Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 04


Chapter one has been updated as of February 2018

Note: This story is a mix between a lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” and “role reversal” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls… … … except that point on the story goes deep into the REAL teasing!

This chapter is the final moment of a story which background evolved in terms of months with innocence and cuteness that can seem pretty far away from it now… it’s the grand final after all! So I strongly recommend to not start with this chapter if you don’t want to miss all what’s between the lines… because there’s a lot with the symbolism freak I am! And if you’re not convinced, I hope the summary will change that!

Story goes as follows : (main timeline) Chapter 1 — 2 — 3 – 4 or (alternate timeline) Chapter 1 — 2 – 3.5 – 4.5

Summary (or more like every spoiler to be!):

From a shy girl and a typical “cool guy” to a purring Kitty adoring his gentle owner.

From a neck fondle to a neck kiss.

From a neck kiss to devoted kisses on carefully colored nails.

From polishing her nails to a kiss on my cheeks.

From a cheek kiss to a walk hand in hand.

From all that innocence to guilty erections.

From a sincere ban of anything sexual to a guilty fantasy to be helplessly aroused.

From shared guilt to a hot night of cuddles.

From a night of cuddles to “accidentally” the first week without release.

From a week of frustration to an exceptional phone call orgasm.

From a voice induced orgasm to a stocking on the floor.

From a bare bit of skin to another, and another, and another.

From a delayed display of cleavage to a soft grope of her covered breasts.

From a pretty bra hiding her front curves to lovely panties hiding her back curves.

From panties aching to slide down to a divine naked silhouette.

From celestial harmony to two devoted kisses on the little buttcheeks arousing my dirty self.

The meeting of our lips: the actual grand and magnificent celestial harmony.

The vision of her other lips: to give her more of the grand and magnificent celestial harmony.

From two cosmic metaphors expressing infinite love to a firm grab of my full and heavy balls.

From a “you’re all mine and I’m quite perverted to” metaphor to a heavenly pussy kiss.

From a “yes I am and forever” metaphor to a sweet orgasm almost given with my tongue.

From “almost” to 7 seven seconds of orgasmic bliss before the longest afterglow… for her!

From heavenly hell to hellish heaven: two unfulfilling contacts of my cock and her lips.

From those sweet cock kisses to a cage around it.

From the ultimate unmanning feature to a happy and innocent kitty.

From months of sweet love over the belt to a key suddenly dangling in her cleavage.

And from holidays at parents of dealing with it to the first actual day of “tease and denial”…

What I both excruciatingly and delightedly took that evening was like a test for the following of our relation, such loving cruelty did not become the norm of course, but gave a pretty good overview of what I’d “happily” surrender for her and how mean and teasy she’d love to get in some occasional contexts.

One can probably guess how her warm arms were a necessity to sleep that night, and how she deliberately kept me horny as hell the whole morning before we went doing our shopping and buy all needed stuff for the future. She even went as far as telling me “Wait!” when we were both ready to go, in front of the door, to unzip my pants and suck my cage for some long minutes, “ready to go out” as she said! No matter how yesterday showed me what she was able to do, I had spent months forgetting my cock or throbbing alone if not sacrificing it, and I could be just a cute kitty again tomorrow just as I had been yesterday before the evening. That dissonance between all our past and how “lovingly mean as hell” she could be now was the hardest to surrender for my cock, she knew and loved it, as she loved how I desperately wanted it, and I don’t mean an orgasm but a teasing torment of such an extent.

So she became quite the tease, very proud of her own locked dick, doomed to never know anymore what cumming everyday when you need it is like; a fair minimum of 3 days being the norm. Only sometimes she felt like allowing me to not bear frustration at all for a few hours or a day and a night, she just wanted to make her kitty melt of gratitude some days! It was not a “reward” since we made sure to erase all notions of deserving something in our relationship, just a way of showing her love. The idealistic side of such kind relation is that I just wanted to be with her at anytime, please her, and be taken care of.

I was always grateful for Gaziantep Yabancı Escort everything. If my cock stopped to exist, that was because my neck was fondled and my body held tight, so I’d never complain about anything and she would not feel any burden of being in control, of being responsible. That was also what allowed her to be a real demoness like on that famous day of the “half-loss” of her virginity (I don’t even count the few thousandth of mine I could consider lost…). Like that day, like yesterday evening, and like now, on breakfast, announcing me we’d spend a long day out and do lovers thing beside the two sex-shops we’d go!


Since her mouth was full the second before we went out (“a lovely surprise blowjob at the doorstep like any guy dreams of!” she said to my cage as she unzipped my jeans…) she was now having a handful on my crotch in the elevator, caressing the shape of my testes, while teasing me how I imagined handling a good 9 to 12 hours before we’re back in this elevator with sexual tension and need to the max.

We first went to the shop we called to be sure they had strap-ons, I felt guilty to wait in a store nearby, I knew she’d be back at the introvert girl feeling awkward alone in a sex-shop, but we thought safer that she actually says the truth about what we planned, to be sure to be advised for the best of all dildos. To be clear, being “the guy in chastity who’d gladly do that.” was a hard limit for me, despite it would be very hard for her….

She insisted I didn’t have to feel bad about it, but I insisted a bit with a gentle smile full of love: she didn’t have to take what I wanted to offer her as a compensation, but only gratitude to be with her like that… it was a trap because she couldn’t say no then, but she didn’t meant to anymore, and only her happiness counts!

So I offered her some sweet pastries and took her to walk hand in hand in a park and be Kitty for that time, whatever the hints or “more than hints” people could get seeing me as her kitty or belonging to her one way or another.

But past that, it wasn’t a day for Kitty and every occasion was great to tease me a bit: lunch, shopping and the inevitable cinema she weirdly chose in the beginning of the afternoon, while 2 hours of groin teasing right about going back home would get me totally mad … well… it still got me mad as hell but voila!

We had bought some very thin panties while buying some lingerie in the morning. I was wearing them so that the friction when I walked was a tease in itself, and a really bad one! I anticipated a lot if she’d stop teasing me over my pants to unzip it during the movie… and she obviously did! Under and over each of my two clothes; teasing, grinning, scratching, smirking, petting, winking, brushing: making the film look like neverending.


Don’t believe my chastity sentences would never feel like neverending themselves, she was kind, yes, these were two exceptional days, yes… nonetheless, it was the kitten’s life too, she could be mean and play dice games too, but more than mean, she wanted to be imaginative. Chastity and tease and denial was a delight for both of us and one of her favorite moment was thinking on what she’d do next: would I play a board game or turn a wheel? Would she tell me straight away “you’re cumming in 5 days”? Would she not know and let life go? Would she tell me “you’re cumming the 5th time I let you out” and make me earn each time out, make me cum on the 4th time while telling me she will deny one of the following promised ones, keeping me unsure of which one for weeks. Would she use that occasion to watch my face as she denies an already postponed orgasm or be kind? Would she edge me for an hour or two and make me tell her how many days of chastity are worth being sure I’d not be ruined the 3 following times?

Yeah, it didn’t take weeks before she allowed herself to tease me while kissing my neck, but I could only be blamed for being so enthusiastic: The more she frustrated and teased me, I couldn’t help to feel more hers, more and more devoted and adoring her.

It didn’t reduce pure kitty time, not at all: we had so much more time together than ever before! Except it was truly a years-long dynamic this time: no going back, no freedom of my penis in sight, no wish for it from any side either, as tempting as it could be from mine; and well… possibly… no loss of my virginity ever…

At the minimum it would be “a months-long game towards it.

“I didn’t decide if, how or when, and you probably won’t know right as soon as I will!”

But once again, I was the one to blame. I didn’t just tell her being virgin made me feel more like an innocent kitten devoted to her when I was teased after a week of denial; I had told her that with all my might, and not just once, and after some hours-longs edges, and they could be past a week of abstinence sometimes! I also told her so many times I’d of course crave the honor and heavenly delight of knowing that feeling too, her divine inside my cock encountered for strictly 7 seconds a single time in my life, way before imagining that would be part of the chastity and denial with my total consent and will!

That’s how she went with such a game to make it so memorable! But while I didn’t know yet I had months or years ahead of pussy craving… she was still virgin right now, for a few hours at least!


We were back, finally, I knew now why we went to the cinema at 2PM… it was to re-go at 7PM!

I pleaded, she laughed cutely, she whispered what to already make my dick hard, I took her hand and enjoyed her vocal kitten care of “I won’t be too mean, I promise” and stuff. Then we looked at the program and she decided it was too much money wasted for a movie she’d not concentrate to and not let me concentrate to… and she admitted she mostly wanted me inside her now and not begin to frustrate herself, seeing my face visualizing 2 more hours of torments had been fun enough!

So we hurried, she played very well the horny girl while going back, watching the minutes pass and secretly enjoying how impatient I was to actually still not get anything down there.

Alone in the building, she grinded my crotch with her butt waiting for the elevator and had me kiss her ass while in if I wanted something else than playing scrabble and going to bed tonight, she groped her breasts with the entrance door not closed yet as I was stripping for her at lightspeed, kneeling in front of her, kissing her hand; begging my fully clothed princess to be allowed to take her virginity with a real man’s plastic cock.

I let her examine my swollen package and decide if it was really undeserving of her pussy, and as far as I knew it was just a little game, it got me pretty anxious of the words she’d say, a side-effect of reaching something between 3 and 4 times the maximum amount of need and frustration I even did. I finally gave her a little monologue about why I agreed to use that thick strap-on on her with blue balls when she decided it indeed deserved to stay caged, “for fun”, and we were ready! Finally! Finally before I really got why it needed to be credible that she planned to go watch another movie at 7PM:

“So, what erotic movie do we watch to get me craving it as much as you now?”

“N…no… please… y-yesterday you set the mood I… I… please…”

“You’re funny my kitty when you’ve that look! I can only understand how bitchy I’m being, I really thought carefully about when to go to the cinema you know? Not going a second time to spare the money gave you such relief you looked stunned for a second, it got me so hot! Nice trap right? I planned it all to see that lovely face again, those lovely red cheeks screaming “no, she can’t really do that”! But there’s something else too, can you guess what?” She took a loving look and held me tight, looking at me in the yes, sharing all her heat.

“… … … getting yourself ready? Horny? But you are…”

“I want to crave for it too, I hope you can understand, I don’t want to crave like you for 8 days and take unbearable frustration, I want to grow my need to a really high point for an hour and really wish the film ends a bit before it does, see myself making love with you and feel like I can’t wait! 15 minutes of light frustration are great for kitten owners, days long of torment are for cute kitties sadly sharing the mind of cute humans too, very cute… but with tiny useless wiggly leaky worms miles away to ever please a princess! They need to be reminded they have cute lovely necks to kiss and pet lovingly but they must wear some manly bits of plastic to fit requirements when days are centered about what’s between the legs rather than what’s under the chin! And I think that craving just a little bit for that thick and powerful bit of plastic to enter me is so sexy! It’s what princesses and queens do isn’t it?”

“And goddesses too my queen! You’re welcome to make that moment the most memorable ever my princess, and I love you from the deepest of my heart Lisa!”


I wanted it, I wanted to surrender, I wanted these moments: I had told her how far I’d go for her pleasure and now I was living it!

It wasn’t the first time I said something that made her feel like kissing and holding me tighter than ever while she was actually making me have a rough time, denying me an orgasm or just like here, undergoing some more torment I couldn’t bear for already so long!

And in fact… she didn’t resisted doing it, kissing and cuddling, despite she had been teasing me and humiliating my caged unfitting dick. She would never come back to her words at such a moments, she always was as mean as how she said she would be. It was only protection and care: it took her to be an inhuman tease, to bite her lips imagining what she makes me undergo before I tell her I’m all hers for these words to get out of my mouth. So she would in no way spare me after holding me tight and kissing me gently, it had that special meaning of “we’ll enjoy this together my love”. It even happened that after a deep kiss, she’d look at me in the eyes and say “I’ll make it even worse then”, without a hint of tease in her tone, pure passion, followed by an even deeper kiss and hold.

Over months of unrealistically cute and innocent relationship, you could count such moments of burning desire on your fingers, but not describe with human words the intensity of the passion and emotions we put inside.

This was one of the things that could only make our relation go to the realm of deep and pure belonging, diving deeper inside our desire as time passed, fighting the end of the magic of the first moments by constantly going further and exploring new ways.


Naturally, what the narrator just said is more than just a romantic way to say my average chastity time was longer and longer over time, but of course it was the case, and it couldn’t be otherwise when one’s pleasure begins to become when the other sacrifices his own! But I never got less horny on day one, less driven by my dick, it was in fact worse and worse, and my surrendering followed with that deep and total passion: the harder it was, the more I took it well as long as she was aware of what I was doing.

And despite all that… and despite being in retreat in the story for quite some time now, the kitten never died!

Sometimes both the human and kitten were there, most of the times actually: I had a neck, a caged cock, and both were her playthings! I used to lose my neck for some times, to experiment “tears of joy of frustration of pleasure of commitment of devotion of asking for more” when she took my dick to an unbelievable living hell of tease, torment and never-ending denial. And I used to lose my cock for a while. I took the key when I want but only jerked off in seconds in the sole purpose of not getting frustrated, what my mindset allowed me at such moments, even losing some libido. And so I was purring innocently at the finger under my chin, moaning at her neck kiss, rubbing my neck of joy against her chest when I was safe and secure inside her arms.

It struck me that my belonging to her was so embedded in my mind, now, that I called “losing my cock for my neck” the only times I held the key to my cage and could cum when I wanted… I was literally defining myself relatively to her, I reached a point when somehow, I felt more joy at getting cuddled that cumming. I ironically remember growing an impetuous need to cum at that thought and denied it for symbolics sake, asking Lisa an exceptional break in the Kitty time we had begun (with some naughty phone talk, a hard on, and hands bent by my will)!

And about her then? Well, the kitten only receives and demonstrates her how he blushes, purrs and moans; his look is different, lust-less, innocent, happy, demanding a smile and a hair tousle to escape a little moan of happiness and gratitude that makes her melt and want to spend hours and hours petting him. Naturally, on the other end of the role-play spectrum, the human could be a raw pussy-pleasing machine and master female sensibility and pleasure regarding every place on the body, object, mean and technique imaginable to such an extent it could be said to be at an artistic level.

It was our life, days after days, years after years, neck kiss after neck kiss, week of chastity after week of chastity, and a denied promised orgasm in between… following a ruined one naturally… and to be followed by another both inside the cage and ruined…, 22 days before the real real one! Oh gosh I remember that moment on the fourth year, the 100% kitty month that followed had been a necessity haha, but I’m ruining the last bits of narration, and it’s finally time for this story to end now!


Right now, day one of our life living together ready for college, virgins. The TV displays a dialogue between a sexy assertive woman and a young man, after what she runs her finger along his shirt and whispers him she feels a bulge in his pants while grabbing hold of it. It fades and they’re back, naked on the bed, him under, with her finger on his mouth where she places a delicate kiss and enjoys his hands on her lower back, before showing him how firm her nipples are and ready for some play. On the same time, Lisa, lightly but elegantly clothed, is devouring my neck with kisses, breaking for the first time the rule of letting my neck enjoy her love without tormenting my genitals… indeed, a little string is going out of her panties to my cock and balls, with a bunch of mini vibrators here and there, a lonely one warming her inside as time passes by, while my cage is assaulted by 5 of them: two on the lower side, two others on the tip and one on the up side of my cock… and also one taped to each nut. The last one is placed on the balls just under the little sensitive sweet spot linking the head to the rest of my dick: 2 in 1! When you look at it, it all began by a neck kiss and a gentle pleasure moan, so let’s end that story by some unbearably divine torment and the ultimate belonging symbolics!

Chapter one has been updated as of February 2018 Note: This story is a mix between a lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” and “role reversal” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage…

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