Graduation: Part Two

Graduation: Part Two

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[In Part One a slave has been summoned so his Mistress can show off her training. After some games from his Mistress and her teacher the blindfolded slave has been strung up and beaten with a strap before taking her strap-on in front of her friends. He was tied down to a whipping horse to be caned when his Mistress and her audience took a break. Now they are coming back.]


After a while he heard voices and footsteps coming back down the corridor towards him; two people. As they came into the room he heard his Mistress saying, “…and after that I was always the dominant one.”

“He didn’t mind?” it was Eva, a long term friend of hers making no effort to hide her distinctive American accent.

“No. We have been playing these games for a while. He enjoyed being dominant but submission never did it for me. He is happy to let me have my way. It is much harder to keep the intensity up if you swap around. It was fun sometimes but I was never going to make a long term slave. If we are going to push boundaries he has to be the sub and we both want to see how far we can go. It’s a challenge”

They were standing right next to him now and someone, he presumed his Mistress, moved the whip or cane they had left on his back and put their cup down on him; she liked to use him naked as furniture. He could smell her Angel again and a heavier scent on her friend.

“So, you have gotten pretty far then?”

“Not really, this is just the beginning. Up until now we have just been playing but from here in we get serious.”

“I still don’t really see why he lets you do this to him. Especially this,” and she shook his cock cage. “Can I talk to him?”

“I don’t see why you would be interested in his opinion seeing him like this, but do if you have to. He mustn’t speak unless spoken to, he has to give an answer when asked any question and he must always be respectful and truthful.”

“Ok, ah, Cha…”

“No! He doesn’t have a name remember.”

“Ah, ok,” she tapped him tentatively on the back, “Does she really keep you locked up in this thing for weeks or it just part of the show? Don’t people notice wearing it, you know, in normal life?”

He cleared his throat, not having been expecting to be asked to speak. “Yes, Ma’am,” he said “I wear a device most of the time and I can’t come without Mistress’ permission. So long as my clothes aren’t too tight no one seems to notice.”

“And you are ok with this?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I trust Mistress not to hurt me more than I can stand.”

“No, I mean yes, that too, but ok about the thing on you?”

Oh yes, Ma’am, it is very sexy to know that it is her cock, not mine anymore, and I don’t even have the right to touch it if I want to without her permission.”

“How long have you been in this thing?”

“Four weeks, Ma’am.”

“Ask him how long since I’ve let him come.”


“37 days, Ma’am.”

There was a long silence and then she said, “Well, ok then, weird talking to you. All this Ma’am stuff…”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said, risking a reprimand from C but while they had been talking the others had come back into the room. They gathered around C and Eva and someone started to stroke his arse very gently, it felt rough and prickly under their touch.

“So yes,” said C, “A long time since your last orgasm, but I’ve had quite a few in that time, haven’t I?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Last night, for instance I had you fuck me till I came then locked you away, didn’t I.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“So would you like to come now?”

“Yes, Mistress, very much indeed.”

His mouth was dry with the need to come after thinking about the previous night and his cock was achingly hard in its cage. Someone, he assumed it was C was touching his glans through the bars.

“Mmm. I’ll take this thing off then. Don’t wriggle or you’ll spill my coffee.”

There was another pause, everyone in the room was quiet. He felt her reach under him and pull at the cage to get to the lock, heard the key, then the barred sheath was sliding off him, tight over the swollen cock. She opened the cock ring and put both pieces on his back. His cock felt huge and deliriously free. His cock and balls were waxed completely hairless and C touched a mark on his scrotum left by the hinge of the metal cock ring.

“We often use a plastic cage that doesn’t get caught by the metal detectors if he needs to fly anywhere but it is too light and comfortable to really let him know I have him under my control. For the last 4 weeks I have had him in this nice heavy metal one that we got especially. It is pretty uncomfortable. For a while I thought we might have to take it off because it rubbed here but it soon healed over and left this callus; the slave getting accustomed to his shackles.”

He felt her wrap her lubed hand around him and begin to stroke him firmly. He was very close to the edge and could feel his cock twitching, about to come. So could she. She laughed and took her hands görükle escort away.

“Oh no. Did you think it would be that easy? I don’t think so. You need to learn a lesson about self control. I think we should see just how keen you are. I will give you six strokes of the cane on that nice red arse of yours and we’ll take a vote if you deserve to come. If the vote goes against you, and if you still want to come of course, you can ask to be beaten some more and I’ll take another vote and maybe we’ll think you deserve to — and maybe not. Do you still want to come?”

“Yes , Mistress.”

“Excellent. If everybody could sit down again please we can get started. Mistress, please zip up that hood so we don’t have to listen to him scream…Yes Eva?”

“Sorry, but would it be ok if we could hear him scream? I’d like that; would it be a problem?”

“Not at all,” said the harsh voice from near his head, “I’d like to hear him too.”

“Agreed,” said C, “Let’s hear him scream, then.”

Someone took the cup off his back and then the cane was taken off him.

C had never caned him before. She had a beautiful black riding crop with silver on the handle that she used on him often and he assumed this would feel the same. But she had also never hit him when his arse was still burning from the strap and she had never hit him as hard as she could. His heart was beating fast and his stomach swooped as he waited for the first blow.

She tapped him gently across the middle of his buttocks twice and he heard her take two steps back. The two quick forward steps were joined with the viscous swish of the cane. He tensed but it was no good. He had read about being whipped feeling like it left a line of fire and had not believed it, but it was true. The stroke felt exactly like something red hot had been held against him. His whole body jerked and in trying to keep as quiet as he could he made a strange barking cough. She waited until was still again, tapped him slightly below her previous stroke, stepped back and hit him again. The pain seemed even more intense. By the sixth stroke he was screaming each time and tears were running down the inside of the hood across his face.

She stopped and put the cane down on his back. She was slightly out of breath.

“There” she said, “Six of the best. I think he felt them don’t you?” There was a murmur of assent.

“Shall we take a vote then?” She was stroking his cock, which had stayed partly hard despite the beating. “Hands up those who think he should come.” She had his cock fully hard now and he had to concentrate on not coming. Just as he was sure he couldn’t help himself she took her hand away and said “Oh dear, only one soft hearted person thinks you deserve an orgasm. Another six? Do you think he will deserve it then? Do you still want to come, slave?”

He was quite choked up but he managed to nod and get, “Yes Mistress,” out.

“Good. Let’s have some fresh skin for the next set. You know, girls, the cane hurts a lot more on the back of the thighs than it does on the buttocks.”

She picked up the cane and tapped him across his thighs. The previous set were still burning and beginning to itch. He hadn’t needed to be told it hurt more on the thighs and wasn’t sure how he would manage this set after the last. At each stroke he screamed and after four was sobbing between strokes. It was terrible but he managed not to beg her to stop. When she stopped he barely heard her ask for the vote. She was stroking him again but it took a while for him to get hard. Finally he heard her say “Mmm, do you want to come?”

“Yes Mistress” he snuffled.

“Because, the good news is that a majority of us agree you deserve to. But on consideration, I think it should be a consensus decision. So you can’t. Four more and we will have another vote. If you still really do want to come of course?”

“Yes, Mistress. Please may I come?”

“Good slave, another four and we will see.”

She kept stroking him until he was fully hard and calm. She stopped when he was close to coming, took up the cane and got ready to beat him. Again she hit him as hard as she could, trying to angle the strokes so they stood out from the previous 12. The angle meant she wasn’t able to swing so freely but connecting with the already bruising skin was terrifyingly painful. He was far beyond trying to keep quiet now. He just let himself scream and focused on not begging. He was determined not to give in after all that he had been through.

After the four strokes she stopped. Through the haze of pain he heard her put it to the vote again. There was a long silence then C asked him, “Do you still want to come?” his heart sank. The vote had gone against him. “Yes Mistress, but I am not sure…” he was sobbing. Then he heard Eva say “Two more. Then I’ll agree to let him come. And can I do them?”

There was a short whispered conversation with his Mistress and he heard the harsh voice say “You don’t want to draw blood”. görükle escort bayan Someone was stretching his skin painfully, looking at his marks. There was a pause and C said, “Ok then. Two more from Eva and then you can come. Do you still want to?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

There was some chair scraping and shuffling and the cane was lifted off his back. He heard it swished though the air a few times. There was another swish and he was hit across the middle of his buttocks. If his arse had not been sore he would have hardly noticed it; as it was he made a grunt and jerked a bit in his bonds. Clearly Eva wasn’t satisfied and stepped back for the second stroke. It was much harder but wild; the cane slashed all the way down the outside of his thigh to the knee. It hurt badly and he screamed.

“So now do you think he deserves to come?”

“Yes ok.” Eva sounded breathless and very excited. His cock started to grow as soon as he heard the words and as soon he felt hands on him his cock was tight.

“So, slave,” his mistress said, “Not too fast – hold on and let everyone who wants have a turn.”

Blindfolded and immobilised he felt completely isolated from everything except the pain in his arse and the pleasure of the feeling of the hands on his cock. People were gathering around him. There were hands touching his marks and some more tentatively touching his cock. He felt a lubed hand begin to stroke him gently, then the hands on his cock changed but he couldn’t tell who was touching him. Even now he was struggling not to come until he was allowed and just as he was about to give in he felt the hands being pulled away from his cock. He was left twitching in the air and dribbling precome.

“Messy,” he heard someone say.

Finally someone took his cock and started long slow deliberate strokes that he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist for long.

“Come for me,” his Mistress whispered softly and almost immediately he let go in one long shuddering orgasm that went on and on as she kept on stroking him. The long wait since he last came made the sensation almost unbearable, he felt like the come was being sucked out of him, and he cried out, unable to restrain himself.

“Good slave,” she said when it was over and he was limp and gasping over the horse. “Have this.” He felt something held to his lips and opened his mouth. His head was pulled back and his come was tipped into him. As the last of it went into his mouth he tasted coffee and realized they had made him come into his Mistress’s cup and had him eat it.

When the cup was taken away he said “Thank you, Mistress.” meaning it with all his heart. She patted him again and said, “Good slave,” as she closed the zip over his mouth.

“Well done Mistress,” he heard the harsh voice say, “Let’s go and celebrate your graduation with some champagne while he gets sorted.”

There was some scattered applause and then talking as the group moved off down the hall leaving him strapped to the horse and alone. A door closed and the sound of excited chatter was cut off. He waited, lost in the glow of his pride in his Mistress, his orgasm and the pulsing, burning pain in his arse.

After a while he heard another door open and the brisk heels come down the hall into his room. He caught the smell of cigarette smoke. “Ok, let’s get you off there and tidied up. You’re not getting your clothes back though.” The woman unfastened his wrists and ankles and helped him off the horse. He was very shaky from the beating and hood was disorientating. He almost fell as she pulled him off.

“Looks like you better crawl then,” she said lowering him to the ground and taking the leash. She pulled him out of the room and he followed slowly and stiffly down the hall, away from the sound of voices of the party. At one point there was a confusing set of steps leading down to a landing then back up to the hall that she practically pulled him over by his collar, banging his knees. Finally they stopped, his leash was dropped and a door closed behind him. He knelt up.

“Hold still a moment, while I get this off,” she said unlocking and unzipping his hood. It was stuck to him with a mixture of sweat and tears and she peeled it off very carefully, pushing her hands in around his face to free it. The sudden light made him blink and he found it hard to focus. He could breathe freely, released from the restriction of the hood and took several deep breaths that made him feel calmer. They were in a small dark bathroom tucked into the eaves of the house and the woman who had got him ready for his mistress earlier had taken off her skirt and was now stripped to a tight PVC corset and heels. Her body was hard and muscular-looking with surprisingly large breasts. She had her hair pulled back into a pony tail and looked even more business-like than she had before.

She dropped the hood into a bucket then forced his head down to the floor while she pulled out the butt plug and dropped that in as well. With everything bursa escort that had happened he had stopped noticing the plug but he felt strangely empty without it. The collar was left on. He knelt up again and she stood there looking at him with a considering expression. Suddenly making up her mind, she sat down on the bathroom stool, opened her legs and pulled him into her by his hair. “My turn. Lick!” she said and as his tongue found her clit, “Yes, yes, just there.” She used him exactly like some sort of sex toy, holding him firmly by the hair and moving his tongue where she wanted with an assured proficiency. In a few minutes she had come, shuddering and hissing a little, and was pushing him into the shower.

“Wash yourself,” she said turning on the water. “If I were you, I’d pay plenty of attention to your dick because from the way your Mistress has been talking to mine, this could be the last time you touch it for a while.”

She left him alone in the shower. The hot water stung on his bruises but he washed himself carefully with the shower gel he found on the rack. His cock hardened, thinking about what the woman had said as he soaped his cock and balls. He still wasn’t used to them being hairless. His Mistress punished him if he showed signs of excitement when he was getting waxed but he knew she expected it. His cock stiffened further as he thought about his Mistress taking complete control of it. They had talked about her plans to keep him either bound so his hands couldn’t touch his cock or locked in his device at all times. The physical proof that his cock was hers he always found deeply exciting. The woman returned to find him lost in a reverie, fully erect and stroking himself.

“Good,” she said putting a load of things down on the stool, “Good that you took my advice because I’m guessing it will be a long time to your next wank. Bring him over here.” She opened the shower door and reached for his cock. She pulled him towards her and played with him until he was completely hard.

“Impressive that you can get hard so soon. Do you think you could come again? Let’s see.” She cupped her hand around his balls and started to stroke him firmly along the length of his shaft. She was surprisingly gentle and he joined her in stroking his cock. Even though he had come so recently he felt another orgasm rising. His cock was dribbling precome and he moaned a little. She stopped and held his hands away, laughing at her tease.

“Yes, yes, very impressive but we don’t have permission so I better get you locked up properly before we get into trouble.”

He almost said that his Mistress would never know but stopped himself just in time, thinking of the consequences if the woman reported him. He was sure that she would.

She picked up his cock cage from the pile of things she had bought with her and took hold of his erection. He had to be quite soft before the plastic one could be put on but this one could be forced on. She was obviously used to it, not bothered at all about hurting him. Soon he was locked back into his cage and his cock was aching. She held out a towel for him.

“Bend over,” she said when he was dry, “Right over.” She showed him a big metal butt plug and lubed it in front of his face. “This doesn’t look very comfortable to me,” she said, smiling, and pushed it in to him. She was right, it hurt. She saw he wouldn’t be able to hold it in and made him hold it with his hands as she strapped him into a leather harness he hadn’t seen before. She ran one of the straps between his buttocks, holding in the big plug so he could take his hands away, and clipped the strap to the bottom of the cock ring of his device. He wasn’t sure what to do with his hands but she took them and put cuffs on his wrists and clipped them to a ring on the back of his harness.

“There,” she said going over the buckles of the harness and tightening each one as hard as she could, pushing the plug deeply into him and making it impossible to breathe deeply, “Comfortable?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Good but you’ll have a chance to get used to it because I think it is pretty much all you’ll be wearing from now on. Come with me.”

She clipped his lead on and led him out into the empty hall. They walked past the landing for the back stairs and past the open door of the room he had been beaten in. As they passed he looked into and saw a large room with a lot of gear around the walls. The chain they had hung him from was still dangling down and the horse stood near the centre of the room with a disordered group of chairs around it. Its padded top was rich dark red leather and had it strong legs that sloped away to the floor with a menacing air of strength and elegance. The woman tugged on his lead, “Come on, you’ll get to have plenty more time in there I’m sure. I’m looking forward to spending some time in there with you on that horse myself. I have a very nice crop I’m going to introduce to your arse.” She pulled him on down the hall, past the closed door with the sound of the party behind it and into the small bare room he had waited in before.

His clothes were gone from the chair and had been replaced by a black leather trench coat. The woman picked the blindfold his Mistress has used in the car off the coat and put it over his eyes.

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