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I pull over on the side of the road right in front of Your house. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday. Maybe it’s because so much has grown between us. Maybe it’s because You are going to let me have my way. Not full control, but enough control for me to play. To let a side of me out for my birthday. A side of myself that I have always struggled to understand and be able to release. I turn off the car and grab my bag from the front seat. In my bag I have a few things. Toys, cuffs, blindfold, candles, rope and a tens unit. I have no idea where our play tonight will lead to, but I brought things so that I was prepared.

My walk up to Your front door seems slower than expected and my body is buzzing with excitement and anticipation. It’s not often that I am in control and the primal side of me wants out. My primal side is my very essence tonight. From my cute spunky ponytail all the way down to my toes which are painted such a dark red that they look almost black. Anyone looking at me from the street would have no clue what was about to go down. Wearing cute mid-calf boots with jeggings and a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up was the style of comfort mixed with confidence. The kind of comfort and confidence that I know You find most sexy.

I knock once on Your door and enter. I know You are expecting me, but it’s such a habit to knock first before entering. “Hello?” I call out as I walk through the door. Dropping my keys into my bag and letting the bag fall to the floor. “I’m in the living room.” Your reply distant. I round the corner and see You sitting on the couch, working hard on Your computer, completely unfocused. I walk towards You and kneel at Your side, resting my head on Your thigh, waiting for You to be finished with whatever has distracted You from tonight.

After several moments You starting closing down the programs and shut down the evil, time-stealing machine down. You lean back to relax on the couch, resting, Your hand finding its way to my ponytail which You start to run Your fingers through. We stay like this for a few more moments, me kneeling by your side, my head on Your thigh, Your fingers playing with my hair. I hear You sigh, and it’s one of those sighs where You are tired. I turn my head to look up at You. “You know Sir, I could help You relax…” I tempt You quietly. You grab my ponytail lifting me up to standing as You stand up from the couch. You pull me close and whisper, “well let’s get it then little pixie.”

I follow You to the bedroom, grabbing my bag along the way. You look over Your shoulder and grab my hand, locking our fingers together. My excitement now mixing with anxiousness. Once inside the bedroom, You take my bag and place it on the bed, off to the side. You clear things move around, “how much stuff did you bring Mary Poppins?” You joke. I tell You nothing, that would ruin the surprise and You know it. You görükle escort stand in front of me, so close that I can smell and feel Your excitement pour over me. You grab the back of my neck and my hip and push into me with mouth and body until we slam up against a wall. My hands braced up against the wall, flexing with strength and desire. Our primal energy desperately overtaking the moment. Our primal energy and connection creating heat and passion.

You break away from our embrace, both of us panting, Your eyes dark and body wanting more. I bite my lower lip waiting for You to say or do something. You walk over to the bed leaving me standing there. I know You are waiting for me to take over, but my head is just so fuzzy, still spinning from our energy. You go to reach for my bag to trifle through it… “NO!” I reach out to You, grabbing Your wrists and stop You. It was so bold that I didn’t even realize that I had done it. You look at me so shocked and You are so distracted by the boldness in my action that You didn’t even see me grab the handcuffs from my bag. The metal snapping around Your wrists bring You to realize that I have found my desire and confidence to play. “To the bed Sir.” I instruct as I tug You along, laying You down on Your back. I raise Your cuffed wrists above your head, attaching them to the headboard.

I get up from the bed, leaving You laying there cuffed and stare at You for a moment, enjoying the site that You are stuck. And then the realization hits, I left all Your clothes on. I grab my bag and place it on the floor at the foot of the bed, so that You can’t see what I’m grabbing out of my bag. After a few clinking and clanking of items I put out my knife. Such a pretty knife, all shiny. “I’m sorry Sir, but those clothes have to go.” I take my knife and lightly drag the tip against Your jeans, starting at Your ankles and slowly gliding it up to your groin. You squirm a little, not something I’m used to seeing from You, but it makes me smirk as I try to hold back a giggle.

I climb onto the bed and straddle Your hips, looking down at You with the knife still in my hand. I hook the knife underneath the bottom of Your shirt and pull upwards, creating a small rip in Your shirt. I lay the knife on the bed, grabbing handfuls of Your shirt and just pull…RIPPPPP! I rip Your shirt slowly, enjoying the rush of power it is giving me in this small moment. I continue to rip Your shirt until the shirt is exposing Your torso completely. I lean forward, rubbing my face all over Your torso, rubbing Your scent all over me. I lick and nip randomly over Your torso causing You to squirm and moan. You lightly whisper “more…” But just barely loud enough for me to hear. I lean forward and whisper in Your war, “as You wish…”

I climb off of You and leave the bedroom for a minute. You hear me run to the kitchen and start rustling around. I return back to You görükle escort bayan with a cup full of ice and the biggest grin on my face. I walk over to You and put the cup on the floor, reaching into my back pocket I pull out a blindfold. “Sorry Sir, lights out for You…” Total darkness becomes envelopes Your vision.

All You feel are hands. My hands and nails running themselves all over You. You feel something cold and wet making intricate designs; You realize that I’m using ice cubes to start our session. The chill from the ice cubes making You squirm and pull on the cuffs. I use about 4 ice cubes on You, leaving small amounts of puddles on You and Your bed.

Flick…flick…flick…spark. The candle finally ignites. I put it down on the floor, letting the flame melt as much as the wax as possible. My excitement is practically making me drip with excited. So many thoughts running through my head as I look down at You. I a, trying so hard to not just pounce and have my way with You. I want to tease and torment You. The way You have done so with me in so many ways. But I find the challenge difficult because I know I am not as skilled in the art as You are.

I walk over to my bag and take off my boots, jeggings, shirt, bra, and underwear; folding them neatly into a pile. I pull out from my bag a pair of thigh high stockings, matching lace bra and panties set, with a garter belt. Very quietly I change into this new outfit, hoping for Your approval. After a few minutes, I check myself in the mirror, double checking that I have the outfit just right. Smiling and blushing at my reflection my excitement intensifies at the thought of what I’m about to do next.

I walk back to You handcuffed in bed. I see the candle has quite the bit of wax ready for use. You sigh and squirm, letting me know that You want more and don’t like to be kept waiting. I pick up the candle, climb on to the bed carefully, straddling Your hips, and hold it over Your exposed torso, tipping sideways just enough that it starts to overflow on one side and dripping ever so slowly, making the perfect littlest red droplets against Your skin. With each droplet You squirm ever so slightly. You pull against the handcuffs and I ignore Your squirms and keep letting the wax fall onto Your skin. 15 little drops…22 drops…28 drops…34 little drops later…Your breath becomes more of a slight pant. I blow out the candle and place it back on the floor.

I remove Your blindfold, letting Your see my outfit for the first time. The smile that appears across Your face is priceless. Almost as priceless as Your cock becoming rigid beneath me, trapped in Your pants. I lock gazes with You, “have You had enough Sir? Would You like me to free You from the cuffs?” I sit back on Your hips, slowly grinding up against You as You think over Your answer. You pull and wrestle with Your handcuffs, groaning as I tease bursa escort You further. I lean over You and unlocked Your cuffs.

In a flurry You grab my arms, flip me off of You and pin me to the bed beneath You. I can feel Your excitement from the teasing. I giggle and squirm against You, increasing You already obvious excitement. “You little slut; you are going to pay for all the teasing”, You whisper in my ear. I grind and squirm up against You hard, leaning forward I whisper in Your ear “bring it on Sir…” then I lick and nibble on Your ear.

You look down at me, locking eyes for just a minute. A minute was all it took to distract me. Click…click… Now I’m the one in handcuffs and You’re the leaning over me, straddling my hips. I move my hips up to grind up against You. “Take me Sir…” I’m eager…desperate… I want to feel You deep inside me both physically and through our connection. I can tell You want the same by the look in Your eyes. It’s dark, deep, and full of energy and passion. Your hands start to explore forcefully. Eager to feel me. You feel over my stockings, silky and to Your liking. You move Your hands up my thighs to my panties. You make this face before ripping my panties off. I gasp and squirm at the feel of them being ripped off. You look at the tattered panties, shrug, and throw them over Your shoulder.

You climb off the bed and take off Your clothes. When You turn around to face me, I can see how clearly obvious Your excitement truly is, standing before me naked and unafraid; Your eyes dark and deadly. Your cock extremely erect to the point where it looks like it is hurting. “Do you want this little pixie? Do you truly WANT to unleash the darkness?” You ask me with ragged breath, almost as if You are straining to control Yourself. Shocked I can only nod my head. Your appearance and boldness standing right there is making me blush, I can feel Your energy; Your primal desire. It’s intoxicating.

You climb back onto the bed, spreading my thighs wide. “These stay open little pixie.” Your voice full of dominance, locking eyes with me and You adjust my legs to Your sides. You look down between my thighs and see the effect that You have on me. The wetness building so much that it’s starting to run. You lean over me, positioning Yourself right in front of my opening. With no foreplay, You thrust…hard! With all the wetness there is no resistance. Such force and pleasure causes me to arch my back and spread my legs farther, pulling on the handcuffs. “That’s it little pixie. Unleash your inner primal. Open yourself to me.” You say as You thrust into me with rhythm and depth that is hitting me deep in my core.

My body breaks out into a sweat, my throat becoming sore from all the screams and moans, my breath ragged, my vision starts to blurry as You continue to fuck me. My mind starts to go soft and fuzzy as Your grip on my hips tighten, creating little pressure points. Between the sex and the small amount of pressure over my hips I can feel myself slide. Sliding into that place where it’s just You and me. A place where our connection lays. A safe place. A place where our dark, primal energy is. A place that makes my brain shut off…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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