Handy Andy – One and Six Ch. 06



Financially, Andy was comfortable having sold his successful home repair business and obtaining a divorce. His hobbies were fishing, golfing and taking vacations with a little time spent in his retirement community doing some home repair work several days a week.

He was also sexually comfortable as some of his customers became Very Special Lady Friends — V S L F. These were women who did not have the tools and/or skills to do home repairs. Their husbands had passed away. Andy did the repair work, then the two had companionship — personal and intimate companionship. And possibly an evening meal — sometimes he stayed over night for more sexual pleasures.

Andy was sitting in his small home office reading a very personal scented letter that he recently received from Pauline — a V S L F. She had been visiting her now married adult children and their families for almost six weeks.

Andy again smelled the scent of perfume on the pages of her hand written letter. It seemed to be the scent of the perfume gift that he had given her before the start of her trip.

Then he re-read parts of Pauline’s letter — — that he had received:

“……… My vacation with my children and grandchildren has been wonderful. But it will also be wonderful and extremely pleasing to be in your arms again. And to have you inside my body.

“I will be coming home about the seventh of the month. Will you be available soon after I arrive? I will telephone to arrange a specific time. No home repair work required – I just want to have you pump my cylinder for a long time. No — not an air pump as used on a tire (LOL).

“I have missed — your gentle touches and even your firm touches, — your mouth on my nipples and pussy — having your penis grow into a cock in my mouth as I give you a bare cock blow job — your bare cock thrusting deep in my love tunnel — your bare cock pounding my vagina, just before you deliver your load of ‘cum’ deep inside me. I need you and want you — — — deep inside my body.

“I have missed you. I want to see you. And I do mean seeing ALL of you.

Your Very Special Lady Friend


Andy closed his eyes and thought about the many wonderful sexy and fun times he had enjoyed with Pauline, a spontaneous and willing lady. When they are together in private, she wears little clothing and will undress in an erotic stimulating manner. Sexual fore-play has been varied and fun with the use of adult toys, porn movies, wine, and other food items — — plus 69 and genital activities. Intercourse has included many different positions: anal, rear, spoon, and missionary — — throughout the entire house, outside, and in his SUV. But seldom have they had sex in bed. Pauline believes that sexual variety is the spice of life.

Pauline is certainly a wonderful lady in public — — — and a slut in private. She is what Andy wants — and is now receiving.

Andy also thought about his previous marriage, and his now ex-spouse. He had absolutely no regrets about obtaining a divorce. But those thoughts were extremely brief.

Andy much preferred his current life style — — mutual consensual sex with different women, after some home repair work. Plus ample time for recreational activities — — fishing, golf, and vacations. Andy also likes variety — during sex and with his hobbies.

It was now the tenth of the month. Andy started reading an article in a golf magazine, but looked at the telephone several times. It did not ring. Andy was anxious — sexually anxious for Pauline and the many sexual pleasures she provided. Finally, Andy left his house and went to a golf driving range. Two hours or so passed, he was back home — and listened to a message on his telephone answering machine.

“Hi Andy. This is Pauline. Hope you got my recent letter. Sorry, I was delayed for a few days — my daughter wanted me to spend some more time with her family. I am anxious to

see you. If it fits your schedule, possibly you could visit me tomorrow — Friday — starting about 4:00 pm. Even through Saturday morning. Please give me a call or just confirm on my answering machine, or by email. I need to go to the grocery store. Many Thanks. Hope to see you soon. By.”

Andy dialed Pauline’s telephone number. He also had to leave a message.

“Hi Pauline. This is Andy. Thanks for your letter and telephone message. It is good to know that you have safely returned home. Yes – tomorrow, Friday, at 4:00 pm would be ideal for me. The next morning, we could also be together and close. See you soon for some pleasure. Lots of pleasure. By.”

* * * * *


Andy pulled his small SUV into the driveway of Pauline’s one story home. He had been in the house at different times, and he had also been in Pauline. She was spontaneous in her actions and very willing to have sexual variety — so far she did anything that Andy suggested and in any place in the house and backyard. Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort Frequently, Andy did not really know what Pauline would do but he almost always liked what she did. Their sexual pleasure was mutual and enjoyed by both.

As Andy walked to the front door, it opened — but he did not see Pauline. Andy thought that she was probably wearing some revealing clothing. Very revealing clothing.

He walked into the house and closed the front door. “Hello, Pauline. This is Andy.”

Pauline walked into his view. Just as Andy thought, she was wearing very revealing clothing. Actually — practically no clothing. Her teats and areolas were barely covered with two pieces of circular red colored adhesive. Her rounded ample boobs were quite visible. Red thong panties barely covered her pussy lips. As she walked toward him, she slowly turned around several times. Andy only saw a few narrow strips of red cloth that were holding the small red triangle on her pussy lips. Red high heel shoes and bright red lipstick completed her outfit.

“I like your outfit, Pauline — but primarily I like the abundant show of skin.”

“I thought you would like this outfit.”

With only a few steps, bodies were touching and tightly embracing. Her hands were around his neck, then one of Pauline’s hands dropped down and touched a slight bulge below his belt. She started rubbing his bulge — it grew. Pauline unzipped his pants, reached through the openings of the two layers of fabric and fished out his rod. His rod became harder as she fondled the penis head, rim, and several inches of the shaft.

“Did you miss me, Pauline? Did you miss my male equipment?”

“You know that I missed you and our sexual activities.”

His hands were touching and holding her waist, then dropped lower. A hand on each of her ass cheeks. While one hand rubbed and pinched her ass, his other hand reached around and started rubbing her pussy lips through the thin fabric of the red thong. Then a finger pushed under the red fabric and briefly caressed her lips before entering her slightly moist treasure. Andy easily pushed his finger past her smooth pussy lips and into her cylinder — as far as possible. He started slowly exploring her love tunnel with a finger.

Their lips met — the kissing was long. Tongues touched and explored deeply. Pauline continued to caress his erection, Andy continued to finger fuck her cunt.

After many minutes, they separated. Pauline lead Andy to the living room where she unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. The shirt fell to the floor. Andy kicked off his shoes. She unfastened his belt, then in one motion she pushed his pants and underpants over his hips. Slowly, they slide down his legs. Andy stepped out of his clothing, bent over and removed his socks.

“Please sit down. I want to feel your cock get larger in my mouth.”

“Yeh. Suck my cock, Baby. — — — Suck it for a long time.”

Andy sat down and spread his legs. Agter removing her red shoes, Pauline sat down on the floor between his legs, her mouth only a few inches away from his erect penis. One of her hands cupped his balls and started fondling his constant companions. Her other hand reached up and began playing with the hair on his chest and his nipples. But Pauline soon was kissing and licking the penis head, rim, and several inches of his shaft. Soon, his shaft was slightly covered with her red lipstick.

At last she opened her mouth, engulfed his organ and started bobbing her head on his bare manhood. Andy glanced at his watch.

Pauline saw him look at the time and said: “Possibly it would be better if you looked at the date on a calendar — instead of the time on your watch.” She laughed slightly.

“You can suck me for as long as you want to suck me. I like the bare cock blow jobs that I get from you. You really know how to keep me just at the edge by providing me with ample pleasure but not having an ejaculation. That is wonderful. Pure pleasure.”

Pauline’s head bobbing continued, initially she could take all of his bare penis in her mouth. Frequently her lips touched the base of his shaft and the matted pubic hair. But, in time, Pauline could only take the cock head and part of the shaft into her mouth. His penis had grown into a large hard cock. Red lipstick covered most of his shaft.

“Oh, Baby. I love having you suck my cock. I love exposing my manhood for our mutual pleasure. Yes, I missed you in so many ways. I am glad that you are back home — — and we are together, again.”

“And I want us to be together — especially when two become like one.”

“Yes — connected — — my tube inside your lubricated cylinder.”

Andy again looked at his watch — about thirty minutes of cock sucking had already passed.

After several more minutes, Pauline asked: “Did you get enough cock sucking?”

“For now — probably yes. But I will certainly want more later — say in a few minutes or an hour or so, and also on Saturday morning.”

“Yes, I will give you more blow jobs before you leave.”

“What would you like to do now, Pauline?”

“I need to use the bathroom — then you can shave my pussy.”

“I would like to watch you urinate — as you stand up in the shower.”

Both walked to the bathroom. Pauline enters the shower and spreads her legs. Her yellow urine stream starts with a few drops, a small stream becomes a large stream hitting the shower floor. Some of the yellow liquid splashes on to her legs. Finally, some more individual drops fall from her body.

Andy takes the flexible shower hose and directs a gentle stream of water at her cunt and legs. Then he dries off her lower body with a fluffy pink towel.

Andy stands by the toilet. Pauline is holding his flaccid penis and directs his yellow urine stream into the toilet bowl. After his stream is completed, she pours some water on his penis head.

As both leave the bathroom, Pauline says: “I would like you to shave my pussy. I already have a new razor and shaving cream in the kitchen.”

Pauline lays down on the kitchen table, her legs open wide and her ass slightly elevated. Andy spreads her pussy lips and looked at her slightly moist pink treasure for several minutes. He moved close, and started to lick her clitoris. But soon the licking changed to a sucking.

“Oh, Andy. I love having your mouth and tongue pleasuring my pink flesh. Please continue.”

Andy continued sucking the flesh between her legs for several more minutes. His penis became slightly erect.

Finally, using a small towel, he rubbed warm water on the outside of her pussy lips and above her slit. Adequate shaving cream was applied with his fingers. Then careful strokes with a safety razor were made by her right leg. More razor strokes were made by her left leg. Some pubic hair above her slit was cut off but Andy left most of the hair above her slit. Again, using the towel and warm water, Andy removed traces of soap. He inspected his shaving and had to remove only a few hairs that had been missed. Then he rubbed the outside of her pussy lips.

Pauline reached for a hand mirror and looked at her pussy lips. “That is a nice job you did shaving my lips. Thank you.”

“You are welcome. I enjoy shaving you. Your shaved skin is so smooth.”

“When we are together next month, you can shave me again.”

“I have always enjoyed shaving you. Always have, always will.”

“I prepared one of your favorite crock pot meals. Chicken breast with creamed soup and vegetables. Plus your favorite dessert. It is ready to eat, now.”

“OK. Let’s eat now — before we have some serious sex.”

Both are stark naked as they eat — facing each other across a small table. Andy enjoys watching Pauline’s breasts move slightly as she breathes.

“Thank you for the food. As usual, the meal was excellent. And I especially liked the chocolate cake with cherry icing. And the cherry ice cream. Cherry icing and cherry ice cream reminds me of something else.”

Their eyes meet. Both smile. And laugh softly.

“You are welcome, Andy. I enjoy cooking for you. Also, I baked a second chocolate cake with cherry icing for you to take home.”

“I like any type of cherries,” replied Andy. “But, I like the pink cherry between your legs best of all.”

“You may have my cherry when ever you want it. But I also want you to fish with your hard rod in my hole.”

“As you know, I tend to be brief in my comments. I would say: ‘Let’s just suck and fuck each other and provide mutual pleasure’.”

“We both want the same things — sexually.”

“Yes. We both want similar things in private and also in public.”

“Let’s enjoy each other in my den,” Pauline said.

Andy sat down on the sofa, Pauline stood up on the sofa and straddled his body. Her shaved pussy lips was only inches from his lips. Andy looked up and feasted his eyes on the undersides of her breasts. Then he looked beyond her teats — their eyes met, both smiled.

At last, Andy started to lick and suck her pussy lips. His tongue spread her pussy lips and located her clitoris. Licking and sucking continued. Frequently his tongue made the round trip from her clitoris to her cunt lips — but his tongue spent more time pleasuring her clitoris.

Gradually, his flaccid penis enlarged. Gradually, her natural moist started to flow from her love tunnel and onto her pussy lips.

Andy’s saliva and Pauline’s cunt juice mixed together. Andy swallowed the mixed liquid, several times.

Many minutes passed, but at last Andy said: “My turn to receive some pleasure. Please suck my cock.”

Andy stayed on the sofa and spread his legs. Pauline sat down on the floor between his legs. Her fingers stroked his balls, at the same time her tongue flicked out and touched the cock head and rim of his erection. Pauline opened her mouth and engulfed the cock head, rim and part of the shaft. Soon, her head was bobbing on his shaft as she sucked his erection.

“Yes, Pauline. Suck my cock. I love having my bare cock in your mouth.”

“And I enjoy providing you with the pleasure that you want. I like feeling your manhood grow larger in my mouth.”

The bare cock blow job continued for many minutes. Andy appreciated looking down and seeing his shaft appear, then disappear into her mouth. But the cock head was always in her mouth.

Finally, Pauline pulled away and said: “I would like your manhood massaging my breasts and a vibrator in my vagina.”

She reached into the drawer of a small table and got a plastic bottle of lubricant and a latex vibrator shaped like an erect penis with balls.

She laid down on the floor and simply said, “Please pleasure me.”

Andy rubbed some lubricant on the vibrator and her cunt. For several minutes, his fingers played with her moist treasure. Then he briefly rubbed the operating vibrator on her clitoris before pushing the vibrator past her pussy lips and into her cunt. Gradually, he pushed the vibrator inside her body until Pauline was completely filled.

“Oh, Andy. I love the operating vibrator in my cunt. Leave it in and massage my breasts,”

Andy straddled her body and put some lubricant on her breasts. He placed lubricant on his erection — then rubbed her nipples with the head of his manhood.

“I like looking at your cock when you are rubbing my nipples. But I also like feeling your cock in my body.”

Soon, his hard cock was in the valley between her breasts. She pushed the sides of her breasts together and covered part of his cock. Andy pushed forward, then pulled back. After several forward movements, his cock head was close to her mouth. Pauline stuck out her tongue — tip touched tip. The tip of her tongue touched the tip of his cock with many of his forward thrusts.

The double pleasure — breast fucking and operating vibrator — continued for many minutes.

“Oh, Andy. I like this double activity. Let me give you double pleasure.”

“What type of double pleasure?”

“My finger in your ass, and your cock in my mouth.”

“You can make it a triple pleasure by also licking and sucking my balls.”

“I will, Andy. Three things: ass, balls, and cock. A, B, and C.”

Quickly, Andy was on his back on the den floor. Pauline put on a latex glove and lubricated his ass hole and several fingers of the glove. Gently she pushed a finger into his rectum. Her finger entered up to the first knuckle. More pressure was applied, the second knuckle was inside his ass. Some more pressure was applied — now her entire finger was inside Andy.

“This will give you some idea of what a woman feels when a cock is being rammed in her cunt.”

“I understand. I am glad that you are only using one finger and that it is small.”

“Would you like two fingers in your ass, Andy?”

“Sometime. But not now.”

Gradually, Pauline started moving her finger inside his ass. At the same time her other hand began stroking his balls. But soon, she opened her mouth and engulfed his erect bare cock. Her head bobbing started. Initially her lips could touch the base of his shaft, but in a few minutes she had to focus her attention on the cock head, rim, and several inches of the shaft. But ball stroking and ass rubbing continued.

“Yes, Pauline. Yes. This triple pleasure is very intense — ass, balls, and cock. But I love it — a very intense sexual pleasure. Please continue.”

Pauline had a large erect cock in her mouth and really could not answer. The activity at the juncture of Andy’s legs continued for many minutes.

Finally Andy said: “That is enough for now. I have a real nice erection now — let’s use it while I am hard. If we wait too long, I may lose my erection.”

“Yes, it is dark now and the backyard is secluded. Let’s have our fun on the covered patio.”

Andy sat on a straight chair, his firm cock pointing toward the ceiling. Pauline spread her legs and faced him. Then she grasped his cock and guided it past her lips and into her cunt as she sat down on Andy’s legs. His manhood was deep in her body — as deep as possible. Pauline lifted up several inches, then sat down again. Up again, then down. Andy’s cock rubbed the inside of her cunt with every up and down movement that Pauline made. Both leaned toward the other, their lips met, they kissed. Tongues touched and explored for several minutes.

One of Andy’s hands was rubbing her back and ass. His other hand was rubbing her breasts and nipples.

“Let me enter you in the missionary position.”

Pauline was soon on her back on an air mattress — — her ass is elevated and her legs are spread. Andy got between her legs, his erection only inches from her moist treasure. He rubbed the cock head against her clitoris for several minutes. Then he moved his erection slightly lower and pushed. His cock head easily spread her cunt lips and entered into her cylinder. Inch by inch, he penetrated her body — as deep as possible. He bent down and sucked her mounds of female flesh and her nipples.

CHAPTER 6: A VISIT WITH PAULINE Financially, Andy was comfortable having sold his successful home repair business and obtaining a divorce. His hobbies were fishing, golfing and taking vacations with a little time spent in his retirement community doing some home repair work several days a week. He was also sexually comfortable as some of…

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