Having a Babysitter Ch. 03


The next few days I thought about Sarah more and more, remembering the wonderful time I had with her the last time I drove her home from our house after babysitting. I kept on wondering whether I would be able to spend some more time with her and hopefully have even more fun with her.

However there wasn’t any opportunity for my wife and me to use a babysitter and I was getting more and more frustrated. I was worried that Sarah would not want to have any more intimate encounters with me if I left it too long before I saw her again. A week went by, then another week, and then fortunately I had a chance to see Sarah again.

My wife was asked by some friends to attend a play at the local theater in a couple of days time on the Friday. Apparently there was a couple who had dropped out and there were now tickets for the both of us. Fortunately my wife had said yes and had already organized for Sarah to come and babysit for us before I had come home. I felt my cock get hard when my wife told me Sarah would be coming to babysit again, and had to go and hide my enthusiasm before I had to explain myself to her.

The next two days passed slowly for me and I wondered how Sarah would react when I saw her again. In my fantasies it went very well indeed! On the Friday I picked up Sarah from her house and once again she just walked past me to the car, without even saying hello. And she looked very sexy again! I think Sarah knew I liked her in her short skirt and that was just what she was wearing again. We didn’t speak about anything to do with sex on the way back to my house and all Sarah asked me about was the play and I explained where it was and how long we would be out. I hinted at how I was looking forward to taking her home later but she didn’t respond to my suggestion. All this did was make me even more horny and I had to fight to stop myself just fucking Sarah right now.

We reached my house and we got out of the car and went indoors where my wife greeted Sarah and settled her into the house while I finished getting ready to go out. Soon my wife and I were leaving and Sarah didn’t say anything more to me so I didn’t know if I was going to get some more fun tonight or whether she had gone off me. I was getting worked up with the uncertainty and I almost ran through a red light while driving to the theater. I tried to concentrate on the driving after that and we soon arrived and parked near the theater and met our friends at the entrance.

Suddenly my mobile rang and I laughed saying I must remember to turn it off before the play starts. Looking at the number it was my home number. My heart leaped and my cock twitched in my trousers. I stepped to one side and answered the telephone “Hello, who is it?” I asked.

“Hello Mr Matthews. I’m bored and haven’t got anything to do here.” Sarah was using a whiny voice I hadn’t heard before. I thought quickly.

“Oh dear, is it bad?” I asked, knowing my wife could hear me.

“Yes, I need some fun,” Sarah answered.

“Right, one of us will be there soon.” I hung up and turned to my wife and friends. “Apparently our baby has been sick. Nothing too bad but I need to check everything is alright.”

“I can go.” my wife said.

“No, no!” I quickly responded, then calmed down “I mean, this is the play that you were really looking forward to seeing. I’ll go home now, if Mary and Jeff can give you lift home later.” Our friends nodded agreement. “Is that ok dear?” I asked.

“Yes, OK, sorry you will miss the play. Let me know what is happening when you get home, won’t you?” my wife answered.

“Sure” I said, and quickly turned round and went back to my car, driving home as fast as I dared.

When I got home I let myself in to the house and quickly looked around for Sarah. I found her in our lounge, sitting on the sofa reading a magazine. She looked up at me and innocently smiled “I’m glad you came quickly, I am really in need of some fun. Have you got any ideas?”

“I have plenty of ideas Sarah.” I walked over to her and reached out for her so she could hold onto my hands. I pulled Gaziantep Fetiş Escort her to her feet and immediately wrapped my arms around her and bent my head to kiss her soft, young lips. She tasted delicious as I kissed her deeply, my hands holding her nubile body close to me and I could feel her gorgeous tits pushed against my chest. I moved my hands down her back and cupped her firm ass cheeks in my hand, squeezing while I kissed her.

Reluctantly letting her I go I stepped back from her, and looking into her gorgeous blue eyes I said “take off your top, Sarah.”

She looked down at her top and then back up at me. “I think you do have some good ideas for fun, Mr Matthews.”

Pulling her top over her head she brushed her long blond hair out of her face and threw the top onto the sofa. She was wearing a black, lacy bra which barely covered her young smooth tits. I stepped forward and softly traced the outline of the bra on her skin, and I felt her shiver as I teased her. “You like my tits, Mr Matthew?” she asked, seemingly eager for praise.

“Yes, Sarah, you have wonderful tits,” I answered as I bent and kissed them on the exposed skin above her bra.

Then I moved further down, sucking on one tit through the bra and I felt her sigh. I reached round behind her and deftly unfastened her bra and letting it fall from her onto the floor at her feet. I looked at her young perky tits right in front of my face.

“They are really wonderful tits, Sarah.”

I engulfed her right tit in my mouth and gently sucked, flicking her nipple with my tongue until I felt it harden under my touch. Switching to her left tit I did the same, sucking and licking while I heard her moaning in pleasure.

“Oh, Mr Matthews, that is so good,” she softly whispered.

I stood up and released her tit from my mouth, looking down at her erect nipples. I could feel my own hard cock in my trousers but I wanted to take some more time, because I knew I wouldn’t last long with this sexy young teenager once I got my cock out.

“Sit down Sarah,”, I gently commanded her, expecting her to obey me.

She moved back and sat on the sofa, still wearing her trainers, short socks and sexy light blue short skirt. Her blond hair fell down each side of her young face and her tits stood up proud in front of her. I stepped forward and knelt down at her feet. Slowly I slid my hands up the outside of her legs, feeling her soft and smooth skin. I moved further up, under her short skirt, still on the outside of her legs. I found her knickers and pulled them down, getting Sarah to shuffle her ass as I pulled them off her, down her long legs and off, over her trainers.

I couldn’t wait to see her pussy and I gently eased her legs apart, and pushed her skirt up, to reveal her gorgeous pink pussy lips surrounded by short, fair hair. I bent forward and licked along her lips and she tasted lovely and sweet. I had forgotten what it was like to taste a young pussy and she had the best tasting pussy I had ever had the fortune to lick. I heard her moaning as I started to lick and tease her pussy and clit. She was already wet and I really went at it, making sure I explored all of her pussy and clit.

I moved my hand up and pushed a finger between her wet pussy lips, sliding up inside her tight young body. I heard her gasp when she felt my finger enter her, and then she sighed when I started to push in and out of her hot pussy. I locked my lips around her sensitive clit and licked across the top of her erect button in time with my finger fucking her hole. Suddenly she let out a loud moan and her body stiffened and she arched her back, and I felt her pussy clamp on my finger as she came from my ministrations. I kept up my licking and fingering until she fell back on the sofa, breathing heavily as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Oh, Mr Matthews…” she sighed, her eyes closed.

Her skirt had fallen down again when I removed my finger and it teasingly covered her pussy from my view. My cock was rock hard in my clothes and I needed to feel it in her very soon now. This is what I was waiting for; the opportunity to slide my hard cock into this eighteen year old’s tight pussy. While Sarah lay back on my sofa I quickly undid my trousers and pulled out my stiff cock. I was still between her legs and I moved in closer to her, pulling up her skirt to reveal her soft wet pussy again. I held my hard cock in my hand and placed it against her pussy lips, rubbing my engorged end along her wet slit, coating it her juices.

The feel of my cock on her pussy must have roused her from her post climax daze, because she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me. “Mr Matthews, I’m not sure about this.”

What? Here I was with my erect cock just about to slide inside her young body and she wasn’t sure? I tried to keep my calm, the blood pounding in my head as I tried to control my body.

“Don’t worry Sarah,” I said as calmly as I could and pushed my hips forward whilst holding her waist to stop her from moving away.

She was tight, and my cock struggled to push into her at first, but she didn’t say anything else and I took that to be a sign of acceptance and so I pushed harder. I felt my cock part her pussy lips and suddenly I was sliding into this sexy young babysitter, my cock squeezed tightly by her hot silky pussy. Once again I felt like I was in heaven, with wonderful sensations coming from my cock and spreading throughout my body as my cock penetrated her nubile body.

She was still watching me, as if not sure whether she should be doing this. I realized that despite all the teasing and sexual advances she was still sexually inexperienced, and I knew I was just the man to give her the experience she needed. I could feel her hips start to move in time with my strokes as I started to slide my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. Although I was between her legs, I still couldn’t get too close to her unless I pushed her legs up, so my cock was only penetrating her shallowly. It was deep enough to enjoy taking this gorgeous eighteen year old blond, but I wanted to give her more. I wanted to feel my cock really pushing deep into her body. I also wanted to make sure she really gave herself to me. If we stayed like this she could say she didn’t really have any say in it and had just been taken, and could claim that she had given herself willingly.

Sarah started to moan quietly as I quickened my pace of thrusting my cock into her, and I sensed her increased desire while we fucked with her leaning back on the sofa and me on my knees between her legs. I suddenly pulled my cock out of her after one of my thrusts and rocked back, away from her. Her blue eyes, which had gradually closed in enjoyment, opened wide and looked questioningly at me, not sure what was happening for a moment. Quickly I stood up and held her hands, pulling her to her feet before she completely came to her senses.

“Mr Matthews, what are you doing?” Sarah asked, and the uncertainty showed in her eyes.

“Bend over the sofa, Sarah,” I said in a level tone, neither ordering her nor pleading with her. It was her decision now.

She hesitated for a moment, as if she was not sure of what she wanted. Absentmindedly she used her hand to play with her blond hair while I had a great view of her gorgeous and sexy young tits while she stood in front of me. She was still wearing her short skirt and while it was sexy it still covered my real goal.

Sarah glanced down at my stiff cock, glistening from her juices as it jutted out towards her, and then seemed to make up her mind. She turned and went around the sofa, bent forward and grasped its back. I smiled and moved quickly round behind her, loving the sight of this young babysitter bending over in front of me. Her skirt was covering her ass and pussy and now was the time to make her give herself to me.

“Pull up your skirt Sarah, and open your legs”, I said.

She let go of the sofa with one hand and pulled up her skirt so it rested on her back, revealing her soft sexy ass and her pink, tight pussy to me. She shuffled her feet apart a bit giving me an even better view of her sex.

“Wider,” I told her, and she obeyed, moving her legs wider still while I moved up close behind her. Her young pussy was still wet, and it seemed to draw me closer.

I held onto my cock and rubbed my smooth cock head along her pussy lips again and teased her with my cock. She started moving her ass, rubbing her pussy against me, eager now to have me back inside her. She was giving herself to me.

“Please Mr Matthews, I need you inside me,” she was pleading now, turned on and needing to be fucked.

I lined up my cock at her entrance and pushed forward, and my cock swiftly sank into her young tight pussy, while my hands grabbed her waist and held her as I penetrated her sexy body. I heard her groan as I slid up inside her pussy, deeper than before. This position, with her bent over my sofa gave me room to fuck deep into her body. I held her still and started to thrust repeatedly into her, her blond hair hanging from her head on both sides and across her back while we fucked.

I needed to fuck her hard and I did. I held onto her skirt waistband and started to pull her back against me every time I forced my cock deep inside her slim body. My hips slapped against her sexy ass each time I pistoned into her, and I heard myself grunting each time I bottomed out inside her tight pussy. She was also moaning with every stroke of my cock, and she was getting louder as we fucked harder and harder.

I reached up with one hand and grabbed some of her long blond hair, pulling back gently, bringing up her head so she arched her back while I fucked her.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Sarah called out as I rammed my cock into her young hot pussy again and again, now even deeper inside her.

Suddenly she gave out a low moan and ground her ass back at me, forcing me to stay deep inside her and I could feel the clenching of her pussy around my cock as she came. I held still while she moved against me, the feel of her tight pussy contracting around my cock was almost too much for me, and I could feel the cum rising up in my balls. I couldn’t help but start thrusting again, fucking this babysitter again, thrusting hard and deep into her.

Sarah started moaning again, pushing back against my hard thrusts and I felt my cock swell up even larger inside her. One last deep thrust and I pulled back, out of her hot pussy, and I grabbed my cock with my hand.

With a groan I came, and my cum spurted out of my cock and the first spray shot up and over her ass and onto her back. The second spurt was even harder and faster and my cum landed in her clean blond hair. I felt her wince in surprise, but Sarah was good, and didn’t move from her bent over position in front of me. The next few spurts of cum landed on her sexy soft ass, and I watched in pleasure while I covered her ass with my hot white cum.

Gradually I stopped cumming and looked at the mess I had made of Sarah’s ass, short skirt, smooth back and blond hair. I had really marked this beautiful babysitter as mine. Grabbing some tissues from a box on a nearby cupboard I cleaned up my cock and pulled my trousers back on. Then I set to wiping Sarah, carefully mopping up my cum.

“That was good. I liked the feel of your cum on me,” Sarah spoke quietly while I cleaned her. I felt my cock twitch when she said that but I knew there wasn’t time for more. At least not tonight.

Sarah grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom to finish cleaning up and to get dressed while I quickly made sure everything in our lounge was tidy and showed no signs of our frantic fucking.

By the time my wife returned from the theater everything was clean and I was sitting chatting and watching TV with Sarah as if we hadn’t just finished fucking each other. Sarah and I went out to the car while my wife checked on our baby (who was sleeping soundly, thank goodness). I did have a moment of panic when I saw that there were clearly visible stains on the back of Sarah’s skirt which was obviously from my cum, but fortunately my wife didn’t notice anything.

So I dropped Sarah safely back at her house and I drive home content, thinking back to a wonderful evening fucking this beautiful, blond, eighteen year old babysitter.

The next few days I thought about Sarah more and more, remembering the wonderful time I had with her the last time I drove her home from our house after babysitting. I kept on wondering whether I would be able to spend some more time with her and hopefully have even more fun with her.…

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