Happy Birthday Ch. 03

Happy Birthday Ch. 03


Now James was completely nude, his beautiful cock hard in my hand. I still wore panties but not for long. He was saving that bit of fun for last, I knew how his mind worked. He’d be licking me momentarily and I’d probably come as soon as his tongue touched my clit.

“It’s not always hard like this,” he said in answer to my question a few moments ago. “Only when I’m with someone amazingly beautiful and sexy like you, touching you like this.”

What a lie, I thought, but gave him a wan smile that I hoped looked delightfully innocent.

I continued exploring his cock with my hand, the veins and ridges, the way it felt so perfect underneath my fingertips. He kissed me all over, touched my skin tenderly, running first his hands then his lips over my nipples, making me arch my back in pleasure, letting out involuntary sighs of joy.

“How can something that feels so good be bad?” I asked, wide-eyed, squeezing the tip of his cock a little.

“Careful, there,” he said with a gasp, moving my hand down his shaft a little.

He kissed my stomach and at long last his fingers found their way under my ugly panties. He pushed them down just so he could continue kissing to where my pubic hair began. The crotch, I knew, was damp from my arousal, and he could no doubt smell how horny I was. But, always the controlled lover, James did not divert from his slow, gentle kisses and touch. This was what I loved most about our sexual encounters. He’d learned quickly that the way to drive me mad and elicit the wild woman in me was to be very deliberate and gentle. Once he had me worked up I’d take the hardest fucking, the most fervent licking and sucking – in my desperation to be satisfied.

Now he tugged at the panties and I spread my legs a little so he could get them off. The first thing he did was bury his nose in my hairy pussy, moaning a little, and audibly sniffing. Good thing I’d given it all a scrub in the shower. I always did that because I knew his face would be in every nook and cranny of my cunt. I wanted him to smell nothing but my natural sex aromas, which I knew was one of escort kartal the things that he loved. But, to keep up the ruse that I’d never done this before, I squirmed a little at having his face in my ‘lady parts.’

“You okay?” he asked, a little breathless.

“Yeah, I just – what are you doing down there?”

He smiled up at me. “Making love isn’t just about fucking, you know.”

I tried to look affronted at the word ‘fucking.’

“Don’t worry. You’ll love it,” he assured me. “Trust me.”

I said nothing but I tensed a little, just to give him a challenge. He wriggled a finger just inside my vulva; I clamped tight. He left his finger in place and began kissing my thighs, ending up on my furry mound, and now his tongue explored at the top of my vulva, working with his finger to gain admittance. I couldn’t resist any longer. I was about to explode, it all felt so good. I relaxed just a little, enough for him to work his nose and mouth just inside. He took full advantage, again making little moans of pleasure as his tongue searched for my clit. I caught myself gasping in anticipation and that only made him more determined. Finally I opened my legs to him.

Again, he took his time, gently touching inside my cunt, smoothing his fingers over the soft edges, while his tongue at last licked my clit – more like a flick – just to see what I’d do. I squealed a little and jerked, and I heard a low laugh from him. He licked it again, then began slowly taking it into his mouth, running it all around his tongue, and —

“Oh GAWD!” I cried out, and the orgasm shuddered through me like a bolt of lightning. I knew I was close, but holy shit, this one surprised me.

I was heaving in waves; the subsiding coursing through me, making me feel weak and spent.

“That, my dear, was an orgasm,” he said, and gave a long lick from my vagina all the way to the top of my cunt. It felt so good I wondered if I’d come again right then. Close, but no cigar.

“You- you haven’t even – put it inside me yet,” I gasped.

“Not yet,” he said mischievously. He returned to his uğur mumcu escort task, now tonguesploring (a word I’d coined to describe how he’d root around inside my cunt with his tongue) my vagina. How good he felt inside me like this, his warm tongue, his hot breath, his bristly beard across my tender skin – the greatest ecstasy I’d ever known. Just being loved like this made life worth living. I hoped I’d be a little old lady in a nursing home thinking about James eating me out while some poor CNA wiped my ass.

He moved up to kiss me, his mouth full of the taste of me. I tried to turn my face away but he held my chin in his hand and licked my mouth with my own juices.

“I don’t like that!” I protested.

“I do,” he said firmly.

Asshole, I thought. He knew how I hated this, and was using this ‘scenario’ as an excuse to make me eat myself.

Before I could get too outraged, though, he spread my legs wide with his hands and moved on top of me. Ah, here we go, I thought.

Always the considerate lover, James took it easy. He entered me slowly, careful not to push too hard too fast. My groans of pleasure and no doubt the way I squeezed my eyes shut with every long, slow thrust told him I loved it. When he started going faster I smiled and grunted, matching his moves with my own. He was fucking me good now, quick and deep. I scraped my fingernails down his back and enjoyed how he flinched.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of me. I grabbed at the back of his thighs to bring him back, but he was too quick. He moved off me and reached for my shoulder and hips to turn me over.

“On your knees,” he said, and being a frightened mature virgin, I obeyed.

On all fours now, I awaited his next move. He was behind me, hands on my buttocks and thighs, caressing in the way he knew I loved. He lightly touched inside my butt crack and toward my hole, bringing up a little wetness.

“Aaah,” I said, and tipped my pelvis up toward him, inviting.

Now his cock touched my butt, hard. God he felt so good. I backed up against him, çavuşoğlu escort wanting him inside me. He knew how I loved fucking doggy. I wished he’d just get in there. But no matter how aroused he was, James could always control himself. Unlike me.

He kissed my lower back, my butt, my thighs. He licked me. I cried out. I knew he was loving every minute of this.

And then with no exploration, his hard cock filled my vagina, my wetness giving him what he needed to get deep inside. I made a loud ‘oof’ noise at this, but didn’t hesitate to match his rhythm as he fucked me, harder and harder. I knelt onto the pillows, my ass and pelvis entirely his now, consumed by this act, this primal mating dance called fucking, coitus, or any other name you wanted to label it. I called it out of control passion and pleasure. Oh, the pleasure! James’ hard cock ramming in and out of me, my body receptive, knowing better than my mind how this all worked, how good it felt. I let my body take over, the sensations coursing through me. I didn’t often come just from fucking like this, but I could feel the buildup now. James’ sharp breaths told me he was getting near; he gripped my hips on either side, really working at it. How it must feel for him, I thought, to have that massive hard cock to master a woman. God damn. How I loved sex.

Both of us grunting, moaning, and writhing, sweaty, our sex smells overwhelming us with desire, James came first, his hot cum explodiing inside me, running down my thighs. He squeezed my clit as he finished, making me come, too, with raspy breaths and a cry of agony. It’s no wonder the French term for an orgasm is ‘le petit mort,’ the little death.

James gently rolled me around onto my back, arranging the pillows for me to relax, and held me in his arms while we both heaved from our efforts. How I loved him, this man who touched me and made me feel like no one else ever had before.

“Not bad for your first time,” he said at last, grinning at me.

“It always feels like the first time with you,” I said in bare honesty.

“You mean that, don’t you,” he said as a statement, rather than a question.

I nodded. “I know how good it’s going to be but I anticipate it every time like we’ve never done it before.”

He kissed me, warm and long. “Give me half an hour and we’ll do it again.”

“Okay,” I giggled.

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