternative plan.”

“Yes, Ma’am?”

“She said they have a release option for long term chastity wearers. You and I decide upon an appropriate cost for release and they take care of it all.”

“I don’t understand.”

“To put it bluntly, you remember the enhanced option before your paddling? We simply agree on the cost for release. They drain your balls before applying the cost – some form of corporal punishment, I expect.”

“Let me think about that.”

“Certainly James.”

Not long after they decided the cost would be six English style cane strokes: “six of the best.” Mistress Jacobs was very happy to see him again. She told him she didn’t get to use the cane nearly as often as she liked. She enjoyed caning him. He never failed to howl and complain.

He was not strapped down for his caning. After the nurse unhooked him from the machine, he would kneel, head to floor until Mistress Jacobs entered.

At her instruction, he stood and bent over the exam table, backside bare. The nurse used her phone to make a recording. Mistress Jacob’s took her time between stroke. This was not punishment, only the cost of release. She acted as if this was fun, even enjoyable. James, somehow, never got past the absolute görükle escort agony of each stroke. He wished she would just get it over with. Six quick strokes must be better than having to wait for the inevitable wave of searing pain each time.

Even so, Jennifer seemed to believe that enhanced caning was a reward a reward good behavior. Every few months Jennifer would announce his reward and then review, with him, the video recording of the caning. She would rub his head while they watched his face contort with each stroke. To James, the video seemed like his gift for her. The smile watching it was reward for him.

A year later, things began to change. Jennifer thought it would be good for him to learn some personal self-defense. It might give him self-confidence. They decided to unlock him on Sundays so he could participate in martial arts classes. She set the key out for him if she had a guest with her on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon after class he locked himself back in the cage. He dropped the key into a lock box he purchased for the purpose. It had a slot on top. He enjoyed her confidence him. He kept his promise – no masturbation – because she expected it of him.

Sundays were all on the honor system, but once in a while on Monday morning she checked to be sure he was locked up. Unannounced, she would put her hand on his pants, feeling for the cage. “Very good, James,” she would say. Her bright eyes never failed to make him feel proud and happy.

With major litigation at hand Jennifer spent long hours at her office, often including evenings and weekends. Jim thought she might like dinner at work. He prepared her favorite fire roasted vegetables with seared ahi tuna. He delivered it to her office. He cut it all into bite size pieces so she could use chopsticks even though it wasn’t Asian. He used a balsamic reduction sauce with toasted sesame seeds.

She was surrounded by files. Two junior associates scurried in and out of her office. She said, “Why thank you James.” Her smile was all he could ask for. He took to delivering dinner whenever she worked late and responded “yes” to his text query.

As the lead attorney on an international patent infringement case, she worked hard. She brought the plaintiff corporation to her firm. She acted as outside counsel for the client company. She would argue in Federal Court and before the World Trade Organization. This one case could make her a full partner. He wanted to be supportive in every way possible.

He took care of her life, freeing her to work on her project. She let him manage everything. He managed her accounts, paying her bills and writing checks. She signed them when she came home. He sent them out the next day. That’s how he learned how much Midway Correction charged for one of his visits. Only then did he realize what she spent on him. To pay that much for his “release” from chastity meant a lot.

He görükle escort bayan hated the cane, but loved kneeling before Mistress Jacobs. He hated his genitals locked up, but loved serving Miss Kendall. He loved the orgasm, but hated the machine the nurse used to make it happen. His life was full of love and contradictions. Now he knew its value.

“Thank you for that,” he told her as she signed the Midway Corrections check.

“No problem,” she responded handing the check back to him. “You are worth every penny.” He wanted to hug her, but that wasn’t their relationship. Her blue eyes glowed. He leaned over the table to put the check in the envelope he had prepared. She patted him on the head and scratched behind his ear. He bent his head toward her. “Good boy.”

He sat down. “I have been a little curious. When I deliver dinner to you at your office, who do you tell others I am?”

“Yes, it is a bit odd, isn’t it? I mean ‘roommate’ gives the wrong impression and ‘friend’ doesn’t cut it.”

“I’ve been thinking about this.”

“And you have a suggestion?”

“What about butler?”

“Really? Butler?”

“In organizing your bills and filing your receipts I have become aware of how much I cost. I was under the complete misapprehension that I was paying my way with what I contribute. So, I began wondering what I am to you. Butler seemed the best term I could come up with. I would hate housekeeper.”

“If you like butler, then butler it is.” She smiled. He liked her smile. “Would my butler like an over the knee spanking to seal the deal before I go back to the office?”

“Yes Ma’am, Thank you Ma’am.”

“Alright James. Go get my grandmother’s hairbrush.”

He felt very good about his new title. When she made full partner, they moved to a large home in Kenilworth, north of Chicago. He stopped working outside her home and became her full-time butler. She was Miss Kendall to him, he James to her. He drove her to appointments when she asked. She rode in the back seat. He even bought a hat for the purpose. He did so like hearing, “Home, James.”

“Very good, Ma’am,” his response.

She hired a maid to help with the housework. He supervised the maid and the gardeners and all contractors. He managed her affairs, seeing to it that everything in her life outside her office was graceful and effortless. Even with the housekeeper present, he kept the task of hand washing Miss Kendall’s lingerie as his own. He was confident that no one could do it better.

She made a change in the contract with Midway Correction and Domination Services. Mistress Jacobs and a nurse assistant made a monthly house call to their home in Kenilworth. Jennifer enjoyed watching the six strokes in person. She made herself available when she was in town. If not, the nurse recorded the caning and sent it directly to her phone. It was important to him that she bursa escort receive the record of his suffering.

His self-defense classes proved useful. She had a problem with a particular Saturday evening ‘gentleman caller.’ There was a disagreement about her level of commitment to the relationship. He wanted exclusivity. She ordered her guest to leave. He refused. She felt threatened. They were in the living room. She pushed the button to summon James. He was in the home gym working out.

When he entered the room, he sized up the situation and stepped in between Miss Kendall and the visitor. While the man was bigger than he, James’s new confidence in his own fighting ability caused the visitor to back down, pick up his coat and leave. “Thank you, James. I am so glad you were here.” He made it a point to be available anytime he knew she was going to have a visitor. Her safety became his responsibility. As in everything else he carried out his new role as invisibly as possible.

Increasingly, as an international contract law attorney, Jennifer was called out of town and out of the country. In her absence James managed her affairs and kept her house. Ultimately, she gave him the power to sign her checks. When away, Jennifer allowed him more discretion in wearing his chastity cage. He had the key. But it was now so much a part of his life, he only took it off for workouts. Besides, he knew what Miss Kendall desired of him.

Jim never thought about the last time he had sex or even masturbated on his own. His only thought was Miss Kendall, her needs and her concerns. Together they decided a Prince Albert piercing would make his chastity easier to manage. When she was in town, she always kept his key.

The threat of Brexit caused disruption in the EU offices of her London based firm. The senior partners decided to open new offices in Dublin and Strasbourg as a hedge against the fallout from a potential “no deal” British exit from the EU. They asked Jennifer to head the Strasbourg office startup. It was a great opportunity. It could lead to a senior partnership.

So, it happened James accompanied Miss Kendall to Strasburg. He chauffeured her to and from the office each day and maintained her home there. She entertained frequently. They hired a sous chef, but James set the menu, managed the kitchen and served dinner. He often stood by the kitchen door as guests ate and conversed. He watched for her smile.

It was James who suggested that Miss Kendal herself provide the cost for his reward and release. She was only too happy to oblige. He used the machine on himself and Miss Kendall caned him. Six strokes, always six strokes, the cost of release. He suffered for her. But she was his life’s great purpose. He could not recall the last time he felt depressed. She would rub his head after the sixth strike. He waited in position, bent over the side chair in her room, for that caress.

When, at 93, he suffered a stroke, she took care of him. “I’m so glad I chose you all those years ago.” Breaking her own rule of fifty years, she leaned in and kissed him. They were quiet together, his hand in hers. She smiled. He always liked her smile. He spoke his final words to her.

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