Helping Her Son got her into Bed

Helping Her Son got her into Bed

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We moved into a trailer count due to the medical bills we have with mom’s problems. I’m their only kid and I think dad thinks its all my fault that mom is having problems cause I guess it started when she give birth to me or so dad says.

Next door there’s a woman in her mid 30s and her son I have seen around. She’s dam good looking for a white broad but her kid is nothing more than a total nerd. I mean the kid is 12 maybe 13 and is already in high school. Some kind of genius I guess. I think the guy who comes around is her husband but if he is he robed the cradle.

Anyway I play linebacker in our high school and I’m hoping for a scholarship so I can get an education unlike my dad who dropped out in the 10th grade and is proud of it, what a dumbass.

Back in Oct. dad had me washing his wheels that he is so proud of but is a piece of junk if you ask me, when I see the nerd next door walking home. Three guys were coming up behind him and I knew it wasn’t going to be good.

They grabbed the nerd and as one held him one of the others was doing his best the kick that little nerd in the balls, saying he wanted to hear him scream like the little pansy he is.

Well one on one ok but three on one, well no way so I jumped in.

I’m in dam good shape so even thou there was three it was no problem to take care of them, and after two had ran away holding this or that I had the leader of this little pack on the ground. He was on his back with me holding his legs spread and saying I wanted to hear him scream like the fucking asshole he is.

The mother of the nerd was out of her door and saying for me not to hurt the bastard cause it wouldn’t help her son. I looked at her and made as if I was going to kick a field goal with the bastard’s nuts but stopped my foot just short by kicking the ground.

I looked down at the asshole and told him that the nerd is my buddy and if he came anywhere near him next time the kick lands. The asshole had tears running down his face as he limped away.

The nerds mom give me a huge hug and asked if I would come inside with them so she could to show me how much I had helped her son. I told her not to worry about and that I had to finish my dad’s car. She made her son Ricky help me with the car.

We talked and it turns out the kid isn’t that bad, well for a nerd. He helped me with my science which I needed big time but what shock me is, I just turned 18 and in my final year of high school and this kid reads my text books for 20 minutes and knows more than I do after a month of schooling. The fucking kid is a fucking genius.

On the weekend the woman’s husband shows up and the fight is on. I think he’s a trucker or something but I do know he’s a jackass.

I seen him back hand her across the face in their driveway and start to head that way cause in my books on one hits a female period. She sees me and holds a hand up to stop me. I thought ok lady, but next time I don’t stop and he gets his.

I guess am sounding like I’m some kind of tough guy, well Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort am not, I just have my standards and hitting a woman is a huge no-no in my book.

Monday morning the guy is out the door and gone again for god knows how long and I see the woman with her eye almost shut with the shiner he give her.

There was no school that day for some stupid teacher conference and I went over to check on the nerds mom.

She let me in after I knocked at her door and said again how happy she was that I helped her son out but she didn’t want me getting in trouble either cause as she put it “You wont be around every time something happens. He needs to stand on his own two feet.”

I said that I know of those guys and as long as I’m in school they wont go near her son. I then asked “What’s with the asshole who did this to such a wonder woman like yourself?”

She said “Oh he’s not so bad, he’s just frustrated with work and us and life in general.

I put my fingers on the side of her face and said “If he does this again, I will give it back to him in spades.”

She put her hand over mine and held it saying “Please don’t do anything. The last guy who jumped in got hurt real bad, so just stay out of it please.” and kissed my hand.

Ok I’m 18 but seeing this white woman kiss my black hand made my heart give a jump, don’t ask me why but even being here in her house with her had my head spinning a little.

She stepped back and said “Where’s my manners? Would you like a beer or something?”

I told her no booze for me not even beer but ice water would be great.

We sat and talked and the more we talked the more I sank into her blue eyes. She was saying something about the shape I am in and put her hand over mine and it was like a lighting bolt went through me. All I knew was I needed to get out of there before I said or did something I would regret.

As I stood to leave, Lynn that’s her name stood with me and said “Thank you again.” and kissed me on the lips hard and not just a quick peck either.

I wrapped my arms around and kissed her back harder and longer. I felt her pull back after my kiss and I let her go. She said in a excited voice ” Ricky going to be home soon so this will have to wait, sorry.” and kissed me again.

I didn’t sleep to good that night thinking of that sexy white mom next door and her saying this has to wait. Does that mean she feels the same way I do? I’m I falling in love with her or is it that I just want in her pants in a big way? I just couldn’t get it straight in my head. I do know I ever had these thoughts about any of my past girlfriends, but maybe I should stay clear of her.

On Friday when I got home from practice Lynn called to me saying “Are you playing tomorrow?” I said I was and went into my house as quick as I could.

I kept my mind on the game and had the best game of my life. I not only sacked their quarterback twice, I also grabbed a fumble and ran it for a touch down.

After the game Ataşehir Çıtır Escort as I made my way out of the school there was Lynn waving at me with a huge smile jumping up and down calling my name. One of my team mates said “She’s a little old for you ain’t she? but I bet she gives great head, want to share bud?”

I told him to fuck off and that she is just a neighbor and he said “Ya I know one of those lonely housewives we hear about right, you scratching her itch for her?”

I give him the finger and Lynn ran up wrapping her arms around and giving me a huge hug. She then said “You were great, I couldn’t take my eyes off you all game. How about we celebrate, I have some wings we could have and maybe we could watch a movie together, what you think?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her sexy mouth and kissed her right there not caring who seen us.

She backed away saying “We cant be doing that in public honey, my old man may find out, ok?”

So does that mean behind closed doors we can do that and maybe a lot more? I felt my heart racing in my chest again just being close to her again. I said “lets go.” as I put my hand on her firm ass.

She said “Not here ok, just wait.”

As she drove us back to her place I asked about Ricky and she said he was at his cousins place in till Sunday night.

I called my mom and told her I was going to my buddies and would be home late or maybe tomorrow as I winked at Lynn making her blush.

Once inside her door she was all over me and when she got my clothes off she sat back with my hard cock in her hand. She said “And your still a growing boy and look at this, I cant even get my hand around it. Lets see if my lips go around it.”

I sat back watching doing her best to give me some head but she has a small frame type body and could only get the head in her mouth. It was still fucking hot watching this blond haired chick sucking my cock.

When I felt I was getting close I pushed her back and ripping her tiny panties off I went down on her. She was already leaking and tasted kind of sweeter than any pussy I had ever tasted before.

She was driving her pussy into my mouth and pulling hard on my hair as she came hard. Her love was running into my mouth as I drank her love.

I moved up her body and she seemed to freeze for a second but grabbed my ass pulling me inside her love centre.

She screamed “So full, so fucking full. Do it fuck me, COME ON fuck ME!”

She felt like a vise around me so fucking tight and hornier then I had ever seen a female in my life. I hammered her and when she came she dug her finger nails into my ass cheeks drawing blood. Holy fuck what did I get myself into here.

After she came countless times she seem to get into just making love and not just fucking. I got her on her hands and knees and when she put her head down I could see my black cock going in and out of the pinkest pussy I have ever seen. It was to much I started shooting off inside of her.

Just as I Ataşehir Elit Escort started to finish coming she started going into a huge orgasm so I kept going and when I put my arm around and rubbed her clit she seen to black out for a few seconds she came so hard and long.

Seeing this got me hard all over again as we just kept on making love to each other. I remember thinking that I had ever felt like this in my life before and I didn’t want it to ever stop.

After god knows how long we went at it before I felt my balls getting ready to cum for the second time and I said “I’m about to cum.”

She said “Not in me, you cant please pull out.”

I did as she asked and she held my coming cock to her open mouth holding my cum on her tongue.

Once I was done she made a show of drinking my seed into her belly.

After a bite to eat and a shower we went to her bed but this time she made me wear a rubber saying she not on birth control. I knew I should tell her that I had already came inside her once but I didn’t want to spoil what happening between us.

We made love 3 more times that night and in the morning I asked about her husband and how she could stay with anyone like that?

She sat down and said “I have a secret and you cant tell a soul if I tell you what it is. Can you keep my secret?” I said I could and she went on.

She started “Ricky’s dad is, well how do I say this, straight out I guess is best. Ricky’s father is my father. I’m not married, that’s my dad that you see. He started fucking me when mom died when I was 15 and when I turned 19 I was pregnant with daddies baby.

Oh god he only comes by to fuck me every few weeks and give us just enough money to live on. Now you know our family secret but Ricky don’t know that his grandpa is his dad or that he has any family other than me and what he thinks is my husband.”

I sat back with my head spinning having just been told this. At first I thought this is bull shit but it explains so much.

I wrapped my arms around saying that we had to get her out of this situation but also thinking and people think black families are so fucked up. Well whites do just as good of a job fucking families up as the rest of us do.

She was a little shocked I didn’t grab my stuff and run for the hills and looking back it may’ve been for the best if I had done just that. I wouldn’t be charged with man slaughter and waiting to go to court.

See Lynn ended up pregnant by me and when her father/ husband found out he came after me saying he was going to kill himself a nigger. He did get some hard hits in before I started fighting back and when I nailed him on the chin he went down flat on his back hitting his head on the cinder blocks on the edge of our driveways crushing the back of his skull killing him on the spot.

Lynn says she is happy he is dead and Ricky now knows the truth of who his father was and what he did to his mom. I wonder how he feels knowing his mom is his half sister too.

The lawyers tell me I should get off without anything on my record due to it being self defence and all I was doing was defending myself.

You know the funny thing is going through all of this the only thing I can think of is Lynn and is she ok and how is she making out. Mom says I’m in love with Lynn and she maybe right.

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