Gwen The Pissmop: A “Golden” Wedding


(Previously in my Gwen The Pissmop series I indicated that this would be my last tale involving these characters. Well it is and it isn’t. I’m going to split this into four separate parts that should tie everything I want to write about them together. Please take the time to vote and comment, it is very much appreciated)

There were nine of us there, at my stag night. I really didn’t have too many friends and my family were either dead or busy disowning me, so the guys that were there were a mixture of people that worked in my films (either behind or in front of the camera) and a couple of guys that had been into my films for so long that I had actually got to know them personally. It’s strange how, when you enter this industry that your only friends are those that work with you. Anyway, it was two weeks until I married Gwen and tonight would be my ceremonial “last night of freedom” and Gwen would hold he Bridal Shower the next weekend. I really wasn’t too bothered but the guys cajoled me into staging this get together at my studios.

By nine at night we had all had a few beers and munched on the snacks provided, we had shied away from the usual bar crawl because there was some extra special ‘entertainment’ lined up for me. Music played low and we all chatted and joked between ourselves, basically just shooting the shit. Then came a load knocking on the studio door, someone turned down the music and the room gave a theatrical, exaggerated intake of breath, knowing this was the start of the real highlight of the night.

One of the guys opened the door to reveal, standing in the door way a policewoman. Or to be more precise, a knockout, stunning looking policewoman. Her red hair was tucked cutely beneath her an oddly alluring cap and her beautiful features were emphasised by her standard issue police jacket. Her long legs, however, were covered in a decidedly non-standard, ultra short, black miniskirt, sheathing a sexy pair of black stockings. Non police issue high heels and a night stick completed Sarah’s uniform. My god, my future sister in law looked hot in uniform! Sarah was such a hot babe!

She came purposefully into the studio and we were able to see that she dragged someone, by their handcuffed wrists, behind her. This ‘criminal’ was dressed in tight leggings, trainers, a baggy jumper, cap and comedy mask over their eyes. Despite the disguise I would recognise my soon to be wife, Gwen, anywhere.

In character, Sarah addressed us in a stern voice.

“Gentlemen, I apprehended this thief trying to break into these premises. I could take her to the station to be charged but I wondered if you wanted the chance to dispense your own form of justice.”

Of course, this was all pre-arranged hokum but we were loving it – spurred on by my six tins of beer so far. We all cheered our assent to this idea drunkenly and Sarah led her captive over to a small paddling pool that was conveniently sitting on the far side of my studio. She undid the cuffs and instructed Gwen to strip off.

Here the cops and robbers routine took a short break as my blushing bride peeled off all her clothing, finishing with her eye Starzbet mask to reveal her desperately sexy face and body. She looked totally faceable right there, her nipples hard as bullets on her round, natural breasts and a thin strip of hair between her legs.

Sarah barked “Hands on head prisoner!”

Gwen obeyed and could barely contain her smile as Sarah withdrew her night stick and used it to spread Gwen’s thighs apart and then when she was completely exposed before us, ordered her to kneel down in the middle of the paddling pool.

“Well gentlemen, I believe the toilets here haven’t been working properly today so the prisoner and her pool should serve as an adequate alternative.”

We all cheered and at once all nine of us crowded around the pool and unzipped our trousers.

“Prisoner, keep your hands on your head. Understand?” commanded WPC Sarah.

Sarah stood back as all nine of us had been holding everything in since we started in preparation for this moment. Seemingly all in sync we all let our piss burst forth and jet over my kneeling fiancée. For y own part was aiming directly for her wide open mouth but everyone else seemed content to direct their powerful piss streams all over her curvy body. A couple slammed into either side of her head, my own scored a bulls eye to her gaping mouth, while another targeted further up her face washing over her eyes and nose. Others splashed with velocity onto her prominent bosoms, running down her chest to mix with the others lower down her body. The bottom of the pool quickly started to fill up as we all sprayed out yellow fluid relentlessly onto my piss slut. The whole event was such a turn on for all of us, not least Gwen, the cacophony of sound as the piss hit her soft skin, the distinctive aroma that rose from the pool and the extreme feelings of relief the men were feeling mingled into one unbelievable sensation.

I turned my gaze to Sarah and saw that she too was affected, she had the nights tick tucked up inside her min skirt and was rubbing it in there furiously, oblivious to my gaze.

Finally, one by one we began to dry up and the fast streams of piss turned to stuttering drips until none even reach Gwen’s magnificent body. She knelt there, shimmering in a thick coating of piss, her eyes shut and a wide smile on her mouth as she dripped into the pool. Somehow, Sarah regained enough senses to state her next command.

“Prisoner will approach each man in turn and ensure, by means of sucking, that all piss is accounted for.”

With that Sarah went back to her object accompanied masturbation as Gwen shuffled forward on her knees in the pool towards the nearest guy and without a hint of jealousy I watched her capture the limp cock in her mouth and clearly suck the remaining drops of amber liquid into her mouth. She repeated this process on all of use and as she finished taking what remained of mine last she spat it into the concoction that she was kneeling in.

With that completed we retreated to the drinks table to refresh ourselves and observe the next part of our entertainment.

With the music turned back up Sarah began Starzbet Giriş to sway along to it, curving her thin body in perfect time. Slowly she ran her hands over her body and unbuttoned her jacket to reveal a black, lacy bra. Her skirt and stockings followed suit and she took pleasure in slowly, teasingly removing her bra and panties to stand next to the pool in all her naked glory. She looked amazing, like a Greek Goddess carved from marble and she moved with consummate grace, stepping into the pool and standing over her older sister. Knowing what to do, Gwen leaned back, supported by her elbows, so that her saturated face smiled up under the pussy of her sister. This got the full attention of all of the audience and as beer cans paused mid chug, we could only look on in awe as a yellow stream burst forth from Sarah to splash on Gwen’s face and course down her inclined body to finally mix with the inch or so of piss in the bottom of the pool.

As she started to run dry, Sarah thrust her pelvis vigorously to get every last drop to fall on Gwen’s smiling face and once finished Sarah sunk to her knees in the pool beside her. Now these two nubile sisters were squeezed into the space that the plastic pool afforded some of the guys started feeling their bladders again and it wasn’t long before singly we made our way over to the pool and relieved ourselves over their cute, shiny faces.

This comprised pretty much the next thirty minutes of the evening and as the piss level increased so did our level of inebriation. Later on a funnel mysteriously appeared and Gwen quickly snagged it and slipped the thin end into Sarah’s mouth and returned the favour to her piss loving sister by letting loose a heavy load of piss down the funnel. We watched slack jawed as the level of piss swirled upwards inside the funnel and Sarah struggled to keep up with the flow before finally she began to gulp it down in large swallows and finally she lifted the empty funnel from her mouth with a flourish and a round of applause for having drunk every last drop.

The girls remained in the pool for the rest of the night and joined in the swigging of beer, happy for any of the guys to unload their bladders over them whenever they wanted to. By twelve midnight the piss was nearly a foot deep and both girls were crammed into it inside the pool. As my night of fun came to a close Gwen beckoned me over. All the guys had disappeared into the night by then so there were just the three of left in the studio.

Gwen slinked sloppily from the pool and pulled herself across the floor until she lay at my feet, her body shiny and glistening with her coating of piss. Sarah reclined back in the pool to watch what we were about to do. Gwen parted her luscious legs below me, as far apart as she could manage. Her pussy was dripping and the tiny amount of pubic hair she had was saturated and I focused intently on the separating lips of her beautiful sex. I think I set a world record for removing my clothing as I stood there staring at her.

Despite the copious amounts of beer I had drunk (and chased from my system) that evening my cock could not help Starzbet Güncel Giriş but react to the enticing view below me. My cock extended and rose and engorged with blood to nearly it’s full extension and I felt the same old pleasure as my foreskin slowly peeled back along the helmet of my penis.

I sank to my knees between Gwen’s legs and shuffled forward until the tip of my cock probed the outside of Gwen’s pussy. She was certainly wet enough! No sooner was I right inside the moist, warm confines of my fiancée’s vagina than she rolled me over in a crocodile roll and suddenly I was flat on my back and she was speared upon my erection, her knees spread either side of my body, running her hands through her long, wet hair as she began to bounce upon my cock. Fortunately, Gwen was doing the majority of the work as the excesses of the whole evening were taking their toll on me and I could not manage full force in my thrust upwards. In all it was one of the best fucks of my life. I closed my eyes and gave in to the ecstasy of the moment.

Minutes later I opened them to the sensations of a dripping upon my face. I looked up to see Sarah towering over my, dripping contents of the paddling pool she had spent the night in over my face as I fucked her big sister. She smiled down at me and maybe it was just the drink affecting me but her beauty enraptured me, Sarah was a real beauty and as I returned her winning smile she winked at me and slowly lowered her evocative form towards my face and slowly a trickle of golden piss emerged from her and splashed onto my face.

I had filmed literally hundreds of girls being pissed on in my time making movies and here I was with a former pissmop star fucking me while another (her sister, no less) turned me in pissmop myself. And what a feeling it was. What liberation. What unrepressed joy and pleasure I felt. As Sarah’s delectable bottom continued to lower towards my face the velocity of her piss stream got faster and splashed off my face and some even slipped into my mouth as I enjoyed the taste of Sarah’s amber nectar.

All the while I felt my cock throb harder and harder inside Gwen’s pussy and as I pulsed and exploded my cum inside her squealing body Sarah got to her nearest point above my face, barely a tongues stretch away from me . And there she stayed as the last vestiges of her piss dripped from her onto my gasping face and the three of us seemed frozen in that moment of utter eroticism and ecstasy, our eyes tightly closed as if when we opened them it would be lost. And of course, when we did it was, Gwen dismounted me and lay down beside me giving me a long lingering French kiss. Sarah, I think felt out of place at this intimate moment between us, and she strolled off towards the showers to cleanse herself.

Soon Gwen and I followed suit and barely twenty minutes later the three of us sat around in my office sharing one last beer to finish the night.

“You know”, Sarah said, ” That sure was fun but I’m sure that we girls can top it next week. What do you think sis?”

“Oh hell yes.”

“And you’re not forgetting are you”, Sarah continued, nudging me in my ribs” that next week you become a Pissmop yourself as entertainment. And boy do we have some kinky plans for you”, and with that the two sisters cackled wickedly at the look that spread across my face at this comment.


(Previously in my Gwen The Pissmop series I indicated that this would be my last tale involving these characters. Well it is and it isn’t. I’m going to split this into four separate parts that should tie everything I want to write about them together. Please take the time to vote and comment, it is…

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