He Shot His Sister Again

He Shot His Sister Again



Steve was at his computer when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. It was open, but a giant stuffed rabbit peeked inside, just above the door knob. “Oh, hi, Sherry. Come on in.”

The rabbit shook to indicate motion. “I’m not Sherry,” it said in a childish voice. “I’m her stuffed rabbit.”

“That two-timer!” Steve said with mock indignation. “She told me *I* was her stuffed rabbit.”

Sherry came in from behind the door, closed it, and kissed Steve on the top of his head. “You are,” she said. “What are you doing?”

She started unbuttoning her uniform blouse. She finished in the time it took him to answer, “Working on a term paper. What’s up?”

“One of my co-workers was talking about the pictures she sent her boyfriend. It’s a long-distance thing; he lives in Tulsa. Anyway, I realized you never showed me most of my pictures, especially the ones from the shower.”

“Okay, but don’t talk too loud. Mom and Dad are still awake.” Steve saved his work and got his camera case out of the closet. He took out the camera and connected it to the computer. While he did that, Sherry took off her skirt.

Sherry ignored a row and a half of pictures from Christmas. She pointed to the pictures Steve had taken of her in, or nearly out of, the dress, and said, “You already gave me the CD of these.” They were followed by a man on a horse near their grocery store, a distant shot of a bird she didn’t recognize on the tree in their front yard, and the shower door pictures Steve had captured. “I love these!” she cried.

Steve put his hand in front of his mouth and pushed down, motioning her to keep her voice down. “Mom and Dad are still awake,” he pointed out.

Sherry pointed to various pictures from the shower. “Here I can see your shoulder blades against the door and my hands on your thighs while I sucked you. This one, all I can make out is our shadows while we were in the middle, just kissing, but I could feel your dick getting hard again. Here you see my handprints while you slid inside my pussy. Then, in this next one, you were all the way in, and my tits were mashed up against the door.” She pointed to the first picture that didn’t feature the door. “You did get one after I left the shower. Too bad all it shows is my butt.”

Steve was still sitting. Sherry stood to his right. He put his hand on her butt and said, “Yeah, but it’s a really sexy butt.” He rubbed it through her nondescript, light pink underwear for emphasis. “Plus, the high-speed lens captured the moment where you were turning the corner. A cell phone picture would have been blurry. It would’ve captured the speed but not the feeling.”

“You’re just saying that ’cause you can’t wait to see it again,” she said.

“I’m saying it ’cause it’s true,” Steve insisted. “But you’re right, I can’t wait for the next time the coast is clear.”

“Anyway, registration for summer school starts next week, and they’ve got a picture of someone who’s carrying a blow-up ring shaped like a duck. It looks stupid, but it reminded me. You said you wished I’d worn my bikini for the pictures. Let’s do it. I want you to have the pictures to look at when you go away in the fall.”

“It’s too cold. Maybe when it–” He looked across the room at a movie poster on the wall and realized he could fake the outdoor setting. “That’s a great idea. I just have to find some backgrounds to use.” He got up and kissed his sister. She reached around and squeezed his butt.

The next day, Steve texted Sherry. “When U off next?”


“Meet me on campus at 5.” It was accompanied by directions to a building at his college, including the bus schedule for the stop nearby.

“Bikini?” she asked.

“Bring 2 or 3 in case they clash with the background.”

Steve went out with friends that night, and Sherry was asleep by the time he came home.

On Thursday, Sherry found the building. It was in the art complex. Steve explained, “They have drawing and painting classes in here, but they make it available for people in photography classes.”

“I didn’t know you were taking photography.”

“I’m not, but any student can reserve it for up to two hours. I’ve got it from six till eight.”

“Then why’d you tell me to be here at five?”

“‘Cause I want to take the prettiest girl in town to dinner.”

Sherry practically melted when he said that. “How can I turn that down?” she asked. “Where are you taking me, Rabbit?”

“I figure you won’t want to even smell pizza for two months after you stop working at the mall, but there’s a sandwich shop across the street.”

“You got that right,” she mused. “I guess I should wait before I change clothes, then. Or were you planning on letting me wear your coat like a gentleman?”

Steve opened a tall bag that already held his camera and some rolled-up objects that looked like long posters. Sherry put her brown paper bag inside it. Steve carried it with him across the street. “How’d you get here?” he asked.

“I bursa escort took the bus,” she answered.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

“Wow, I knew you were nice, but I never thought you were devoted enough to public transportation that you’d ask your date to use it.”

“No, but I forgot to look at how late this bus route is open, and I figured if we both took my car, it wouldn’t matter.”

Sherry smiled. “You mean this was an elaborate plan to get me into your car so we could go somewhere and park?”

“No!” Steve insisted.

“I’m kidding,” she said, and she took his hand.

They went across the street, ordered their sandwiches and sat in a booth. When the food arrived, Sherry looked at their orders and observed, “I guess you’re planning to kiss me, then.”

“I was hoping to, yeah. Why do you ask?”

“You had the turkey club, with nothing spicier than yellow mustard. Now I feel bad ’cause I got sriracha sauce on mine.”

“That’s okay,” Steve assured her.

Sherry looked at his face. “I know that look,” she said. “Your face says, ‘I finally got a date with the girl I’ve been jacking off to for months.'” She looked at him again. “No, that’s not it. It’s, ‘I finally got a date with my crush.'” Steve didn’t answer, but she knew she was right. She wasn’t sure whether she felt better or worse about it being the crush face. Usually if she thought it was the jack-off expression, she’d order the most expensive item on the menu, but every dollar this suitor spent on her was a dollar that her future nieces or nephews wouldn’t have in their college fund.

When they got back to the building, Steve went to the building manager and got the key to the room. They went to the door, and he unlocked it. He set his bag on a table and opened it up. “I’ll give you a few minutes to change before I come in,” he told her, and he left.

Sherry looked around at the walls. They were made of stone, so there was no good place to poke a hole for a wire, let alone hide a camera. She took one of Steve’s things out of the bag and unrolled it. It was a photo-quality picture of a beach. She found an easel and draped the picture over it. She moved the whole thing toward the back of the room and stood behind it. She stripped to the waist and put on a blue bikini top with triangle bands. She took the rest of her clothes off and put the matching bottom on. She waited a minute, thinking he surely had been watching from some place so he’d know when to come in. When he didn’t, she opened the door and saw him on his phone. “Ready,” she said.

Steve closed an app on his phone and followed her back in. “I see you found the backgrounds,” he said. “Gimme a hand with this.” He rolled out a large partition with hooks on the back, and together they put the picture on it.

Steve set up his tripod, while Sherry found a spot that was a comfortable distance in front of the background and tossed her hair behind her shoulders. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah, but I was thinking there should be a progression. See that blanket over there? Put it over your shoulders.”

“You’re the first guy who’s ever told me to cover more of my body at the beach,” Sherry said. She pouted and added, “I think you hurt my feelings.”

This time the irony was so obvious that even Steve’s infatuation-addled mind couldn’t miss it. “Get as close as you can to the background without touching it. Okay, now act like you’re drying your hair after coming out of the water. That’s it! Now you see me, your friend, standing here, and you say hi. Yes! The way the towel fell out of your hand is perfect. Close up …” He got a still shot of her face.

“Shouldn’t I look at least a little wet?” Sherry asked.

“When it’s warmer out, we’ll take some outside pictures with wet hair and insert ’em where we need ’em,” Steve answered. “But that’s good. You’re learning what goes on behind the scenes. Okay, hold your arms out so I have a full view of your body. Good. Now bring ’em together in front of you, like it’s cold or you’re hugging someone. Raise ’em.” Sherry’s boobs were now pressed together. “Now, let your left arm drop and pull the left strap onto your shoulder. Yes, very nice. Now do the other strap. That’s it.” He stepped out from behind the camera and explained, “That shows some cleavage that I couldn’t see before. Now take the top off.” As soon as it was off, Sherry faced the camera, and Steve pressed a button on a controller. “Beautiful! Now turn around slowly.” He snapped several pictures from various angles. “That was great. Lemme see the other suits.”

Steve put the controller down and went to the table where Sherry had put the paper bag. She had a yellow string bikini and a red bikini that covered about the same area as the blue one, but it had metal rings on the hips and at the front of the top. Sherry held up the string bikini. “I like this one ’cause it doesn’t cover much.”

“As you wish,” Steve said, and he walked out bursa escort bayan of the room.

Several minutes later, Sherry opened the door and told him, “I’m ready.” She made no effort to cover herself beyond what the swimsuit did. “What do you think?”

“I think you’re gorgeous,” he said. He pulled the strips that covered her breasts so they covered more flesh. “I could see your whole areolas,” he explained.

“Isn’t that the idea?” Sherry laughed.

“The idea is, if it can be covered, it should be, at first.” Steve went to the camera to look at the display and noticed that it wasn’t in the same position he’d left it. He looked at the last pictures. “Oh,” he said. He knew now why he’d been kept waiting for so long. Sherry had taken the rest of her swimsuit off and taken some pictures. He saw them in the opposite order of how she’d taken them, but she’d started by doing a close-up of herself tweaking each nipple. Then she did an even closer picture of her pussy, which she’d shaved since the last time they’d fucked. She put the camera on the table with some of the other materials and climbed on the table herself on all fours. She used the remote to get a picture first of her ass and then one of her bare pussy through her legs.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Sherry said.

“I love that you did this for me,” he answered. He reached into the bag and found a rug that looked like sand. He put it in front of the hanging background. “Get on all fours on this, just like you did on the table, but this time face me.” He lowered the tripod to only a few inches above the top of her head and pointed it at her. “Smile,” he said.

“Cheese,” Sherry said. She looked at him in a way that looked both sexy and contented. He could clearly see the back strap of the top, the waistband string and the vertical string up to the point that it disappeared between the cheeks of her round ass.

He wheeled the tripod around to the side, and she turned her neck to follow him. “Take the top off,” he instructed. He didn’t take a picture while she was untying it, but as soon as she let go, he got an image at the precise moment that it fell below her nipple in the line of sight. Once it was off, he took another picture where she was completely topless, framed a little higher and closer so the nipple took up more space in the frame. “God, I’d like to suck on those,” he said.

“I’m doing this for you,” Sherry said. “If you want to, do it.” She got up on her knees, and Steve bent down to suck on them. He saw Sherry reach for something and soon he heard a pair of clicks. She was taking pictures of him sucking her tits! She reached down and rubbed his cock through his jeans.

“Just a second,” Steve said. Despite all the times they’d fucked, his voice still went up a little. He took his jeans off. He’d barely put them on the table when he felt Sherry’s hand reaching into his underwear and stroking him. He turned around to return the kiss.

Sherry pushed his underwear down enough that she could manipulate his cock. It rose on its own. She may as well have been wearing nothing, for how it felt to both of them when his cock touched her pussy lips. She stepped back onto the sand rug. “So, should I take off the last string?”

“Yeah,” Steve said. Sherry thought it was cute that he still sounded nervous. “Then get back on all fours like before.” As soon as she was in position, he got a picture that showed the side of her boob and enough of her ass to make it clear that she was now naked. He stood directly behind her and got a close-up of her asshole, then pulled back a little to get her bald pussy between her legs. He moved around to take a side picture similar to the last one. He looked at her right hip and said, “Huh, I never noticed that birthmark before.”

“That’s ’cause whenever it was exposed, we were either kissing or fucking.”

“I wonder if it’ll change shape once you’re seven months along.”

Sherry picked up the string top and threw it at Steve. “Stop that, you! You stupid …” The string had landed on top of the camera, and Steve had put it aside for a moment. She took his hand and pulled him to her. “You sweet, loving little brother.” She kissed him. “I love you too. I just don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe right now.”

Steve’s only reaction was to smack his lips with his tongue. “Good news. The sriracha’s aftertaste doesn’t last long.”

“Are we done with this suit?” Sherry asked.

“Yeah, there’s nothing more we can do with it. Naked’s naked. I wanna do the ring suit, though.” He got up.

“I guess there’s no need to leave the room at this point,” Sherry said. She picked up the pieces of the string bikini, put them back in the bag and put the red suit on.

Steve had put the camera back on the tripod and put the tripod back at the height he’d originally set it for the blue bikini. He was using the viewer again. “Okay, stand on the carpet again, facing forward,” he said. escort bursa “Pull down the ring on the top. Let it back up. Pull the left strap off your shoulder. Now the other strap. Now take the top off, and make sure you hold it in one hand before you let it go.” She did. As he snapped that picture, he said, “I’ll probably put that one on the cover.”

Sherry covered her tits and asked, “Cover of what?”

“I mean, when I turn this into a slide show on my computer, I’ll probably make it the title page. Okay, now pull on the ring on the left. Pull it down just a little. Hold it just like that.” He stepped out from behind the camera and said, “This is the one shot for which it would’ve been better if you hadn’t shaved. It’s sexy enough, but if you decide to let your bush grow back, I wanna redo it when it’s warmer and we can go outside.”

“Why’d you have me hold it like this?” she asked.

“When you’re just standing there exposing things that would normally get you arrested, it just looks like a photo shoot. When you’re in the middle of removing an article of clothing, it looks like you’re doing it for me.”

“I am, honey,” Sherry said. Then she pointed down. “I’m really doing it for you.”

“Am I doing it for you?” Steve asked.

Sherry took the bottom off, walked to Steve and put his hand over her bare pussy. “You tell me,” she said. “Ever felt a bald beaver before?”

“I don’t remember,” Steve said. “I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen one in person before, though.” He inserted two fingers and began finger-fucking her slowly.

“Do you like it?”

“It’s a pussy. Of course I like it,” Steve said. He felt some moisture on his fingers. He also felt her hand on his dick, picking up the pace as he did. “And it’s your pussy, so I don’t just like it. I love it.”

Sherry pushed him away, then sat down, pulling him to the ground with her. “If you don’t remember seeing one, you must not have tasted one either.”

“I’m always open to new tastes,” Steve said. Sherry spread her legs out and lay back on the rug. Steve pulled each pussy lip out and kissed it. “It’s different,” he said.

“Better?” Sherry asked.

“Easier to do the little things,” he explained. He buried his face in her bare pussy. He moved his tongue quickly from one spot to the next.

“I see what you mean,” Sherry said. He tongued her in what seemed like a dozen different ways in just the first minute. She felt like she might come soon, but she wanted to hold off to make it more intense. It went against every instinct she had, but she pushed his forehead up to get him out.

“But I like sifting through it beforehand,” Steve added.

“I kinda like that too,” Sherry agreed. She lifted his legs and put them over hers. “Wanna pretend?”

“Pretend what?” Steve asked. Sherry smiled and made an O with her right hand. With her left hand, she imitated a bunch of sperm swimming toward it. “Hell, yeah!” he answered. He stood up, and Sherry pulled his underwear off. He still had his shoes and socks on. He started to untie his shoes, but Sherry stopped him.

“I’ve done it in the back seat of a car. I’ve done it in a pool. I’ve done it when we both technically had all our clothes on. I’ve never done it with a guy who still had his shoes and socks on. Fuck me like we just met at a nudist 5K run.”

Steve laughed and pulled her hips toward him. “Okay, but I can’t promise you’ll cross the finish line before me.”

“That’s okay,” Sherry assured him. She lifted herself so she came down on his knees and had space between her butt and the floor.

Steve pushed down on his cock so the head was below her and let it come back up. Sherry moved her hips around to get him right at her opening and moved in. His cock pointed up higher and higher as it went deeper inside his big sister. “I love you, Sherry.”

“I know you do,” Sherry said. She didn’t give him time to react before she added, “And I love you too.” Steve put his arms around his sister and kissed her. “I love that you left the room every time I changed clothes even though we’ve seen each other naked and pleasured each other in every way imaginable. I love you for caring whether I come first. Hell, I love you for caring whether I come at all. And I feel bad that I had so little trust in you that I checked for hidden cameras.”

“That’s just good sense,” Steve said. “Just ’cause I didn’t doesn’t mean no one else had the same idea. But thank you.”

“We can’t let it happen for obvious reasons, but you’re the kind of guy I wanna have babies with later on.”

“Shit,” Steve said.

“Was that a disappointed ‘shit’ or an excited ‘shit’?” Sherry asked. She bucked her hips because he’d just touched a new sensitive spot. For a split second she wished he weren’t her brother, just so she could give him what he wanted.

“It’s like ‘I love you but not that way,’ and almost as bad. ‘I want someone like you, just not you.'”

“I do want you,” Sherry told him. He hit another spot, and she arched her back like the women in the badly-directed ads for supposedly real-life porn. “Just not for that one specific thing.”

“Maybe we could–Nah, that’s too weird even for us.”

“What?” Sherry asked. If there was a way to give him what she wanted without shocking people or even just grossing them out, she wanted to hear it.

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