Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

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“Have you ever had a black man before?” he asked. I could hear the grin in his voice.

“Nope” I responded – with a grin on my face as well.

“Never?! Not even a kiss?!” he sounded very surprised.

Laughing a bit, I repeated myself, “Nope. Not even a kiss. I’ve been attracted to some black guys before… very attracted, in fact… but nothing ever came of it.”

His voice got even sexier (if that’s possible) as he told me, “You come meet me, and I’ll show you what you been missin’, girl. You won’t ever wanna go back!”

I couldn’t help it – I laughed out loud. “Well! You don’t have a confidence problem, now do you?!”

He laughed as well, and told me, “I just know it’s the truth! You gotta try it – gotta experience it!” His voice got soft and sexy again. “When you gonna let me show you? Come on…”

As I got out of the car, my heart was beating wildly. I was almost shaking. What in the world was I doing?! He really sounded like a great guy on the phone and online over the past weeks, and we had had many wonderful conversations in that short amount of time. I already felt like I’d known him forever, and he always left me with a smile, but what did I really know for sure about him?

I looked around me. It was a very nice neighborhood, and it was a beautiful day. He had assured me that we could just talk until I felt comfortable – even if that meant that I had to come back another time. In fact, he’d already said that he would want me to come back. He wanted us to be good friends. For some reason, I believed him when he said that.

Fixing my shorts and my shirt, smoothing my hair, I locked the car door and walked up the stairs to the door, trying to look calm and collected (in case he was watching through the window). I took a deep breath, and as I let it out, I knocked with a friendly little rhythmic knock on the door.

I anxiously peeked inside as the door opened, and sure enough – there was the man whose picture I had memorized from his email. He was a bit shorter than I had imagined, but otherwise, pretty much what I had expected from his picture. He smiled, opening the door wider so that I could enter, and I stepped into a dimly lit living room with soft, sexy jazz coming from the stereo. He closed the door, and we stood there smiling… looking each other over.

“You’re very pretty, girl!” he said with a big grin, as I laughed and said, “Well, thank you!”

I stepped closer to give him a hello hug. As our arms went around each other, I suddenly felt much more relaxed. As I pulled back from the hug, I looked into his eyes… and had to kiss him. It was like I couldn’t help myself, as I leaned in to kiss him. Our lips met, mouths open so that we could taste each other. I had imagined kissing those lips from the first day that I talked to him and he sent me his picture, and I was not disappointed. Just as we started to breathe heavy and our hands started to wander – the phone rang! We both laughed a little bit as we let go of each other, and I went to sit on the couch and wait for him. Once again I noticed the soft jazz… the lyrics about love… that filled the room, and I had to smile. This man was prepared!

My eyes scanned the room as he talked on the phone, noticing that it was decorated very nicely. Photos were displayed around the room, and it was very comfortable. I heard him hang up the phone, and he made his way over to the Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort couch, where he sat down next to me with his hand lightly tapping my knee.

“Take off your shoes. Make yourself comfortable!”

Smiling, I responded, “OK” as I kicked off my shoes and swung one leg over his.

“You comfortable now?” he laughed as his hand rested on my knee this time. He leaned towards me a bit.

I wasn’t sure what had come over me. Maybe the days of hearing his sexy voice making not-so-veiled references to what our bodies could do together had made an even bigger impact on me than I had thought. I found myself reaching for him and kissing him deeply.

As we both tried to regain our composure, he cleared his throat, “Mmm hmmm… so tell me – how is Miss Sue doin’ today?”, but the sound of his voice made my pulse race, and all I could manage was, “She’s doing just fine… now…” as we both gave up on the small talk and started kissing like two starved people sitting down to a large meal.

He pulled back from the kiss, and I watched as he got up off of the couch to kneel between my legs. He slowly lifted my shirt up, baring my stomach, and I could tell that he was watching for my reaction. When I grinned and moaned, he lifted it further – and we removed it together. His hands cupped my breasts as I heard what sounded like an approving “Mmmmm”, and I leaned forward so that he could remove my bra as well. With his warm hands on my breasts and his fingers teasing my hard nipples, I was moaning with pleasure as he paused to remove his own t-shirt.

I was suddenly struck by his chocolate skin. I had to reach out and touch him. My hands ran over his shoulders, his back, and his chest. We were kissing once again as he stopped for a moment to ask, “Do you wanna do this here, or in the bedroom?”

I paused for a moment, but decided that I wasn’t ready for the bedroom quite yet. “Let’s just stay here for now.”

He looked a bit surprised, but recovered quickly as I felt his hand slide between my legs. His touch – even through the layers of my jean shorts and panties – caused me to groan as I raised my hips a bit, hoping for more of the same. His hands quickly moved to unbutton and unzip my shorts, as I lifted my ass off of the couch so that he could easily slide them off. I watched his head duck down toward my crotch, and I closed my eyes as his hot breath met my already damp panties.

“Ooooooh” escaped my lips as I slid down on the couch, and my hips began to buck in response.

Taking my right hand in his, he gently pulled me to my feet, stating, “I’m taking you to the bedroom.”

He led me down the hall. Moving the comforter aside, he motioned for me to lie down. Once again, I lifted myself slightly – this time so that he could remove my panties. I then watched with great curiosity as he took off his pants, revealing even more of his chocolate skin, and his hard, dark chocolate cock. He requested me to slide further onto the bed, and I complied as he climbed onto the bed with me.

He kissed my lips again as my mouth opened and welcomed his tongue inside. He kissed and licked a wet trail down my chest and over my stomach, till his wonderful mouth breathed on me again. I moaned as my hips wiggled and twitched.

“You sure are wet already…” I heard him say as I felt his tongue lap at my wet hole, then plunge inside. Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort His invasion made me buck around, wanting more. I loved the feel of his tongue inside of me.

He spoke as if to my pussy as he asked, “You mind if I treat it like it was mine?” and paused for just a moment so I could respond “Mmm mmm…” before he continued, “Gonna take it slow…” and I felt his fingers slowly and gently slide between my pussy lips, spreading them wide. Just that was enough to make me squirm, but then I felt his tongue again. Slowly licking, his tongue worked its way toward my clit. My hips were rocking, my hands clutching at his hair. I was scratching at the sheets as he began sucking and licking my clit to the sound of my groans, “Oh, baby… yes…!” until I came – shaking and gasping.

I had just finished shaking, and was beginning to regain my senses when he lifted my legs toward my head so my ass was off of the bed. I felt his warm, wet tongue lapping at my asshole, then licking one long stroke from my asshole, through my lips, to my swollen clit. I had never had anyone do that before! I thought I was gonna cum right there, but then he went and did it again! He stopped as he got to my clit this time, licking it leisurely til I came a second time.

Placing his hands on the bed on either side of my head, he told me, “I’m gonna enter you now, but not for long – cause I’ll cum too quick”.

I felt his cock pressing at the entrance, and then he entered me. He filled me up, making me gasp as my jaw dropped open. We looked into each other’s eyes as he pulled back and entered me again – harder this time. I know my eyes must have popped wide open as he stretched me. I had never felt anything like that! My hips began to rock against him as he reached deep inside me again and again.

I was a bit frightened as he went to lift my legs, wondering if I could take it. It felt so amazing, though, as he drove his cock deep inside me this way. It was as if he had reached the end – but then gone further! I gave up on talking sense as the pleasure washed over me and I groaned his name over and over. Just as I felt very close to cumming again, he pulled out, and I felt his hot mouth on my wet pussy once again, bringing me right over that edge. My hands looked for something to hold onto as the intense waves shook my body.

I was just coming down from my orgasm when I felt his lips on my nipple… his fingers twisting the other one. I looked down to watch his pink tongue dart out and flick at my hard brown nipple – licking, then sucking my breast into his mouth. I watched him lick his way across my chest to tease my other nipple with his wet tongue and soft lips. I felt my body react to his touch as my hips starting to rock slightly.

As he took my nipple in his teeth, I begged, “Please… oh, yes…” I watched him gently bite down, pulling and sucking. I was enjoying the pleasurable pain that was shooting through me, when I felt him let go of my nipple and lick a wet trail across to the other – then back – and again – until he was licking my chest furiously from one hard peak to the other. It was a most amazing combination of wetness, warmth and softness like I had never felt before!

I was thoroughly enjoying his attention when he sat up. Climbing off the bed, he said, “Turn around”.

I was still reeling from my last orgasm and his wonderful Ataşehir Ucuz Escort ‘tongue lashing’ as I asked, “You want what?” with a chuckle. I started to lift myself up, but fell back onto the bed.

“I don’t think I can move!” I laughed as I felt my legs shaking.

He looked down at me and said again, “Turn around”, so I decided that the least I could do was try as I watched him stroke his beautiful dark cock. I told him, “I don’t think you understand!” and grinned. I found that I was able to move after all, and as I sat up, I couldn’t resist leaning forward to slide my tongue across the head of his beautiful dark cock. Tasting my juices on him, I started to go back for more.

He pulled away, however, telling me, “No, no – today is just for you.”

Although I would have thoroughly enjoyed licking and sucking him more, I was also interested in what more he could possibly have in mind!

Deciding to let him run the show, I asked, “How do you want me?” and he indicated that I was to get on my hands and knees with my ass hanging off the edge of the bed.

I once again wondered if I would be able to handle him from this new position, but he totally distracted me when he said, “Well, now… what do we have here?”, and I felt his hot, wet tongue licking my asshole. I moaned loudly as he licked and sucked, bucking my ass into his face until I felt him enter my dripping pussy. His cock once again did its wonderful magic inside of me. I was still bucking from his tongue on my ass, and I was rocking back and forth as he slammed himself deep… again and again. He suddenly pulled out, but I was still grinding my ass against his pelvis. I just couldn’t seem to stop moving as I watched him cum.

He told me to lie back down… and I watched him crawl between my legs again. I loved the sight of him there. He once again began sucking and licking my pussy as I told him, “I’m gonna cum again – I’m gonna cum!”

He barely got the words “cum for me” out of his mouth as I grunted, “I’m cumming! Now! I’m cumming again!” and he licked up every drop of my juices as I closed my eyes, quivering and moaning.

“I don’t usually get this hard this fast again” he said with a bit of surprise in his voice as he showed me his hard cock, and the next thing I knew he was holding my legs up and was back inside me as I once again marveled at the feelings that he produced just by being there. He fucked me hard this time. There is no other way to put it. It was like he was a machine as he held me up and fucked me harder and faster than I have ever experienced before. Our bodies slapped together, and I couldn’t keep up with him as he slammed so deep and so fast that my mouth just dropped open and I could hardly make a sound.

When he finally slowed down, he was breathing hard. He lowered me gently back onto the bed, moving inside me now with slow, yet hard strokes.

As we looked into each other’s eyes, he smiled slightly and asked, “What?”

I was speechless. I simply smiled back. I felt his moves becoming more forceful and deliberate as my hips matched every move that he made. Then, as his rhythm changed slightly, I could feel that he was about to explode. He pulled out once again to cum. I found myself wishing that he would cum inside me. I wanted him to stay buried deep inside me and let me enjoy that experience with him.

As he started to climb off of the bed once again, I attempted to pull him back and we wrestled a bit until he finally laid down with me for a minute or two. When he sat back up, I sat there with him on the edge of the bed, just looking at him.

“You have very nice eyes” I told him.

“I know.” he responded, matter of factly.

I began to laugh.

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