Hands-On Sex Therapy Pt. 04


Part four of a story about a couple that finds themselves in a hands-on sex therapy group, where therapists, surrogates, and other patients interact sexually. Those types of therapy exist, but this story is fictional. Like the other parts, I have met my goal to write them 4 to 6K in length. So if you choose to read parts 1-3 first, they are all quick reads.

All fictional characters portrayed are over the age of 18. Self-edited and proofed, so if you are looking for a story with perfect grammar, and 0 mistakes, this probably is not for you. I am well aware of my writing skills level. Comments on the storyline are always appreciated.


Helga’s sister Astrid on a recent visit broke down to her sister about her marriage and told her the truth. Told her how their lack of a good sex life is threatening it. Helga and her are normally pretty candid with each other, but once Helga became so happy after sex therapy, Ingrid clammed up about her marriage. She had never told her how unhappy with her husband’s bedroom skills she was. Instead, to save face, she would brag about his endowment, as that was the only thing she knew she had over her sister.

Things changed when she had seen Garth’s cock in its fully erect state. Even though it fell short of her husband’s, when Helga told her to feel it, she was surprised that just that contact made her wet, and him shudder. She had not had anything like that happen before. Since then she could not stop fantasizing about fucking her brother-in-law. She also realized by how sexually satisfied her sister was after therapy that there were more important things than cock size. She often used the memory of holding his cock as she smacked his ass during the extended viewing of Garth’s cock to masturbate to, she just plain wanted him.

What caused her to break down and open up was when Helga told her about their wife swap. She told her how having a different partner fuck you was a great sexual experience and one that has nothing to do with love. Sex for fun and your pleasure instead of partly out of responsibility. Astrid wanted that kind of happiness, she wanted a different cock, and knew she realized that she would not likely ever have Garth’s. She wanted to try therapy, but when she mentioned it to Jim, he just plain did not want to talk about it.

Helga wanted to help her sister, they are very close, and like a good sister, she wanted her to be happy. Astrid after drinking some wine with her sister and pouring out her heart to her ask if she thought her therapist would see her. Then admitted what she would like was for Helga to find out if there was any way she could sit in so to speak on one of their group sessions.

It was not a realistic request, as these are for couples, and bringing anyone in just to watch was not likely going to fly. Helga had told Astrid just about everything about the sessions, but hearing about them and observing them are two different things. To Helga, her sister seeing her have sex with her husband Garth, or maybe even worse seeing her with another patient or surrogate was hard to fathom. Even if she could get Doc Todd to allow it, and tone down that particular session, they still would all be nude, so her sister who had no experience with anything like this would have to be willing to join them that way. Deep down she had another problem, she did not want to be upstaged by her sister’s perfect body and beauty. She could hold her own with Sheila, and. Though they were younger, the assistants were not that big a threat to her. But her smoking hot sister was.

Helga went over all the things she would have to be willing to do, and her sister claimed she might be embarrassed at first, but she could do it and just be a fly on the wall if she had to. Well, it was not realistic to think she would not cause a disruption. The other males were going to be focused on Astrid she was a bombshell. Helga knew it, and her husband Garth knew it. In Garth’s case, he did not have to see her nude to know that naked she would likely be more than irresistible. That was how he perceived her in his eyes already. It was part of the problem she had with her husband, his jealousy, that was derived from her beauty. He made her dress conservatively when they went out or visited even family.

After another visit from her sister, Helga realized her sister was both serious and desperate, not to mention relentless. Astrid reminded her on that visit, she has not always been the puritan that her husband Jim wants her to portray. She was popular and had some wild years in high school, and was still wild in her first year or two in college, that was before she met Jim. She thought the world revolved around him and married him before graduation. His jealousy had gotten old over the few years they were married, and so did the mundane sex they had. She missed the wild days after a while when she did things that even her sister did not even know about with guys.

Helga gaziantep eskort bayan gave in and talked with their friends and fellow patients Rob and Sheila. Once she had their OK, she contacted Doc Todd, in fact, she met with him for lunch. He always acted very professionally during therapy, but the night he filled in for a surrogate revealed another side of him. He participated in the mutual masturbation exercise when a surrogate did not show up. She saw a weakness in him when with a younger woman, and wanted to try to use it to her advantage.

She met him at a local pub, and they had a few drinks with lunch. Then as they talked afterward, they had a couple more drinks. She described the situation and what she was proposing after the third round of drinks. She was dressed pretty casually but showed some cleavage when she leaned over. She did not want to overshadow the sexy photos she brought to show Doc. Once she had him to the point where she thought he was considering letting her participate she showed them to him to seal the deal.

One photo was of Astrid at a recent family function, and with her conservatively dressed. The others were taken at a party in those college years. It was a college party, but unusual as it was also her sister’s bachelorette party. It was a staged photo, and not meant for anyone but themselves to see. Her sister and her were in mini skirts, Helga had themed the party as a Retro 70’s party. The dress, or lack of, was to be much like what the parties their grandmother told them about at a sleepover after too much wine.

First, she laid down the photo in front of him showing her present-day dress that could not even conceal her sister’s beauty. Once he looked it over she threw down 2 more photos. They were from that party and were of her sister and her in mini skirts and skimpy tops. Their perky young breasts were the feature of that photo. The skirts were so short that if the photo was taken from any lower, it would have shown some bush, as the next one revealed that they had no panties. They were on each side of one of the strippers who had just finished their show and were both nude and hard. He was the stripper with the biggest cock whom they let remove their panties in front of their friends.

The second staged photo was was with two girlfriends holding their skirts up for them, they could not have looked any sexier with both their tits and asses showing. Yes, in reality, they were naked. The nude stripper with a boner was pretending to spank them, their intention was for it to be funny, and it was and more. Both sisters in the photo overshadowed the stripper, even though he had his big cock standing out in front of him. Doc spent a lot of time looking at them, and Helga knew it was not herself in the photo or the stripper that was getting his attention.

Helga used the photo to both point out that her sister was not that sheltered, and to appeal to his weakness for hot naked young women. She then told him that based on that party and others, she was sure her sister could handle a session while nude.

He was in, but now he had to act like he was not excited about it, and said, “Are you sure? As you know we reached a point where we do these sessions nude, that alone might freak her out.”

She told him that it was her sister seeing Garth naked that made her take a second and third look at the sex life she has with her husband. She said that her sister had confessed to her that if I had given her the OK she would have joined him naked and more.

She said, “I don’t think she would pass on a chance of doing something while naked in front of Garth. In fact, I think that might have something to do with her wanting to join. So I think she might even be willing to participate in some way in that first session. She has thrown enough hints out there as Garth and her have a lot of lust for each other. Maybe even something with him. I am not sure if actual sex is a good idea, instead, maybe something like the masturbation session we had with another partner would be OK. I think it might be better for us as a couple if they get some lust out of their systems.”

It worked, she noticed when he walked her out to her car he had a huge bulge in his pants. When they got there she reached up to kiss him and gave him some tongue, while at the same time putting her hand on his junk. She found a hard cock under that bulge and knew he was ripe for picking, and it was something she wanted anyway. Helga then unlocked her car but opened the back door instead of the driver’s. She got in and told him that was her sister’s boner he was sporting, but she wanted it anyway. She got in the back seat and opened her blouse and shimmied out of her shorts, she had worn no panties there on purpose. Helga opened up her legs displaying her bald pussy. Doc took one look at it and in the state, he was in lost all control. He climbed into the back seat of the SUV with her.

At eskort bayan gaziantep first, he thought he could just eat her out, then go home and have an afternoon romp with his wife. He dove in and worked her until she came, then he thought he could quit after Helga sucked his cock. Helga took her turn then and sucked his cock. She was no slouch at sucking cock, she had his toes curled, but she stopped short of getting him off. It worked, he had to sink his cock, wet with Helga’s saliva into her tight pussy, and right then and there. They were soon fucking in a warm vehicle in daylight, knowing they could not risk going too long. She looked up into his eyes and put a hand around his big cock to guide it as he hovered over her. She then lifted and wrapped her legs around him. She loved the feel of his naked ass on her feet as he got ready to penetrate her.

She was new to this cheating and thought about how cool this was to be the first patient in their sessions to fuck him and felt so special because of it. Once his knob touched her opening, any fear of fucking in a parking lot in broad daylight was gone. Doc started pounding her right away, and she knew that he was likely thinking about her sister Astrid. It did not stop her from enjoying it, she figured Garth fucked her many times thinking about Astrid. The SUV was truly rocking when he let loose of one of the biggest cum shots she ever received. Some of his cum was running out of her and on the leather seat as he reached up to kiss her. They were both covered with sweat but neither one cared, Doc figured he could stop at the office and shower before he went home.

They dressed as they exited the back seat, and Helga kissed him goodbye and said, “So I assume my sister can attend the next session?”


Astrid did not have any problems undressing at what was her first session. If there were any problems, it was the fact that the guys were hard from just seeing her in sexy panties. They were rock hard, and being nude already were unable to hide what she caused. She did not look shy when she stood there topless and was taking in what she caused her brother-in-law’s, as well as Rob’s and Doc Todd’s cocks to do. She was then doing her best to keep them that way by shedding her sexy panties and adding her pussy to the view. She kept it up after sitting, as she does not sit with her legs open normally, even fully dressed, her nipples are not usually perpetually hard either. She wanted Garth and Rob to see her now bald pussy, knowing that her sister and several girlfriends of theirs had seen it, and told her how perfect it was, she was more than ready to show it off to these guys with hard cocks.

Helga had even told Garth that more than some of her friends swore Astrid could be a double for the famous 50 shades actress. Garth not knowing that much about her ran a Google search for her. He could see the resemblance in her sexy looks but thought what he had seen of Astrid’s body in a modest Bikini, that Astrid’s body was much better. In his opinion, it could still be in a SI Swimsuit edition. Now he knew he was right, the instant hardons on Doc, Rob, and himself proved it. No part of her was not perfect, breasts, ass, slim waistline. There were no blemishes on her at all, and the piercings he had never seen before on her clit hood, or belly button added to her beauty. Her husband would not want her to show even her belly button.

Helga’s hesitance for her sister to come with them to therapy was now validated. She was never jealous when Garth and Astrid flirted with each other. She thought it was funny when he accidentally made his nude debut to Astrid by accident. Helga kept him there in front of Astrid, choosing to take in and bask in his discomfort. She even encouraged her to hold him there by his cock.

Based on how much attention her husband was getting from Astrid, and she from him, her reluctance to urge Doc to let her join the group was validated. But she could not discount the fact that all this led her to the opportunity to have sex with the Doc.

Doc who at first was lost for words suggested that for her benefit that they go back to basics and do the mutual masturbation exercise with her. Since the two of them were singles that night, he suggested they team up. Helga could see the wanton desire in his eyes as he looked her sister over, it was the same look that Garth and Rob had. He told her that no physical contact would be made, but usually, a breast, cumshot, or facial finish was part of it.

What Astrid said next shocked her sister, and did nothing to cause any swelling to go down on the guys.

She said, “So I got the courage up to defy my overbearing husband, and I am standing here nude. Am I not naked with three hot and aroused guys that were hard by the time I got topless. Now you are telling me I am not going to get fucked by one of them tonight? If my sister and gaziantep bayan eskort her sweet friend will let me, I will do all three of you guys to prove to you I am up to this. This pussy has been just plain starved for a good eating and fucking. It would be my honor to have a big dicked sex therapist as my first new cock since I tied the knot with my asshole husband.”

This blew everyone’s mind, especially Helga’s, she has been telling her to leave Jim for several years, and she rejected her advice more out of pride. Deep down and not even acknowledged yet by Astrid was a feeling of love for her brother-in-law, and jealousy that her sister had him.

Having sex with Garth was her second priority. His walking in on the two of them while naked was not just funny, it was a turning point for her. She remembered feeling her panties getting wet when Helga dared her to grab his cock that day. It was all she could do at the time to not just pull him close and suck his cock. To make things worse she went home to her husband Jim horny and tried to pull his cock out to suck, but he yelled at her not to interrupt the game he was watching, another rejection.

It got kind of quiet, it would normally be up to Doc Todd to run the session, but he was caught up in wanting to fuck the finest specimen of a female he has ever encountered in his professional or personal life. He had never experienced this degree of temptation before, and despite being a professional, he could not keep his cool.

It was kind of left to Helga to step up as to what to do, and she did.

“Well Astrid, you have blown my mind and it seems like all of ours. I can verify the look on Garth’s face that his lust for you is still strong. I am sure he is willing, and I guess you two being in-laws is no big deal, no one in our family would know. He is up to the job, look at that hardon. Look what you have done, you have three guys hard, and practically foaming at the mouth. As far as I am concerned, fuck them, all three of them if it is OK with them and Sheila.”

There was no objection from any of them, Astrid just plain jumped up on the bed, laid her head on one of the pillows and spread her legs, and with her fingers her pussy lips. It was not until then that Doc took charge. He did not sound very professional when he proposed that the three of them ate her out first, and get her pussy wet-n-ready.

Doc was the first to crawl up between her legs to the most perfect-looking pussy he had ever seen. He knew the name of every part of a woman’s vagina, he knew how to make one cum from inside, or out. He started with his tongue inside her trying to see if he could find her g-spot, to see if he could get her off with his tongue. He realized that he was approaching this all wrong, too clinical an approach. Then he relaxed and try to work it like one of his better patients would have. Take the time to taste the juices of the finest vagina he had ever encountered. He found her pussy tasted just as good as it looked. This was something new for Helga, watching her sister experiencing sexual pleasure in front of her. Astrid was showing no embarrassment, she was enjoying it too much.

Once he enjoyed himself, he started to concentrate on getting her off. He used his fingers then to try to locate her G-Spot, and at the same time, he used his tongue to work her clit. What a scene this was for both the women and men, as he lick her in steady strokes hitting her piercing to let it do what it is designed for, to help get her off. It is hard to say what action did it, but she let out a, “Oh My Fucking God! Fuck Fuck Fuck! I can’t remember the last “O” that I got from Jim.”

He backed off as she recovered from the tremendous “O” he gave her. It was the first one in years not caused by herself.

He pulled back and called up Garth, he knew he was who she wanted the most. Garth went out on a limb a little when he went up, crawled up to her, and planted a kiss on his sister-in-law’s lips. He did not overdo it, but he had to do more than just eat her out. She wanted to skip the oral as she slid her tongue in his mouth, as she felt his hard cock pressed against her pussy. They were so turned on by the contact and the serious kissing they had going on that both of them wanted to just fuck right then. Instead, worried about what Helga might think, he withdrew from her mouth and started moving down her body. He kissed her neck right below her ear first, then kissed each of her perfect breasts before going to her belly button. He could not wait to visit his next stop her pussy.

Garth may not have the knowledge of a sex professional, but he got the quickest reaction. As his tongue entered her hole she let out her first moan, and could not help but grab his head and close her knees on it in reaction to his first contact. Once he licked up all the juices he could, he moved up to get her off. Neither one of them could believe this was happening nor could they hide the special feelings that they were having. Helga could see it, as she was his regular sex partner, but she knew this day had to come. She did not want to lose his or her sister’s love but figured this had to happen. She figured that if they did not act on the lust, they would start mistaking it for love if they have not already. To her it was a beautiful thing to see, she wanted them to enjoy each other.

Part four of a story about a couple that finds themselves in a hands-on sex therapy group, where therapists, surrogates, and other patients interact sexually. Those types of therapy exist, but this story is fictional. Like the other parts, I have met my goal to write them 4 to 6K in length. So if you…

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