Helping Turn Her Loose


We are in Las Vegas for one of our many trips there. We take time off from the casinos and shows to pay a visit to a local swinger’s establishment that we had been to on a couple of previous visits. Dee is wearing a low cut clingy black top showing a good bit of cleavage, a denim skirt that was fairly short and black pumps. No underwear, of course!

It is a weekday, so it is not all that busy and the upstairs ‘couples only’ area is not open, but there are still about ten couples and twice that many single guys here. We sit around and listened to the music, watch a few people dance, and have a drink.

We eventually drift over to an area that has two small sofas and a big screen TV that has some good hard core porn showing on it all the time. We sit on one of the sofas with me at one end and Dee pretty much in the middle of it to my left. As we watch the action on the screen, my arm is around her shoulders, my hand resting high on her left breast. My other hand is running up and down the exposed area of her thigh and her hand is resting on my groin area.

It isn’t long before a guy comes and stands next to the other end of the sofa, his eyes going back and forth between the TV screen and us. He is a decent looking guy, probably just under six feet tall and average build, short light brown hair; I’d say early 40’s and nicely dressed.

“Have a seat”, I say to him. He thanks me and sits down on the left end of the sofa, next to Dee. He is spending more time looking at her legs now than looking at the screen. I move my hand over to Dee’s left thigh, he sees this and looks up at me. I smile, give my head a little nod down towards Dee’s legs, and move my hand back to her right leg. He takes the hint and puts his hand on her leg, just above the knee. Dee looks at him and smiles, then puts her hand high up on his thigh, a couple inches from the growing bulge in his pants.

Encouraged, he starts rubbing her leg, moving higher up her thigh until his hand slips under her skirt. Dee’s hand has moved up and is rubbing his swollen cock through his pants. I can tell when his hand reaches her wet pussy, both by the little gasp from her and by the look of surprise on his face when he finds her panty-less smooth slit.

I pull down Dee’s top, freeing her lovely breasts. Her nipples are already hard and red, just waiting to be tweaked and sucked. I cup her tit and offer it up to our new friend, and he gladly lowers his head to take that delicious nipple into his mouth. Dee has slid down a bit causing her skirt to ride way up, clearly exposing our friend’s fingers moving in and out of her wet cunt to anyone watching. And there are people watching! Another couple and a whole group of guys.

Dee works his pants open and frees his cock, her hand moving up and down its entire Bycasino length, a bit of pre-cum on its tip.

I stand up, and after extracting his fingers from her pussy and detaching his lips from her nipple, I get Dee to her feet also. I tell our friend to drop his draws, which he quickly does. I hike Dee’s skirt up to her waist, turn her around so her back is to him, and sit her down on his lap. His rock hard cock finds its way easily up into her hot, hungry pussy. As they settle into a nice fucking rhythm, I feel it is time for her to loose her top altogether, so I quickly pull it off and place it on the back of the sofa. I then free my raging cock and feed it to Dee’s eager mouth.

I hold Dee’s head in my hands and she holds my ass in hers, while our friend pumps his meat into her and reaches around and plays with her big, sensitive tits. A good time is being had by all. My cock feels great moving in and out of Dee’s talented mouth as she moans with pleasure from the fucking she is receiving.

About this time the couple that has been watching comes over to the sofa. He is a tall, athletic looking guy and she is also tall, with short blonde hair, wearing a tight fitting mid-thigh length red knit dress and red high heel sandals.

Hubby drops his pants and boxers and sits on the sofa next to our friend. His wife hikes up her dress and pulls off a tiny red thong. Then while holding the bottom of the dress up near her hips, she straddles him and impales herself on his rather impressive tool facing away from him just as Dee is on our friend.

The wife is watching Dee sucking on me while her guy has his hands on her hips and is bouncing her up and down on his shaft. This woman reaches out her hand and cups my balls, sending electric sparks through my body. Dee removes her mouth from my cock, and takes hold of it with her hand, leading me towards this woman before she lets go. The woman grasps my cock and brings it right to her mouth. She licks around the head once, and then engulfs almost the entire thing with her mouth. I start moving my hips, fucking her face as she plays with my balls. Her husband pushes her dress up to her tits and I reach down and continue to pull it up towards her head. She releases my cock long enough for me to pull the dress completely off, leaving her naked except for her shoes. I help myself to a handful of her very nice titties.

One of the guys that have been standing close by, watching all the action, quickly moves to take my place in front of Dee. His very thick cock is inches away from her beautiful face. She opens her mouth and he feeds that monster past her waiting lips and into her mouth. Her hands grasp his ass and she takes control of his movement. I am pretty sure, from the sound he makes, that she has found Bycasino giriş his asshole with one of her fingers.

With me occupied with my dick in this other woman’s mouth, it must signal an all clear to the other guys standing around pulling on their dicks. One of them moves right next to the guy Dee is sucking, takes hold of one of her hands and brings it to his cock. Dee begins stroking this new cock, much to the delight of its owner.

It is now very long before the guy fucking Dee starts to grunt and it is obvious he is shooting his cum up in her hot pussy. A minute or so after he finishes, Dee stands up and lets him get out of the way. She has the guy she has been giving a hand job sit down on the sofa. She turns around and bends over, taking his upstanding cock in her mouth, which presents her ass and pussy to the guy she has been giving a blow job to. He wastes no time moving up and jamming his cock into her cunt from behind. He takes hold of her hips and really starts to pound into her, pushing her forward and forcing more of the other guys cock into her mouth. That guys hands are all over Dee’s tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples.

The woman sucking on my cock has been watching Dee’s actions, and I guess she decides to follow suit. She lets my dick fall from her mouth, gets up off her husbands cock and turns around. She bends over, taking his cock in her mouth, which puts her pussy right at the end of my raging hard-on. I slip the head of my cock in just past her cunt lips and then take it back out. She moans and tries to push herself back toward me. I again advance until my head is just inside and stop, then thrust forward burying my entire length in her. A little squeal escapes her mouth from around her husband’s dick. I work into a good piston motion, fucking her hard and fast as she deep throats her husband.

Dee is making those sounds that tell me she is having an orgasm, big time! She is really working that cock in her mouth and is taking one hell of a fucking from the guy behind her. The guys she is sucking starts cussing and I see Dee’s cheeks puffing out as she takes his load of cum. The guy fucking her arches his back and pushes against her ass, holding himself as deep in her as he can as he, too, shoots his load.

This all puts me over the top and I shoot stream after stream of my seed into this lovely ladies cunt as her husband is telling her to drink every drop of his cum.

The guy fucking Dee steps back and puts his softening dick back in his pants as he walks away. I pull out of my warm place as the other guy on the sofa takes his leave and Dee sits down. I sit next to her and the other gal squeezes her naked body in between me and her husband.

We look and there are five guys standing close by with Bycasino güncel giriş their hard cocks out, rubbing them. The other gal looks at her husband and asks ‘can I?’ He nods and she grabs one of those cocks, leads him to the other sofa and has him sit down. She mounts him, facing away, and takes one of the remaining cocks in her mouth and two more in her hands. She is servicing, in one way or another, four cocks at once. The hands of these four men are all over her body, her tits being mauled and pulled and twisted. Quite an erotic, hot sight.

Dee is sitting between me and the other husband, slowly stroking each of our cocks as we all watch the gal. There is still one guy, a tall skinny fellow, left standing playing with himself. Dee looks at me, smiles and winks. She gets up, calls to the guy, then bends over, taking the other husbands cock in her mouth as the skinny guys moves up behind her, slipping his long thin dick into her.

The other husband is busy watching his wife, her mouth and pussy filled with cocks, her hands pulling and stroking two more. As he watches, both the guy fucking her and the one she is blowing empty their loads. One into her pussy and the other all over her tits. After a minute, those two move away. She has one of the guys she has been giving a hand job sit down so she can bend over and swallow his cock, and the other hand job guy, a large black man with a massive cock, wastes no time ramming his cock into her from behind. She is once again filled from both ends.

The skinny guy doesn’t last long, shoots his wad in Dee and pulls out. So Dee just sits back down between us and continues to play with the other husbands cock and with mine as we watch his wife. His eyes seem glazed over as he watches, again and again, that huge black cock pulling out and slamming into his lovely wife. His cock has gotten rock hard again in Dee’s hand, as has mine, but I’m not sure he even knows what she is doing to him.

The other gal has brought the one guy to the brink. When the guy cums in her mouth, she can’t take it this time and it runs down her chin and onto his cock and stomach. He makes his way off the sofa, and she lowers her head to the cushion as the big guy continues to fuck her hard. She moans, whimpers, gasps, shudders, yells, and finally he pulls that giant slab of meat from her pussy and deposits a massive load of cum all over her ass.

The big guy looks at the husband and asks him if he can have her lick him clean. A hell of a decent thing I think, to ask permission. The husband nods, and she proceeds to lick and suck his black cock as it slowly softens.

After he thanks her and walks off, she comes over to her husband, cuddles into his lap, gives him a big kiss and tells him thank you. She is quite a sight, hair a mess, cum on her face, tits and ass, but she does look happy. She looks at us and says that they had never done this before, it was a huge fantasy come true, and will not be repeated again anytime soon, if ever. She thanks us for being a part of it and inspiring them.

We are in Las Vegas for one of our many trips there. We take time off from the casinos and shows to pay a visit to a local swinger’s establishment that we had been to on a couple of previous visits. Dee is wearing a low cut clingy black top showing a good bit of…

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