Heera and Sunita: A New Wave Sluts


Sunita and Heera – A combination redefining bisexuality.

Manjunath was overwhelmed at the sight of his wife getting off the car, he was defused beyond comprehension and was sure this was a ‘nightmare’ and not reality facing him, which it was in the ‘ wee’ hours of that ‘fateful’ morning. He quickly composed his self and quickly closed the rear car door, moved swiftly to the driver seat and swept off to the airport.

Sunita was an exceptional woman, she was wedded for more than 3 years now and Sush was just 2 years old- born out of a series of copulation she had with none other than‘MANJUNATH’.

She and Manju got around to sharing the bed and each other’s vital assets for ‘quiet’ 2 years now, much before Manju got married, it was not very difficult to see ‘genetic’ characteristics of Manju in the young child but that way – you can plant ‘similarities’ in almost every combination one picks up, it is very simple.

Manju returned ‘home’ and without a word got on to his sleep, this worried Heera a bit but she ignored it and went about with the whole issue pretty normally, woke up in the afternoon and was surprised to find Manjunath missing from the house, his duty hours were usually in the night and it was unusual to see him off during the day. She went about the house in a typical ‘housewife’ style and got down to brushing her teeth, ‘cleaned’ herself well of the ‘ills and spoils’ of the previous night in a pristine fashion, washed herself thoroughly and after a good ‘manicure’ session, was as pure as ‘crystal’.

Heera was young, just 21-22 years of age and obviously knew it was important to be ‘desirable’, if she had to continue doing what she was at the moment – in fact her only problem was the fact that she was ‘too desirable’.

She was sitting in front of the mirror and adjusting the band around her hair after having drawn the braid well, when the phone rang, “ Hi, I saw you coming pretty late last night, what were you up to – bbitch….’, it was a female voice on the other side.

‘Who the hell are you- and why are you bothered about my timing home?’ shouted Heera on the phone, ‘Well just come over to my house and don’t bother to knock, come straight into the bedroom’, this time Heera could pick up the voice, it was unmistakably that of Sunita.

Heera was in a pale saree with pleats around the feet, and was wearing a drab blouse over a sick looking bra, she did not bother to change and walked across to the main door, looked around and stealthily reached for Sunitha’s house, their main doors were as distanced as a ‘cunt ‘ is from the ‘ass’.

As instructed she reached the bedroom and was stunned with what she saw there- lying prostrate on his stomach was her lawfully wedded husband ‘MANJUNATH’ whose mouth was glued to the ‘faucet’ between Sunita’s sweet legs, except for his wrist watch and the ‘mangalsutra’ around her neck, both of them were as naked as the birds in the sky, Manju was busy lapping at the lovely pussy and there could be no doubt in anybody’s mind that he was enjoying the ‘cuntal’ excretions – it was dewy Bycasino nectar and extremely ‘libiduously’ nutritious.

Sunita saw the ‘wife’ and watched her intently through her half-closed eyelids, inserted her fingers into her mouth and started sawing them ‘in and out’ in a pretty lewd manner.

‘Darling Mann, please suck my ass hole, OHHHHHhhhhhh yes, ohhhhhhh yes…ohhhhhhhyes…your wife is here, maybe she wants to take you back………aAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhome…seerererdsdddkkkkkk@@##&&*****8nnnnnnnnnoooooooooo, leave me noooooo, noooooooooo—-Mannn, don’t leave me Ohhhhhhhhh…I am cummingg………’ and Heera was left gaping at the lewd depiction of ‘open and transparent ‘ adultery at its best.

Heera did not bother to act a ‘Sati Saithri’ at this stage- she was happy in many ways- if Manju wanted this to be a revenge of sorts- he was getting it and for her, it drew curtains on all the ‘imposed and faked’ morality she and Manju were putting up with, this was going to be a ‘new beginning’ and a ‘new era’ for both of them and she was going to make it easy for all ‘three of them ‘.

At this stage- she could easily see Sunita as a good ‘accomplice’ to reach and achieve her own goals.

Sunita watched with ‘awe’ and admiration as Heera let the saree drop off her sexy silk pristine flesh and slowly started unbuttoning the blouse which took an excruciatingly long time to get off the arms and drop on the floor, her ‘drab’ bra was looking very alluring to Sunita who had no hesitation in beckoning Heera to the bed, using the middle of the ‘well moistened’ fingers- and upon reaching close to the bed stand- it was sheer ‘animalistic’ of Sunita who just pulled Heera over and got the bra clad boobs onto her lovely face- she smelled the fragrance and the fresh sweat collecting in the ’crevice’, it tasted very salty and ‘sexyyyyy’ of course.

It was ‘meal ‘time for Sunita, she had to ‘eat’ these lovely ‘doves’ and ‘doves’ they were- the bra came off- but neither of the ‘sluts’ were the reason for the same- it was the ‘innocent’ bastard- Manju who just broke the garment and threw the same on her face- “ Heera- you will perform for me from now onwards and this is a ‘dress rehearsal’ “.

The mammary were in a free flowing state at this point of time- suckled by both the ‘adulterous lovers’ each one of them were gobbling the either of the breast with equal ‘want’ and ‘ferocity’. Heera was enjoying the attention and warm sexual focus of these two lovers even though one of them was her own ‘husband’ . It was very unique and pretty strange a combination but in this world it is possible- to see ‘animal like sexual behavior’ amongst men and here in this bedroom while Heera was beginning to ‘enjoy’ the lewd circling of the ‘wet’ tongues around her two sexy aureoles, she suddenly felt a whisp of air and a sharp stab on her pussy lips, Sunita had inserted her fingers while she was anyway busy enjoying the ‘slutty’ wife on the ‘breasts’ any way .

Slowly Sunita slipped down on the bed and bent her head on to the wide spread legs and started sniffing like a ‘dog’ around the ‘curvy’ Bycasino giriş thighs. The thighs were ‘marble’ like and really made the structure around the pussy look ‘divine’ and aristocratic. Sunitha pulled the satiny ‘chuni’ of one of her ‘salwar-kurtha’ lying on the table next to the bed an just spread it across the thighs over the pussy on Heera’ body- true to her name she looked and gave a full feel of a well polished ‘diamond’.

Manju just stopped his maiden – open explorations of ‘Heera’ and was caught gaping the lovely caricature of a being in that state- naked from head to toe with just the satiny ‘chuni’ – she was looking ‘awesome’. He quickly joined Sunitha at the base and both of them took hold of each thigh and started their ‘saliva’ explorations and soon reached the pussy area.

At the pussy entrance it was Sunitha who gained the ‘entrance’ for her tongue and Heera was not aghast or inexperienced at this – she had performed for Shiela earlier, but this was more brutal and ‘native’, Sunitha was really possessed in her longing for the coveted ‘cuntal bud’ and her mouth found the clitoris and wrapped around the ‘elusive’ eel in no time.

Over the satiny cloth- Sunitha ‘ate’ the cunt and concentrated on the ‘eel’ only- without a feel or a touch on the engorged pussy lips just below- it was becoming difficult for Manju to bear all this- he was berated watching his ‘lover’ and ‘wife’ having a ‘go’ at the best thing humans can do on the ‘bed’ as he watched Heera with her eyes closed and lovely lip open slightly ‘ajar’.

He knew what to do, he quickly went around and pushed his middle finger into her mouth- Heera looked up into his eyes and transfixed them on his fingers, while she sucked them unabated- her eyes closed again, a few minutes later while Sunitha snugly removed the ‘chuni’ and planted her pointed tongue into the crevice of her juice filled pussy- Manju replaced the finger with his 8 inches long thick cock.

Heera was complete in her invasion that day- she was having the best of the both the worlds and knew this was going to be a ‘aromatic’ first half to this day. The sexy bitch who had her fill of a ‘circumcised’ dick just 14 hours back was once again filled with another thick ‘uncircumcised’ dick of her own husband this time, Sunitha was now making the ‘tremblings’ happen at the other end- Heera was ‘cumming’ in spurts and she was issuing ‘wads and wads’ of pussy gushes into Sunitha’s mouth. Sunitha was not able to hold so much in her mouth but went about prodding the hole with her tongue in a clock work precision.

After having cleaned off the drain from a series of ‘orgasms’ which Heera experienced lying in a state of ‘bliss’ and total contentment, Sunitha rose on her knees on the bed and spread her arms around Manju’s chest and held his head close to her mouth and kissed him fully on his lips- he opened his lips to take the ‘cum’ deposit and thus was the cycle completed- Manju tasted his wife for the first time in their ‘less than 1 year’ marriage.

Sunitha was not going to be ‘just’ as delirious as Bycasino güncel giriş that- she was going to do more naughty things today- in her bent state and on her knees, she caught hold of his dick and ran it deep inside Heera’ mouth and ‘plup’ pulled it out of the oral cavity and ran the saliva laden prick on Heera’s boob pair, the skin around the mammary started to glisten and really made the entire bed look like an ‘erotic’ volcano, hot and about to explode. She kept moving the ‘poor’ dick between the ‘mouth’ and the ‘pair’ after which she gave a jerk to the cock and sunk her own mouth down on the same, while she was doing the ‘sucking’, her eyes met those of Heera who started to slyly smile- ‘ You and I can start a fire at some of my client’s places, join hands with me’, saying Heera extended her hand around Sunitha ‘s boob which was grazing Heera’s navel while she was sucking Manju’s cock.

Slowly Heera held Manjuu’s cock with her hand while Sunitha sucked on the tool and in no time could see the man reaching his ‘crescendo’.

Quickly Sunitha lifted her head and this time pulled Manju to the other side and placed his cock at the entrance of Heera’ lovely- sexy pussy. The cock required no other invitation and was quick to slip into the ‘grotto’ and thus began the eternal journey.

In and out the cock went and on each of its strokes, coital juices in plenty could be seen on both the vital ‘assets’ . Sunitha was feverish watching a copulation happening in front of her eyes and this was an ‘experience’ for her which she did not want to miss out on, she slowly got her legs around Heera’s torso and planted the pussy firmly on Heera’s boobs and in the meantime pulled out Manju’s cock from the heavenly pussy of Heera only to suck on the mingled juice mixture- this was a moment of triumph for the ‘nympho’ neighbour. She licked, sucked and raved on the rod while Heera gave a torrid time to the cuntal decoration on her pussy below- she had torn into Sunitha’s pussy lips and was amazingly eating the whole flesh out in and around the erotic temple seated at the base of the hot ‘slut’.

The day went on into afternoon and Sunita inserted the cock back into Heera’s pussy- bent her head over the junction to suck and lick on the asshole and the squirming sensitive patch between the two ‘holes’. Heera was berserk and increased her tempo on the cunt above her head- Manju was losing his load now and at that point of time- lifted his dick out of his wife’s pussy hole and straight drove it into Sunita’s waitng mouth, it was a clean deposit and without losing a single droplet – Sunita took the entire gush of ‘sperm’ into her oral cavity.

They all setlled on the bed and Heera was snugly seated in Manju’s lap with Sunita watching both of them intently- she was yet to utter a word after the sexual odyssey got over- she crossed her legs rubbing her fingers around her pussy and reached the fingers to Heera’s mouth who eagerly licked them while growling at Manju.

Sunitha lifted her self on the bed and bent on both of them and planted her mouth on Heera’s lovely lips and for everyone to see- Manju’s spunk was lowered into Heera’s mouth drop by drop- both the women transferred the coveted precious deposit back and forth and eventually ate it- Manju and Heera tasted each other via Sunita- a new beginning in erotic explorations.

Sunita and Heera – A combination redefining bisexuality. Manjunath was overwhelmed at the sight of his wife getting off the car, he was defused beyond comprehension and was sure this was a ‘nightmare’ and not reality facing him, which it was in the ‘ wee’ hours of that ‘fateful’ morning. He quickly composed his self…

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