Helping Out

Helping Out

Big Tits

Fair warning, this story starts off a little slow and features only a low level of action. All characters are over eighteen.

* * *

Nora was screwed. She already struggling to keep it together, barely earning enough at her part-time job to pay for food, rent, utilities, and school fees, and now she had to fork out several weeks’ pay to fix her car. And it wasn’t even her fault.

Clutching the printout in her hand, Nora stormed into the living room, where the culprit was already sprawled on the couch with a bottle of vodka. Lindsay Torres, who had made decent progress on the bottle despite that fact it was only four in the afternoon, looked up and smiled blearily.

“Hey baby,” Lindsay slurred. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, nothing much mum,” Nora angrily retorted. “Just the quote to repair my car came in. $1400.”

Lindsay had recently borrowed Nora’s car in order to pop down to the local shops and pick up some milk. Normally this would have been a non-issue, but Lindsay had been completely wasted at time, and crashed the car. The body suffered several severe scratches and dents that were going to be costly to fix, but the real expense was the damaged engine. And Lindsay? She walked away without a scratch, and was later found in the shop carpark, sitting on the curb and sipping from a bottle of Ruskov.

“That’s a lot,” Lindsay said, and a faint frown creased her face. “How are you going to pay for that?”

Nora saw red. “Don’t you think you should pay for it?” she said, as calmly as she could manage. “It was your fault.”

Lindsay blinked slowly. “It’s your car though,” she explained, and turned back to the television.

Nora glared at her mother, and stood in front of her. “Can I at least take it out of the money I have to give you for rent and utilities?”

Lindsay shook her head emphatically. “Nope,” she said. “You need to cover your half of the rent, I can’t afford to pay it all myself. You’re an adult, you’ve got a job. You need to support yourself.”

“Speaking of which, how am I meant to get to work now? Are you going to let me use your car?”

“No, I need that,” Lindsay said. “You’ll just have to catch the bus.”

“That’s a fucking two hour trip one way,” Nora exploded.

“Sorry love,” Lindsay said, patting her arm. “But maybe this will teach you to be responsible, and put some savings aside for emergencies. Like I did.”

That was the final straw. Nora could take many things and keep her temper, but her mum lecturing her on being responsible with money? The same woman that alienated her entire family and pisses away all of her earnings on alcohol? That Nora could not stand, and she left the room before she snapped and gave Lindsay a well-deserved smack in the face.

Pacing in her bedroom, Nora thought desperately about what she could do. She didn’t have anywhere near enough savings to pay to fix her car, and without her car she wasn’t able to get to work to earn more money to pay for it. It was a long shot, but there was only one thing she could think of that might work.

Although Lindsay claimed to have “put money aside for emergencies”, Nora knew that was a bunch of crap. While it was true that they had had money troubles before, and that Lindsay had managed to get them out of it, Nora knew the real reason why. At least five times over the years, Lindsay had turned to her uncle, Sam Rowe, for help. Nora didn’t know why Sam had given them money ? Lindsay had alienated nearly all of their family over the years, and Lindsay’s sole connection to Sam was her affair with his deadbeat brother Alex, Nora’s father ? but Nora had found several bank transfers from a company that a quick Google search revealed was owned by him.

Unfortunately Nora didn’t have much personal history with her uncle, and hadn’t seen him for over a decade, since she was eight. She knew it was unlikely he would help her out, but he’d given her mum money, so maybe there was a chance at least. Even if it was just a loan, she’d be more than happy to pay him back.

Her mind made up, Nora decided to try contact her uncle. It would be awkward, asking a man who was the barest definition of family for $1400, but what other choice did she have?

All she had to do now was arrange a meeting with him. Nora had no idea where he lived, and knew Lindsay wouldn’t tell her, so her only choice was to visit him at work. As she didn’t have his phone number (and again, no chance of getting that off Lindsay) she quickly Googled his company and punched their office number into her mobile. Suddenly nervous, Nora pressed the green icon and listened to the dial tone.

“Hello, Rowe Housing and Construction, this is Joy speaking. How may I help you?”

“Hi. I was wondering, would I please be able to make an appointment to see Sam Rowe?”

“What was this regarding?”

“A personal matter.”

“I see,” the receptionist said, somewhat distractedly. A bunch of office supplies had just been wheeled in, and the delivery guy was handing samsun escort her a couple of forms to sign. She pinned the phone between her head and shoulder as she skimmed through the clipboard. “And what is your relationship with Sam?”

“I’m his niece,” Nora explained. “Nora Torres. My mum is his brother’s ex-wife, Lindsay Torres?”

Unknown by Nora, the receptionist only caught the last few words she had said. “Lindsay Torres, huh? Alright, I’ll just check Sam’s schedule. Let’s see… He’s free this Thursday, at 11:30 am. Does that work for you?”

“Yes, thank you very much,” Nora gushed, and hung up. She’d have to catch a couple of buses to get to his office, but if it got her the money to fix her car, it’d be worth it.

* * *

Nora woke up early Thursday morning and quickly got dressed. She’d decided to go with business casual, donning a button-up blue shirt, brown jacket, and dark trousers. Admittedly the shirt was a little tight, but it was extremely flattering when she viewed herself side-on in the mirror and it never hurt to look good when asking a man for money, even if he was your uncle. She forced herself to eat breakfast despite her mounting nervousness, brushed her teeth, and headed out for a meeting that could change her life.

Three buses later and Nora was standing outside Rowe Housing and Construction’s business office. She took a deep breath, entered the lobby, and went straight up to the reception desk. The receptionist, a middle-aged matronly-looking woman, was tapping away at her computer but looked up as she approached.

“Hello,” she said warmly. “Are you here to apply for the office assistant position?”

“Uh, no,” Nora said. “I actually have an 11:30 meeting with Sam Rowe.”

“Miss Torres?” the receptionist asked.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Good. Sam is running a bit late, but I’ll have someone show you up to his office and he’ll be with you shortly,” the receptionist said. She called someone on her desk phone and a harassed-looking young man in office attire quickly appeared from upstairs and beckoned for Nora to join him.

The man escorted her upstairs and to an office with Sam’s name on it, then bid her a brusque goodbye and hurried off. He must be running a tight ship here, Nora thought with some concern as she slipped into his office. Hopefully he isn’t as strict when it comes to family. Sam’s office was quite spacious, with a big desk and several large wooden bookshelves. Curious and a little bored, Nora began to browse them.

Downstairs, Sam Rowe finally got back from lunch with some potentially lucrative clients and stepped into the lobby. As he went to go upstairs, Joy clicked her fingers to get his attention (a habit he detested). “Miss Torres has arrived, and I had Jake take her to your office,” she told him.

Sam had forgotten about that, and grimaced slightly. Although he had some basic sympathy for Lindsay Torres for being knocked up by his worthless older brother, his patience with her had long worn thin. He had given her every opportunity to improve her lot, had offered her investment advice and even jobs through his business contacts, but she had always made the selfish, short-sighted choice. He had considered cutting her off after the first few times she had wasted the money he gave her, and would have if it weren’t for her claims she’d go bankrupt and his niece would go into foster care. The services she offered in return for the money weren’t bad either.

As he had made his way to his office, Sam decided that no matter what Lindsay told or offered him, he wasn’t going to bail her out this time. He was done being her piggy bank. Resolute, Sam stepped into his office and saw her from behind, and his resolution went out the window.

She was bent over, trying to pick up several books off the floor, and her arse looked magnificent. It was smaller and rounder than he’d ever seen it, and it looked so deliciously firm. She must have been working out, he thought as he strode towards her, his burgeoning erection leading the way. Hearing him, she straightened, and then he was holding her, pressing his cock into her amazing arse and reaching around to cup her breasts. They were warm and filled his palms like they belonged there. He squeezed them and wondered at how good she looked and felt. It was like she’d rewound the clock twenty years.

I’ll give her some money, one last time, he decided, if it means I get to fuck this arse again. He leaned forward and sniffed her neck ? she even smelled fucking amazing ? and said: “My god Lindsay, when did you get so hot?”

When she was suddenly grabbed from behind, Nora froze, stunned by what was happening. But then she felt the man’s hands squeeze her breasts and his breathy voice in her ear and she roughly shoved him off her. As she spun around, she saw her attacker’s face, and despite how long it’d been since they last met she recognised him in a single shocked instant as Sam Rowe. Her father’s brother. escort samsun Her uncle.

Sam was also surprised. As the woman he thought was Lindsay Torres shoved him off and turned to face him, he saw her face and immediately realised he’d made a mistake. This woman, who barely looked out of her teens, was not Lindsay, although she did look somewhat familiar. She glared at him with hazel eyes, her cheeks flushed and her long brown hair hanging fetchingly over her face, and Sam suddenly realised he was gorgeous.

“Uncle Sam!” she squealed, and Sam felt like he’d been hit over the head with a mallet.

There was a moment of silence, made all the more awkward for Sam by the fact that the front of Nora looked just as good, if not better, as the back. If she wasn’t his niece, he was forced to acknowledge, he would want to fuck her. It was sick, but even now his erection had only wilted, not abated, and he couldn’t help but remember how great it felt to grab and press against her boobs and arse.

“What the hell, Sam?” Nora asked once her heart stopped trying to burst from her chest. “Do you always grab any woman you find in your office by the tits?”

“No!” Sam protested. “I thought you were your mother.” As soon as he said it, he knew it was a mistake.

Nora’s eyes narrowed. “You thought I was Lindsay,” she said. “Why the hell would you grab my mum like that?”

Sam thought quickly. While a number of lies presented themselves, he decided to go with the truth. It was easier, and besides, it’s not like he had done anything wrong, legally speaking.

“Have a seat,” he said, and sat behind his desk. Nora didn’t move. “Please.”

Reluctantly, Nora sat down, and Sam looked at her over the desk as he gathered his thoughts. “First off, I’m sorry I grabbed you like that. I thought you were Lindsay, because I scheduled a meeting with her today. I didn’t know she was sending you.”

“Mum didn’t send me,” Nora said. “I made the appointment to see you.”

Sam frowned and resolved to have a word with Joy later. “Regardless, I thought I was meeting your mum. As to why I would grab her like that… You may not know this, but over the years I have helped your mum out here and there with money. Because she could never pay me back, Lindsay would show her gratitude in… another way.”

“You mean she’d have sex with you,” Nora half-asked, and Sam reluctantly nodded in confirmation.

“I didn’t make the arrangement,” Sam said. “After Lindsay couldn’t pay me back the first few times, I refused to give her any more money, and she used sex to convince me otherwise.”

“You fucked my mum,” Nora said bluntly. Typical Lindsay. Opens her legs to get out of trouble, then takes the high road and complains how much she’s done for you.

Sam misinterpreted her anger as directed at him. “Not while your father was in the picture,” he said. “And I never forced her into it or took advantage of her. She was always the instigator.”

There was silence for a moment as Nora digested the news. “Okay then,” she said. “I forgive you for grabbing me.”

“Good, good, good,” Sam said, and then a thought occurred to him. “Why did you come here to meet me?”

Nora smiled grimly. “It seems history is repeating itself. I have money troubles, and I was hoping you’d be able to help me out.” She quickly explained her car problem, and commiserated with Sam over her mum’s role in it. He seemed genuinely sympathetic, and she felt her hope soar.

“I’m sorry, Nora,” Sam said, and her heart plummeted. “I would love to help you, but virtually all my money is tied up in the business at the moment.”

“I’m not asking for a handout,” Nora tried, “Just a loan. I’ll pay you back.”

“And I believe you,” Sam smiled sadly. “But the only moveable funds I have available are in the company accounts, and I can’t withdrawal from those for personal reasons.” Her face fell, and he felt a stab of guilt. “Can’t you possibly pick up some more shifts at your job?” He asked. “Didn’t you say you worked at a restaurant?”

“No,” she said miserably. “I have to rely on public transport to get there, and the buses only come every couple of hours at night, which is when I normally work. It was easier to catch buses here that it is to get to work.”

Sam rapped his fingers on the desktop. As much as he wanted to help, he didn’t think there was anything he could do. “I’m sorry Nora, but I don’t think I can help you,” he said gently, but Nora didn’t want to hear it.

Nora racked her brain desperately. “Hire me as office assistant,” she suddenly blurted, remembering what the receptionist had said to her when she first walked in. “You can advance me the money, and I’ll work it off.”

Sam was reluctant. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for my niece to be my assistant.”

“Why?” Nora demanded. “If you’re worried your employees might think I got the job because of samsun escort bayan nepotism, just don’t tell them I’m your niece.”

Once again Sam decided to tell the truth. “I do things with my assistants that I can’t do with you,” he said flatly.

She stared at him. “You fuck them too?”

“Sometimes,” Sam admitted. “If they’re willing. I make it pretty clear in the interview though that at the very least, I expect regular blowjobs in my office.”

“That’s sick.”

“A little,” Sam admitted. “But it happens in most offices, and at least here I’m clear about it. And this is a relatively small business, so the girls know they aren’t doing it in the hopes of getting a promotion. It’s just part of the job.”

They lapsed into silence once again, and despite himself Sam felt bad for the poor girl. Yes, she was hot as fuck, but she was still his niece and it was obvious she was upset. “Listen,” he said, and she looked up at him, her eyes a little watery. “I’ll have a look if I can’t free up some cash or if I can negotiate a small loan with someone else.”

Nora beamed and impulsively lunged across the desk to give him a quick hug. As she leaned back she thought she saw his eyes drop briefly to her chest, but only for an instant. Regardless, although not the loan she was hoping for Nora was grateful for any small offer of help, and they exchanged contact details so he could call her if or when he found something.

As she went to leave, Nora quickly hugged him again. His hands instinctively went to her lower back, and it took all of his willpower not to grab her arse. Nora smiled up at him, and this time she definitely saw his eyes flick down to her chest, and she felt a slight hardness against her lower belly.

My uncle wants me, she thought as she waited at the bus stop. The thought was kind of gross, but despite herself she also couldn’t help but feel slightly flattered and excited too. He is tall and kind of good-looking, she thought idly, and then chided herself for thinking so.

Back at his office, Sam locked the door as soon as his nubile young niece left the office, and despite how wrong he knew it was, he jacked his cock over his rubbish bin. This is so fucked up, he thought as he came, but he couldn’t help wishing his cum wasn’t splattering into the bin but was spurting over her.

* * *

Nora didn’t hear from him for nearly a week, and she was getting desperate. She’d managed to arrange a car pool with a co-worker for several of her shifts at the restaurant, but still ended up having to give up half her shifts. The only good thing about it was that her managers were understanding about her not wanting to catch the bus alone after 11:00 pm.

She was on the bus heading to work when he finally called. “Hi Sam.”

“Hello Nora,” he replied. “Sorry for not calling sooner. Are you busy at the moment?”

“I’m just on the bus to work,” she said. “I can talk.”

Sam closed his eyes and tried to banish images of his sexy niece in a waitress’s outfit, complete with short black skirt and apron drawn tight under those perky breasts. “Unfortunately I don’t have any good news for you. I wasn’t able to find anyone to borrow money or give you a job. I’m so sorry.”

Nora was silent for a moment. “Have you found a new assistant yet?”

“No, I haven’t,” Sam said, wondering where she was going.

“Then hire me.”

“We already discussed this,” Sam tried, but she interrupted him.

“I’ve thought about it, and I think I could handle any and all responsibilities the position has,” Nora said firmly. And she had thought about it. While she knew her uncle had a thing for her, she was confident that if push came to shove, he wouldn’t force her to go through with it. And if he fired her, that was fine, she only needed to work long enough to pay for her car repairs. Unbidden in her mind was the thought of what she’d do if he did go through with it, and she ignored the awkward heat between her legs that that thought inspired.

Sam was silent.

“I’ll just need a small advance, enough to fix my car,” she said. Then she lowered her voice and slightly and said in as sultry a tone as she could manage: “I think you’ll find me a very enthusiastic employee.”

“I need to go,” Sam lied and hung up. Could I go through with it, he wondered. Could she?

* * *

That night Nora got a text from Sam. It simply said: I’ll wire you the advance after you complete your first day of work. You’ll be working 9:00-4:00 M-F. Let me know when you are ready to start.

She texted back: Tomorrow.

* * *

Nora reported for work at 9:00 am sharp, and was greeted by Joy, who proceeded to run her through the tasks and responsibilities of her new job. That took until lunch, where she met several of her co-workers, after which she was mostly left to her own devices. She worked quietly, and was surprised when 2:00 pm came and went without seeing or hearing from Sam.

Then the intercom in her little “office” buzzed and she heard his voice. “Nora, could you please come to my office for a moment?”

Suddenly nervous, she smoothed down her skirt and made her way to his office. She knocked on the door and he opened it, ushering her inside. He closed the door behind her and, in a move that made her heart start pounding, he locked it.

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